Braves 6, Phillies 3 (11 innings)

Atlanta Braves vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Box Score – July 06, 2010 – ESPN.

This was one you really needed to win. Not just to maintain the lead over the Mets and keep the Phillies from getting back into it, but because the Braves out-hit the Phillies 13-3, 11-2 in regulation. And because Jair Jurrjens pitched so well, but wasn’t going to get a win to show for it, and needed great relief pitching to avoid a loss when Bobby tried to get one more inning out of him.

The Braves loaded the bases in the first, but Troy Glaus hit into a double play, scoring one run but mostly defusing the threat. Jurrjens walked Rollins leading off the game, then gave up a two-run homer to Raul Ibanez. He wouldn’t allow another baserunner until the fifth, or another hit until the seventh. He was just outstanding, keeping the Phillies off-balance and throwing strikes.

In the fourth, Matt Diaz doubled, and David Ross (back in the lineup, like Glaus) singled him home to tie the game. The Prado, as is his wont, came through in the top of the seventh with a solo homer to make it 3-2.

Bobby sent Jurrjens out to start the seventh instead of trying Venters or O’Flaherty (with Ibanez and Howard due up). I can’t really fault him for that, but after Jurrjens walked Chavez, he probably should have had one of them ready for Howard. He stayed with Jurrjens, and it almost cost the Braves the game, as Howard hit a ball that just stayed in the park, bouncing off the left field fence for a triple when Diaz lost the ball.

Moylan came in and got Jayson Werth to strike out, and Venters got a shallow pop fly and a groundout to hold keep Howard from scoring. Chipper had an infield single leading off the eighth, followed by a single in the gap that didn’t quite split the outfielders by Glaus. (Hicks ran for him.) But Yunel tried to do something he couldn’t with an inside pitch and grounded right to third, and Chipper was a dead duck; Diaz popped out; and McCann, hitting for Ross, was faced with a LOOGY and grounded out after a long AB.

Saito had no problems in the eighth, but the Braves couldn’t do anything against Brad Lidge, and everybody hits Lidge. O’Flaherty got the lefties in the ninth, but the Braves couldn’t do anything in the tenth and Bobby came with the Human White Flag. Somehow, what looked like Werth’s walkoff homer stayed in the park to be caught by Blanco, and after a walk and a groundout to advance the runner, a line drive was right at Diaz. Chavez is just terrible, but he somehow didn’t allow a run.

Yunel singled to lead off the tenth. Diaz bunted foul on his first pitch, then they took off the bunt sign and went hit-and-run. Good decision. Diaz hit a rocket over second base that went for a double, and Yunel scored from first. The Philles tried to control the damage with another LOOGY, who got McCann and Blanco, but Eric Hinske, who entered the game for Glaus, and who just doesn’t hit lefties, hit one into the seats to make it 6-3. Wagner allowed an infield single to the Loathsome Victorino with two outs in the eleventh, but struck out Ibanez to end it. Whew.

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  1. I laughed aloud at the Chavez line.

    Not sure I’ve made this public yet, but I will now: I freaking love me some Jonny Venters.

  2. Stu,

    I’ve been driving the Johnny Venters bandwagon since the LA series. Hop on board, plenty of man-crush available for everyone!

  3. this was a huge win knowing the ancient Moyer is on the mound tomorrow. Dont know why we cant hit him. Im pumped seeing Diaz making some good swings again and whats not to love about Venters right now. Good work by Oflaherty tonight also. Our LH are filthy

  4. Venters is stealing lots of love away from Heyward. Or can we love them both? Geez, I love Hanson, I love JJ, I love Medlen, I love Wag…

    …am I gay?

  5. 4—Oh, I’ve been on board for a while. I just realized that I hadn’t really talked about it here. But my wife can attest!

  6. @5

    I said this about a month or so ago on here and got shot down. But I think it’s looking that way. And, it looks like he is cutting down on the walks.

  7. unreal…..a fan fell 30 feet at the Texas game tonight. Espn just showed the players and fans reactions. Pray for the man

  8. I still have trouble believing that he’s going to go from unknown to closer in a little over a year, but I guess we’ll see.

