Phillies 7, Braves done

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – October 02, 2010 – ESPN.

Look, right now this team doesn’t belong in postseason. It’s nobody’s fault — except Melky‘s, of course — but ever since Chipper went down they haven’t had enough to win, and when Prado first started to lose effectiveness due to injury and then followed Chipper to the shelf, that was just the nail in the coffin. This is a really fine pitching staff attached to an offense and defense that can’t give it a modicum of support.

Case in point, Tommy Hanson, who only went five innings today — five, valiant, shutout innings — because his infield has the range of a tribe of three-legged sloths. He was charged with six hits, none of which was hit particularly hard except for a double by Jimmy Rollins leading off the fifth. He walked only two and struck out six, getting big strikeout after big strikeout, and ends his season with a 3.33 ERA and a losing record because of the aforementioned lack of support.

Jonny Venters pitched around a mess in the sixth, and should have done the same in the seventh, but Brooks Conrad threw away a double play ball, and then the Phillies got — I lost count, but I think it was 758 singles through the infield in a row. That seems unlikely, as they got only four runs, but that was more than enough. It was more than the Braves had hits. I won’t even recap the offensive shenanigans.

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  1. As pathetic as today’s game was, I am very positive that the Braves will win tommorrow and the Padres will lose. It can’t all go wrong three out of three times, can it?

    EDIT: I have said three weeks ago that this team does not belong in the postseason, and if they should indeed blow it, then so be it. They wouldn’t win a single game against the Phillies anyway (should they get to the NLCS, which in all likeliness they would not).

    Would have been nice for Bobby though.

  2. It’s hard to overstate just how awful the team has been these past two games.

    I agree completely about the infield. Last night the outfield was in on the fun–but today the infield just looked horrendous. And it’s not just about the errors. The middle infielders always seem to be a step too slow. I truly, truly miss the Escobar-Prado duo from the first half.

  3. Also… today Vance Worley started. The Braves finished with three hits. They had almost as many errors as they did hits.

    Vance. Worley.

  4. I was reading elsewhere that the G-Braves lit up Worley earlier this year. We should have run that lineup out there.

  5. My Mets fan friend has warned me I can’t call the Mets chokers if we blow this… though I rarely call Mets chokers, just call them crap.

  6. Hope Huddy brings his A game tomorrow and the Phillies give up.

    That TD catch AJ Green had was just crazy.

  7. TBS is apparently showing a Yankees v. Red Sox game tomorrow. Conan not withstanding I’d like to go back to Gomer Pile, Andy Griffith, a little Dusty Rhodes, and then BRAVES GAME!!

  8. Yes, these last two days were very disappointing, but not unbelievable. Still, we need to look on the bright side. We have the following going for us. 1) We’re alive for a playoff spot on the last day of the season—something I didn’t believe this team could say on opening day, or even after last Sunday. 2) I know there is no statistical evidence that you can’t argue against on a one-game basis, but still we would have to lose three straight at home, while the Padres would have to win three straight on the road. 3) Tim Hudson is pitching for us, he’s our ace, he’s the guy you want to take the ball in the biggest game of the year. Let’s bring it on, I’ll say Braves win, Padres lose, we go (meekly) to the postseason.

  9. @11 A fitting tribute. I will be eating a paint bucket of bacon and being a disappointment to my children.

  10. It’s been clear for a month that this team is not a championship quality team. The only reason you guys are still watching rather than rightly discussing potential off-season moves is because of the abhorrent Wild Card crap.

    This team is not a championship quality team. This team has no business competing for a “World Championship.” Now granted, neither do the Padres really, but that’s neither here nor there.

  11. What makes anyone think the Braves will score one run off Hamels tomorrow?

    It’s over. They blew a two game lead in two days flat.

  12. Someone make me feel better and ascribe a non-zero percentage to our chances of unloading Lowe, in light of his improvement this year, in the off-season.

  13. There’s a non-zero chance we unload Lowe’s salary this off-season. I mean, he could retire, Omar Minaya might still be the Mets GM, or Lowe could get some decent infielders behind him and actually be almost worth his salary…..

  14. Sam,

    The giants are on the same boat and the reds pitching sucks.

    We’ve been on the other side too many times to know that weird things happen in a short series. The problem is getting there.

    Maybe losing Prado was the last straw, but there is still hope. I really wish one last playoff runaround for Bobby.

