163 thoughts on “Oh, what’s the point game thread: June 18, Braves at Reds”

  1. There are some bonafide geniuses over on the SportSouth Facebook…. NOT.

    Some people want to bring up Heyward and Freeman while dumping Kawakami so as to put “Medlin” back in the rotation.

  2. I guess its a good thing that they are not ‘Medlin’ around with the team….lets leave that to our wise and productive front office….

  3. All I know about Garret Anderson and music is he’s the only Brave so far not to bother providing any particular name for the Verizon guess-the-music thing. When they asked “Who enjoys listening to rhythm and blues on their (whatever it is they’re selling)” I translated it as “Who expended the minimum allowable effort to answer this question” — and nailed it!

  4. Even my optimism is starting to fade about this team. If they don’t play over .500 ball in the next 2 weeks, they may well be done as a playoff contender.

    Bobby doesn’t seem able or willing to make adjustments to the lineup to jump start the offense. Why isn’t Prado starting at 2B and Diaz or Blanco in RF?

    If the team stays in this funk for yet another June and it ends up costing them a playoff spot, there finally needs to be some accountability: the entire coaching staff needs to go including Bobby.

  5. From the Braves News bar on the left:

    “Former Brave Hampton on DL again”


    “Former Brave Farnsworth bitten by his bulldog”

  6. Prado is still hobbling, which is why he’s not playing the field. Diaz and Blanco can’t make the throw to third base from right field, and anyway aren’t so good to begin with that they represent any sort of solution. If it’s true we’re trying to trade Francoeur, we pretty much have to keep playing him in the meantime.

    Alternate suggestion for Garret: Michael McDonald’s solo career — he was an iconic Doobie (Angel), but was really being carried by others. NOw he’s exposed.

  7. @2 Stephen, in soccer only 1 in 10 scoring chances results in a goal so I fully understood your sarcasm. Funny.

    I am finding that Charleston is like crack. The longer I am away the more I appreciate the place.

    Just read a nice article about Joey Votto’s struggles. The Reds are treating him well. I wonder if the Braves showed Mark Wohlers the same considerations. I know it gets repetitive and tiresome but what if the Braves would DL the Groundhog just to alleviate the stress and suffering of the fans.

    Watching last night also makes me anxious for Infante to hurry back. KJ can’t hit a ball hard enough to break crystal now. I’m bummed because I had such high hopes he would be really good.

  8. Since I don’t have enough organic disappointment in my life, I watch the Braves knowing that they will certainly disappoint me, and I haven’t been disappointed.

  9. Sorry, but fuck Furman Bisher.

    So Francoeur’s a local talent–keep him out there! People wanna see their boy from Parkview GIDP with the bases loaded and the Braves down a run. They don’t care about winning. It’s all about Francoeur!

  10. 13 — Yeah, getting rid of Frenchy would be a blemish on the FO. Gotta keep that arm in there.

  11. “…unloading him at this stage of a skid would strike me as being another admission of the failure of present management.”

    Uh, the nightly results should already do that.

  12. Message to FB: You attract more locals by playing winning baseball, and that means getting rid of the dead wood in RF.

  13. I think you guys better cool it – the Fur-man is Unleashed! now.

  14. Imagine being the poor guy who has to translate Bisher’s Old English into modern-ish vernacular and stick it on the interwebs.

  15. Sell, sell, sell. Sell everything that is not nailed down.

    And even sell a few things that are seemingly nailed down…ie Garrett Anderson in LF.

  16. Oh that is rich, ububba. I think I soiled myself when they did the A-Team quote.

  17. With this recent period of losses, and what is coming up, I am reminded of President Terry McGuirk’s recent statement about this team being about “winning, and not nostalgia”. Okay, Terry, how about some winning?

  18. Keep McCann. Keep Jair. Keep Hanson. Promote Chipper to hitting coach. Keep Escobar if we can put a good brain in him. Everything else can go, methinks.

  19. @23

    Reminds me of the quote from Collis Huntingdon (a 19th century railroad magnate who was one of the Big 4 of the Western Pacific – which included Leland Stanford of Stanford U. fame).

    ‘Anything not nailed down is mine. Anything I can pry up is not nailed down.’

  20. If Bisher were the GM, he’d have signed the Groundhog to a 12-year, $210MM deal two spring trainings ago.

  21. OK I’ve now wasted 20 minutes watching various “shreds” videos. Thanks ububba….

  22. ‘He suddenly fell on hard times, when his offensive production went into a slump. But not his defensive skill. He is still the Braves’ best outfielder, with the truest arm, base runner beware when the ball is hit in his territory.’
    Furman Bisher reads Braves Journal! – at least the Gadfly posts.

