Braves 2, Marlins 1 (11 innings)

Florida Marlins vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – September 27, 2010 – ESPN.

Omar Infante rescucitates the season! After the usual ten innings of either not hitting with runners on base or not mounting any threats at all, the Braves rallied in the eleventh inning — having apparently managed enough distance from Tommy Hanson to absolutely ensure he wouldn’t get any credit — to win the game. Nate McLouth walked leading off the inning, and Alex Gonzalez bunted him over. (You know how I feel about non-pitcher bunts, but it’s arguably the right call in that situation.) Rick Ankiel walked, and both moved up on a wild pitch. Freddie Freeman struck out looking (on a classic “past the plate outside but caught strike” pitch) but Omar actually pulled the ball down the left field line for what would have been a double had it not ended the game.

For the first ten innings, the Braves’ lone run was a fourth-inning homer by Brian McCann. Having given Hanson one run, they evidently expected him to hold it, and damn if he didn’t come close, shutting out the Marlins for the first seven innings before a single, a stolen base, and a double with one out in the eighth tied the game. With two out, Bobby brought in Jonny Venters, in his continuing effort to see if he can make a pitcher’s arm actually detach at the elbow in the process of throwing a changeup. It didn’t happen this time, as Venters got a strikeout. Billy Wagner followed, then Peter Moylan for an inning and two-thirds (still no arm detachment) then Michael Dunn struck out the only man he faced to get a win. That’s really fair, that is.

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  1. Thank god the Padres are even more inept offensively than the Braves. This wild card race is turning into the battle of the midgets.

    How can the Braves win with this lineup?

    At least with the Rockies fading, I will be able to root for ANYONE playing the Phillies. Seeing Phillie fans unhappy is my goal in life now.

    Chip Carey is unbelievable. He acts as if he has never seen a home run before–of course, with the Braves it’s so rare that maybe his reaction makes sense.

    For purposes of helping the team, AAR, I’m going to say it–Heyward is a drag on the offense. That ought to do it.

  2. Watching the “top 25 moments” thing (AGAIN) during the rain delay REALLY made me want to see them get to the post season this one last time with Bobby. Without The Prado I don’t have much confidence we’ll make it very far in the post season, but I would like to GET there.

  3. I am fist-pumping at my computer screen right now.

    But seriously, I hate this f’in team. Tommy Hanson needs to man up or Wren needs to trade this clown before the rest of the league realizes what a freaking joke he is. He’s all hype, no results.

  4. Jim (Doylestown, pa)

    Is there any way the Phillies resign Jayson Werth? If not, who will be the right-handed bat that replaces him? Jeff Francoeur– good defense and good numbers against left handers. Phillies like there defense!


  5. Prado is turning out to be very fragile…last year migraines, this year finger, legs, now a hip pointer. At least Chipper injuries didn’t occur until he was in his 30s.

  6. #4 – no kidding, he’s lost more games than he’s won. Wren needs to move him now.

    getting a hurting Prado out of the lineup isnt necessarily a bad thing. Hopefully, Glaus or Conrad can give us a two/three week spark

  7. Now is the time for the Folk Hero to cement his legacy as The Atlanta Brave Who’ll Never Have To Buy A Drink In Town Again.

    It’s kind of a long status, which befits the diminuitive FH.


    Heyward – Offensive Drag
    Hanson – Doesn’t Know How To Win.
    Melky – Still Fat.

  8. I strongly advocate for letting Prado rest. Right now, he’s hurting the team far more than helping it by staying in the lineup.

  9. @7,

    And he only struck out three hitters last night. And didn’t hit a home run–if he wanted runs, why didn’t he get them himself? What the hell’s wrong with him? Plus, his arm is literally going to fall off his body any minute due to his mechanics.

    Bring back Russ Ortiz; there’s a guy who knew how to win.

  10. I think Prado will be back if we make the playoffs.

    No one is saying it, but this team is resilient! They keep looking at the season ending, only to pull it out at the end.

  11. #11 – Bruce Chen is 11-7, Tommy Hanson is 10-11

    Id make that trade right now, W-L records mean everything

  12. I agree with Smitty. If we make the playoffs, Prado will be back, and the rest probably will have helped him.

    Also, at least everyone on our team now knows what a playoff game feels like. Last night’s game was every bit as tense as any playoff game I’ve ever watched.

