313 thoughts on “Time for another damned one run loss game thread: Braves at Brewers, May 29”

  1. how many 1 run losses is that now? we have got to be on pace to set a single season record for this….

  2. Rotoworld:

    Brandon Jones came out of Triple-A Richmond’s game on Wednesday after just one at-bat.

    There was no report of any injury, so it appears as though Jones could be on his way to the majors. The Braves are already short one outfielder with Matt Diaz down, and they could put Mark Kotsay on the DL next.

  3. Anybody else played with the “see their unif0rms” thing at baseball-reference.com? anybody else notice that the “model” used from 95-00 looks a lot more ‘roid-y than the one they used before or after? I wonder if this is a subtle jab at the situation.


  4. In response to the Johnson and Francoeur thing from the last thread, I was just taking a quick glance through DOB’s blog and came across this post from somebody:

    The issue was whether KJ would have as many RBIs as Francoeur if they hit in the same lineup slot. The clear answer is no because KJ would have the same number of opportunities if he hit in the same lineup slot. KJ would waste more of those plate appearances with walks than Francoeur. The more plate appearances wasted by walks, the less chances to pick up an RBI.

    This does not mean KJ would be worse than Francouer. RBI is not everything but KJ would definitely not be a 100 RBI guy in the same lineup slot as Frenchy because too many plate appearances would be wasted with walks.

    Francoeur wastes very few plate appearances with walks. Hence, why he can be an RBI machine – that and the fact he executes about as well as anyone in the game with RISP.


    My feeling is this is how the majority of fans at Turner Field think and why Francoeur is so popular…his 100+ RBIs.

  5. ‘Waste’ a PA with a walk?

    No wonder I don’t read DOB’s blog beyond what he writes.

  6. From the official site:
    If Kotsay’s back doesn’t improve and he’s forced to the disabled list, the Braves would likely promote either Josh Anderson or Brandon Jones from Triple-A Richmond.

    After showing some promise earlier this month, Jones has hit .222 over his past 10 games and is batting just .260 this season.

    Anderson, who is a skilled defensive center fielder, is hitting .282 this year and has batted .325 over his past 10 games. The speedy outfielder has also been successful with 13 of his 16 stolen base attempts.

    So we may see Jones, but that sounds like the brass is more likely to go with the hot guy and give Anderson a shot.

  7. please no Brandon Jones, make it Anderson who has played in the bigs.
    Let Jones develop, please, unless it is a quick callup.
    Missed the game, was JoJo on last night or was itr a feeble Brewers lineup?

  8. Was at the game last night, going back today. My anger at the game, which was only incited by a couple of girls who decided it wise to taunt me as I waited for my friends in the bathroom, was further exacerbated by massive construction delays going west from Milwaukee. There’s nothing quite like turning an hour drive into a two and a half hour drive. At least it’ll be nice out today.

    Only Chipper and Gregor Blanco put good wood on the ball at all last night, and in both cases it was usually at people. Hopefully today will be different… but it’s gotta be frustrating for the pitchers to allow only 4 runs in two games and come away with losses in each.

  9. Please, let it be Jones.

    As for Smurph, the problem with all of these suggestions that he be benched or traded or demoted or whatever, is that we don’t actually have anyone who’s any better to take his spot right now.

  10. “…we don’t actually have anyone who’s any better to take his spot right now.”

    In fact, we don’t really have anyone at all to take his spot right now. Watching Omar Infante play LF is not exactly the best thing for my faith in the Braves’ playoff hopes.

    I vote for Brandon Jones too. I may even vote for both Jones and Anderson to come up, but if it’s one of them, let it be Jones.

  11. Is this really the case? Would Anderson really be any worse in right field? He could probably post at least a .330 OBP, which is no good but about thirty points higher than Francoeur. You can talk about power, but where the heck is Francoeur’s power?

  12. #1, the Braves have now lost 18 consecutive one-run road games dating back to last year!! Someone on the previous thread called it “all luck” (# 11).

    Yeah, sure!

