126 thoughts on “Seriously, you can’t lose to the fricking Padres game thread: Aug. 26, Padres at Braves”

  1. Somebody may have already answered this (and if so, I apologize for missing it) but was it ACHE or the Snit that prevented the winning run from scoring in the 9th? (I’m hoping neither, but I’ve got a feeling . . .)

    edit: looking at it, I can’t believe he didn’t score. I would have rather seen him thrown out at home than to play it safe in that situation.

  2. its ACHE speed that should be blamed for not scoring. Eckstein was receiving the throw when Anderson hit third, no chance of him scoring

  3. from last thread….

    Joe Sheehan said in a chat yesterday that the Braves should trade Jurrjens in the offseason.

    Reasons: The glut of starting pitching, and he is the most overvalued right now.

    Should I dare ask if anyone agrees?

    I would say everyone should be available. It really depends on how other teams view players and Jurrjens value could never be higher. Just all depends on the return, but yes it should be looked at least

  4. Jurrjens Hanson Lowe Vazquez Hudson? Kawakami Medlen?

    Sheehan is right Jurrjens combination of youth, accomplishment and contract status makes him the most valuable commodity the Braves have now. But I have a couple of questions:

    What is enough in return? A big hitter, preferably right handed? A bag of prospects and a MLB readly player for which position?

    How much additional payroll are/can the Braves willing to take on if they trade Jurrjens for star hitter?

    Don’t you build teams around young talent like Jurrjens?

    Count me as one who thinks the Braves should keep him.

  5. its really sad that Pitino thinks his family is going through “pure hell” because of the media. Last time I checked the media didnt force him to have an affair with a waitress and pay for her abortion. Some people need to really look in the mirror

  6. I would say a young hitter, a young reliever, and a prospect or two for Jurrjens. Sheehan is right, but trading Jurrjens would be tough.

  7. Braves lineup: Diaz 9, Prado 4, Chipper 5, McCann 2, Anderson 7, Escobar 6, LaRoche 3, Church 8, Kawakami 1

  8. jurrjens = boras client = no hometown discount ever = will go through arbitration every year

    not saying Id move him, but his value is never going to be higher. If you can get young impact position players then you can at least shop him around

  9. In the press conference that he called, Pitino tried to remind the local Louisville press that there were more important stories to cover, like Ted Kennedy’s death. In the previous press conference, he invoked 9/11. (He lost friends or family in 9/11.)

    I have no idea “what really happened” and it’s not really keeping me up nights either way, but… c’mon…

    Mets Injuries Dept.
    Best One-Liner from Joe Beningo, a WFAN host & real Mets fan who alludes to “The Godfather” here:

    “We’re like Sonny on the Causeway—how many bullets do we have to take!?!

  10. matt diaz for leadoff? who drugged bobby and talked him into filling out a lineup that makes sense? aside from swapping laroche and anderson, this looks pretty nice.

  11. Pitino would like the media to function as it did 40 years ago when it would never have run a story like that. Gary Hart would probably have said the same thing. Get over it, guys, times have changed. Anyone in the public eye that thinks he can do things like that and not have it come out is either incredibly arrogant or incredibly stupid–or both.

  12. Yo 3, Joe Sheehan is a moron. How the hell is Jair Jurrjens overvalued?????

    He’s making the league minimum, pitching great and only 23. Jurrjens is ERA is 2.91 with 10 wins and 18 quality starts.

    The guy who should be traded is Javier Vazquez. His value is at it’s highest but Javy’s career curve suggests that this season is unlikely to be repeated. The Braves are gonna need the 11.5 million he’s being paid to help resign LaRoche and Soriano.

  13. I agree Marc. The media shouldn’t be running stories like that, because, honestly, whose business is his personal life? Not mine, that’s for sure. But the problem with these stories is that when the object of the story goes on a moral crusade for journalistic credibility, they end up sounding like a hypocrite. It’s the family of Pitino that needs to stand up and say, “We don’t care how famous Rick is; get the heck out of our lives.” That’s the right thing for people to do for the Pitino family during a time like this, but no one listening is going to care.

  14. Rob,
    The woman is being prosecuted for extortion, so much of this story is public record at this point. And like it or not, it’s news. It’s up to you whether you wanna pay attention or not.

    My only question for Rick Pitino would be, “What did you think was going to happen?”

