154 thoughts on “Let’s burn down Shane Victorino’s house game thread: August 16, Phillies at Braves”

  1. It also means we probably have to put up with Morgan. Well, there is always the mute button, I guess.

  2. Oh yeah, and Vasquez is pitching tonight. So Morgan will be sure to mention that he has had a sub-par season because the only way to measure the dominance of a pitcher is by how many wins he has. Count it – it will be said.

  3. You mean the Billy Bean that wrote “Money Ball” or the Billy Bean, the former Padre who came out of the closet?

  4. In the true spirit of getting offended by things not meant to be offensive, I would like to register a complaint. As someone who has had his house burn down twice, I do not think that the title of this thread is very funny. In fact, it’s pretty retarded for Mac to put something so blatantly distasteful and hurtful. Victorino is not so “dominate” that he should receive such treatment, anyway.

  5. Anybody know why the organist at the Ted is so fond of “Werewolves of London”? He seemed to play it quite a bit, and particularly he seemed to play it when our friend Victorino came up. Any explanations?

  6. Things are looking good so far. SF lost to the Mets (3-2 walk-off), and the Marlins pound the Rockies 10-3 top 9. It was a strange feeling, but I actually rooted for the Mets.

  7. I was totally kidding, Mac.

    Spike, I hope you are too. I don’t remember what side of the argument you were on.

  8. Ya’ll are acting like a bunch of little girls. Not everything posted has to be taken literally. Be it from the newly coined “R word” to burning someones house. Come on people. There is no way any of you watch comedy specials w/o getting pissed off – they rip on everyone.

    I don’t mean this as an attack on anyone – just that everyone needs to lighten up (and learn how to take a freakin’ joke).

  9. I like the orgainist at Turner Field. Chase Utley’s song was from the Vacation movies with Chevy CHASE.

    I am sure that some people will start blaming whoever it is fr losses and want the fired.

  10. Per DOB:
    1. Infante, 2B
    2. Prado, 1B
    3. Chipper, 3B
    4. McCann, C
    5. Escobar, SS
    6. Anderson, LF
    7. Diaz, RF
    8. Church, CF
    9. Vazquez, your starting pitcher

  11. SF lost to the Mets (3-2 walk-off),

    I see Captain America had two more hits (singles of course) today. When are they announcing his five year extension?

    And I see that the guy Boston dropped Smoltz to callup put up a 5 IP, 10 H, 4 R, 3 BB, 0 K line today in a loss to Braves West. That’s probably not what they had in mind.

  12. @14 and 19

    Sometimes it’s a stretch , but there is always a connection in the organist’s choices if you listen for it.

    In Ibanez’s case it’s because his name sounds like the chorus:

    “Rauuuuuuuul…Werewolves of London. Rauuuuuuuuuuul”

    He also played the theme song for The Office every time Ryan Howard came up to bat which I thought was pretty darn clever.

    Other examples of his inventiveness include “I Want a New Drug” for Manny Ramirez, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme for Rafael Furcal, and Billy Joel’s “You May Be Right” for David Wright.

  13. You can call Tiger a lot of things, but “choker” ain’t one of then.

  14. @40 – No Delgado, Reyes, Beltran, or Wright. Add Frenchy to the mix, and you almost feel sorry for them. Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of guys.

  15. @40

    Tough break for Wright. That’s pretty serious. You don’t want to see that happen to anyone. Interesting, though, that the immediately DL him, yet they let Church play after multiple concussions.

  16. #40 – I tell you, I was happy to see Kinsler rub the Red Sox nose in it today after last night’s bs. This headhunting crap has got to stop.

  17. Wright’s beaning came as Rawlings was reportedly set to introduce a helmet billed as a safer, new-generation model designed to better absorb such impacts.

    “If it provides more protection, then I’m all for it,” Wright recently told The New York Times. “I’m not worried about style or looking good out there. I’m worried about keeping my melon protected.”

    Despite Wright’s optimism, the helmet, dubbed the S100, likely won’t be widely used in the big leagues anytime soon, as it is “too bulky, too heavy and too geeky-looking,” The Times’ report said, citing an informal sampling of MLB players.

    According to the manufacturer and an independent testing organization, the helmet can safely withstand the direct impact of a 100-mph fastball. The helmets in use today by big leaguers have mixed results on pitches faster than 70 mph, the report said.