  13. It wouldn’t solve everything, but I don’t know why Bobby doesn’t try a lineup like

    random crappy left fielder

  14. speaking of power, calling Tex….why does it seem that we always get these great players on their contract years and they suck it up? If this guy is wanting $18-20 mil per for 7-8 years, good riddance to him

  15. Ron, that is exactly the lineup I suggested to Rob Cope on AIM earlier this morning. Given everyone else’s struggles with the leadoff spot, I think Blanco should be there until he proves he can’t handle it.

  16. Cox is all about consistency. He likes giving players roles in which he expects them to excel and leave them there even if they struggle. This is typically a good idea, or at the least a better one than jerking players around constantly after very few ABs and whatnot like the Mariners like to do.

    I have no problem leaving Tex in the 40hole, but at this point, I think he really needs to consider moving Frenchy down.

  17. Also, if Escobar is able to handle leadoff, I see no reason to give Blanco an extra hundred ABs over the course of a season at the expense of KJ and Escobar.

  18. Have you seen Escobar’s numbers in the leadoff spot? They’re no better than KJ’s. That’s plenty of reason to try someone else in that spot.

  19. In the last 30 days this “power hitting” Braves lineup has hit 19 HR, 14th in the league, and has a slg % .403, 13th in the league. That will not get the job done!!

  20. My bad on the weather: the high temp has been downgraded by almost 10 degrees from yesterday’s forecast and now storms are moving into southern Wisconsin. Hopefully the serious stuff will hold off until after 4 pm. For anyone who lives outside the upper Midwest: no, it’s not really summer here yet.

    I second Mac in giving someone – anyone – else a shot in RF. I can’t stand watching Francoeur anymore. What can it hurt? He’s a .250 hitter with little power and no plate discipline right now.

  21. Not to pile on, but doesn’t it seem like the worst of 2006 Jeff Francoeur (low OBP) and 2007 Jeff Francoeur (less homerun power) have somehow combined to make the terrible (so far) 2008 nightmare Francoeur?

  22. Ron,

    I like that line-up. If Bobby moved KJ down in the order so he could be more aggressive, why then would you keep him in the two spot?

    Bobby really uses kid gloves with young players. I was looking at the kid Bruce in Cincy called up on Tuesday and Dusty had himbatting # 2 in the batting order. Blanco hitting over .300 batting 7th or 8th.

  23. Is it me, or has Frenchy started being more of a free swinger lately? I can’t get splits on pitches/PA by game. But from watching, it seems that he started off the season being more patient, but when that didn’t work he returned to being Mr. Swings at everything.

  24. Duh, actually I do have that data because I subscribe to B-R.com’s Player Index.

    Average pitches/PA for Frenchy
    April: 3.61
    May: 3.3

    He’s taking 8.5% fewer pitcher per PA in May compared to April. That may not seem like much but it’s the difference between an nearly the league average over his career (3.79) and his 2006 (3.32).

  25. Ron, I agree with your proposed lineup completely. KJ seems to do better when he’s lower in the lineup, and Escobar has struggled leading off. Blanco takes a good amount of pitches, is a distraction for pitchers when he’s on base, and he’s fast. I think he deserves a shot.

  26. #20 – sorry I was just referring to Tex and the great Andruw Jones in his contract year.

  27. Ha, that’s what I was thinking as I was reading Ron’s lineup. “Hey, that’s Stu’s lineup!”

    I like it too, except when Blanco comes back down to earth, he may be so entrenched in the lead-off spot that Bobby dare not take him out until it’s 2 months too late. Kinda like Willie Harris last year…

  28. re: Kotsay

    He’s been out of action for a good 6 or 7 days or so, right? They said he was able to take some fly balls during BP yesterday, and the Bowman article says that he may start hitting in a couple days. If he’s still at least 3-4 days away, why don’t we just DL him retroactive to his last game he played, and we’d have another bench guy for the next 5 or 6 games until he’s back to full strength?

  29. My thoughts on the line up. I think Escobar is a perfect 2 hole hitter since he has high average but doesn’t walk a ton, puts the ball in play a lot but with out seeming to ground into double plays so he would do a great job advancing the runners. His power’s limited so he’s not going to drive in a lot.