    To me, Pitino must be repeating what Joe Pesci says near the end of the film “Casino” when his affair with Sharon Stone’s character blows up in his face:

    “I’m in a bad spot here. I never shoulda started with this f’ing broad…”

  15. #
    My JC’ed posts –

    Does anyone know what Jurrjens service time is, and where the cutoff level is looking for Super 2’s? I can’t find anything indicating he’s going to be in the top 17%. My back of the envelope math puts Jair at something like 2 yrs 50 days or so (projected), which isn’t close. Yunel doesn’t look like he will make it at 2 years 121 days (projected)

  16. As far as Boras and arb go, it’s really not the same thing as free agency. The notion of “leaving nothing on the table” doesn’t apply to that process per se. I would be fine with arb eligible Boras clients on my team.

    Trade Jurrjens? Opposed unless blown away. And Sheehan feels that given the value of pitching, you might get a taker. Not an argument without some merit.

  17. re: 20: Jurrjens had one year, 47 days of service time in the majors before this year, courtesy of Cots Contracts. That puts him at two years, 47 days at the end of this year, which is close enough to your estimate.

  18. Heck let’s trade Hanson too. I bet he’d bring back more than Jurrjens. Oh and Brian McCann too. And Jason Heyward. /sarcasm

  19. I think Rick Pitino is a helluva lot better than an average college coach. (Pros? Another story…)

    I don’t know of any other “average” coach who has taken 3 different schools to the Final Four, one of them being Providence. In fact, no coach has done it.

    His press-and-shoot-3’s approach was way ahead of the rest of the country—I mean, how else are you going to win with Marty Conlon as your center?

    But when he mixed that philosophy with the superior talent he recruited at Kentucky, they dominated. In fact, that ’96 UK squad was one of the best we’ve seen in the 3-point era.

  20. You don’t get it, ububba. He’s a punk. And a choker. Anyone not subscribing to my moral compass is inherently without worth, and any athletic failure is an indictment of character by definition. The End.

  21. LOL, what an inept half inning by both teams. We can’t play defense and the Padres keep leaving them loaded.

    I’m laughing my ASS OFF!!!!!!

  22. @30

    Word, although I think this does become the SEC football Journal sometime around now. Hopefully it won’t be as bad this year since the Braves are actually playing well.

  23. And the bearded one goes deep!

    We’re not worthy!

    We’re not worthy!

    3-0 Braves!

  24. We play twelve innings yesterday and score one run.

    One inning into this contest and McCann gives us a three run lead…..what a strange game.

  25. Jurrjens does it with smoke and mirrors and doesn’t really have an out pitch against righties except when the slider is there (not often). That’s why Sheehan thinks his value is the highest it will ever be. Though I suspect other clubs know this as well.

  26. Jurrjens ERA is 2.91 with ten wins, eighteen quality starts and twenty starts where he has given up two runs or less.

    I’ll take JJ’s smoke and mirrors and day of the week and twice on Sunday!

  27. 41,
    The point is he’s most likely incapable of sustaining it and probably isn’t as good as his ERA. Not that I agree with Sheehan, just explaining hid reasoning. However flawwed it may or may not be.

  28. anybody remember hacksaw jim duggan? his call would be my tribute to ballgame audio. this interview is great.

  29. Well, when it comes to Joe Sheehan, I can’t argue with ignorance and Jair Jurrjens is gonna be pitching in the big leagues for many more years.

  30. By the way, right handed batters are hitting .218 against Jurrjens this season and .235 for his career. Lefties actually fare better at .276 and .267 respectively.

  31. It would be cool if there were a way to search the comments in old threads. That way it would be easier to call people out on the dumb stuff that gets said like “Kawakami is a total bust”.

  32. You can always use google if you really want to dig for it, just add “site:bravesjournal.us” to your search phrase.

  33. I haven’t decided yet how I feel about Powell’s perfunctory call of positive events for the opposing team.

  34. Chipper keeps getting robbed tonight but at least we are winning!

    Barring a pitching meltdown, I think we can chalk another W on the board.

  35. If the Pitino story didn’t include the word abortion, or even if he coached anywhere other than in the South, this story would have been on the news for all of ten minutes.

  36. Haha, I’m not calling him a bust. I just think its funny that he coughed up the lead just a few minutes after you posted that.

  37. well, look at it this way. The Braves arent going to keep any false hope alive. Football is almost here

    and Gonzalez is batting for the 2nd time in the inning

  38. Yeah, if you think that is bad imagine how I felt after posting on another forum that the Phillies were swept and the Braves would surely be NL champs about 2 minutes before we coughed up that huge lead.