  9. Yeah, but did those guys have a Craig Kimbrel (a basically-designated-by-the-organization-as-such heir apparent to the closer’s role) to contend with?

  10. @16 It’s even harder for me to believe Kimbrel will immediately become our closer knowing his control problem.

  11. Good point.

    It’s kind of a bad-ass (young) lefty-righty tandem, isn’t it? All kinds of stuff.

  12. It’s a Festivus miracle to win any game with the starting eight we ran out there tonight. I’ll take it.

    Greatly enjoying the Moylan resurgence.

  13. @20, me too on Moylan, but a hitting Matt Diaz would be a huge help. I hope tonight wasn’t just fluky.

  14. Bucket of Cold Water on Venters:

    I’m still not totally convinced. Johnny’s been Bobby’s whipping boy for most of the year, and we’re still barely halfway through the season. We’ll see if his numbers/stuff look the same after another 78 games. It’s a long season, and for a reliever, 3-4 bad outings can dramatically change how he’s viewed.

    The first (quick) example that comes to mind for me is Frank Francisco last year. First three months of the season he has a 1.19 ERA and and .525 OPS against. Last three months of the season his ERA is 6.08 and the OPS against was .751, and it’s been up and down ever since for the guy. I’m sure you could find other examples, but I think the point stands.

    I’m rooting for Johnny, but have seen way too many guys flame out to annoint him yet.

  15. Also, I remember a lot of people saying similar things about one Blaine Boyer the year of the Baby Braves.

  16. I’m hoping that with JJ back and Medlen more stretched out in the 2nd half, that will cut down on some of the bullpen innings in the 2nd half. I’d also like to see KK come into a few games (if needed) and pitch 2 innings at a time, say 6th and 7th innings. That would hopefully push back Moylan & O’Flaherty to later in the games so that Venters/Saito do get a few days off in the second half. I fear that if this doesn’t happen, as Ethan has pointed out, one of Venters/Saito/Wagner that have been effective in the first half will not be nearly as effective in the second half, or will not be available at all due to injury.

  17. I hate this freaking team. We nearly lost a game that Jurrjens pitched brilliantly when they had Hamels and Lidge — who have been utter crap the last two years except when facing us — and Utley and Polanco on the shelf. It never should have gone into extra innings. And Troy Glaus is such a joke. As far as I’m concerned he lost the game for us, he’s just lucky we won.

  18. @24 I am also hoping Bobby will start using KK more in relevant situations. I wonder how hard KK can throw if he knows he only needs to pitch one or two innings.

    @23 Ethan, Venters is the best looking rookie reliever we have seen since Rocker. Boyer was good for a little bit, but never for a moment did I thought Boyer would be a Braves closer. Venters has better control and he throws a little harder than Boyer.

  19. I have to admit, I did at one point think Boyer was closer(TM) material. That was until Bobby pitched him so much his arm fell off.

  20. Where did this version of Venters come from? I’m abroad for the summer so I can’t watch any of the games but I can’t believe the stats he’s putting up. Was it just the change from starter to reliever that helped him improve from last year, or was it something mechanically? I never expected him to be talked about as our Closer of the future over Kimbrel.

  21. We will probably see a lot of KK with Medlen going. They mentioned watching his innings so they could be a tandem for a bit.

    Lets hope Nate can get his groove back because he cant be traded with his contract ballooning as it does.

  22. Looks like Nate’s getting 6.5 next year and there’s a 1.something buyout for 2012 (which I assume will be exercised as he’s not likely to be worth the 10+ he’ll get otherwise). Braves could potentially eat some of his contract and trade him if he comes back and shows SOME value.

  23. Good grief, can’t a player have a down year without being deemed awful? Nate McLouth is a fine player who’s had a bad year, so far. He probably won’t be worth his 2012 salary, but in 2011 (even including his buyout) his compensation isn’t unreasonable for a player of McLouth’s quality. Here’s a post I did last year examining McLouth’s play.

  24. Venters just highlights the fact that the Braves have a filthy deep minor league pitching system. Now if we can leverage that into a filthy deep major league staff (which, I think, we are on track to do), with some parts traded for a bat….

