211 thoughts on “Embarrassing game thread: July 28, Braves at Marlins”

  1. DOB is relaying an MLB report that the Braves are talking about Weurtz (middle reliever) with Oakland. Kelly Johnson is worth more than that.

  2. I think KJ is about right for Weurtz, he is a solid, and cheap, reliever.
    KJ is an inconsistent 2B whose lows do not make up for his highs and is about twice the price of Weurtz.

    I would do it, but I think Oakland will get more than KJ for him.

  3. Kelly Johnson is worth more to the Braves as a bench player than a middle reliever would be. I would hope he’d be worth even more in trade, as there should be teams out there that would hope/expect that he could return to his previous form for them.

    I might be OK with KJ for Sanchez…

  4. From DOB’s blog:
    Speaking of Wuertz, he’s tied for seventh in the AL with 45 appearances, and has a 4.40 ERA and .248 opponents’ average in 28 appearances since May 16, after posting a 1.45 ERA and .161 opponents’ average in his first 17 appearances.

    Yeah, that’s what we need. Another overworked reliever to take the pressure off of our overworked relievers. I’d rather just let Medlin pitch a lot more, and maybe bring up whatever we’ve got in AAA/AA. And put either Hudson or Hanson in the pen when Hudson comes back.

  5. There is no middle reliever of any calibre worth a young middle infielder who can post an 800+ OPS.

  6. @5: Why what? KJ for Sanchez? I’m not saying that I want that deal made, but it would make a bit more sense than trading a useful player for a 30 year old who’s not anything special. He’s a decent middle reliever. Big deal.

    Sanchez is Prado, but he’s done it longer. So there would be a bit more certainty there. And he’s got an option for next year, so it’s not a rental.

    That being said, I’m in the stand pat camp. I would not trade anyone on the major league roster right now. If you can get Wuertz for Barbaro Canizares (who’s pretty much expendable to the Braves but could DH in Oakland), that’s fine.

  7. Kelly Johnson is worth more than that.

    What makes you think Kelly Johnson is even involved in the deal?

    I doubt the Braves are going to give up anything decent for a middle relief pitcher.

  8. KJ for an elite bullpen arm comparable to soriano or gonzalez who is under team control for 2+ years would be acceptable. Then diory, medlin, norton go down and barbaro, conrad, and infante come up.

  9. KJ is an odd-man-out with Prado playing at his current level. Oakland has wanted KJ for a while. Everything else is base speculation.

  10. What’s the eta on Infante’s return?

    Kelly in left
    Conrad at 2B
    Prado at 3B

    Not bad when you want to rest Chipper and ACHE.

  11. Jimmy Buffett. Better than Bobby Goldsboro?

    Saw Jimmy Buffett once when I was 14. Only show I saw in my teens where there were as many parents as kids—kinda freaked me out, actually.

  12. Lineup, per DOB:

    1. McLouth, CF
    2. Prado, 2B
    3. Chipper, 3B
    4. McCann, C
    5. Anderson, LF
    6. Escobar, SS
    7. Kotchman, 1B
    8. Church, RF
    9. Jurrjens, RH

  13. So a 27 year old backup 2B is not worth a good middle reliever who is cheap and cost effective next year when we may lose two other relievers due to FA?

    I think some people are overvaluing KJ, but I am probably undervaluing him as well.

  14. Oh, yeah – do the Macon Whoopee still exist?

    Vandy is beating the dog out of us in football recruiting. Bobby Johnson is the SEC COY every year.

    Stallings walked out of a Vegas All-Star game rather than pay $250 for a program identifying the numbered-but-nameless jerseys.

  15. Yeah, our coaches are both good and ethical. I’ve said it before: We’re in the wrong conference.

  16. Vandy to the ACC and UK to the Big Ten. Makes sense, right?

    Not if you’ve taken a look at the contracts signed between ESPN and CBS with the SEC.

  17. VU to the ACC in a swap with FSU or Clempson would make a ton of sense, from this VU alum’s perspective.

    From that same perspective, the money’s nice, but really only insofar as it helps to make the playing field somewhat more level within the conference. We could still keep up with the Northwesterns and Stanfords (and, of course, Dukes and Wake Forests) of the world just fine from the ACC.