  13. I just wish there was a way this team could get two days off. Especially Infante, Heyward, Agon and McCann. They have to be exhausted.

  14. I still wish we could raise the ghost of Pythagorous. As of today, we lead Phillies in run differential and are 6 games behind.

  15. Tony @ 19,

    They get one on Thursday. That is about it EXCEPT that I think Ross should catch the next game against a left hander (I know Ross has a reverse career platoon split, but when McCann is tired or ailing or off I sense his usual slight to moderate problems against lefthanders become monumental, and Ross is better defensively).

    With Prado out (and he should be) A gon and Infante will have to play almost every inning. Therefore, avoid extra innings in the positive way (by being ahead at the end of regulation).
    I agree that if this team only wins 2 the rest of the way out, it is almost certainly dead.

    the San Francisco / San Diego last series really helps us. At least 1 of them has to lose every night. A sweep either way probably puts us in (maybe even if we only win 2). So, the worst for us would probably be a 2 out of 3 in the Padres favor, becasue, everything else being equal, that would put them even with each other.

  16. @19

    They could all get a rest if we sweep the Marlins and take the first game from the Phillies and the Padres fall on thier faces.

  17. @23, I’ll be surprised if Glaus starts at third. He can barely get off the field for a pinch runner these days.

  18. One thing no one should doubt about this team, regardless of what happens, is its heart and, yes, resilience. Despite the injuries and the struggles, they have battled all year. I think that’s a tribute to Bobby Cox even if they don’t make it.

  19. can someone explain to me why mlbtr has saito as a type A free agent even though he’s arb-eligible next year? i didnt think arb-eligible players could be labeled type a or b.

  20. @27
    agreed, and that’s why, for about 2 years now that i’ve held my tongue when my eyes tell me that the braves look like zombies out there. when teams arent winning, they’re not going to look happy. smiling teams never look like zombies. it’s the frowning ones that tricks the eyes.

  21. I just wish these guys would quit taking so many 2-0 3-1 pitches. It seems that they either take 1st pitch fastballs and then swing at everything outside the zone or they get a good count and then look for a walk. They need to be a bit more aggressive in the box (well AAG and Ankiel dont)

  22. All players are ranked for those type designations.

    Maybe when Saito signed, he was able to get guaranteed free agency this year (like a guarantee of a non-tender or something). If there were multiple clubs competing for him, he could have swung it.

  23. Off topic, my daughter and I are starting a skate board design company (she’s an amazing artist) I need some help setting up the E-commerce site…anyone wanna donate some time? I might be able to pay some, but I can surely give you a custom skate board, even a Braves one, she’s designing me one now!

  24. tributing position? I think Sting is into that …

    Whoever Zambrano’s anger management counselor is, they deserve the Noble Peace Prize.

  25. pitching matchups left for ATL, SF, and SD

    Atl – Hudson vs Sanches
    Atl – Lowe vs Miller
    Atl – Hanson vs Phi
    Atl – Hudson vs Phi
    Atl – Lowe vs Phi

    SF – Sanchez vs Lopez (ARI)
    SF – Bumgarner vs Kennedy
    SF – Lincecum vs Enright
    SF – Zito vs Richard
    SF – Cain vs Stauffer
    SF – ?? vs Latos

    SD – Latos vs Dempster
    SD – Young vs Wells
    SD – Garland vs Gorzelanny
    SD – Richard vs Zito
    SD – Stauffer vs Cain
    SD – Latos vs ??

  26. Do you guys think the Phils will start Kendrick, Hamels, Halladay this weekend or rest Hamels and Halladay and start one of their AA/AAA pitchers? Or maybe give Hamels and Halladay 3 innings and then pull them?

  27. #24

    Actually I think the magic # is still 5 since SF has one less loss than SD. Meaning if SD won 2 of 3 from SF (worst case scenario at least for now) and they both won every other game SD and SF would tie at 92-70 and we still have to go 4-1 just to tie.