  39. In regards to the Joe sheehan comment, he’s also the guy who was STILL claiming the Mets would win the division in late July

  40. i’m wondering how many times garret has dove for a ball this year. i can seriosly recall once…

  41. 7 hits and a walk in the inning, good thing the offense decided that 3 runs was enough

    #71 – Im sure he tripped that one time

  42. The Mets rotation is now Pat Misch, Tim Redding, Bobby Parnell, Nelson Figueroa and Mike Pelfrey.

  43. Glad I didn’t take the MLBtv offer for the rest of the season. I’d feel compelled to watch…

  44. contrary to popular belief AND the name of this thread,

    seriously, their losing to the fricking padres

  45. can we make fun of the mets now? i think taht will make me feel a lot better right about now…

    btw id rather ph frenchy than norton.

    ill take a few million to stand at the plate and take shitty swings. anyone with me? shit id do it for 500K

  46. looks like it–Acosta is in to pitch

    edit–two batters = two runs

    about time to walk the dog

  47. shit you know what? id throw beachballs like acosta for 500K a year hit like norton for another 250K..

    that was we save some salary, get the same production and maybe buy a real player or two…

  48. Not enough offense, and never was. Team is too one sided and a deal involving a SP is needed.

  49. can someone please tell me why bozos like greg norton and the corpse of garret anderson (who might be the worst outfielder in the majors and is down to an obp less than .320) can keep major league jobs, and a guy like this is getting passed around like a dooby. he was just dfa’d by colorado.


  50. Chief – That was a latent response to the homer.

    I think the offense we have right now might have been enough to get into the playoffs, if we had it for 162 games.

    Keep in mind, that’s in a weak NL field. This is not a championship type team. We need more power at one of the corner OF positions.

  51. I will say it until I go to my grave if you don’t have power at the power positions, I don’t care if you have Bob Gibson, Mordecai Brown, Grover Cleveland Alexander and Carl Hubbell you aren’t going to win ENOUGH.

  52. dont know why its worth mentioning, but I will

    Norton has 9 hits in 62 AB’s, Lowe has 8 hits in 42 AB’s

    and down by 4, ACHE keeps the bat on his shoulder

  53. @93
    starters for the year. with hudson on the verge of return, where is the SP need?

    since the braves got rid of francoeur, they are basically the team they will be in 2010 (aside from garret anderson’s sorry ass, kj’s weak glove, and norton’s million dollars of suck). since the exorcism, they are 24-15 (i’m counting tonight as a loss), which is a .600 winning percentage (good enough for 2nd best in baseball). we will be good in 2010 with this team + heyward. this team is very balanced…overall. i would be willing to bet that we trade vazquez and kj for some cheap talent, resign laroche for 2 years, and put heyward in right for good, leaving church and diaz platooning in left.

  54. ryan c,

    I meant that we need to trade one of OUR SP for a useful bat. We have a glut that is sucking the life out of the rest of the positions.

  55. 103 — I wish ACHE did keep the bat on his shoulder for the 2 – 0 pitch. Nothing like swinging at ball 3 when you’re down 4.

  56. The Padres are on the verge of matching their run production for the rest of the year in tonight’s game alone.

  57. I suspect KJ will draw a mess of catfish in return. Jeez. Braves Journal PLEASE END YOUR INFATUATION WITH KELLY JOHNSON. PLEASE.

    /end rant

  58. 111 – I think he means we need to trade a SP for offense.

    You make a good point about our record as the team is currently constructed, but losing one or both of Soriano and Gonzales will weaken it.

  59. Does anyone here keep up with the Baseball Prospectus postseason odds reports?

    I bet we absolutely killed our chances in the last two nights.

  60. 10 runs to the Padres but I’m sure Cox will come on after the game and say how God ordained us to lose this game millions of years ago and there wasn’t anything we could do.

  61. How cheap would the talent we could get in a trade for KJ be, Low A or Rookie ball?

  62. Hey, this team stayed in it a month longer than last year. Get ’em next year.
    Football time.

  63. For the trading JJ crowd, the guy you go get is playing first base for the Padres tonight. JJ, Schafer, and Freeman are worth it, especially if you lock Gonzales up long term.

    The braves have to have a true cleanup hitter next season. They also have to find some bullpen help.

    2010 is no lock to be a good year. Hanson has alot of innings on his arm. What Chipper Jones are we getting next year? What if Heyward struggles or gets injured? He hurt his heel this week and had an obligue thing earlier in the year. No guarantees with him. (Still a safe bet to be a super star, but nothing is 100 percent). Who do you get for the bullpen?

    I also have NO faith in Wren to answer these questions.

  64. @124
    “I also have NO faith in Wren to answer these questions.”

    yes, he’s done such a shitty job this year that we should have no faith in him. he’s only traded for vazquez, mclouth, church, and laroche. what a terrible gm.

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