    “No, I am absolutely not wearing that,” Mets right fielder Jeff Francoeur said with a laugh after seeing a prototype, according to the report. “I could care less what they say, I’m not wearing it. There’s got to be a way to have a more protective helmet without all that padding.

    “It’s brutal. We’re going to look like a bunch of clowns out there.”


  18. Well, if Frenchy ever has a head injury, it will be to the least important part of his body.

  19. I’d rather have LaRoche at first than Prado, to be honest. Get Prado some rest. Huckleberry can play all the time.

    Ha! You see that?! I said “Huckleberry”! And it wasn’t offensive! NICE!

  20. New Lineup


    Escobar has had zero opportunities with RISP this series. We will be lucky if McCann can walk when September gets here.

  21. Wright’s beaning was pretty bad, but did you see what happened to Hiroki Kuroda? He got hit in the head with a line drive, and the ball ricocheted over the third-base dugout. He’s been released from the hospital, so it looks like he’s gonna be okay.

  22. Isn’t Kelly hitting something like .400 against lefties? (Or do I have that backwards?)

  23. Bobby doesn’t look at stats. He sees a lefty up there on the mound, and he will do whatever he can to put as many right-handed bats in there as possible.

  24. It’s always cool to be on ESPN sunday night, but then again, that also means we get to listen to Joe Morgan.

  25. Could be worse. You could have to listen to Joe Morgan without watching the baseball…

    Oh. Well, hopefully the rain will be gone soon.

  26. Rain delay = morning recap. I’m also worried about the tropical storm, which is supposed to be right on top of my house on Tuesday, though it will probably be mostly rain then. If it moves east…

  27. Are there any suggestions on how long the delay will be? ESPN360 just has a screen up that says there’s a delay.

  28. @5–neither Billy Beane nor Billy Bean wrote “Moneyball”–it was written by Michael Lewis

    @43–me too, but I thought the Rangers wimped out on retaliation–the BoSox have had an active week on the beanball front with kerfuffles with both the Tigers and Rangers

  29. Francoeur says the new helmet is too much? Look what they did to the catchers: they used to wear the same as everyone else; glove and a cap (backwards).

    Now they’re dressed in what basically amounts to a suit of armor. They look now as if they were all dressed by their over-protective mothers.

  30. Well, I don’t know if any of you have ever caught at any level, but a foul ball off of any part of your body, equipment or not hurts like a mother. And I know guys who break their thumbs even with those huge mitts. Besides I think all that gear looks cool and it keeps you warm in April.

  31. my comment was a joke (referring to Frency’s comments about the new helmet)

    I was once on a little league team that was so bad that I did some catching. It was fun, but I busted my thumb even with a huge mitt. Couldn’t squeeze it, so I dropped a couple third strikes. So the coach put me out to pitch the next inning instead. Perfect.

  32. Catcher became my favorite position in college because of the involvement. Calling a game is really fun, after that 3rd base or outfield is really boring.

  33. God I can’t get over how much Bob Dylan sucks… that voice of his is right up there with Lloyd Christmas’ most annoying sound in the the world

  34. The ESPN guys were saying that the game would start sometime around 10:00 p.m. EDST. However, more rain is on the way.

  35. Well, look at it from Anderson’s perspective. The ball could go out. Or it could be a ground-rule double. Or it could be caught. Or it could go foul. Why run until you know you have to?

  36. You have to score on that…the Braves better find some way to rest Anderson, before he turns into dust.

  37. Ryan Howard is good at baseball.

    Let’s hope that, for tonight (well, the rest of it), Javier Vazquez is better.

  38. That sucks, how do you not score from first on a double with two out. You have a lead off, and you’re running on contact, and yet you don’t even cover more distance than McCann…inexcusable

  39. Did I hear Steve Phillips say that Vazquez hasn’t got a bunch of wins because “he’s not comfortable with his environment”?

  40. Whatever, Anderson actually covered less distance than McCann, which is a feat no baseball player alive should be able to accomplish.

    But then he beats that out… awesome

  41. This ground ball, singles offense is becoming predictable and boring. Especially for a slow team like the Braves.

  42. So Bobby bunts with Prado after a leadoff double, but not with ACHE after a single? Glad he’s in charge, because I can’t figure it out.

  43. In 2011 Mclouth, Heyward, Escobar and McCann will all hit 20+ homers. Hopefully Escobar hits them for us.

  44. @113 Hopefully that’s 2010.