  28. Wishful Thinking Dept.

    How ’bout we finish a game ahead of SD & SF? They finish tied, do a playoff & we get the winner?

    I might rather face Cincy (at least for travel reasons), but I’d like to see one of those NL West teams burn its staff a little bit more if we’re gonna face one of ’em.

    OK, back to reality: Just win, baby.

  29. ububba and friends
    Any comments on the Rock and Roll HOF nominees?
    I’m hoping the Rock Gods smile for Darlene Love

  30. I think they will pitch them a few innings. I don’t think they want Halladay and Hamels going a week or more iwthout pitching. I suspect the Phillies will rest the next couple of days and, unfortunately, begin preparing for the playoffs on Friday.

  31. it’s up to Lee and Melk-Dud for RBIs tonight?

    Infante – 4
    Heyward – 9
    McCann – 2
    Lee – 3
    Cabrera – 7
    Gonzalez – 6
    Conrad – 5
    Ankiel – 8
    Hudson – 1

  32. stats against Anibal

    Omar 3-15
    Heyward 2-4
    Bmac 9-25
    Lee 1-3
    Melky 3-6
    AAG 1-5
    Brooks 0-0
    Ankiel 2-2

    those sitting
    Troy 0-5
    Nate 0-9
    Hinske 0-10
    Diaz 2-8
    Ross 2-7
    Prado 6-19

  33. Melky is batting FIFTH. Is this season an elaborate prank show? I feel like we are going to miss out on the playoffs in the last game and Ashton is going to burst onto the film yukking it up with Melky.

  34. Melky owns Anibal in a statistically insignificant sample size. It’s thin gruel, but I can plan an evening around it.

  35. #43

    I’m pretty sure the Beasties will get in.

    But the whole RRHOF thing is kinda weird. If Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 gets in, doesn’t Donna Summer have to get in, too? Not that I’m against it or anything, being a club/DJ get-your-groove-on kinda guy (FWIW, “I Feel Love” is one of my favorite songs ever), but y’know, we’re a long way from “Hoochie Coochie Man.”

    And can I root against Bon Jovi? I can.

    But other than that—Tom Waits, Alice Cooper, Joe Tex, etc.—I guess I’m cool with it.

  36. When you can’t score, bunts + hit and run + SB are the way to go. Small ball, just try to win innings. Unfortunately, Cox forgets all this for most of the season and then especially in the playoffs.

  37. When forced to choose between Melky’s meaningless 3-6 against Sanchez or his .518 OPS in September (McLouth is OPSing .894), Bobby’s decision was to bat Melky fifth. I guess he didn’t want that tribute.

  38. @50
    Thanks. I’m struggling with Neil Diamond. But I can remember when “Hot August Night” was considered a rock albulm.

  39. Why are people so stuck on an “RBI guy” hitting 5th? That only matters in the first inning, and then only if two guys ahead of him don’t get out.

    I don’t think it’s a bad idea to spread outs throughout the lineup. As long as you’re switching handedness every couple of batters, it probably doesn’t matter that much.

  40. Yeah, the older I get the more Neil Diamond strikes me as Neal Sedaka trying to be a badass.

    And why not Hinske?

  41. Laura Nyro was a super-influential songwriter & that goes a long way in RRHOF.

    IMO, Neil Diamond’s fine. He’s in “The Last Waltz.” That’s gotta count for something, right?

  42. I don’t really want to get into the RRHOF debate, but seriously in what dream reality would Joe Tex be considered a better candidate than Neil Diamond? I mean Skinny Legs and All and I Gotcha is a better resume than Solitary Man and Sweet Caroline, plus about 30 more?

  43. I would probably bat Conrad second and move Heyward back to third, but I guess he’s just not going to bat Heyward third…ever. I would also very seriously consider starting Glaus in one of these games to see if he’ll give us any pop. We seriously need it.

    Also, we’ve gotta try Diaz in left at some point. I realize Ankiel’s the only one of our OFs who can play a proper CF, but McLouth at least plays one on TV. The offense is more important right now than the defense. Bring in Ankiel if you need a defensive replacement.

