Braves 5, Royals 4

Kansas City Royals vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – June 19, 2010 – ESPN.

Where would we be without Troy Glaus? He’s like the anti-Caminiti.

The Braves took a two-run lead in the first. Prado led off with a single, then Bobby put him in motion (NATIONAL LEAGUE BASEBALL!) which got him in scoring position when Heyward hit what otherwise would have been a double play. Chipper singled him home, then went to second when Podsednik, who has one of baseball’s most noted rag arms, tried to throw out Prado at the plate. He went to third on a passed ball (I would have called it a wild pitch) and came home when Glaus’ two-out grounder was thrown away by the shortstop (it was a tough play though he should have made it; I would have given him the hit, but mostly because I wanted him to get the RBI).

McCann made it 3-0 with a homer in the fourth, but the Royals cut into it in the next inning, partly thanks to some dumb baseball. A walk and an error by Yunel put them on the corners with nobody out. Zach Greinke hit, and obviously bunted. The runner at third broke for home then ran back, but Medlen threw home, and they wound up with the bases loaded and none out instead of second and third, one out. A sac fly made it 3-1. A grounder to third made it 3-2, with Greinke performing a dirty, and unecessary, high slide into Prado. (The double play was impossible, and he’s lucky he didn’t break Prado’s leg or something; Martin was down for a couple of minutes before stayin in the game.)

Medlen pitched around a leadoff double in the sixth. In the bottom of the inning, Heyward and Chipper singled, then after McCann struck out Heyward scored all the way from second on a Glaus groundout (which qualifies as NATIONAL LEAGUE BASEBALL! but only if you’re Jackie Robinson or Willie Mays. Also: RBI!) to make it 4-2. Bobby left Medlen in too long, though. After a leadoff single in the seventh, he really should have made the move, but didn’t, and the next hitter (the usually reliably useless Yuniesky Betancourt) doubled to put runners second and third. Bobby came in with O’Flaherty, but not in time; he gave up a one-out grounder to make it 4-3, and a single to tie it. After another hitter, Moylan had to come in to keep the tie in place.

The Braves did nothing in the seventh, then Venters pitched around a leadoff single in the eighth. Prado led off the bottom of the inning with a double, then Heyward hit behind him to move him up, but Chipper struck out looking and McCann flew out. Wagner pitched the ninth, and got a double play to end it after an infield single. At this point, I am thinking that the Braves better score because all that’s left in the bullpen is the Lisp, Kimbrel, and Chavez. KC said, “Troy, hit a homerun and we can all go home.” And Troy did. 5-4, never in doubt.

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  1. Everyone contributing, this is a real tough team to beat. What we saw today is the biggest threat to slowing down the Prado awesome train.

  2. I wonder if — above .500, but in fourth place and now without Tulowitzki until August at the earliest — the Rockies might be sellers. However, I don’t know who we’d want from them. The obvious name is Hawpe, but he’s been awful on the road (.338 SLG). And everyone knows what I’ll do if they mention Dexter Fowler. Spilborghs?

  3. Spilborghs is another one of those solid lefty mashers — who isn’t any better than Diaz. I love hank’s rent-an-ace idea.

  4. Oh, Kyle Davies…your Horatio Ramirez goodness-yet-baffling-badness will finally have me rooting against you tomorrow.

  5. What do the Rockies want? Another arm to go with Ubaldo, Jhoulys, Christian Friedrich? We can help there. Certainly they want some help at 2B. Maybe they’d want Freeman.

  6. Given the Rockies 2nd halves of the season here recently…no way, IMO, they are sellers right now.

  7. Hawpe might be the worst defensive outfielder in the majors. A resounding no thank you. Spilborghs would be a much better fit if Diaz can’t come back healthy and contribute. He’s got more pop than Diaz but will hit for a lower average, and is better defensively, and is cheap (1.95MM) next year.

  8. In my opinion, an upgrade in center (who’s available though) and another right handed relief pitcher in case Saito doesn’t hold up and this team is good to go.

  9. go get Oswalt/Lee and move Medlen and KK to the pen. Medlen is very valuable as both a starter and a reliever, but we could keep his innings down



    Id take my chances with that every game. Let Diaz/McLouth be the bats that are added. Nothing else is out there. Hope Nate can find his old swing too

  10. Frank is going to be a lion at the deadline this year. I’m looking forward to it and I trust he won’t jeopardize our future too much for the sake of making a run for Bobby.

    Cliff Lee in a Braves uni. Beating the Phillies. Blood is rushing to my man regions.

  11. I wouldnt qualify it as a run for Bobby anymore. This team should have it sights set for a run at a World Series.

  12. If JJ comes back and isn’t JJ, then maybe go after Lee. He’s most certainly going to cost one of Delgado, Teheran and Vizcaino, and I’m not sure I would do that for a couple months of Cliff Lee and the draft picks, even if the M’s picked up the rest of his salary for the year (which I don’t think they would do). It would be nice though.

  13. 2010: The Year of the Walk-Off.

    How many teams in history have had a record this good on June 20 AND a pitcher who is 0-9? It’s been a strange but very exciting season thus far.

  14. I just read an article about how Torre turned down an extension with the Dodgers this spring but made no mention of retiring…

    He’s not a consideration for next year, is he? I mean, that wouldn’t ever happen, right?