    I’m a little concern that Escobar has only two extra base hits in August. Hope that wrist is not bothering him.

  45. Happ has thrown 52 pitches. Vazquez, 53. Each has allowed two hits, one solo homer and one double. But Happ’s at 2 K/2 BB while Vazquez is at 4 K/1 BB. That difference in strikeout to walk ratio is all you have to know about both pitchers — Happ has tended to succeed (so far) with crappy components, while Vazquez has tended to have stellar components but get no run support.

  46. Happ has Kim Jong-il-like peripherals. When Kim had his big year with the club, I tried to explain that his bad peripherals didn’t matter because he was pitching so well with runners on base. That didn’t last long, and Happ won’t last long either.

  47. Morgan likes Pedro M. because he’s a winner and he knows how to win. Couldn’t the same be said for Smoltz, Glavine and Maddux? – but it’s probably a good thing that we don’t have any of them at this point – although I’m not too sure about Maddux.

  48. Kim Jong-Il had one brilliant season in the majors, which is more than many manage. The thing about bad components is that they tend to regress to the mean — but, of course, you never know exactly when they’ll decide to regress. I really hate losing to a guy who ostensibly sucks.

  49. I don’t blame you for the “he bears down more” analysis, Mac. Sosa had ridiculously good stuff, and he really did seem to pitch better with runners on base than otherwise, all logic to the contrary. It isn’t that he forgot how to win; it’s that he stopped learning from Leo Mazzone how to throw a strike when the chips were down.

    Incidentally, he has looked like a good setup man for the Nats this month.

    (Update: he’s looked like a good setup man despite having given up 3 solo homers in 9 2/3 innings, because he hasn’t given up any runs off anything other than homers. 6/1 K/BB is good, though 6 K in 9.2 IP isn’t wonderful. And 10 H in 9.2 IP is bad. We’ll see.)

  50. Way to come up small Javy.

    This is the crap that got him run out of every place he has ever been.

    Those two to Howard could not have been teed up any better.

  51. That’s how you have a 4 ERA every year with good periphs. You choke like a dog with runners on. A freaking belt high changeup to Ryan Howard. Good god, man.

  52. I think the folks in the ESPN truck must secretly think Morgan is as bad as we do. While Morgan was droning on about how the Braves need a healthy Chipper, they put up a graphic showing Chipper has a 1.092 OPS this month.

    Time for some runs off of Happ–I’m more miffed at the anemic offense than I am at giving up 2 homers to Howard.

  53. Why did BC not hit Prado for Church and then move Infante to CF, and KJ to 2b.

    Gotta force the issue there, and don’t give me well that burns 3 players, I don’t care, you have to take a shot to score when you get them. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  54. Well, we’ve got nine outs to get three runs off these slippery bastards. I wish they’d give Vazquez some run support… He should have won 15 games already.

    We sure have wasted some brilliant pitching this year.

  55. You probably deserve to lose if your manager is so dumb that he bats Garret Anderson in the 2 hole.

  56. It’s the principle of batting the biggest out eater this side of Jeff Francoeur in the freaking 2 hole. I don’t care if you get no hit. . . that’s just idiotic.

  57. Anyone else sick of the chatter about Lidge’s troubles, the need to rebuild his confidence, etc.? There was nothing wrong with his pitching last night (there has been in some other games), though his fielding and Utley’s fielding were crummy.

  58. Frank, I’m actually surprised it’s not talked about more on a national level. I mean he is the closer on the defending champs on a team in first place. To me, it’s one of the 5 biggest questions left about the season.

    Maybe I’m overstating it, but that’s just my opinion. If it were Rivera or Pap Smear with an ERA over 7 right now, the four letter would be declaring it a national crisis and having a daily 15 minute block of SportsCenter dedicated to finding a solution.

  59. Happ looked like Chuck James with a curve ball to me.

    Really. I don’t see how you can live up in the zone with a 88-91 mph fast ball. In fact, he seemed to me (obviously the most important person on this would be the hitter’s thoughts) to not be as deceptive as Chuck James.

    Happ was all over the place and we didn’t take enough pitches. First inning, Infante swings and misses at ball 4, then hits a hard ground ball to 3rd. If he walks and everything else plays the same, he scores.

    Later (4th inning or so?) Chipper swings at a high one out of the zone. If he takes the walk and everything else plays out, he scores.

    Make Howard’s homerun with Phillies up 1 with 3 innings to go and we have a real shot.

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