  44. Great Neil Sedaka songs: The Immigrant, Bad Blood, Breaking Up is Hard to Do, Laughter in the Rain. Many many more for other artists, in pop/adult contemporary. Pretty damn good, of course no Joe Tex.

  45. The RRHOF’s choices on songwriters can be odd. Bacharach and David still aren’t in. As for Diamond, once you’ve inducted Madonna and ABBA, you can’t really justify not putting him in for not being Rock & Roll enough.

    Bon Jovi will get in, of course, because they need a showcase act for the ceremony. I’d take J. Geils over ten Bon Jovis.

  46. And don’t forget that Sedaka-penned rock-n-roll classic, “Love Will Keep Us Together,” by Captain & Tennille.

    Back in the day, J. Geils Band was pretty bad-ass actually. Totally reconstituted R&B with all the dynamics & stagecraft, but a great, great show.

  47. Well, before you put in any of those hair-metal bands, you’d have to enshrine Kiss.

    And the RRHOF committee—rock crits, many with Rolling Stone mag connections—will never do that. Kiss & Rolling Stone have enjoyed their mutual contempt for a long time.

    Plus, the last thing the world needs is an acceptance speech from Gene Simmons.

  48. Bethany, not ashamed to admit that I also am giddy for Glee tonight.

    But I haven’t liked Bon Jovi since Slippery When Wet

  49. I was dating a girl who had family there and she wanted to know if i wanted to go see the RHOF and an Indians game. I went.

    I think the RHOF should be in Memphis

  50. Non-tendered. Doesn’t
    Change years of team control. Weird
    Initial contract?

    Also, how do you
    Pronounce “2008” with
    Just three syllables?

  51. espn is showing us facing

    Kendrick, Hamels, and Halladay in the final series

    Im sure that will get altered a bit

  52. I just saw the Gaslight Anthem in Cleveland last Thursday. It’s not a bad town to swing through, but not worth staying. I was able to see the E Street Band there twice, so I have good memories of Cleveland.

    The Springsteen exhibit that has been at the Hall for awhile is truly incredible. The Strummer one a few years back was pretty overwhelming too. It’s a nice building, right on the Lake. Might as well let it be.

  53. I don’t mind the idea of a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, cheesy as the concept is. I used to eat up all those Top 50, Top 100, Top 500 lists, too. As long as you can accept the fact that they’ll pretty much always be wrong, it’s a fun conversation-starter.

    I hope they induct Alice Cooper.

  54. I’m just glad Auburn gets a break this week. There’s going to be a bunch of movement in the Top 10 Sunday.

  55. Alex, I heartily second Alice Cooper for induction, but I hope it’s the band not just Vince (Alice). Those first few albums were killers (pun intended)!

  56. There’s going to be a bunch of movement in the Top 10 Sunday.

    At least two playoff games this weekend, Florida-Alabama and Stanford-Oregon. Although the loser of that first one may still get a shot at the championship through the loser’s bracket. Much bigger games than if there were a 16 team catchall waiting at the end of the season.

    Stanford-Oregon is a fascinating match up. I’ve seen them both play a lot this year and I’m really not sure what going to happen. Great game.

  57. I’m your Yankee Doodle Dandy in a gold Rolls Royce
    I want to be ELECTED!


  58. There may not be much actual movement, barring an upset of Oklahoma by Texas (or some other top team going down unexpectedly). If Stanford beats Oregon, the two teams will likely just change places, and probably the same if Florida beats Alabama. If Alabama destroys Florida, the Gators would probably plummet, but if the game’s close they wouldn’t lose much ground, just as Arkansas didn’t.

  59. Texas-Oklahoma could go either way too.

    It will be interesting to see how Texas responds to having their pants pulled down in their house by a pedestrian UCLA team. Rally together or fold. Not that Oklahoma is that great either. They did everything they could do to lose that game to Cincinnati and the Bearcats just kept giving it back.

    It’s easy to say the Oregon could just out-athlete Stanford and run them off the field like they usually do and eventually did to Tennessee. But I don’t trust that quarterback at all and their defense is even softer than usual. Stanford is solid, tough, well coached, and most important has an All-American under center. I could see this game being close or being a blowout either way. Best kind of game to watch.

