50 thoughts on “Totally explicable Sunday game thread: April 26, Braves at Reds”

  1. I think I’ve managed to go my entire life without making one of those retarded “first!” posts at the beginning of a thread where someone just posts to say they were the first person to post in a new thread.

    I really hate those.

  2. What kind of scaled back Sunday afternoon lineup is Bobby going to throw out to make it the hardest way possible to get the sweep

  3. I was quite impressed with Kawakami’s starts so far. He looked really dominant for some innings and will only get more comfortable and therefore better, I hope.

  4. 1. K Johnson, 2B
    2. Y Escobar, SS
    3. C Jones, 3B
    4. C Kotchman, 1B
    5. J Francoeur, RF
    6. B Jones, LF
    7. J Schafer, CF
    8. D Ross, C
    9. K Kawakami, P

  5. Is anyone else watching this game on extra innings? According to the Red’s broadcasters, not only did Jordan Schafer TEST positive for HGH, but he also admitted to it.

    I’m pretty sure Schafer hasn’t come out admitting to taking HGH. And isn’t it pretty common knowledge that the MLB doesn’t test for HGH? Idiots..

  6. Re: The Mets
    Daniel Murphy made a great play yesterday in LF, but he just had another one of those misjudge-a-fly-ball-and-fall-down doubles. He beginning to make Matt Diaz look like Willie Mays.

    Re: The Late Bea Arthur
    Never really watched “The Golden Girls” a whole lot, but I was a big fan of “Maude” when I was a kid. Well-written, sure, but it might’ve had as much to do with Adrienne Barbeau.

    BTW, Mac’s on a roll with the Elvis Costello picks. “Shipbuilding” is one of the greatest songs ever written about the costs of war. FWIW, EC himself has said that it’s the best lyrics he’s ever written.

    Yup, nice toss by Ross.

  7. Wasn’t locating quite as well, but they’re definitely not squaring him up. KK’s had like two dribblers out in front of the plate already.

  8. What exactly is Owings throwing out there? All of the gun readings are maxing out at like 85.

    Also, that dive by Taveras was COMPLETELY gratuetous.

  9. pessimistic thought of the afternoon—1-0 loss with Owings throwing a shut out and hitting a HR

  10. The Cincy announcers keep talking about Braves scout Bobby Wine. Was he a ss for someone in the 60’s early 70’s?

  11. Great interview Alex and Ububba, reminds me of why I love this site! People who love Braves baseball and so much more!

  12. What’s up with this Cincy camera crew? Maybe I’m just spoiled by the braves camera crew!

  13. Okay, THAT was a great play by Frenchy. I wish the runner had been going, too, because that throw was crazy-good.

  14. KK had bad luck on what should have been a DP grounder but shouldn’t the hook have come when it got to 6-0? Isn’t this why the team carries Parr, Carlyle, etc.?

  15. Totally off-topic, but I saw this on the web and found it remarkable:

    The Florida Marlins beat the Washington Nationals 7-4 and became the first team in Major League history to sweep a three-game series in which it trailed going into the ninth inning of each game.

  16. Is this cincy announcer drunk? He just called Prado Infante who he just announced last inning in center field!

    Is it just my imagination or is this kind of thing happening more often?

  17. Escobar getting thrown out trying to stretch that single into a double with 2 outs and Chipper coming up to bat next DOWN 8 TO 1 was really, really stupid. Him getting into scoring position wouldn’t have been the difference in the game. Though we were down 8-1, so it probably wouldn’t have mattered anyway.

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