    Kelly I think is over rated on here some but is good for now while he’s still cheap. He seems to perform a lot better lower in the lineup and has enough power that I think he could be a moderate run producer.

    Frenchy’s downside to me is the expectations. He plays good defense and has some limited power albeit that’s getting less and less and is cheap for now. And he’s got some potential to return to 2005 but even if so I think his ceiling these days is a good six hitter. He was expected to become a 3-5 and that’s what makes him look so bad. Especially when you combine him with Diaz since they are so similar. Diaz used to have a little better average while Jeff used to have a little better power. Neither are doing much this year. I think the lineup can handle one starting most of the time but not both. Jeff’s younger has more potential so Diaz is out. I think he’d thrive if he became more of a lefty pinch hitter spot starter anyway.

    The biggest thing I think this team needs is a legit left fielder that can hit well enough to score some runs from the 5-6 hole.

    Blanco is not the long term answer but for now he’s playing well enough and if he gets on base he can create runs on his own that he out to be hitting first. Not to pull a Bobby and go line up by position but I think Kotsay when healthy could hit lead off as well.

    Chipper obviously is on absolute fire and if Tex ever really gets going there is no telling what he could do. For now he’ll just keep getting walked.


    Blanco, Greg (or Greg White as Skip calls him)
    Escobar, Yunel
    Jones, Chipper
    Teixeira, Mark
    McCann, Brian or shiny new left fielder
    Johnson, Kelly
    Francouer, Jeff
    random left fielder if we don’t make a trade.

    But what do I know. I’m merely a wookie.

  30. Kelly is 26 years old. He’s OPS+’d 91, 117 and 123 (so far) in his 3 major league seasons. He plays second base.

    I just don’t get how one could not see how valuable this guy is.

  31. Wonder if Juan Rivera available. There were rumors of the Braves interest in him back in March, and he’s not getting any PT as the Halos fourth OF. Career OPS of .803 – he’d be a big upgrade.

  32. question, who would you rather sign to a long term deal? Matt Holliday or Mark Teixeira – lets say same money and same length of contract

  33. career lines

    Matt Holliday – 28 years old – .319/.382/.555/.937

    Mark Teixiera – 28 years old – .285/.370/.531/.901

    Holliday does get some benefit from playing in Col

  34. How come Mac?
    I’d probably go with Tex, but I wouldn’t pay either one $20+ mil.

  35. I guess #38 is directed at me.

    I think Kelly’s good just not the second best hitter on the team that some make him out to be. But then if he really is the second best hitter that explains a lot of why this offense is so streaky and why this team isn’t going anywhere.

  36. Either one would cost a whole lot entering a part of their careers when they’re going to decline. And Holliday gets a huge boost from his park.

  37. I don’t think anyone thinks KJ is the second-best hitter on the team. Right now, it would be:


    But if Teixeira starts hitting like he should, he’d be the second-best. KJ is a hugely valuable commodity, a second baseman who outhits many outfielders, plays the position acceptably, and is cheap.

  38. Mac,
    Where does the offense come from, then? What inexpensive offensive producer in the prime of his career do you have in mind?

    I don’t think anyone would argue that he’s our second-best hitter. Third-best (after Chipper and McCann), maybe.

  39. You find the offense somehow. You can’t go around putting a quarter of your payroll over a seven-year period into one player. If Teixeira would sign for $15 million a year, or for three years, I’d consider it, but that’s a potentially crippling contract. See: New York Mets First Basemen.

  40. As good as KJ has been, he’s still behind Uggla, Utley, Hudson, Phillips, and DeRosa in OPS among NL second basemen. And when you look at Win Shares, he’s also behind Matsui.

  41. I would agree with what Mac said completely. Kelly’s a great value player because of production of set by price.

    What worries me the most about Teixeira is not necessary this season’s statistics but what looks like his trend. I’d like him for a few more years but not a long term contract like he’s going to demand. His swing seems to me (who is quite uneducated in such) to be a very uppercut type swing to get his power which means the balls going to go very high so he really has to muscle it out. If he’s 28 now he’s power is going to start to decline in a couple years and it will make it a lot harder to hit them out of the park that way.