  60. Yeah, and if UCLA is pedestrian, Cincinnati is dragging itself down the street with its chin.

    Oregon can’t stop anyone, they just count on them to stop themselves. Don’t see Stanford doing that.

  61. A lot of respect from Stark in that article linked in #95:

    The Greatest Manager of His Generation was staring into his iPhone one day last week, hunting for that magic app that miraculously tells him the weather forecast.

    Strong words considering the careers some of his contemporaries have complied (LaRussa, Torre, Leyland).

  62. Also notice in that Stark article that Bobby is sitting on 1,999 losses. It would be tremendous if that could be his final total.

  63. Infante – 4
    Heyward – 9
    McCann – 2
    Lee – 3
    Cabrera – 7
    Gonzalez – 6
    Conrad – 5
    Ankiel – 8
    Hudson – 1

    That’s ugly.

  64. Random Braves Live aside: How stupid is it that they have a split screen with Jerome Jurenovich in one box and Fred Hickman/Ron Gant in the other box when Jurenovich is standing like 10 feet to their right? They can’t pull up a third freaking chair?

    EDIT: And they now do pull up a third chair for Bill Shanks. I guess Jerome smells bad or something.

  65. The number of empty seats in Atlanta, not just during the final home series of a tight playoff race, but of Bobby Cox’s career, is absolutely embarrassing. I’d have thought we’ve been out of the playoffs long enough that area fans would be a bit less lethargic about the whole thing.

  66. I’m pretty sure that’s the first time I’ve seen someone called out on a pickoff attempt when he was actually safe. Normally, it’s the other way around.

  67. Error on the pickoff attempt. Isn’t their our job?

    Edit: And Lee does what he does best- stand there like a statue as strike three crosses the plate.

  68. Not sure why they gave the error to Anibal Sanchez there. He threw it right at Gaby Sanchez and it hit him right in the glove.

  69. not a good time to be monkeying with key infield positions. The less moves the better. Relax, by the time the WS is here, conrad will have enough reps that he will be smooth like butter.

  70. btw, chip just previewed the next inning by saying, ‘the heart of the atlanta order due up next’ I might have picked a different body part to describe melky, AAG and the Folk hero

  71. 144- Bit late for that. Injuries have screwed with it already.

    146- I take it that you meant the colon? Or maybe the appendix, red and inflamed and ready to burst?

  72. I have an idea for a promotion for next season. The Delta Bermuda Triangle Inning. They can award miles for runners stranded (especially in scoring position) and for getting them erased via double play, caught stealing, and Snitkeration.

    On second thought, that would probably bankrupt the airline.

  73. Hahahaha Melky… wow. This is going on his lowlight reel for the year. He’s compiled quite a lot of footage so far.

  74. 153- And this performance is reminding me of rule #4. It’s going to be a bumpy five games.

    Edit: Wow, three infield singles in three innings.

    Edit: And four. Good God.

  75. Not watching (but for Gamecast), but how in the world are they getting all these infield hits? 4 of 5 hits are “infield” hits.

  76. News just broke that Prado’s injury will have him out for 2 months. Of course, Jurrjens very well may be out too. Ugh. Even if we win the WC, we would be fielding a shadow of our team.

  77. Anybody here
    Seen my old friend, Marteen? Can
    You tell me where he’s gone?

    Yes, that last line has six syllables. And this isn’t a haiku. I don’t care. We’re done.

  78. The Marlins picked the Guy Who Stole Mike Stanton’s Name two picks ahead of where the Braves took Freddie Freeman. Both were listed as first basemen at the time, both from California. It was also seven picks behind where the Braves blew a pick on Josh Fields, whom they couldn’t sign. Freeman might have been a backup pick for both teams (as in, if Stanton hadn’t been there at pick 76, the Braves might have taken Freeman, and if Stanton had been there at pick 78, the Braves would have taken him instead of Freeman) but that’s just speculation on my part.

  79. Three teams into two berths equals drama (headline on

    That sounds dirty to everyone, doesn’t it? Like a viral video friends would force you to watch.

  80. Martin is proving to be injury proned, JJ is out of shape, Medlen is out until 2012, Hudson is no Halladay….man I want to be positive about next year, but……Oh and about the WC this year, what’s the point?