    2012 Staff


    O’Flaherty (might be getting expensive by 2012)

    Lowe (Who will vaguely remember winning by this point)
    ???? (Teheran? Resop? Dunn? Delgado? Vizcaino? Marek?)

  25. I wasn’t trying to imply he was awful (though he has been this year), just that his contract wasn’t likely to kill us even if he didn’t turn it completely around.

  26. I think Minor would be more likely to be a part of the 2010 bullpen than Teheran, since he’s older and lefthanded. And with Utley coming back, you can’t have too many quality lefties in any series against the Phils.

  27. I don’t think either is very likely to pitch for the Braves in 2010. If the Braves decide they need another lefty, they’ll call up Dunn.

  28. I dont see them calling up Minor before Dunn. I dont really see them adding Dunn before they expand the rosters either. Wagner/Venters/Oflaherty/Dunn/Minor = very impressive

  29. Stu’s barber is here in DC on vacation and told me that Wren is working on a trade with the Pirates. We’d get McCutchen in exchange for Arodys Vizcaino and Jordan Schafer.

  30. I think it’s a happy accident that Venters gets to share a bullpen with Wagner. What a perfect role model for Venters. (Wish he could learn for one more year.)

    Apparently, Minor had another good outing for Gwinnett last night.

  31. What?? I missed that news. Surgery needed?

    I guess Wren will have to offer Resop and Dunn instead.

  32. No surgery yet. Partial tear – they are going to try and let it heal without.

  33. Poop, that means a 6 month to year set back and pretty much guaranteed surgery when he pops the thing 2 years from now.

  34. Good grief, can’t a player have a down year without being deemed awful? Nate McLouth is a fine player who’s had a bad year, so far.

    McLouth Career at PNC park: .266/.344/.477
    McLouth Career at Turner: .224/.333/.386

    That guy from 2008 doesn’t exist anymore. I hope we don’t burn another 600 PAs waiting for him to come back.

  35. Freeman is progressing very nicely

    .286/.346/.489/.835 10HR 47RBI

    very solid after his very slow start

  36. Yeah, Freeman has been on a mini-tear from June onward. He had a rough start, but it’s now looking not insane to pencil him in next year. That said, I’m personally inclined to leave him in AAA for another full or at least half-season and try to bring back Glaus. This is subject to change depending on how Freddie plays the rest of the way.

  37. Chipper last 28 days:
    Chipper last 14 days:

    McCann last 28 days:
    McCann last 14 days:

    Glaus last 28 days:
    Glaus last 14 days:

    Prado last 28 days:
    Prado last 14 days:

    Of the 4 big guys, Glaus has cooled off considerably over the last month. Ups and downs, no big deal. It’s great to see McCann and Chipper stepping up and carrying the team while Glaus struggles and Heyward struggled/DL’d.

  38. The Braves are 8-1 when Medlen is the SP and currently with a 7 game winning streak.

    Moyer is 2-0 against the Braves this year, zero runs in fifteen innings. WTF!

  39. How To Lie Poorly (aka I Lost My Phone–Trust Me)

    UA (Alabama) athletics director Mal Moore received a letter Tuesday from Southern Cal athletics director Mike Garrett apologizing for a recent report that Alabama was one of five schools to illegally contact Trojans freshman running back Dillon Baxter.

    “I have spoken with Mr. Baxter and he has now confirmed that he did not receive a call from your institution,” Garrett wrote to Moore. “Therefore, USC has no intention of pursuing this matter further.”

  40. How does Garrett still have his job? Seems to me he is doing to USC what Evans was doing to his loud-mouthed companion.

  41. Garrett does have one advantage — he can do practically anything and he’ll only be the second-most-embarassing Heisman Trophy winning running back in USC history.

  42. @59,

    Woo. Tough thread.

    If you don’t want to get zinged, don’t let Mac get anything on you.

  43. Yeah. I mean, they need him back in the lineup, but he clearly needs some time off. Really, once we get Heyward back in the OF and starting Hinske at 1B no longer means starting Melky, it’ll be easier to give Glaus a day off here and there.

