Atlanta Braves vs. Washington Nationals – Box Score – July 05, 2009 – ESPN

Ugh, this team. Sweep the Phillies, then lose a series to the Notionals? Why? What is their problem?

The Bad Lowe showed up, allowing ten hits and four runs in 5 1/3. Forget the ground balls; he just isn’t going to be effective if he doesn’t get some hitters to swing and miss. He struck out only one. If you allow so many balls in play, you are going to have games like this. This is the third in the last five starts, I believe.

The Braves trailed 3-0, then 4-1, then 5-1. Late in the game, they started to have some chances, but couldn’t do anything. One of the main problems was that the 3-6 hitters were a collective 0-13, though they drew five walks. So through 8 2/3, they had only one run, and that on a sac fly. McLouth cut it to 5-3 with a two-run homer in the ninth, followed by a Prado single and a Chipper walk, but McCann, who is struggling by his own admission (some bad luck, but sometimes he’s getting under the ball and popping it up) grounded out on the first pitch.

Prado remains incredible, going 4-4 with a walk, doubling twice. He’s now hitting .329. He’s not perfect; he was thrown out trying to stretch a leadoff single in the eighth, an inning in which the Braves got two two-out walks after him, though Chipper grounded out before those and it probably would have been a GIDP… Diaz had two hits, one a double, and McLouth also had two hits. So basically, it was the new guy and two guys who started the season on the bench… In one of the Braves’ late opportunities, two on and one out in the seventh, the pitcher’s spot was due up. Bobby sent… Francoeur. You have to be frigging kidding me. Typically, he fouled out on the first pitch. He sucks. I mean, his other possibilities (since he wouldn’t use his one actual power hitter, Ross, in that situation) were Blanco, Conrad, and Hernandez, but when in doubt, go with the guy least likely to make an out. In basically all situations, that is the person who isn’t Francoeur, who sucks.