  18. “DOB is relaying an MLB report that the Braves are talking about Weurtz (middle reliever) with Oakland. Kelly Johnson is worth more than that”

    I disagree and I think its a nice haul and probably has more value to us than KJ does. We know Prado can help at 2nd, but we need arms since Gonzo and Soriano might be gone next season.

  19. No way. I was telling AAR just yesterday, when I saw that Wuertz was available, that I wondered if we might be (mistakenly) tempted to ship KJ out in favor of him. Thus, I’ve been in agreement with Sam on this since before the Braves’ interest in Wuertz was even reported!

    KJ is worth far more to the Braves than Wuertz is. I believe Frank Wren knows this.

  20. The Braves not only need to trade for relief help for this year, but for someone who can step in as a closer next season. Right now, Acosta is in line for the job, and we all know how that worked out last time.

  21. Stu, we went through this last offseason. At that time I thought KJ was more valuable to us because I was uncertain about what Prado can do. Prado cost a little more than league minimum, Infante is also here next season, Conrad can maybe hold down a bench spot. We have plenty of guys that can give us similar production as to what KJ provides. Id trade him right now for a guy that could/maybe be our closer next year.

  22. 17,
    Yes, Diaz has a career line of .414/.440/.690 against the Fish. And he’s 3-for-8 with a double in his career against Nolasco. Not that I really disagree with the line-up. I don’t think there’s much predictive value in that.

  23. I am with CSG, get the arms, you can never have too many, especially with Infante coming back soon to provide more IF depth/flexibility.

  24. Four-letter network is quoting a Minneapolis newspaper that Favre will remain retired.

    Why does this whole episode remind me of my early girlfriends?

  25. lets compare Prado to KJ

    .315/.379/.481 235AB’s 6HR’s
    .979fldg% at 2B

    .226/.298/.389 239AB’s 6HR’s
    .980 fldg%
    $2.85 mil

    sorry, but KJ’s value has dropped and a reliever/potential closer has to have more value with this club right now

    Prado/Wuertz at $1.5 mil > KJ’s $2.85 mil

  26. It is a pleasure that we can discuss trading from a strength now and not about getting rid of dead wood.

  27. 31—Fielding percentage? Seriously?

    How about some advanced fielding metrics? How about BAPIP?

    I like Prado. I just don’t think it’s worth trading a really good and versatile Prado (and Chipper) insurance policy for a good-but-not-even-close-to-great, already-overworked, not-young reliever.

  28. aorry, just know how everyone likes talking about how bad Prado’s glove is there. Also dont see the point in paying your starting 2b $500K and paying his backup $3 mil. Thats a lot of insurance

    “Prado (and Chipper) insurance policy” = Infante

  29. Well, I subscribe to the notion that KJ is just as likely as not to outperform Prado over the final third of the season. I think they’re both really valuable and, as mraver said yesterday, really good insurance for each other.

  30. Wuertz has 62 K’s in 47 innings of work with just 13 walks. The dude throws strikes, has an excellent slider and average fastball (91-93) along with his curve and change up. He’s a decent set up man but lacks the fastball to be a closer, and gets lit up when overused.

    I don’t see the Braves potentially giving up more than one mid level prospect in return if they do make this trade.

  31. I don’t want to be in a position where Chipper goes down for three weeks and we’re stuck with Conrad — or worse, Diory — playing in his place.

  32. Im not worried about this season, Im trying to think of how bad our pen may look if Soriano and Gonzo both leave. We’d have Acosta, Bennett, Carlyle, Medlen, Logan, Oflaherty, and Moylan. Just dont see the point in trying to hold onto three guys that are similar in production.

    I doubt we trade for Wuertz anyways, I also doubt they want KJ. So it really doesnt matter

  33. My gut belief is that by the end of the season, KJ and Prado will be in a platoon, because Prado will return to earth.

    I also don’t see how Wuertz is a real candidate to be the closer next year. I expect that either Soriano or Gonzalez will be resigned for 2010, and failing that, Moylan will be the next choice.

    This all presumes that their arms stay attached to their bodies, of course.

  34. 31,
    Who says the A’s are giving up Wuertz for KJ. I’m betting a) they don’t want any players that make money, strictly prospects and b) it’d take more than just KJ anyway.

  35. The fact that Prado is only tied with Johnson in homeruns despite being so red-hot for so long and how bad Johnson has been should say something there for homerun power from Prado.

    Of course, Johnson’s career major league high is only 16.