  81. Right, but he’d not have
    Been on the field to suffer
    Said sudden impact.

    Also, I wonder
    If the tear didn’t happen
    Until that rough swing.

  82. Yup.

    2008: .320/.377/.461 121 OPS+
    2009: .307/.358/.464 117 OPS+
    2010: .307/.350/.459 118 OPS+

    I think we’ve established his level.

  83. Good grief…

    Like this line-up is already bad enough with out his Melkiness in the 5th spot. Why the hell isn’t Louth or Hinske in his spot instead?

  84. It seems plausible to me that Martin, who should’ve been forced to sit and heal, tore the muscle on a swing made funny by trying to compensate for other injuries.

    But, I’m not a doctor. Anybody who’s actually qualified to diagnose injuries have any thoughts?

  85. #189 – Not to be difficult but we all realize he’s the only one to actually get a hit right?

    And yeah, I know he gave it back in the field.

  86. It really feels like the season is over when someone has to type “Shouldn’t we try Glaus at 3B?”

  87. Well it’s hard to win when you lose two of your four best hitters. And two of your starters. And you keep playing your worst player for no reason.

  88. Is it too late to get everyone on board with calling AIDS Melky. He just found out he has Melky, he’s really devastated.

  89. I haven’t seen much written about Pendleton’s efforts, seeing as hitting lately has been quite sub-par. Also, does anyone know if Pendleton is still a candidate for manager?

  90. “Your Melky levels are appallingly high. You have six months, if you’re careful, but there is no known cure.”

  91. The All-Bobby is Nuts line up

    2B- Kieth Lockhart
    SS- Ozzie Gullen
    3B – Vinny Castilla
    1B- Robert Fick
    LF- Brian Jordan (old)
    RF- Raul Mondesi
    CF- Melky
    C -Corky
    SP- Albie Lopez

  92. Burns’ Baseball is starting its section on the Braves. It’s already featured the Allman Brothers and Skip’s voice – why would you be watching the actual game right now?

  93. Just our luck. Jason would have scored on that?

    Blame it on Bobby, it is him who put Melky at the fifth spot.

  94. Ohhhh Snitker. It’s like Springsteen playing Thunder Road in concert. You’d feel cheated if you didn’t see it.

  95. No. It was not. The cutoff man had it before McCann rounded third. They had a better chance hoping for a balk or a wild pitch or even Melky getting a bloop hit, though the last would be pretty remarkable.

  96. Chip and Joe are idiots. Uggla double clutched, threw high and up the line and McCann was still out by 8 miles.

  97. If we somehow make it to the playoff, people would laught at our lineup. I still don’t understand why Bobby would just refuse to try Troy for once.

  98. The best thing in the GaMHOF is a copy of Playboy owned by Ronnie Milsap.

    C’mon boys, it’s time for the blind squirrel to find a nut. Go Braves.

  99. I am very comfortable with next year’s bullpen starting with Venters and Kimbrel. Wag, please play one more year!!!

  100. Maybin hit the wall on the Conrad triple and had to be carted off.

    Also, Ankiel’s k. That too was ugly.

  101. Ankiel looked awful and to be honest has no business being in any game with Tim Hudson pitching. We don’t need a marginally better defensive center fielder that much.

  102. I just turned turned to the baseball network…JUST IN TIME TO SEE HINSKE’s HOMER. So I guess it’s me.

  103. I do agree with Joe though about the headfirst slides. Great for Infante to steal there, but the last thing we need is for him to go down this last week.

  104. Phillies notes: Roy Oswalt went only 5 innings and 66 pitches before being taken out.

    I’m guessing Hamels and Halladay go even less.

  105. I flipped over just in time to see Francoeur face Felix Hernandez. Talk about unfair. It was over before you could say “GIDP.”

    Go Braves.

  106. Phillies don’t care about Washington, but they do care about beating the Braves. The last thing they want to do is lose to a team in the NLCS that they laid down for.

  107. Yankees win, Rays win, and Red Sox out of the AL playoffs. It’ll be Yanks/ Rays/ Twins/ Rangers, matchups TBD.

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