  15. I’m perfectly aware of the “just get in and anything can happen” theory. I know the Braves could win tomorrow, make the playoffs, and run the table for an unlikely World Series win. I know all of that.

    That doesn’t change the fact that this is not a championship quality team and they have no right whatsoever playing for title “world champions.” They’re just not good enough.

  16. Hamels is only pitching two IP tomorrow and Oswalt will only pitch one. Have the Braves been swept at home all season? I really think the Giants at least win one at home tomorrow too.

  17. I just had a bad feeling this would happen. But, Sam, stop telling people how they should feel. If you think the wild card is “abhorrent”so be it but don’t presume to criticize others for rooting for their team. No this is not a championship team but they won 90 games which in some years would have won the division.

  18. I have enough hope left for one more day, after that, screw it, Football and Basketball season are here……

  19. Sam,

    Neither were the ’06 Cardinals.

    Professional sports determine their champion via a playoff system. Qualifying for said playoff as a wild card is legitimate in the year 2010. And you don’t get bonus points for playing well in September, otherwise lets let the Orioles in.

  20. Can you imagine having a healthy Chipper, Prado, Jurrjens, and Medlen right about now? What crappy luck.

    I have a feeling we’re going to see a one-game playoff.

  21. Speaking of teams that aren’t good enough making a run at the World Series, my Dad swears up and down that the Braves had a better team in the 1991 and 1996 World Series than the Twins and Yankees respectively. I’m curious to hear other thoughts on that.

  22. I love the Braves. And I love Bobby Cox.

    But this team is not a playoff worthy team. And I’m glad to see a change at the helm in the very near future.

  23. Holy shit, my Colorado Golden Buffaloes pulled it off. Rough day if you’re a Braves fan and a UGA fan. I wonder who in here I could be referring to ?

  24. If Liberty really wanted to do everything to win they would Jason Werth after the season. It would add a piece the Braves need and subtract from the main rival. But we know that isn’t going to happen because the only teams that will do things like that are the Yankees and Red Sox. This year wouldn’t bother me as much if I knew the Braves were going to get better.

  25. Kudos to Alabama for continuing their dominance from last season and managing to look even better than they did in 09! If not for them, it’d be a very sad year in college football. Does anyone have any theories on the diminishing number of elite teams?

  26. It’s just cyclical. Texas and Florida were heavily dependent upon their quarterbacks, who graduated and took a lot of people with them. USC is on probation and has a new coach. Those are the three dominant programs of the last decade right there.

  27. There are elite teams this year, they’re just not the names you’re used to. Oregon is very explosive on offense; Ohio St didn’t play great today but those games will happen; TCU, Nebraska, Boise. I’d actually put Iowa in the top 10.

    It is remarkable how quickly Saban turned Alabama into a dominate program.

  28. @30 If we just had a healthy Prado we would already be in.

    Oh well, to quote the immortal Paul Crik,
    “This is It, Fuck It, It Is What It Is.”

  29. I’m an Alabama fan, but the reason they’re #1 is simple — they’re the most complete team, even if their defense has sometimes looked shaky. Oregon’s allowed 31 points each of the last two weeks. As we saw today, Ohio State is one hit on Terrelle Pryor away from turning into Texas. TCU and Boise look good, but it’s really impossible to tell considering the level of competition — and actually, that’s true of Nebraska, too. Oklahoma almost lost to Cincinnati.

  30. Ohio St is the clear #2 to me. They kicked Oregon’s ass in the Rose Bowl last year, and I don’t see much changing. Problem is, they have to play at Iowa, which is no picnic. A loss there and the door is wide open for Boise to get a title game bid. Though if TCU runs the table, which would include a win at Utah, they could leapfrog Boise.

  31. I went back and forth on Oregon and OSU, but ultimately I decided that Oregon was less fragile. I’m not fond of teams that rely upon one player too much.

  32. Holtz has Auburn #5, which… okay. I wouldn’t be surprised if they started 11-0. The toughest team they have left before playing Alabama is Arkansas, and they have a chance there, playing at home. Then it’s LSU, and LSU is just the sort of self-destructive team they’ve been beating.

  33. Auburn is frustrating because if they don’t beat themselves, they will be a good team, especially considering what a down year it is. But even then I’m not sure they beat Alabama, and it’s one of the dumbest group of players I’ve ever seen on the field. Stupid penalties, bad decisions, fumbles… I still think Auburn loses 3 games, easy.