    Anyway, the point from me is simply trading Johnson now for a middle relief pitcher seems to be selling low. Yes, the Braves sold low on Francoeur, but unlike him I think Johnson has a reasonable chance to bounce back in these last couple of months of the 2009 season.

    Also, is resigning Gonzalez or Soriano really so out of the question?

  36. #40 – this thing started with post #2 in this thread. I also wouldnt give up more than KJ for Wuertz. I didnt say we would either

  37. “KJ and Prado will be in a platoon, because Prado will return to earth.”

    on the 1st part you may be right and Im more than okay with that. Explain the Prado back to earth thing.

    last season 228AB’s .320/.377/.461
    this year 235AB’s .315/.379/.481

  38. Prado’s 2008 numbers stem pretty much entirely from his August month. That doesn’t really mean anything though other than I dislike arguing for Prado because he’s “consistent.”

    Prado, 2008:

    July: .699 OPS (33 at-bats)
    August: 1.103 OPS (74 at-bats)
    September .654 OPS (82 at-bats)

  39. well dont argue it then, Im done anyways. I like this team and I like our bench. Who knows maybe Soriano stays

    I guess we should show Kelly’s months then, Im guessing they are streaky too. If we platoon them at the right times, we are in good shape

  40. After looking at the standings….this is a really big series. I hope the bad Nolasco shows up tonight.

  41. My gut belief is that by the end of the season, KJ and Prado will be in a platoon, because Prado will return to earth.

    And where is Earth for Prado exactly? Those 100 PAs he had when he was 22 and 23? He had 250 PAs last year at 120 OPS+ and 250 PAs this year at 128 OPS+. There a pretty good chance at this point he’s a good hitter.

    But I agree you have to carry a significant fifth infielder when Chipper is one of your starters. I would hope they don’t flip Kelly for a reliever but nothing would surprise me.

  42. Im guessing they are streaky too.

    Of course they are. Everyone knows Johnson is a streaky hitter at this point. The only purpose of the comment was just to take a small pot-shot at the comments I’ve read that say Prado is the “consistent bat we need at second.”

    While I’m not a Prado believer, there is no-doubt that right now he should start ahead of Johnson.

  43. As I said in the last thread, Prado’s major league numbers are better, so far, than his minor league numbers. It’s possible that he really is better now than he was. It’s more likely that he’s over his head, largly due to the way he’s been used. (I realize that asserting that Bobby Cox is using players well goes against the grain.) I’d like nothing better than for Prado to really be this good. It’s a cool story, if nothing else.

    But, he was about a .300 hitter in the minors. Could he be a true .300 major league hitter? Sure. But my guess – and that’s all it is – is that he’s more likely a .280 hitter.

    We’ll see what the truth is soon. Teams prepare for the #2 hitter in the lineup a lot differently than a backup infielder. There’s going to be a lot more film of him soon – four or five at-bats every game gives you more data to work from than a pinch-hitting appearance every other game (with a start every week or so tossed in) does.

    If Prado really is what his numbers say he is, then he’ll keep it up over the next month or so. And if he isn’t, then I’d rather have KJ around to help keep the position solid.

    Conrad is a career minor leaguer for a reason. We’re not sure what we’re going to see from Infante when he comes back – it wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t get back where he was until 2010.

  44. And, BTW, don’t get the idea that I think KJ should be starting ahead of Prado. He had the opportunity, and failed. I don’t think that the Braves should give up on him, but right now, the best lineup doesn’t include him every day.

    He should have some opportunities to start. Chipper will need some time off. Kotchman as well. Prado’s going to slide over on those days, and KJ can start then.

    If, this offseason, the Braves think Prado should be the everyday 2B in 2010 (which, as of right now, there’s no reason that you wouldn’t do this), then they need to find a new corner IF backup, because you would prefer to let Prado concentrate on his defense at one position. But that’s not something you can easily address in-season.

  45. But, he was about a .300 hitter in the minors. Could he be a true .300 major league hitter? Sure. But my guess – and that’s all it is – is that he’s more likely a .280 hitter.

    Yeah, a lot of people did this when Esco came up too. Thinking you know a guy when he’s in his early 20s is pretty dangerous. Obviously don’t throw the minor league stuff away but a lot of guys actually improve as they grow up. If they are doing it at the major league level that should carry a lot more weight than what they did at AA when they were 22.