  42. The Matsui thing is a playing time issue, probably. NL second basemen, by RC/27. It’s basically Rolen and Uggla and everyone else. I’ll add that the other second basemen grouped with Kelly (DeRosa, Hudson, Phillips, and Matsui) all have huge park advantages — those are four of the six best hitters’ parks in the NL (with Colorado and Philadelphia, not that Utley needs the help).

  43. Wait, I take it back. Norton, Blanco, and Corky aren’t exactly a recipe for a big run producing game… I’m guessing.

  44. I probably should have put another option in the poll. “He should be forced to stand in while the pitchers throw at him in an attempt to work out their frustrations.”

  45. What would it take to get Matt Murton from the Cubs and would we want him? He’s batting .354 for the Iowa Cubs and they don’t seem to want him anymore. Doesn’t appear to have the power he did early in ’06 so might not be what we’re looking for.

  46. Murton would be a great acquisition for the Braves, especially with Diaz out over a month (and sucking to boot).

  47. McCann is certainly due some rest and his kerfuffle with the ump last night also makes today a good time to sit one out.

    Re Murton–the Cubs might still be looking for a CF. Blanco anyone?

  48. Funny how “free ____” and “release ____” mean the same thing except in this context. :-)

  49. Our Outfield is Amazing- Norton, Blanco and Frenchy this can’t get any better. Well i really haven’t seen Norton in the outfield this year so to be fair to him can anyone tell me how he looks out there??

  50. 77–unfortunately the Cubs probably wouldn’t

    glad to have an afternoon game today–I’m taking my kid to see Smoltz tonight

  51. First thing that caught my eye on there…
    Miller went hitless from 9/11/04 to 8/2/07.

  52. Well, I’m not sure what the count was, but it’s still good to see runners on the corners.

  53. Yeah someone must have plenty time of their hands or probably not when your updating Corky’s stats

  54. Yeah, it will be a game winning homer with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th, ’cause we all now Bobby won’t hit for him in that situation.

  55. Well, angels descended from the heavens and ordered McClung to throw four straight balls to Francoeur, while other angels held Francoeur down so he couldn’t swing.

  56. @112.. Yeah, a flock of pigs flew over Miller park and then Frenchy walked on 4 pitches.

  57. Gotta go to a lousy meeting. Hate to miss a minute of the Jorge Campillo Era of Dominance. He’s awesome to watch.

    Looks like McClung is ready to go off the rails here…

  58. Hehe! Pete’s great. Chip was just going on about how many DPs the Braves hit into and Pete’s like, “Well, teams that hit into a lot of DPs usually do it because they have a lot of base runners.”

  59. Thanks. I knew it could not have been a regular base on balls to Francouer. Blanco does work the count. I like the little guy.

  60. you know, when 3 batters in your line-up are sporting averages of .125; .083; and .000, runs just might be a problem. I cannot believe we cannot find 2 more useful players than this LF and C. Okay, it is a small sample size, but gee whiz.

  61. yah we should bench francoeur … then we’ll have an even better outfield why dont we stick corky miller in right while we’re at it?

  62. Well, I suppose it could be worse. We could have an outfield of Brain Jordan and Raul Mondosi. (sp)

  63. Alright, what did Frenchy do? I am updating box scores on yahoo from the office.

  64. Frenchy drew a walk, but then got doubled off of second when the third baseman caught a line drive.

  65. According to Chip, he wandered too far off the bag at 2nd and got doubled off on a line-drive.

  66. Considering the control problems he seemed to be having by walking 2 straight, I think I would have just told Corky and Campillo to go stand up there and not swing the bat.

  67. I gotta say, I don’t understand where it came from, but I’m totally in favor of Corey Hart’s affinity for bunting.

  68. Also, I’m having real trouble maintaining the skepticism about Jorge Campillo that I’ve so vigorously tried to promote. I might actually be in love with him.

  69. Hahahahaha!

    Wow. Tex really needs to pick it up. He’s getting treated like he’s nothin.