  34. LSU has good overall talent, but they have a fatal, team-breaking flaw at QB that has gone unaddressed for quite a while now (even some of their good teams won in spite of the QB… all of them? Jamarcus Russell, unimpressive).

    Add in that their coaches make horrible decisions and constantly blow late-game situations, and they are an eminently upsettable team, especially when the coaches or media are dumb enough to let them near the top 10 (not that LSU shouldn’t be top 10 with a non-Les Miles coach and a serviceable QB).

    Didn’t get to see any of today’s game, but apparently LSU broke the huddle with more than 11 on the last play, which would have nullified Tennessee’s too many men penalty. Can’t remember if that’s presnap, but it seems like a yes, and then it seems like there’s a clock rundown on offensive penalties under two minutes. I could be mixing up NFL and college rules there, though.

  35. That’s right Mac. Losing Chipper and Prado together pretty much does it for the offense. It’s tough to replace a HOFer and an All-Star within the same season.

  36. Sam #23,

    Let me get this straight. What do you mean that they have no “right”? Are you philosophically oppossed to the wild-card or this particular braves team? I would understand the former, not the latter.

    Robbroad4th #31 Mac #32,

    91 Better than the twins, but i think the Pirates were their equal.

    Once Maddux got to Atlanta… talk about the “right” to several championships.

  37. Obviously, the Braves are pathetic–maybe they will make Mark Richt their next manager….

  38. I’m rooting for the Giants, Padres, and Braves to finish tied forcing 2 playoff games just because that hasn’t ever happened before. But for the Braves to carry out their end of that scenario, Hudson has to pitch a perfect game and Derrek Lee has to hit a solo homer.

    I hate the current division setup where the Braves play the Phils, Mets, Marlins, and Nats 189237491823 times a year. I’d rather do away with divisions, have balanced schedules including one series against every team in the other league, and just have the top 4 teams in each league make the playoffs with seeding based on records.

  39. Anyone heading to the game today? I’ll be out in center with a Justice jersey on if anyone wants to grab a beer- the buddy I’m with will have Cox jersey on. Go Braves!

  40. I abhor the Wild Card. This team has no more right calling themselves “world champions” at the end of a elimination tournament than did the ’97 Marlins.

    Actually, this team is pretty clearly worse than the ’97 Marlins, actually.

    If you think the Marlins were better than the Braves in ’97, by all means, continue to cheer for a Braves 2010 playoff run.

  41. Infante moved to 3B, Brooks at 2B. Maybe one less 4 out inning today?

    Braves lineup: 1. Infante 3B, 2. Heyward RF, 3. Lee 1B, 4. McCann C, 5. Diaz LF, 6. Gonzalez SS, 7. Conrad 2B, 8. Ankiel CF, 9. Hudson P

  42. @61 – you’ve been beating this horse for a while now. How do you feel about the height of the mound?

  43. Phillies lineup-

    Rollins SS, Polanco 3B, Utley 2B, Howard 1B, Werth RF, Ibanez LF, Victorino CF, Ruiz C, Hamels P

  44. I know we are all frustrated, but this may be Bobby’s last game. Let’s just be a simple Braves fan and support our HOF manager for possibly one final time.

    Bobby, I may have issues with you on many of your decisions, but thanks for everything. I will miss seeing you in the dugout, and I will miss criticizing you even more. All the best.

  45. I’m not a fan of the WC either, Sam, but you can bet your ass I’ll be rooting for my team to win today.

    Deserves got nothing to do with it in baseball.

  46. This team does currently have the same amount of wins as the 2005 NL East division winning Braves and more wins than the 2001 Braves.

  47. @61

    What a joke. I think any playoff at all is a terrible way to crown a “champion” (win 11 games after a 162 games and now you’re the “champ”, righto) but it’s the system we have. It’s not going to ever be otherwise and if anything they’re going to add more teams to the postseason to make more money so you better get used to it. Still, this is a better discussion than talking amateur football on the last day of the season with the Braves playing an elimination game.

  48. I think Ankiel in CF and Diaz in LF is the best possible combination on defense we can muster–it’s almost league average.

    I’d still like to have seen Glaus at 3B, especially with a lefty on the mound, but I suppose if we are going to roll with Conrad it’s better to have him at 2B.

  49. Here’s a question: let’s say the Braves win and Padres win, and then both the Giants and Braves beat the Padres in their respective one-game playoffs. Also, let’s say the Reds win today. That would mean Cincinnati and San Francisco have the same record.

    Who would be the #2 seed? That is, who would the Braves play in the 1st round?

