Phillies 10, Braves 6

Atlanta Braves vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Box Score – May 08, 2009 – ESPN

Joseph Reyes only pitched one inning. Jo-Jo, however, pitched four. I’m not quite sure why Bobby left him in to absorb eight runs over five innings. I hope it’s not that the first four were “unearned”, due to two second-inning errors (one by Jo-Jo) but I’m afraid it is. Reyes gave up three homers, and virtually every baserunner he let on scored.

The Braves, after falling behind 6-0, were never quite in it. McCann, back in the lineup, singled home two runs in the fourth. Infante hit a solo homer in the eighth, and Kotchman hit a three-run homer in the ninth. But they never got closer than four behind. Bennett allowed a couple of late runs to make sure of that.

An odd game; the Braves had just six hits, but the Phillies had only eight. As I said above, most everyone who reached scored.

12 thoughts on “Phillies 10, Braves 6”

  1. I’ll have to say that the 2nd inning wasn’t all Joseph’s fault – at least pitching wise. It was a strange inning – 4 runs on 1 hit.

    I’ll also have to admit that O’Flaherty has done pretty well so far – probably better than Ohman could. Here’s to hoping he can keep it up.

  2. I thought McCann got a double to drive in the two runs? Maybe it was scored a single and advance on the throw…

  3. #4 – no he advanced to second on a bad throw home.

    Isnt Campillo close to coming back also. Im sure he can buy us 3-4 starts to save Hanson till June

  4. since LA is saving $7-8 mil this season, I think they should take Kawakami off our hands

    I also think the Dodgers should have to pay that portion, but send it to a charity or something. They shouldnt benefit at all from one of their players using roids or peds.

  5. I think we Hanson cant come up until July without hurting his contract. What are we going to do with our rotation with Medlen and Hanson. I’m not going to complain about losing this one. The bottom line is Hamels cruised and he could have gone deeper into the ball game. You have to have a special night from a pitcher to even compete with him. We don’t have that guy anywhere in our rotation. Nobody looked at the roadtrip as a whole and felt great about last night or Monday night (Santana). Might as well throw JoJo again

  6. I’ll have to say that the 2nd inning wasn’t all Joseph’s fault – at least pitching wise. It was a strange inning – 4 runs on 1 hit.

    Yeah, he was walking people.

    No more Reyes.

  7. Next up, Charlie Morton. We can’t cycle through these last chances for organizational soldiers fast enough….

  8. On another note, Chuck Daly has died….I did not realize he was 78

  9. and now Bobby gets called out for leaving a scrub starter in too long in what appeared to be a lost cause?…….. if he pulls him in the 2nd inning debacle, he gets 40 lashes for burning up his bullpen….. kind of a no-win situation there, isnt it?

  10. I dont care what it does to his contract Hanson needs to be up.. NOW… The Braves have lost 17 straight games that Reyes has pitched in. Whats more important wining games or a minor league player’s contract.

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