  23. 1. McLouth CF
    2. Escobar SS
    3. C. Jones 3B
    4. Matt Diaz LF
    5. Martin Prado 2B
    6. Francoeur RF
    7. Casey Kotchman 1B
    8. David Ross C
    9. Hanson P

    Our highest slugr in the 8 hole

  24. What is it with Bisher writing like a 10th grade version of Homer? “Base runner beware”? I think I liked Ralphies’ essay on the Red Ryder BB gun better.

  25. when was the last time you saw a team look this defeated, besides former Braves teams. Esco hit a two run bomb yesterday and all you saw were people walking over and sticking up there hands. No one said anything to him and he just went and sat down by himself afterwards. This team is just boring and lets face it, even Bobby Cox cant get these guys ready to play anymore

  26. But whose idea it might be to trade Francoeur, I can’t say—if there is one. Such local gate attractions aren’t easily come by.

    These may be the worst 2 sentences ever written. It’s like a drunken Yoda arguing that the world is flat.

  27. I’m going to go with the brain transplant and Maddux as pitching coach. Pull 1/10 of Mad Dog’s brain and put it in Yunel.

    Also, take Frenchy’s right arm and attach it to O’Flaherty. That way, he can pitch with either arm. Maybe take Frenchy’s head and attach it to McCann’s ass, so he can sit on it while he catches and save his knees.

  28. I’m not sure which is more washed-up and done: this Braves team or Furman “is it 1991?” Bisher.

  29. You know what is a good gate attraction? A team that wins. And Francoeur is keeping the Braves from being one. Delenda est!

    McDowell is doing an okay job. If we’re going to bring Maddux in, I’d rather he replace Bobby.

  30. I’d say Garrett is more like Uriah Heep. Somewhat entertaining at a young age, never a threat to be more than just okay, and hanging on forever past their prime. Besides Easy Livin’ kind of defines ACHE’s efforts in left field.

  31. What happened to set Furman Bisher off–does he think the Japanese are getting ready to bomb Pearl Harbor again?

  32. Missed his brain-pills again, and the Matlock marathon got postponed.

  33. Here is a quote about Maloney (today’s starting pitcher against Atlanta) from the CBS Sports game preview.

    “The left-hander’s lone problem so far has been allowing home runs.”

    If this is the case, he has very little to worry about from the Braves. At least starting Diaz and Prado gives us a better chance to win, but it still isn’t a good one.

  34. Parish,
    Am I remembering correctly that you know Grayson Garvin? Appaently, he’s off to a very strong start on the Cape this summer, wowing the scouts. Assuming the Yankees sign Cotham, he’s got a real shot at a spot in the weekend rotation next year.

  35. sansho – You’re gonna get on the fightin’ side of me if you keep dissing my man Michael McDonald.

    Furman Bisher is a lot like Andy Rooney. I know it’s an easy comparison, but it’s true. Y’all should consider watching some Andy Rooney stuff if you haven’t in a while. It’s dada.

  36. Why is the game delayed? Did Anderson go out on the field thinking he was starting and now it’s taking him a long time to get off?

  37. whoever wasted their time making that non-kinks video has WAY too much time on their hands……..i was about to suggest the immediate death penalty for them but i think the time would be better spent hanging out with Furman Bisher………fetching his whiskey and grooming his dogs for twenty years or so.

  38. Mac,
    You never responded to my Garret Anderson Video Series suggestion. I think it has potential.

    One idea: ACHE is tasked with saving a lady from an oncoming train or a baby in the middle of traffic. He jogs slowly—perhaps he only walks—over to help, but is several seconds late. His facial expression remains completely unchanged, and he jogs/walks equally slowly back over to a picnic table, where he finishes his ham sandwich.

    PS: Carroll says the tarp is off and the game is scheduled to start at 1:10 (I assume Eastern).

  39. #34
    That was the idea.

    The Judas Priest one was pretty good, too.

    A guy who works in my office is the singer in a Long Island Judas Priest “tribute band.” I’m afraid I’m going to have to break his heart…

  40. Boog: “Francoeur’s been swinging a good bat.”

    Me: “He must have borrowed it from McCann or Chipper.”


  41. Hey, look! A run! I guess today is when we hang 11 on the Reds to make our Pythag respectable.

  42. Matt Maloney for the Reds–its hard for me not to think of Jim Maloney–even though they are very different type of pitchers….

  43. Anyone actually watching? Is Hanson that wild or is he getting a “rookie” strike zone?

  44. He’s throwing a lot of breaking pitches and not his fastball very often. It’s like his first outing scared him away from his fastball.

  45. Nice recovery by Hanson there. I would say the pitcher came up to bat at the right time.

  46. Can we play Prado everyday in LF (and Diaz in RF)? I was against it at first, for fear of exposing his offensive weaknesses, but I’m sure he’d be better than ACHE.

    Of course, it makes too much sense for Bobby to actually do it.

  47. Oh, come on, Mac, you’d just wear a Braves cap, just like you did with Hampton. You look as much like ACHE as you do Ache.

