Pirates 3, Braves 0

Atlanta Braves vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Box Score – April 17, 2009 – ESPN

This really sucks. The Braves were shut out by the legendary Paul Maholm, leaving nine men on base and hitting into two double plays. In the second inning, they loaded the bases with none out, but couldn’t score. They had baserunners all over the place in the middle innings, but couldn’t do anything.

Jair Jurrjens gets hung with the loss, but really deserved better. He allowed one run, in the second inning, on a triple (that really should have been a double, Schafer misplayed a ball off the wall) and a groundout. He struck out seven in six and two thirds. He also threw 120 pitches, which is probably too many.

The Braves had six hits. Three were by the suddenly scorching Francoeur, who is hitting .350 while the team collapses around him and McCann (who was hit by pitches twice) is hitting .219. It’s like Bizarro World, and it am not good.

Early, early game today. This will serve as the game thread.

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  1. from the previous thread, Boyer DFA’d to make room for Reyes. Oflaherty would’ve been a better choice

  2. I feel bad for Boyer, he was destroyed, and I used to think very highly of him, like he could be our 8th inning guy, or if he improved our closer.

    The rest of the bullpen is crap, I dont even know how to fix it.

    I got my first win of the year yesterday, a pitching dual 13-8, but hey, a wins a win, when you only have 10 kids!

  3. Star Studded Lineup there…..

    After Jo-Jo goes out in the third with control problems, I imagine Bobby will send Moylan out to take it through the Eighth inning (just to make sure that elbow stays strong!). This will be followed by a Jimmy Parr/O’Flaherty tag team for the ninth!

  4. I would like to thank FOX for not letting me watch the Braves this afternoon and spend time watching Reyes get lit up like a Christman Tree.

  5. Bobby actually took the team’s three lowest BA’s and put them in the three most important line-up spots.

  6. Powell was just talking on the radio broadcast about how much the White Sox “LOVE” Corky. To the point where AJ’s time will be cut back to make room for Corky. What?

  7. Oh. I assumed they meant baseball related. That’s understandable then.

    Don had this response along the lines of, “I wouldn’t so much say he had a strong season last year…”

  8. Sad when the only guy giving me hope in this lineup is Francoeur, although McCann will snap out of this slump at some point because he hasn’t completely lost patience at the plate. And as for Corky, his ascendance is the only development less likely than Francoeur becoming the most reliable man in the Braves’ order.

  9. schafer’s slump is tough to watch, but i guess struggles like this was expected from him.

  10. And by the time Prado actually moved, he wasn’t so much running as lumbering aimlessly — not unlike the team at large right now.

  11. I assumed there’d be complaints about the hit and run and maybe it was bad baseball. But nobody on this team is hitting I think it is going to take a strike of luck like Schaeffer putting on in the gap with Prado running to score. Anything short of that and it looks like another shutout

  12. That wasn’t a hit and run. That was a “stay out of the double play on a 3-2 count” send the runner. Which was stupid, because Schafer isn’t hitting the ball and if he does will probably hit it in the air and if he hits it on the ground he is fast and lefthanded.

    Added: Anderson sucks more than is possible to describe.

  13. All you need to know about Bobby’s confidence in Reyes: He makes a pitching change with the opposing pitcher coming to bat.

  14. After Marlins sweep: “The Braves need the Pirates to get going.”

    Seems like it was the other way around.

  15. I’m not asking for a win today. I’m just asking for a frickin’ run.

  16. Cox’s description of Anderson — “He’s a glider; he glides so easy” — grows more laughable by the day.

  17. This team looked really good during the first 6 games, but looks really terrible during the last 5.

  18. With McCann hitting poorly and Chipper and Yunel in the dugout, this is basically a AAAA lineup.

  19. I thought Schafer was supposed to be good on defense. He keeps overrunning balls. He doesn’t look ready.

  20. Small sample size so far, but I remain steadfast in all of my preseason predictions: this is a mediocre offense (that depends too heavily on two hitters) coupled with a poor bullpen.

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