  70. So this is how it’s gonna be for Chipper? Another int. walk. Teams are basically saying Tex is a nobody,

  71. Alright! Time for another blowout on the last day of a road series to make it not look so bad on the Pythag chart!

  72. Me too, Stu. My mancrushes, for those keeping score, now include: Yunel Escobar, Brian McCann, Gregor Blanco, Jorge Campillo, and Chipper.

    Also, though I almost never support intentional walks, I think I understand why you’d want to intentionally walk Chipper Jones. Who knew that Tex would remember how to hit?

    That does mean that we’ve now exceeded our run output for the last two games.

  73. The guy who wants are best hitters to bunt runners over doesn’t want us to take an extra base when the other team is just giving it to us? I guess it only counts if you bunt them over.

  74. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that. GIVING Kelly Johnson 2nd base.. and then IBB for Chipper. The Brewers deserved to have Tex hit that 3R HR

  75. Stu — I just asked my wife about naming our next child Jorge. That didn’t go over well, but she says I have a shot at Chipper. I just hope he continues to have the magic because our rotation can use it.

  76. I would also add Jair and of course Jason Heyward to my man crush list, AAR. But that’s just me.

  77. Chip Caray is so bad at his job.

    The man doesn’t know what a draft-and-follow is.

  78. Naturally we break out here, when we could hardly buy a run for the first two games in the series.

  79. And with that, Jorge Campillo adds himself to the list of Braves pitchers with a higher batting average than Corky Miller.

  80. and Corky’s LIFETIME OPS is .583, so this year’s small sample size is only slightly off what Corks is. Is he fabulous defensively?

  81. Hate King, I can’t believe I forgot Jair Jurrjens. Obviously I totally mancrush on him too.

    I’d mancrush on Heyward, but I’ve never seen him play and don’t know when I will. Then again, the temperature in my heart is already rising at the mere mention of his name… so it’s possible I have a crush on him too.

  82. Klesko was way better than Bryan…look at the numbers. That’s not even close.

  83. Oceanside Mike, I think Jorge is an excellent name.

    But then I might be biased. As the Gourds say:

  84. Thursday, May 29, 2008
    2:41 PM

    WASHINGTON, DC — Another Alex R. University has just announced that, in recognition of athletic excellence, it is awarding an honorary doctorate to Jorge Hidalgo Campillo. In an email sent yesterday to students and alumni, University president and namesake Another Alex R. wrote, “Some athletes are expected to be great and achieve it, like Ken Griffey. Some are expected to be great and never achieve it, like Brett Tomko. And some are expected to be terrible and then play so well that they win the hearts of the entire Southeastern United States.”

  85. I know he’s not batting 1.000, but I’m apparently still surprised when he doesn’t get on base during any given at bat.

  86. Well Campillo just gave up his first run as a starter…The guy has been rediculous. If he keeps this up, he will definately be the guy to get us far this season.

  87. Blisters? Precaution? Stretching out? I’d have thought Campillo could have gone at least another inning?

  88. If a Bennett/Campillo caddy situation works why not a Smoltz/Bennett set up too? 5 innings of Smoltz is much better than 1 no matter what he thinks. Why do we just have to do the same old shit because it’s always been done that way? There is nothing wrong with only going 5 if they’re 5 good innings and you’ve got a good long man like Bennett.

  89. nice outing by Campillo–I sure hope his Cinderalla story doesn’t end anytime soon

  90. MS@E: IIRC, there were a couple times when Smoltz went like 5 or something, and they brought in Campillo afterwards, and I always thought that worked really well. Personally, I think that would be a fantastic idea. Just alternate which starts (or always give it to Smoltz), and you won’t need to worry about much. Between the two of them, you figure you can get 9 innings.

  91. I doubt Smoltz would make it to July either. I know he says he’s going to the bullpen because he doesn’t want 5 inning starts, but I doubt his body could handle starting any longer, unless it was an extreme situation, like the playoffs.

  92. Watching on Gameday. Can someone please tell me how we managed to get Fielder out at home without involving Corky Miller?