  44. The Dods (I’m trying that out) apparently won’t add any salary due to the divorce thing. So the only ways it would work would either be for the Braves to pick up the salary difference, or trade someone who doesn’t make more than Kemp.

  45. just dont see LA moving Kemp. They may have a little interest in KK though and we could use the salary relief. Maybe KK for a INF prospect

  46. Kemp makes $4m this year, but $6.95 next year, which is pretty much the same as what KK makes. The total difference is something like $2 to $3 million.

    The only difference is that Kenshin Kawakami is at best a league-average starter, and Kemp is at best a five-tool star. So we’d have to throw in a good prospect, and even if we did I don’t know that the Dodgers would do it.

  47. JJ for Kemp. Get it done.

    Well, maybe Kemp plus a minor leaguer or something. But I like the basic outline of that deal. Kemp’s first year of arbitration is next year, yes?

  48. Ned Colleti could never eat at Spago again if he traded Kemp for Kawakami plus anything.

  49. How does Garrett still have his job? Seems to me he is doing to USC what Evans was doing to his loud-mouthed companion.

    The combination of returning the football program to the top of the mountain by hiring Pete Carroll and breaking through decades of bureaucracy to get a world class basketball arena built on campus (The Galen Center) bought him a ton of goodwill.

    Obviously Tim Floyd and Reggie Bush have helped him burn through a lot of that cushion. Still, I think folks are pretty pleased with how they recovered from Carroll leaving, so I don’t think he’s leaving any time soon.

  50. @68, Kemp’s contract buys out his arb next year, he would be arb eligible in 2012 and I believe he can become an FA in 2013.

  51. Crazy idea: Furcal + Kemp for Yunel + Kawakami + Minor.

    Another reason that the Dods would be reluctant to move Kemp is that he’s played about 20 more games than any other Dodger outfielder. If he is traded and Ethier or Manny gets hurt, they’re in deeeeeep trouble.

  52. Hmm. For some reason I thought he was under control for another year. In that case… JJ + Dunn for Kemp and Dee Gordon? Dunno if that would happen, but I’d certainly do if if I’m the Braves.

  53. 66,
    These are the ones I know of (via Bill [sic] Shanks and rosters):

    1A – Matt Lipka
    2 – Todd Cunningham
    2 – Andrelton Simmons
    3 – Joe Leonard
    4 – David Filak
    5 – Phillip Gosselin
    6 – Joseph Terdoslavich
    7 – Matthew Suschak
    8 – Kurt Fleming
    9 – David Rohm
    10 – Matthew Lewis
    11 – Chasen Shreve
    12 – Barrett Kleinknecht
    13 – Brandon Drury
    14 – Richie Tate
    15 – Corey Brownsten
    16 – Dan Winnie
    19 – Tyler Hess
    20 – Jason Mowry
    21 – William Beckwith
    23 – Evan Gattis
    25 – Dan Jurik
    26 – Jonathan Burns
    27 – William Kempf
    28 – Kyle Mertins
    30 – Kenny Fleming
    32 – Ryan Delgado
    34 – Matt Fouch
    36 – Jarred Frierson
    39 – Stephen Foster
    40 – Ian Marshall

  54. I hope #6 pans out, lest he be known as Joseph Turd Sandwich….

    Also, who are you if you’re angling for an invite to the Independence Bowl?

  55. Let’s see… Kemp makes $4 million, Furcal $9.5 million. So the Braves could trade up to $13.5 million of salary. Yunel makes virtually nothing ($435 K). Melky makes $3.1 million. Kawakami $7.3 million. Better to trade McLouth instead of Melky ($5 million). It’s like the NBA in here.

  56. Furcal’s contract is….pretty bad. $9.5 million this year. $13 million next year (if healthy, $12 million if not). $12 million vesting option (600 PA’s in 2011) for 2012. So much of his value comes from his glove, and you’re getting his age 32, 33, and probably 34 seasons. I’d stay away.

  57. @73

    Ive seen Gordon play. He has the build of a nine year old boy and the arm to match it.

  58. Gwinnett is on the MLB network right now.

    Of course its JOJO who we get to see pitching.

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