Milwaukee Brewers vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – June 05, 2009 – ESPN

New lineup, but the same old suckage. The Braves were limited to two hits, doubles by Prado and McCann. It was particularly frustrating because they were constantly ahead in the count but would swing at marginal pitches anyway and hit weak grounders and popups. Latest franchise savior Nate McLouth was 0-4 and failed to hit the ball out of the infield. Francoeur sucks.

Jair Jurrjens probably deserved a better fate. He allowed all four runs. The first two were pretty much his fault, and scored on a fourth-inning double by something called a “Mat Gamel”, which I think is a brand of couscous. Francoeur sucks. The other two weren’t really his fault, and if ever runs should have been scored “unearned” it was those two. Of course, they were scored earned. Yunel dove and stopped a grounder to short with a runner at first and one out. Instead of putting it in his pocket, he tried to make an impossible play at second and threw the ball into the right field foul territory to make it second and third. After the inevitable intentional walk, Jurrjens got a double play ball, except that Yunel dropped it and only got one out. And then he gave up a pop fly that a good centerfielder maybe gets to but that McLouth was about twenty feet away from to allow the fourth run to score. Remember, these are “earned” runs.

Francoeur sucks. Yunel doesn’t generally suck but did tonight. has added number of pitches to their boxscore, and you can see that Yunel, in making four outs, saw all of nine pitches. Way to work the count, big guy!

It seems likely that Kotchman will go on the DL. I’d like for them to call up Barbaro Canizares and give him a try, but more likely they’ll stick with Prado at first, leaving Blanco on the bench when Hanson is activated.

Francoeur sucks.