NEW YORK (BRAVES JOURNAL WIRE SERVICES) — The New York Mets received yet more bad news as second baseman Luis Castillo will miss the remainder of the season after being savaged by a pack of hyenas.

“I don’t know where the hyenas came from,” said manager Jerry Manuel. “He was just walking in the park, and suddenly there were hyenas. They bit him a few times and ran off.” Calls to local zoos gathered no reports of escaped hyenas. Hyenas are not native to the New York area.

Though none of the injuries are considered crippling or potentially life-threatening, Castillo will remain in the hospital for the next several days for observation and also to receive a series of painful shots. The second baseman was hitting .306 with a .399 on-base percentage.

“I’m thinking I should raise hyenas when I get a house up here,” said right fielder Jeff Francoeur. “If they’re dangerous, why doesn’t the government put a warning on them?”