  93. Someone please explain to me: “Prince Fielder out at home, right fielder Jeff Francoeur to second baseman Kelly Johnson to shortstop Yunel Escobar.” Thanks

  94. Gabe Kapler?! The hottest man in baseball, and I’m stuck at work. Drat.

    Good for Norton, first hit he’s gotten in forever.

  95. Brad, I’d say it’s unbelievable if it weren’t so utterly and damnably believable.

  96. @176

    I wasn’t commenting on their overall career arcs, just on the fact that they both either hit the ball nine miles or strike out swinging so hard that they fall over backwards on their asses and their really isn’t a whole lot in between.

  97. Do we actually have anyone else sitting in our bullpen or does Cox send them back to the team hotel when the game starts?

  98. Thursday, May 29, 2008
    3:07 PM

    MILWAUKEE, WI — Phil Stockman waits patiently in the bullpen, whistling Duran Duran to himself, sneaking glances at Eddie Perez to make sure Eddie remembers he’s there.

  99. Stockman helped keep Blanco from killing himself running into the wall on a deep drive in front of the Braves bullpen earlier in the game, so he was at least able to make himself useful in some way today.

  100. This guess the name of the High School team thing between Chip and Pete is getting really annoying. Nothing will ever approach Chip and Joe’s whinging about the length of the game during that 18 inning elimination game against Houston a few years back but this is giving me a similar murderous rage.

  101. Let’s hope he’s just tired and it’s not his arm starting to fall off right on schedule.

  102. …..Acosta tries to mentally pyche himself out for the inevitable 2 innings he’ll be asked to pitch today. Carlyle aimlessly wanders around confused as to why he is with the team. Ohman tries to hide in a corner and hope he doesn’t have to face a right hander to get the final out of the ninth inning when Acosta tires after going 1 and 2/3 innings. Ring starts his 3rd NY Times crossword puzzle of the day knowing he won’t be used until sometime next week. Soriano stretches his arm in a corner and grimaces every time Perez glances at him.

  103. I actually don’t mind the high school thing so much, MS@E, except that Pete’s sort of funny and Chip resolutely isn’t. I’d much prefer that Pete were joking to himself.

    By the way, here’s a prediction: Manny Acosta will pitch the next inning. Who wants to take me up on that one?

  104. Oh wait — Acosta’s already come into the game. The timing of my comment may make me look like Captain Obvious rather than a genius, but I assure you I didn’t know that before posting.

  105. I came back to check on the game and saw Boyer pitching. Seriously, this is beyond ridiculous. Bobby, why is he pitching in the 7th in a five run game? Why not Soriano or Stockman?

  106. Well, at least Acosta should be fresh for the first time in like two months. I don’t recall him pitching yet in this series.

  107. Oh, I thought you meant ANOTHER, second, inning, to which I also will guarantee.

  108. you might as well get rid of Stockman, Ohman, and Ring right now. I would love for someone to ask Bobby why these guys dont pitch.

  109. That was terrible by Weeks. Acosta left that fastball right over the middle of the plate, belt-high and Weeks just stared at it like he was at a fireworks show or something.

  110. Yeah, if you can’t bring yourself to use Phil Stockman in the 7th inning of a game in which you have a 5-run lead, I’m not sure why you bother having him on the 25-man roster. Send him down and bring up a pinch-hitter. Or maybe a real LF.

  111. @ 216

    The Wombats thing was funny but the bit has run it’s course. Please be over.

  112. It’s almost June and he’s at .422

    can anyone say “first ballot HOF”?


    “Future Braves Manager?”

  113. Who remembers when Cox let Acosta hit for himself and then pitch the following inning, which was his third of the night?

  114. Why is Manny Acosta batting here? I mean, I know why, but WHY? Use Gotay to possibly extend the lead! Bring in Stockman—even if Gotay does nothing, you still have a 5 run lead!

  115. That was a terrible double switch, BTW. He’s supposed to switch out the guy who batted last the previous inning, which would have been Corky. Acosta shouldn’t have even come to the plate.