  15. My eyes are burning in their sockets after reading the name that should never be uttered or fully typed, J____ S____.

    The Royals will be unloading DeJesus very soon…we need a CF…KC loves our middling prospects…let’s get it done, Frank.

  16. 28 – Looks like one too many blanks. I thought you were talking about Jesus Sucre.

  17. I really like DeJesus. He’s a great fit because (1) he won’t demand one of the Braves top prospects, (2) he has a bargain of a club option for 2011, (3) he’s a plus defender at the corners and is solid in center, and (4) he is having his best season at the plate (.385 wOBA).

  18. First place, best in NL, and we’ve gotten nothing from Jurjjens, Diaz, or McLouth, Chippers been mostly bad, and McCann looks like he’s just now waking up. Nothing from Kawakami, either. Man.

    So Prado, Glaus, and Hinske are due to regress. But McCann should be better, Chipper might get better, McLouth can’t get worse. Jurjjens and Diaz on the mend, and a schedule imbalance going forward that to has us at home more than away…

    And Proctor on the way, too!

    We look GOOD.

    The consensus seems to be that there’s no desirable hitters to be had.. but if you shopped the package it would take to net Lee or Oswalt, I bet you’d find plenty of guys become available.

  19. DeJesus is another lefty and has a legit platoon split. Also, he’s playing as well as he ever has in his career. Buying high usually bites you in the ass when things level out (SEE: Nate McLouth). Definitely better than Melky or Blanco though if the price is right.

    Also, I like what this quote from Greinke could say about Chipper (plus a cool one about McCann). Greinke’s a different cat, but he’s pretty insightful about baseball:

    ‘Chipper hit two pitches that I don’t know if he’s been hitting consistently this year, ‘Greinke said. ‘I know he can, but I don’t know if he’s been doing it.’

    ‘The pitch to McCann was really bad,’ Greinke said. ‘He should have let that ball go. It was too close to him to do that. That’s the only one I could really complain about.’

  20. #26
    Fully understanding his history with the team, I think Torre would be a fine short-term manager for the Braves, but he likes his money (not to mention a high-priced roster) and I don’t think we’d want to afford him. Don’t see it.

    Funny how a walk-off win puts you in such a good mood.

    Let’s beat up Kyle Davies and, for the moment, let’s go Yanks.

  21. Wow, my name shows up in the game recap! I have to send a thank you note to Troy!

    I don’t say this often for many players, but I really really like Troy Glaus. He is a solid baseball player. I don’t think I even said that for Tex.

    Do we really need to make a trade? I honestly don’t want to give away any of our prospects. I mean, if someone will take JoJo off us, I don’t mind, but who can me use to trade? I would never trade away one of our top four/five pitching prospects.

  22. Btw, Scott Procter is slowly making his way through the minor league teams again. If he turns into something and Medlen returns to the bullpen, I don’t think we need any extra arm there.

    Btw, if we are going to make a trade, it will be for a leftfielder and not a starting pitcher. But I would just go with Hinske and later Diaz when he returns. I can live with Nate/Melky in centerfield. I think this injury maybe a blessing for Nate as he honestly needs a minor league assignment. Hope he will take advantage of that later and turn his season around. Seems like Mac is turning the corner, and all is left is for Yunel to get his power stroke going again. If we are healthy, we have a great bench.

    So, honestly, what do we need?

  23. kc, I second that. What in the world do we need another starting pitcher for, especially Lee, who would be gone in a few month and cost us a top prospect or two? Let’s not make the same mistake twice (I still can’t say the name “Teixeira” without crying).

    As long as there isn’t a bat out there worth trading for, let’s keep our prospects and continue with what we have.

  24. I read something on MLBTR that the Mariners are targeting young hitters in exchange for C. Lee. They probably shouldn’t be too picky, there’s not much in their farm apart from Ackley and Saunders, but whatever.

    A rotation of Lee, Hanson, Hudson, Jurrjens, and Lowe would be dirrrty. Just not sure it’s worth it given they probably have enough already to get to the playoffs.

  25. All-Stars…what do yall think?

    As I see it, Heyward, Prado and Hudson are in; Wagner is close (5-0, 13 saves 1.2 ERA), with Glaus right behind him. I also think its not totally out of the realm that Tommy Hanson makes it (he’s 7-3, with a 3.38….say he wins his next two starts and is 9-3 with a 3.10 or something…i think that gets him on, right?)

    I don’t see anyone else realistically making it unless McCann gets voted on, but he shouldn’t be on this year probably….


  26. Good day for baseball in my world. We easily won our first league game and I got my first hit. I got to stick around and help with the scoreboard for the next game and watched a team cough up a 4 run lead in the bottom of the final inning to lose. That was a little hard to watch. After our game, I kept checking the Braves score on my phone. Wasn’t too happy when I saw the Royals tie it, but saw kc’s epic call of the Glaus walkoff.

    You’re a good man, kc. If Glaus goes to the ASG, he should get you a ticket.

  27. @39 Somebody had to end it quick because my new-born girl was about to cry out for milk. Who on earth would have any hope in Blanco and Yunel?

    Since my daughter was born on May 3, the Braves are 30-14. I love her to death.

  28. We will be adding 2 pitchers and 2 outfielders soon. Why trade prospects? Barker deal cost us 3 players and Nieko too.

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