Josh Anderson era over before it really began

Braves trade CF Anderson to Tigers |

There’s no official announcement or anything, but it certainly would appear that Jordan Schafer will, indeed, begin the season as the regular centerfielder (and leadoff hitter?). I don’t know why the Tigers wanted Anderson enough to give up anything of note, but Rudy Darrow is an interesting middle relief prospect who might see some time in the big leagues this year, though next would seem more likely.

The Braves could do this because they still have a fallback in Gregor Blanco, who still has an option year left. Everybody is a question mark right now, with the left fielders both injury risks and Francoeur just being Francoeur, so I expect that Blanco will spend a lot of time on the I-85 Shuttle.

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  1. My dad called me yesterday and said ‘Josh Anderson is really go to turn some heads this year…’

    guess not…

  2. I’m really not sure I want to see Jordan thrown to the wolves in the leadoff spot… but I’m not sure there are really many better options available right now.

    Here’s keeping my fingers crossed that we aren’t moving Schafer along too fast… good luck to Josh and Kudos to Frank Wren for a great deal.

  3. cant believe we got this guy for Anderson. We probably would’ve released him or they could’ve gotten him a lot cheaper. Im guessing the Blanco or Gorkys era could be over sometime soon also

  4. I read that Darrow is a TJ survivor. Could explain his lack of progression in the Tigers’ system at his age.

  5. Sounds like Wren picked up a potentially promising young reliever. I like the deal. Let’s hope Schafer is ready. I think Cox will start Schafer off at the bottom of the lineup.

  6. Off the top of my head Seattle (Tacoma) and Colorado (Colorado Springs) are the only two that might be as close. According to Mapquest Tacoma is 34 miles from city center to city center, and Colorado Springs is about 70. Oh, and Pawtuckett is actually pretty damn close to Boston too, about 45 miles.

    Did I miss any?

  7. I would assume it would be today’s lineup – looks like the first real lineup with all the starters in it. Of course, there is a DH in there as well. I would just figure KJ leading off, then Yunel – Schafer batting 8th.

  8. Agree with Hate King that Schafer will bat 8th. In fact, today’s starting line-up against the Sox looks about right to me with G. Anderson in LF (not DH, obviously) and Schafer in 8th spot.

    1. KJ, 2B
    2. Escobar, SS
    3. Chipper, 3B
    4. McCann, C
    5. G. Anderson, LF
    6. Francoeur, RF
    7. Kotchman, 1B
    8. Schafer, CF

  9. I’m guessing Bobby starts Jordan off at the bottom too, and has KJ and Yunel split leadoff duties until Schafer gets more comfortable.

    @4: I highly doubt it. If we traded Gregor we’d be giving up our only other real ML-ready CF option (excepting Infante perhaps.) Gorkys will benefit from another season in the minors, and maybe a September call-up… if Schafer plays great, and Gorkys develops, then he could still compete for a job next year when Garret, Diaz and Francoeur might all possibly be on their way out (I’d say Garret for sure, and its possible either Diaz or Francoeur as well.) Even if there isn’t an opening Hernandez is likely to fetch a good deal more in trade next year than this… clubs don’t usually trade prospects for non-ML-ready guys at this time of year, and it doesn’t sound like Wren is looking to move mountains and make a big name prospects for proven players kind of deal.

  10. I found that Allentown and Philadelphia are only 64 miles apart from city center to city center.

    Toledo to Detroit is 59 miles from city center to city center.

  11. I would rather Escobar leadoff. I though KJ didn’t do well in that spot last season.

  12. Still surprised that after Gregor’s good showing on the turf in Toronto that some dome team didn’t make a run at him.

  13. Back from Miami and, boy, is my arm tired…

    If and when Blanco plays, I’m guessing he’ll bat leadoff. But I’d bat Esco first just so I don’t have to watch him bunt all the time.