  116. #232. I was looking earlier today at OBP and really nobody in recent years has approached .500 for the season except for a couple of the 700 walk seasons from Mr Bonds in the early 00’s

  117. things like that shouldnt happen, you have a chance to break a game open so take advantage of it. We have Stockman, Ring, Carlyle, Ohman, and Soriano left in the pen. I think it’ll be okay if you dont have Acosta pitch in the 8th.

  118. Acosta only threw to one batter, so I really don’t have a problem with this.

    Also, I totally agree that with a five-run lead late, we could probably let Stockman pitch occasionally, but I also think that any confidence in Stockman is misplaced. He really hasn’t shown us any reason to believe that he should be used in a late-and-close situation (which this isn’t, admittedly) and I would not want him used in that situation.

  119. Nick,
    Right, but we need guys like Boyer in those clase-and-late situations, which is why guys like Stockman should be brought in in the other situations.

  120. Not sure if this has been mentioned but is this the first time all year that the Braves have worn their “new road hats” with their “old gray” road jerseys. If it is, I’d be willing to bet they will make another appearance.

  121. The double-switch did delay the pitcher’s spot from coming up to lead off the inning, but was still stupid. BTW, it was with Boyer, not Acosta.

  122. I guess what I’m saying is I totally agree that we should’ve thrown Stockman instead of Boyer, but I don’t have a problem with throwing Acosta, especially since he hasn’t thrown in three days.

  123. I don’t have a problem with Acosta being in the game, but I don’t think it makes much sense to leave him in to hit for himself.

  124. Maybe Bobby is having Stockman shadow Jurrjens, and let him pitch 2 tomorrow. JJ has been having some problems with pitch counts.

    I am grasping at straws here.

  125. Good to see Acosta pitching well. Very well. He’s looked great his last two appearances, hopefully it isn’t just a fluke.

  126. It would have been better if either Acosta had started the last inning, or if Stockman/Carlyle had. That was the real problem. But not hitting for the pitcher with the bases loaded is going to cause problems more often than not.

  127. Another K for Acosta…he looks fresh indeed. Bullpen is shaping up quite nicely. Bennett, Boyer, Ohman, Acosta, Soriano, Gonzalez and Smoltz. How Bobby uses them will be the question.

  128. Damn, Stu. I’m literally drinking a Coke right now, too, and I don’t want to give it up.

  129. Then why was he activated in the first place? I mean, great that Resop’s gone, but what’s the point in activating a pitcher you won’t use for five days?

  130. We’re winning by five, but we’ve just lost two by 1 run, squandering two brilliant pitching performances. I have no problem burning some bullpen today.

  131. I guess Cox wants to give Mac the day off. If not, why not do a switch with Miller and not Norton/Infante?

    Btw, what is keeping Corky on the team? I’ve seen him throw out a runner, but other than that, an .077 BA doesn’t cut it anywhere except pitcher.

  132. I’m not sure I understand your point, mraver. I don’t think anyone has a problem with Acosta going more than one inning, per se, but with him hitting for himself. And you really think Boyer was the appropriate reliever to start the 7th inning?

  133. I’m in favor of just letting Chipper start managing now. He can be a player/manager. I’m serious.

  134. No, I haven’t given up on Diaz — I should have said, Randall Simon but better. Basically, he’s a bad-ball singles hitter who strikes out too much but actually does hit a lot of singles. And Simon managed to hang around in the majors for quite a few years with just that one skill.

  135. Two tough road losses, followed by a getaway-day blowout win. I’ve seen this movie before.

    And Jorge Campillo. So far, he’s a long way from Buddy Carlyle.

  136. Any idea why there’s no video footage on Gameday since that batter interference call early on? I want to see Teix’s homer.

  137. Well, if he does have some sort of structural damage, he will soon completely blow out the elbow anyway, you would think.

  138. Too bad for Cincy….Chipper only had 2 hits today. He’s going to be piss. I wish Kelly would go on one of his hot streaks. Great America is the perfect spot.

  139. seriously though, we have 3 pitchers who have no chance in coming into a game. Send at least Ring or Carlyle away and bring up Jones. Norton is looking very bad right now also

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