  46. Martin Prado’s major league line (632 PA)
    .310 .370 .452 .822
    Martin Prado’s minor league line (2119 PA)
    .300 .353 .393 .747

    So, like I said, I expect him to come back to earth. “Back to earth” will still be a useful, even valuable, player, but not the star-in-the-making that’s been playing this season. A 2B hitting .280 should probably be hitting 8th instead of 2nd, but I’m sure Bobby will keep him in the 2 hole. He’s always liked his second basemen to hit second…

  47. LINEUP per DOB

    1. McLouth, CF
    2. Prado, 2B
    3. Chipper, 3B
    4. McCann, C
    5. Anderson, LF
    6. Escobar, SS
    7. Kotchman, 1B
    8. Church, RF
    9. Jurrjens, RH

  48. Escobar has more power than Prado. Prado has a total of 24 HR in his professional career. Escobar has 26 HR in his major league career.

    That does make a difference. Now, Prado has demonstrated the ability not to strike out in the majors, which is certainly a point in his favor.

    My point is not that Prado is doomed to be a flash in the pan. My point is that, right now, we really can’t be sure. This is his first real shot to play everyday. So I think the Braves would be foolish to dump KJ right now for anything likely to be available.

    Come the offseason, KJ can certainly be shopped around. Package him with Reyes or Medlin and get a new 1B, LF, or something else shiny.

  49. His last full year at Richmond he hit .316/.374/.420. This year he’s hitting .315/.379/.481.

    It’s really not that hard to project adding a little power as a guy matures. I think you are reaching here.

  50. @56

    I agree.

    He might regress a little, but there isn’t really anything in his minor league numbers to suggest that these numbers are a fluke, and as you say, power is one of the last things to come around

  51. Thanks Ethan. I guess I finally win one. I only feel a little bit bad about poisoning J’s cat.

  52. A look at Prado’s ratio stats paint the picture of a hitter getting better, not getting lucky. His line drive rate in the majors has gone 14, 15, 18, 22. His XBH rate has gone up accordingly. All while maintaining a decent walk rate and a K rate at just over half the league average.

    As for KJ-for-Wuertz, we have three or four other guys who can play second base AND hit some, and I don’t really call the ability to don a glove and play LF “positional flexibility” — we already have two LFs, and you can stick almost anyone out there in a pinch.

    It’s not that KJ isn’t any good, but he’s the most redundant part which can actually bring major league talent in return. To me it would make sense.

  53. In the meantime, I look forward to daily critiques of Bob Geren’s bullpen management.

  54. KJ’s confidence has taken a blow this year. Let’s hope the last game is a return to ’07 form.

    I tend to believe Prado is the real deal at the plate. He’s been alright in the field since he won the job, but I’ve seen plenty of embarrassing moments in the past 2 years. I’m sure I would’ve said the same thing about Jeff Kent if I watched him every day, too.

    Trade KJ? Depends on what’s offered.

  55. I thank the Marlins for continuing to play Bonafacio everyday. And batting him high in the order.

  56. The Marlins are incredible. They’re playing Cody Ross in Center Field so Maybin won’t reach Super 2. Not that Cody Ross is a bad player, but I can’t imagine having Cody Ross in center field is a defensive upgrade over anyone.

  57. Maybin is hitting very well at AAA for them and is 22. He doesn’t suck, though he might not be ready.

  58. Well in the referenced position, centerfield for the Florida Marlins, he SUCKS. They tried, he came, he failed. Better luck next time.

    Not being ready is different from being held back to save on future salary expenses.

  59. A look at Prado’s ratio stats paint the picture of a hitter getting better, not getting lucky. His line drive rate in the majors has gone 14, 15, 18, 22. His XBH rate has gone up accordingly. All while maintaining a decent walk rate and a K rate at just over half the league average.

    He only had a total of 111 plate appearances combined in those first two years. And 254 last year. This season, he’s already had more plate appearances than any other season. Barring injury, he’ll end up with more this year than in the rest of his ML career combined. In other words, this could be his career year.

    Holding Escobar up as an example of what could happen is not instructive. Just because one player exceeds expectations doesn’t mean that we can ignore that minor league numbers are usually predictive. And that players with less power have a harder time surviving in the major leagues.

    Now, Prado is certainly no Gregor Blanco, whose minor league career has been built on OBP without power. Given the choice, I’d always go with the BA without power over OBP without power. Prado has demonstrated an ability to make contact – and he’s done it at the major league level.

