Braves 9, D-Backs 4

Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – August 17, 2009 – ESPN

Say it together, everybody: TAKE THE OUT, STUPID!

Leading 1-0 in the third after an ACHE homer in the second, Ross led off with a double. Hanson was up, and so he bunted. The D-Backs’ pitcher tried to throw out Ross at third, a very difficult play even with a catcher running. He threw it away, Ross scored, and Hanson went to second. The Braves scored five more runs in the inning. Chipper drove in Hanson with a sac fly, LaRoche walked with the bases loaded, and Church hit a bases-clearing double. (See, you can score from first on a two-out double even if you’re painfully slow.) Arguably, none of the last five runs would have scored if he’d just taken the out; because Hanson didn’t get a sacrifice, none of the runs were “earned”. They still count, and meant that the game was all but over after three innings.

Hanson cruised through four innings, then got in trouble in the fifth, allowing a solo homer and (after an out) three straight singles to cut it to 7-2. But the Braves answered right back, with LaRoche hitting a two-run homer. Hanson wound up going six, striking out seven without a walk. It’s another strong start for the rookie.

Bobby decided to use all his lefthanders out of the pen, after consistently letting righthanders pitch to Ryan Howard. Whatever. Logan gave up a two-run homer in the seventh. O’Flaherty gave up a hit an a walk in the eighth, and Gonzalez, whose arm is still attached for now, gave up a hit, a walk, and a HBP but no runs. His control was way off; no doubt he hasn’t pitched enough to stay sharp.

The Braves had only six hits, against ten for the D-Backs. After this last series, I’m not going to complain… McLouth was put on the DL, but the Braves decided to stick with the Anderson-Church-Diaz alignment instead of calling up Heyward, and instead activated Reid Gorecki. I’ll try to write him up sometime soon. Gorecki didn’t bat, but did play the last three innings in left field. I think that gives him an encyclopedia entry, but I’m sure at some point he’ll get to actually swing a bat.

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  1. Nice Spelling Kevin Frace you mongolian Idiot

    Braves win…Dylan still sucks harder than Francoeur

  2. From the last thread:

    I dislike him and his music, and that’s my prerogative.

    Sure. I don’t recall anyone suggesting otherwise. Have you recieved CDs in the mail with threats if you don’t listen and love them?

    If you can’t get enough of Dylan more power to you, I’m not saying you don’t have a right not to like his music.

    Actually, that is what you’re saying. If you simply state “I don’t like Dylan” that is one thing; you’re stating a personal opinion and leaving it at that. But you don’t stop at that. You up the ante and state positively that “Dylan sucks.” At that point you’re making a critical assessment of the world, and by default that means you’re judging and criticizing those that don’t agree with your assessment. If you don’t mean to do that you should modulate your statements back down to the level of personal opinion.

    But I certainly have a right to say that I dislike him.

    Has anyone suggested otherwise? Although technically you have the right to say exactly whatever Mac decides you have the right to say, at least in this particular forum. If Mac decides you don’t have the right to say “Dylan sucks” any more, you no longer have that right to say that here.

  3. Another hijacked thread.

    Gerardo Rodriguez is quietly doing a nice job in M.B. at 1B and has 17 HR for the year.

  4. Yes, Jon. On Mac Thomason’s blog you must do what he asks. In other shocking news if you come to my house and behave in a manner I find objectionable I will kick you out. How old are you, boy?

  5. Settle down Sammy. I know your an old timer so I wouldn’t want your plaque to start flowing again

  6. Mac if the braves won the WS I’d dress up like Dylan with that dirty stache of his and personally send you a video apology. But we all know the chances of that. You could even pick the Dylan song for me to sing

  7. I’m likely older than you, Jon. That is true. I’m also quite likely much smarter and more knowledgable about any number of things than you. So I have that going for me. You, on the other hand, still reside in the blur of youth where it doesn’t really embarrass you to make a complete idiotic ass of yourself in public, so you have that on your side.

  8. Surprisingly Mac I’m a compromiser. I’d gladly apologize, in that exact manner, in exchange for a reasonable video request

  9. How about some Aerosmith?

    Anyway, guys… You can attack musicians all you want. It’s all in good fun. But I’d ask for everyone to please leave off the personal attacks on other posters.

  10. Sammy I’m much younger than you I’ll agree with that. But as you know, with age comes wisdom. You my friend, may be able to claim having “more wisdom” due to your old age. However, I myself possess a great deal of education being a professional in the working world, so to assume you have more “knowledge” is kind of an ignorant statement on your part. Never once have I said “I’m smarter than you, etc etc”.

  11. 9. G-Rod might be our first baseman heir.

    I still believe in Freddie Freeman, but have concerns about his power. There is a chance G-rod will be the man.

  12. We aren’t posting research dissertations on here. This is an opinionated blogging site. Everyone has a different opinion, that is how the world of blogging came to fruition. I’m not here saying the sky is purple, the braves didn’t win today, or challenging other undisputable facts. Music has many genres and there is no right or wrong answer as to which one is better than the other. People have opinions, and you know my opinion about Bob Dylan. Mac has his opinion, he likes Dylan and that’s fine too. If everyone liked the same type of music the world would be a dull place. That’s the power of music, everyone has a different spice to throw into the musical powderkeg which results in all different types of music being produced.

  13. Hey Mac,

    Next contest you have on here (I loved the Francouer joke contest), you should offer X number of game thread videos of whatever artist the winner wants. Could be fun.

  14. G-rod (ooh I hate that meme) is nearly 22 at High A. I am thoroughly unconvinced.

  15. With Santana going Thursday we must win the first two of this next series. Then we need to take 2 of 3 from the fish and sweep the Padres before we head to Philly if we want to be in good shape.