  14. I think they have to keep Blanco around for insurance. Nobody in the outfield is much better than a 70 percent chance of success, and that means that almost certainly someone will fail. (.7 to the fourth power = about .24 = 75 percent chance glass will be broken in emergency.)

  15. @21

    So you keep 5 outfielders?

    I just don’t see how that is possible.

    1. McCann
    2. Kotchman
    3. KJ
    4. Escobar
    5. Chipper
    6. Frenchy
    7. Diaz
    8. Schafer
    9. Anderson (yeah, I said it…)
    10. Ross
    11. Prado
    12. Infante
    13. Norton

    Figuring a twelve man staff like usual, I just don’t see how it fits…

  16. No — as I said above, Blanco goes to Gwinnett to get called up in case of injury or flameout. You can do it all year if you like — that’s how the options system works.

  17. Ahh. You mean keep around for insurance as opposed to trading…not necessarily keeping around on the 25 man.

    My misunderstanding.

    Still, barring the aforementioned injury/flameout, #24 will probably be the opening day position players.

  18. Yeah, Mac’s spot on here. Blanco goes to Gwinnett and shuttles the interstate if someone gets hurts or flames out. Either Norton or Infante could serve as an emergency OF in a pinch, and if you get really wacky on a 20 inning game or something, Chipper and KJ have the basic skill set too.

  19. Sam:

    “Chipper and KJ have the basic skill set too.”

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO….no Chipper in the OF. Please. Please. He hits too well, and too injury-prone for him to do anything but 3B. Changing positions is a classic way to get hurt, and we already know he can get hurt in the OF.

  20. I like this move though I’m a little disappointed that Anderson didn’t get a shot with Atlanta. Something just bugs me about seeing a player come up and play well without getting a chance to see if he can maintain at or near that level of performance. At any rate, this Clarence Darrow kid looks to have some promise and of the three CF we went to camp with I believe that Wren has chosen the correct two. I’m going to agree with gadfly (just to say I’ve done it) and wish Anderson good luck with the Tigers. Big ups to Frank Wren for getting a quality prospect in a situation where we could have easily lost Anderson for nothing.

  21. @29: Haha, well why we’re agreeing I’ll agree with you. I was disappointed Anderson didn’t get more of a shot last year. I was constantly baffled as to why they couldn’t find more playing time for him, especially after Kotsay was dealt, and I always wondered if he had done something to fall out of Bobby’s good graces. I like Blanco, but I just don’t think he had as much potential for development (and value building) as Anderson would have last year.

    @28: Also agree with you here, I’d rather see Kawakami in LF than Chipper… just not worth tempting fate. We should be able to make due with Frenchy, Garret, Diaz, and Schafer, with Infante as the emergency CF and Norton as the emergency corner outfielder. In a pinch Prado has experience in LF, and McCann stood out there for a while during the WBC.

  22. J. Anderson was the guy who had to go do to the 40 man roster situation. No one was going to trade for Blanco so now Schafer has to play.
    It gets dicey though if he completely falls on his face and is batting .190 and we have to bring Blanco up to play CF.
    That is not something I really want to see happen. If Schafer can hit .250 this year I would be satisfied, anything over that is gravy.

  23. I still wouldn’t be surprised to see Blanco start the year as the CF, Schafer rake for a month or at least a few weeks and then get called up.

  24. Stephen – Saw your M-Braves preview on Chop-n-Change. With the fences supposedly being moved in at Myrtle Beach, it may not be the test for hitters it has been. Record homers there last year have to make you wonder.

    Do you think Pearl will prove to be the big test for young Braves’ hitters? They will have to simultaneously make the transition to AA and to a pretty tough pitchers park.

    Also, who is likely to be the catcher in Mississippi? Obviously, we lost Flowers. Is it Britton?

  25. mraver – That seems a possibility, but I really think the Braves are going to put the best player in center, and that is clearly Schafer. Our front office knows we lack power and that is one of Schafer’s big advantages over Blanco.