    Again, I’m not predicting a collapse of Francoeurian porportions or anything. I’m saying that it’s unlikely that Prado is a real .315+ hitter – mainly because those players don’t generally exist. I expect that he’s a .280 hitter, who might be able to hit .300+ a few times in his career.

    And, by the way, that .316 at AAA was when he repeated the level. He hit .281 the year before at AA and AAA. Generally a player does better the second time around – the concern is when they don’t.

  60. If Schafer were healthy and hitting .328/.417/.472 at AAA and we still had the Groundhog you’d be screaming for Schafer to be called up.

  61. And again, I’m not averse to trading KJ. I just don’t think that trading him for a random bullpen arm – and that is what Wuertz is, as far as I’m concerned – is a good idea.

    I think he’ll be worth more in the offseason. Anyone who’s interested in him now will still be interested in December.

  62. You can’t feel it, Spike? Our guys are in “I wanna get back to the hotel” mode, swinging at everything and making quick outs, and Jurrjens is wild. This whole game already feels like a washout. Actually, rain might be our best chance.

  63. Holding Escobar up as an example of what could happen is not instructive. Just because one player exceeds expectations doesn’t mean that we can ignore that minor league numbers are usually predictive. And that players with less power have a harder time surviving in the major leagues.

    Escobar never hit for power in the minors. His season high was six homers in rookie ball.

    And the Escobar example is instructive. The instruction being that at some point a player’s major league accomplishments make what he did in the minors non-predictive. Prado has probably not reached that point, but we are definitely moving in that direction.

  64. It’s not just that Jurrjens walked a guy and is going to deep counts. It’s that he’s doing it after getting ahead of the batters. He can’t finish them off. That’s a really bad sign.

  65. @83: I can agree with that.

    I think we need to get to the point where we can be sure that Prado’s major league career is the real thing before trading KJ. Especially since we don’t know what Infante will be able to give us when he comes back. (And it’s important to remember that Infante’s career before he came to Atlanta was not as good as he was last year and this.) Brooks Conrad is not the answer. (And I like Brooks Conrad. I’d rather he be on the team than Greg Norton. But he’s got a minor league career line of 261/344/468. He’s filler.)

  66. who will be the first team to say, “screw it. he’s left-handed. i dont care. he’s playing 3rd.”

  67. jeff bennett’s line tonight: 1 IP 3 h 2 er, and he started…he must have punched another door.

  68. Church is batting .200 as an Atlanta Braves.

    Francouer is batting .326 as a Met with 16 RBIs.

    Just saying…

  69. Ryan Church isn’t too great.

    Jeff Francoeur has sucked harder, and still sucks harder than any regular player in the National League.

    Just saying…

  70. @106: Well and good, but Francoeur doesn’t have those numbers if he’s still a Brave, given his previous two years of work. He needed to move along and change the scenery. Everyone’s better off.

  71. I agree @109…I just wish Church would do a little better. He looks slow, fat and not that good to be honest.

    Ricky Nolasco has a 5.27 ERA guys…

  72. Small Sample Size Theater presents Emilio Bonafacio! He’s 2-2 and should be 3-3, and yet he sucks so much he makes Francoeur look like Hank Aaron.

  73. If Chipper keeps hitting them like this, he can move up the list in a hurry.

    36. Andre Dawson 438 R
    37. Juan Gonzalez 434 R
    38. Cal Ripken+ 431 R
    39. Mike Piazza 427 R
    40. Billy Williams+ 426 L
    41. Chipper Jones 421 B

  74. @110

    Nolasko has an ERA of around 2.75 after May, he’s been pitching very very well.

  75. When a ball hits your thigh and baserunners go by
    That’s a Prado!
    When pop fly falls through and it lands next to you
    That’s A Prado
    When a liner you tip and through your hands it slips,
    That’s a Prado
    In the runner you barge and no error gets charged,
    That’s A Prado!

  76. @121 ~ Fantastic

    Church! Well done.

    You deserve to get to spark your bong and listen to Satellite after that

  77. One of the few time sacrificing might have actually made sense too.

  78. Greg Norton is an embarrassment. It’s been a nice career Greg but have a little self respect and hang ’em up. Lord knows Bobby won’t do it for you.