  16. everyone has a different spice to throw into the musical powderkeg which results in all different types of music being produced.

    That’s a world class mixed metaphor.

  17. 27 – RB4, I like your idea.

    30 – I believe the average at Hi-A is around 23.

    Jon K, it’s not that I disagree with your opinions, but the way you present them, I want to disagree with them.

  18. Wow Barrycuda… you implied I have no education? Oooh what a big man you are! how about I buy you a pack of gum and teach you how to chew it?

  19. If you’re looking for something fairly new, and like singer/songwriter stuff, the last Jay Bennett record is available for free from the label, Good stuff, not perfect, but there’s no doubt the guy could write.

    I’m also loving the Gillian Welch set from the 2009 Newport Folk Festival that’s making the rounds. Hate her records, love her live.

  20. “Bobby decided to use all his lefthanders out of the pen, after consistently letting righthanders pitch to Ryan Howard. Whatever.”

    That’s awesome Mac! But can’t blame Bobby on Howard’s homeruns off Javy though.

    Btw, Mac, if you are an nazi, then the word must mean something completely different to the definition I know. That’s like calling Bobby a dictator.

  21. Anyone ever heard of joe bonamassa? I bought his CD on a whim at the store and was surprised, he’s quite good.

  22. Joe Bonamassa?!?!?

    It’s worse than I imagined. I’m sorry, man, you’re on your own now.

    Go Braves!!!

  23. URLHIX

    A simple “I don’t really care for him” would have sufficed. Or he sucks even. Who do you like? Give me 5 artists you like off the top of your head.

  24. Oh Jon please let it go, you are killing me!

    That Hanson kid looked good again, I think he is a keeper.

  25. Jon, you are an ass.

    I am doing anything I can to get off this Dylan topic, no shit he is good.

  26. Jon, take it from me, you don’t want to get into a musical argument with Urlhix. He’s a professional musician.

    At any rate, let’s just be nice to one another, okay?

  27. Jon…………he plays kazoo for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir……..that should be enough to awe you.

  28. Jon K, oddly enough, only now that I learn you’re extremely well educated do I find so unbearable your inability to use properly your/you’re.

  29. i thoght Yukon Jack was a girls drink…….at least thats what my wife was drinking the night i met her.
    i’ve never actually seen anyone drink that swill since that night 33 years ago.

  30. Mac seriously, I haven’t said a derrogatory word to anyone since you wanted us to stop I’m trying to be nice, yet I’m still getting harassed

  31. Mission accomplished… I’m the center of attention. Goodnight everyone. Don’t forget to tip your waiters

  32. haha you guys are like the Florida marlin umps jesus. Your high fiving each other after each joke

  33. Where’s everyone from? you all know I’m a damn yankee. Anyone from outside the Atl region? and are TBS braves fans?

  34. Jon K. is without a doubt the new Gadfly.

    I think most of us here are not in the Atl area, but in the larger Braves region of the southeast. I’m from SC.

  35. Hate to break Jon’s string of posts here, but I just wanted to throw in my request for a Pat Benatar video. Or The Go-Gos.

  36. Im from NJ.
    Became a Braves fan in 81 when we got cable. My brother was a Yankee fan, and being the little brother, I wanted my own team, they were always on TV and that was that.
    It is also how I became a Boston Bruins fan.

  37. Does anyone else find it amusing that Tommy Hanson does the Jordan tongue flip when he pitches?

  38. I was talking to Alex earlier about the Gorecki callup, and said that they would obviously only call up Heyward to play, not to back up. Then I said that obviously if Anderson ran into a wall and broke his leg, that they’d make the call to Heyward. But if ACHE broke his leg, would it really make any difference?

    I’m in Tuscaloosa and have lived in central Alabama my whole life, born in Birmingham.

    Looking at the storm, I’m glad that the Braves got out of town when they did, because I don’t think the stadium would be playable tomorrow.

  39. So nice to wake from a lengthy slumber & find out we won a makeup ballgame I totally forgot about. Woo-hoo.

    But darn, I always miss the Dylan “conversations.”

    I maintain the promise not to personally attack the other posters. In fact, I’ll even ignore some of them.

    Smokin’ Joe Bonamassa Story:
    Many years ago, I saw Smokin’ Joe (then a teenager) open up for Vic Chesnut at Tramps in NYC. (Who booked that?)

    Joe did his by-the-numbers blues prodigy thing, then Vic did his I’m-terrified-to-be-onstage folk thing.

    The audience was there for Vic, an acquired taste for some, but a great, great songwriter—sound familiar?

    I was sitting in the back with a writer friend who was reviewing the show for The Village Voice. Smokin’ Joe had finished & was sitting behind us, loudly making nasty comments about the wheelchair-bound Vic during his set.

    My friend & I wanted to strangle him, but—alas—he was a teenager & we didn’t want to get arrested. So in my friend’s review, he referred to the teenaged Bonamassa as an “asshole,” which gives me chuckles to this day.

  40. Nice Bonamassa story. Like I said, I was in the blues section looking to check out a new artist and just happened to pick one of his albums. I saw Tab Beniot at Buddy Guy’s club in Chicago last year. I was in chicago to visit and I wanted to check out the bar and it just happened that Tab was there playing that night. Pretty decent show for only 10 bucks

  41. What’s the problem with putting Kelly back in left? He’s a valuable property that we’re allowing to lose value.

  42. It’s starting to seem to me that the real reason Heyward is still in AA now is to delay his major league service time starting so they can squeeze an extra year in. Just like Hanson “failed” (wink wink) to make the Braves in Spring Training but miraculously improved enough to be called up later, Heyward will see his first action in a Braves uniform in late May 2010. Heyward will somehow fail to make the Braves in Spring Training next year and get sent to Gwinnett to kill time until a late May or later call up. It’s all about the money.

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