  50. From DOB’s Twitter:

    Manuel has told reporters Hamels will go two innings and Oswalt one. …Bobby Cox wasn’t exactly buying it. But it would be nice for ATL

  51. its simple, this Braves AAAA team cant score with the Phils. Our best bet is for the Padres to lose and for us to beat them in a one game playoff.

  52. I’m not convinced that anyone here couldn’t throw a minimum quality start (6 innings, 3 earned runs) against the Braves right now.

  53. The facts of the world have not changed since I’ve been “on this” issue. Why on earth would I cease to address reality when the facts haven’t changed? Because my favorite team is the second place team trying to get in the back door this year?

    Sorry. I’m better than that.

  54. Well, I’m sold. Is there a SamHutchesonAddressingRealityJournal blog that I can read everyday instead of this one?

  55. Omar at third Brooks at second. I like that.

    By the way, yesterday was the worst day of my life. Why can’t Dooley count to 11?

  56. Phils used most their best relievers yesterday, didn’t they? I wouldn’t think they would pitch any reliever on back-to-back days at this point.

  57. So, what’s up with Yahoo? The stories are current (“Braves move Conrad to 2B for game against Phillies”), but the game tracker says the Braves beat the Astros today 5-2 with “A. Ashby” getting the win, “W. Miller” the loss and “J. Rocker” the save.

  58. I’ve been purposely avoiding this site since the bullpen imploded on Friday, but I figured I should be here at the wake to pay my respects.

  59. Charlie Manuel is just asking for karma to bite him in the ass. You’re telling me that he couldn’t sit Utley, Howard, and Werth on the last day of the season, with homefield throughout the playoffs already wrapped up? Philly’s got every single one of their regular starters in the lineup today, and you can bet your ass Manuel won’t be pulling them. He just wants to stick it to Cox one last time. Boy, that pisses me off.

    Not that we deserve to make it into the playoffs (as per Sam), but man, I just hate Philly. Worse than the Mets or Florida. Here’s to hoping Hudson throws a 20-inning no-no, because that’s probably what it will take for us to win today. Or watch us put a 10-spot on the scoreboard in the first three innings, just to add to the irony. Either way, go Braves….let’s finish on a good note.

  60. Bobby looked like he took a valum. I don’t think we lose a game based on how our manager looks. This is actually a game I am glad we have Bobby.

  61. @96 We did this to ourselves by laying eggs against terrible teams. He has every right to play out the season and keep his players fresh.

  62. 97- Kind of hard to blame him.

    This is the last time.
    The last time he ever takes the lineup card to the umpire.
    The last time he cheers on Brooksy or Timmy.
    The last time he waves to the bullpen.
    The last time he tells an idiot umpire to extract his head from his ass.

    It deserves a little quiet thought, doesn’t it? No matter how much we’ve prepared for it, that last time is here.

  63. I bet the Phillies regulars get a few at bats and Manuel starts taking them out in the 5th.

    When it’s 8-0.

  64. I have Dish Network and can’t watch the game. And Yahoo apparently thinks it’s the year 2000.

  65. It’s Atlanta–there’s plenty of bad mojo to go around. The Falcons will recover and the Braves will take care of business today.

    I’m trying optimism out for a change.

  66. Hey, that was a good inning for this lineup recently. Didn’t go one, two, three and worked some counts!

  67. Don’t know about you… but I am extremely excited and a little nervous. I have no doubt that the Braves will win this one! Go Braves!

  68. I would just like to thank Dish Network and Fox for not allowing me to see the game today. Instead I get NHL on ice for free since they couldnt agree to terms

  69. @121, seriously? Just keep looking online. I’m able to find Eagles games every week, even though I’m out of region. Just google around. You’ll find something.

  70. yep, I go to any of Fox’s broadcast on Dish Network and I get “please send an email to fox saying, give us our channels back.” Dish Network says that they will not be subject to Fox’s ridiculous price increases.

    How about – Ill just switch to Direct TV now

  71. 1) Two runs aren’t insurmountable.
    2) If the Braves and Padres both lose, there’s still another game.

    Things look bad, though. Our odds just plummeted.

  72. I blame Chip. “6 up, 6 down for Hudson”. One batter later, hit batter. Next batter home run.

  73. Let’s crowdsource this:

    What should I break in anger?

    A) Chair I’m sitting on.
    B) Glass on table
    C) Victorino’s nose

  74. Problem is with ATL losing, Giants will know they are in and won’t really care about beating SD. And they weren’t able to beat SD when they did care.