  48. Memo to Don Sutton: Nobody – I repeat NOBODY – gives a shit about your glory days. Just shut the hell up and call the game

  49. I am not impressed with McDowell. Mainly because of allthe injuries we’ve sustained during his tenure. How can that not be at least a little bit his fault?

  50. I’m surprised they didn’t call Phillips safe at third there. Jesus, what a freaking awful call that was! The umpires continue to suck, big time.

  51. Also, there’s a great deal of ways in which that might not be McDowell’s fault. You’re gonna blame Hampton, Glavine and Smoltz breaking down on McDowell? Really? Of all the coaching staff, McDowell is the least deserving of getting fired.

  52. Yeah when Leo was here so was Smoltzie, Glav and Mad Dog. THATs why we won in June.

  53. Diaz: Swam over from Cuba?

    Does Frenchy’s single put his playing time well into 2011 yet?

  54. To whoever is actually watching the game: Has anyone actually hit the ball hard against Hanson yet? He’s not gettting as many strikeouts as I would expect, so just wondering if he is at least making them settle for poor contact…

  55. From what I’ve seen he looks pretty good, Joshua. I didn’t see how they got all those runners on a couple innings ago, but he did a good job of working out of it.

  56. There ya go Nate.

    Give the rookie a little room to work (and bail him out for his bunting.).

  57. Compare and contrast Ross’ hard slide with Frenchy’s pathetic, 10-feet-short-of-the-bag effort a couple of weeks ago.

  58. Pete Rose’s slide on Ray Fosse still pisses me off to this day. As well as Victorino, for that matter

  59. Don Sutton is talking about how he thinks Bobby is about to explode.

    I am glad Sutton is back.

  60. 1. Dusty Baker is an idiot. 2. He was trying to set up a double play and a Lefty against lefty matchup instead of a lefty/righty matchup against a “hot” hitter (even though he sucks).

  61. Bonus points to me for having Nate on my FBB team

    Hanson with a WHIP of 1 so far… much better

  62. Javy has no one to blame but himself. He needs to take notes from the rookie and drive in some runs himself.

  63. Much ado about nothing but Mark DeRosa is good this year and has been good the last 3 previous. I know park effects and stuff. I am pretty sure I was the only one on Braves Journal that wanted to keep him back in 2005 when we DFA’d him. He would look nice out in RF right now.

  64. Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump would look good in RF right now … and Ray Charles would have a better eye at the plate.

  65. Hanson numbers:

    6.0 IP, 0 R, 3 hits, 4 bb, 1 hbp, 2 k’s

    99 pitches, 60% for strikes
    48 fastballs, averaging 93.35 mph, 58% for strikes
    7 changeups, averaging 83.84 mph , 71% for strikes
    24 sliders, averaging 82.76 mph, 71% for strikes
    20 curveballs, averaging 75.98 mph, 45% for strikes

    Pitches by inning:
    1st – 17
    2nd – 27
    3rd – 9
    4th – 10
    5th – 18
    6th – 18

    Strikezone Plot

  66. Maybe we are heating up.

    McCann to first and let Ross play everyday!

    I remember when some people thought Ross was a bad pickup.

  67. Can Ross play second or right field? Left?
    Notional Dream lineup
    Ross lf
    Mac – McCann not McCutcheon
    KJ – until Infante comes back.

    Before you all start yelling at me turn on the sarcasm detectors.

  68. I still don’t think this team should be paying a backup catcher that high of a salary. If he keeps producing at this level, though, he’s probably worth it.

  69. Yup I stand corrected. Not DFA’d but he left because the Braves made no offer so I guess non-tendered.

  70. Bobby wants him to re build some confidence after the bad outing Tuesday night. Up by 7 low pressure situation, this is why most consider him to be a players manager.

  71. Can Ross play first against lefties? McCann is much better against lefties than Kotchman.

    Why are we using Gonzalez here? Isn’t there some dreg that hasn’t gotten his work in (or whose arm we have no respect for) that can pitch an inning with a 7 run lead?

  72. This seems like a good spot to let Medlen come into the game in an less stressful situation and get some experience against major league hitters. Medlen may take longer to warm up, but I like the idea of letting our top pitching prospects get experience out of the bullpen in a game that is pretty much over.

  73. I’d agree normally, but Medlen threw 80 pitches Sunday and probably needs 1 more day of rest.

  74. Yes, DeRosa was non-tendered after ’04, plus he had an injury (knee?) that required extensive offseason rehab.

  75. ububba – I forgot about the injury. If I remember correctly he signed a minor league deal with the Rangers at first. I don’t know why I’ve liked him all this time but I am glad that he has turned out to be a solid pro.

    Braves did right to non tender him in 04. wouldnt’ mind having him back.

  76. Medlen threw 81 pitches in his last outing – about 3 games ago. No one else has gotten much time to rest lately. Using Soriano and Gonzalez kind of makes sense.

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