  79. Ah, Emperor Norton. Without you, where would we be?

    A couple games better off in the standings, of course.

  80. They should just auction of Norton’s ABs to the highest bidder. It’s not like the end result could be worse, and maybe it could help raise the scratch for a deal at the trade deadline.

  81. So is Joe Simpson watching a different game than me? I would not call this a strong outing for Jurrjens, except in the sense that he was off and still managed to only give up two runs. He didn’t actually pitch that well…

  82. Five strikeouts, one walk, a quality start, and almost 2/3 of his pitches strikes. He could easily have had a shutout if we had an ambulatory left fielder.

  83. @138: Strong only that he minimized the damage when he clearly didn’t have his best stuff — which is what good pitchers do.

  84. I hate the cox lovers… ur the reason that old fat SOB still gets to sit on a bench and get paid

  85. Lately I have had no confidence in Gonzalez in tight games….I wish I did.

    I still can’t believe Cox sent Norton up to bat.

  86. Having a player like Greg Norton on your major league roster does not speak well for your organization, or major league baseball for that matter. Is there nothing else better I ask?

  87. How about an organization that brings Norton up and sends Conrad back down. Someone should be pistol wipped for that decision

  88. It really doesn’t make sense to have demoted a useful Conrad for a toasted Norton.

  89. I agree @130. Norton can’t play the field, he can’t hit….so why is he on the team? Surely, his salary is not that big of a factor. He should do the honorable thing and retire. He’s just taking up a spot.

  90. Bobby warming up both Moylan and Acosta last inning and not using them is his way of asking Wren for a right-handed reliever.

  91. And you wonder why the Cubs keep failing…

    December 7, 2005

    Traded Sergio Mitre, Ricky Nolasco and Renyel Pinto to the Florida Marlins. Received Juan Pierre.

    A day which will live in infamy.

  92. You know, if I were managing the Braves, I’d give Baker something to remember the next time I see him. But i’m not, and we all know that his lean in will go unchecked.

  93. McCann against a lefthander has not been pretty this year. Hopefully he can change that.

  94. In the games that matter to the Braves:

    Mets leading Rockies 3-0, Rockies will bat one more time.
    Natspos lead the Brewers 5-1 in the sixth.
    Astros lead Cubs 6-3 in the fifth (game on WGN).
    Dodgers-Cards, Phillies-DBacks just underway.

  95. Consecutive outs record used to be 41, Buerhle got at least 44, right?

    Walk, oh well.

  96. A Yunel-esque baserunning error by Hermida, and he’s gunned down by Yunel himself.

  97. @169 I was thinking the same thing, but since he’s my favorite player I kept it to myself.

    Nice to see Moylan and Gonzalez looking like their old selves.

  98. Did Garret just make a hustle play? He was involved in an outfield assist-type situation, so you would think that some kind of haste would be involved. Still, it is Garret…

  99. If Anderson fires that ball in hard Hermida probably pays more attention, which is the thing you really don’t want there.

  100. Garrett is now batting .295. Considering where he was at the beginning of the year, I think it’s amazing.

  101. As much as ACHE is a defensive liability… I still think he was our best option. You can make a case that Abreu would have been the better choice but I think for the money Garrett is better than Griffey and Adam Dunn. Griffey can’t play defense nor can he hit anymore, and Dunn may be one of the worst fielders in MLB, far worst than Anderson.

  102. Gary Sheffield was available for the league minimum, though I’m not sure about his current health.

  103. Sheffield wasn’t made available just before the start of the season. Garrent was already a brave before that

  104. Is Soriano getting squeezed, or is he not finding the plate?

    Edit: Braves14 answered that one.

  105. So how come any rumored trade of Player X is accompanied by reports that

    shit–never mind

    edit–to continue my question–scouts are on hand for the player’s game? Doesn’t everyone have a pretty good idea what Roy Halladay or Cliff Lee or … brings? Prospects aren’t as well known of course so I can understand having scouts check them and I can understand scouting players who may have injury questions.

  106. The Braves have some of the most deflating losses against the Marlins in Florida.

    Chipper and Brian really need to step it up this week. Tomorrow they face Johnson and then Vandenhurk.

  107. Apparently that meatball was the only pitch that was going to be called a strike anyway.

    Definitely didn’t see the 9th playing out that way. These games hurt.

  108. Gload! The Braves cannot afford to give games away….this one may come back and bite us….

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