  75. Well, I was happy to see him get it down. One of the few guys on the team that I have confidence in for such a situation.

  76. When Chip does his “Granddad” impression, it sounds like he’s just doing Will Ferrell doing Harry Caray.

  77. There’s no way in hell we consider bringing Ankiel back next year, right? Please tell me the Braves wouldn’t do that to me.

  78. HUDDY!! You want a job done right, do it yourself. Then kill Melky.

    Edit: Wow, an actual, honest-to-God rally! I’d actually forgotten what those were like!

  79. As official spoke person for levity and against excessive hope, let me remind everyone that the Phillies scored 11 and 7 in the first two games of this series, respectively. I wouldn’t write a 5-2 lead in the fourth down as a W in ink, just yet.

  80. thanks sam for the enlightenment. we are all idiots here and just assumed that the game was already over. we now realize that we will still probably lose and fall out of wild card hopes. it’s a good thing too because that wild card thing is stupid.

  81. I think it’s funny that two games ago, prior to this series, people here were seriously asking if Conrad was our starting 3B next year.

  82. When I wake up for the actual game I hope they do this well.

    I’m busy Jessica Alba! Just keep my childhood tormentors dangling over the shark tank!

  83. @ 204

    So I should not be excited in a game that is essentially our entire season? I’ll be sure to take my cue from you as to when to get excited about baseball in the future.

    On a more rational level, Oswalt and Hamels are out of the game and we are swinging the bats. Plus outside of one pitch, Hudson has been great. The Phillies ultimately don’t care about this game, and we will put forth all of our resources if necessary. At this point with this lead, it would be very surprising if we don’t win this game.

    But I’ll abstain from showing enthusiasm until you let me know it’s OK.

  84. Good news guys. I’m replacing Ankiel at the top half of the fifth. Get ready for a tape measure home-run followed by an on the field jam session with Wilco. I’ll be singing lead.

  85. Isn’t it about time for Bobby to get Venters up? Wouldn’t that just be the perfect capper on his career?

  86. Also: Can’t fault anyone for being optimistic, can’t fault Sam for being careful. Sheesh, people, do we need a trust fall?

  87. I live in an apartment and am making no apologies about the volume of my voice (and clapping and stomping) during this game. Kinda glad my wife had to work today so I can feel free to go crazy. I’m pretty sure the Titans are playing, but have no idea what’s going on. I haven’t been this pumped for a professional baseball game in a long time!

  88. 236
    Perfect capper would be to have everyone pitch to at least one batter… except for KK.

  89. Thanks for the megajinx, Chip. (something along the lines of “I don’t think we’ll need relievers at all”)

  90. Nah. The way the bullpen’s pitched the last two days, and since we might need then Monday, I keep Huddy in as long as possible.

  91. @245, if the Braves win, they don’t play Monday. Tuesday, if the Pads win, since the NL West has to be decided first.

  92. @249, Thanks for bringing that back.

    Well, our team’s MO the whole season has been to get the starter out and work on the ‘pen…

  93. That stat they’re always showing about how Huddy’s six million and two whenever he gets a lead like this- I was actually in the house for one of the no decisions. Daniel Kolb, esq, coughed up the lead but Andruw won it in extras. Cool story bro, I know.

  94. I thought he said “A Train,” and I was confused. Then I thought I must have misheard him, and he said “H Train,” which at least makes a little sense.

    Hey Train? That’s awful.

  95. @271, excellent question. Ruiz was already hit. Romero had an injury. You’d think they’d sit.

  96. I’m sad the brain trust in Flushing won’t be returning. Was looking forward to the $100M they were going to throw at Werth.

  97. @275
    the game ends right when you get off work.. whatever your schedule is. Playoff baseball!

  98. “The J-Hey Kid” works in that it plays off of Willie Mays’ (“Say Hey”) and it works with his actual name. The “Hey-Train” is just absolute shite. At best it’s a play on the “A-Train”, who was a pitcher, and the A/Hey slant rhyme doesn’t even begin to work like “Say/J-Hey.”

  99. Sam- I’ve heard “____-Train” used with no inclination toward rhyme; Elton Brand’s nickname at Duke was “E-Train,” for example.

  100. It’s either a play off of actual trains – “A” “B” “C”, etc. Or it’s a play on Walter Johnson’s nickname. Either way, it truly sucks for Jason Heyward.

  101. The Con Train with a flyout.
    See, the train is working with every player. Ricky Train coming up… oh well.

  102. Hudson’s out? I don’t know about that. He’s pretty on fire, and this game is pretty important. I know the ‘pen’s good, but I’d rather have Hudson in there until he starts struggling.

  103. @301, The entire time Bobby’s been manager, a 4-run game has been treated as close. That’s what Mac means when he talks about the “Atlanta Save” in his recaps. We’re seeing the big late inning guys. No Farnsworth unless the Braves score some more.

  104. Well, it’s been a good season. Bobby gave it his all. Jason Heyward was a better rookie than I ever imagined. We fell just short, but it was our best effort since 2005. It’s bitter to go home after so much promise, but I enjoyed watching the 2010 Braves.

    … reverse jinx?

  105. This game is like the Braves season in a nutshell.

    I said it yesterday, I’ll say it again: you live by league-average players, you die by them.

  106. Who goes in the 9th? Kimbrel? Surely Bobby wouldn’t send Billy back out there after that outing.

  107. Anyone know how to look up Wagner’s average pitch count per appearance?

    He’s at 21 right now. I assume coming back for the ninth.

  108. In the first place, the Braves have managed to look even worse while winning, no small feat.

    In the second place J-Hey is more contrived ARod, Frod, KRod, etcRod nonsense. It’s a stupid nickname, not the least of which because it has no basis in the player. It’s just dumb marketing crap because everyone is “supposed” to have a nick name, regardless of whether it has any nominative reference in the actual player. Spare me the “Willie Mays” stuff – Heyward neither physically resembles Mays, nor is his game remotely similar offensively (yet) or defensively (probably never).

  109. @364

    You’re right, it’s gonna be Wags. Again, this is Bobby in a nutshell. He is loyal to a fault, and we will live or die because of that loyalty.

  110. That umpire has not given the braves the bottom of the zone. He has given the phils the bottom of the zone all day.

  111. I just walked in drunk from friend’s house ….. and I walk in to what I believe is the best collection of bravesjournal posts ever in a single game

  112. I like how Diaz went 3-4 and got pulled for a defensive replacement. However, he’s the best defensive LF that we have

  113. How Does Bobby’s Heart Take this????? I’m in the early 20’s and my one is looking to give up. Come on Braves!!

  114. Wagner is in good shape, and he’s throwing the ball well. He’s the best short-outing reliever in the pen. Bobby’s going with Wagner because Wagner gives the team the best chance to win. Who else would pitch here?

  115. “I like how Diaz went 3-4 and got pulled for a defensive replacement. However, he’s the best defensive LF that we have”

    This. 100 times this.

  116. If you trade good hitters for poor hitters, do not be shocked when they hit into double plays at the worst times possible.

  117. I’m serious. Everyone in the world knows that Lidge is throwing junk low there to get you to hit a ground ball. Would it’ve killed to take a pitch? Would it’ve physically hurt you or something? Mercy me. Thanks for nothing.

  118. The player is what he is. It’s regrettable that this lineup requires him to be more than what he is.

  119. Coming into today, Gonzalez had posted .202/.227/.330 over the past 28 days. What a gamer!

  120. Maybe, if the Braves lose, Gonzalez can make the “clubhouse” feel better with his superior demeanor.

  121. The player is what he is

    And was what he was for many years prior, which again begs the whole question of why he was acquired.

  122. Do I recall a game in the early 1990s when the Giants beat the Dodgers to get us into the postseason?

  123. 470- Yep. Next to last game in 1991.

    Edit: I stand corrected; ’91 was the Giants knocking out the Dodgers. (In ’82, the Dodgers knocked out the Giants on the next to last day, and then the Giants returened the favor.)

  124. FWIW, in a survey among friends at the start of the year, I said the Braves would go 91-71.

  125. Well, I jinxed the losing. I strongly believe that my “We will not win this game” post at #414 made all this possible.

  126. Jeff K – other way around. 1993. Last great pennant race in MLB. Braves won the early game. Giants had to win to force a tie-breaker. Dodgers beat all holy hell out of them instead. Soloman Torres got beat around by Mike Piazza.

  127. Also, just to be petty:

    Ryan, good thing they kept scoring when they were up 5-2, huh?

  128. Someone needs to tell Chip the Braves won’t be playing tomorrow regardless of what happens between the Padres/Giants. Seriously, can’t a producer give the moron a schedule?

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