  26. right, options.
    I am excited to see this kid play, he seems pretty mature, i guess the suspension humbled him a bit since last spring training.
    Another arm in the minors is good too. Frank did a good job dumping a spare part for a potential ML relief pitcher.

    Think another trade is in the works? Can we call Detroit and offer Bennet?
    They seem to like giving us good talent.

  27. I don’t think Schafer would be best suited in the leadoff spot, either. The offense was fine with KJ and Escobar taking turns leading off, so we might as well keep doing that.

  28. Also, looking at the lineup, other than Francoeur there isn’t really a weak bat. I’m turning optimistic.

  29. the biggest mistake was the Braves not giving Anderson a better opportunity last year. He could’ve had a lot more trade value if they’d had given him more of an opportunity, however, the reverse could be said

  30. Well, we got something pretty solid for Anderson anyway. Or least better than the random flotsam I thought he would have gotten in return.

  31. @33

    I said that I like this move and no I don’t think the Braves should be committed to a player who hasn’t even come close to proving himself in the Bigs. My issue is that when the outfield situation last year was a complete disaster that Anderson didn’t get more playing time which is basically the same issue I have with the Brandon Jones situation come to think of it. Basically, Francoeur sucks.

  32. Hey everyone,

    I hope I’m not re-posting here, but Baseball Musings put this great link to a Yankees blog with season W-L projections based on several different performance projection tools:

    Almost all of the tools project the Braves to finish second in the division and in position for the wild card. The CAIRO system even had the Braves tied with the Mets in W-L record when simmed over 6000 seasons.

  33. Kudos to the org for going with the better performing player, and to Wren for bringing back a piece that might really be useful. Darrow’s got 103.2 IPs in pro ball w/ 101 Ks and a 2.62 ERA, 1.19 WHIP, 3.1 K/BB, is 24/25 years old, at AA. Right handed.

    Wish Anderson the best, there should be a place for a player like him, with the right club.

    Shouldn’t the White Sox have been the ones calling us, though? Are they really going to go with DeWayne Wise as their CF?

  34. Well..Trenton , NJ is not far from NYC. And Potrland, Maine from Boston? Also, Vegas is 30 mins by flight from LA?

    I passed by stadium exit last weekend, (exit 115? ). Bunch of UGA people might show up if they can stop obsessing about the next high school quarterback. Its about 35-40 mins from Athens.

  35. And to add, I think this move sends the right message through the system. If you are ready and there is a hole, you will play.
    Sending both Hanson and Schafer down, ostensibly for money reasons, wouldn’t impress the players much on a personal level.

    Will ST never end? I am so ready for the season! This week is the worst.

  36. Still a bit worried about the K’s and hitting lefties, but hopefully he can make some strides this year with the big club.

  37. I guess when DOB starts speculating there is some fact behind it. I was never sold on Jeff Anderson but this is a big gamble for the Braves. See Mac Thomason’s 5 questions over at Chop n Change. Mac now that it has happened for real does this still smack of desperation?

    There is some precedent. Some good and some bad. Furcal was promoted after 3 games at AA. And Jeff Francouer of course straight from Pearl.

    Hopefully the Braves are due one if it is every other prospect.

    On Gwinnet. This has to be the only instance of a triple A team being in the same Metropolitan area as the big club?

  38. Making the move in spring training is different. It’s when you commit to a decision and go back on it before it has a chance to work that you’re being desperate.

  39. #48

    As much as I hate the Mets—and make no mistake, I hate the Mets—it’s a function of the ridiculous new ticket prices, not level of fan support.

  40. Brian McCann didn’t have much time above Myrtle Beach. But he’s also Pimpbot 16, so I kind of doubt that’s the norm.

  41. the making of the pitching staff in Gwinnet has to be one of the best of any AAA club doesnt it?

  42. any speculation on what Chipper would be making? 10m per would be pretty good for both sides, I hope it isnt much higher

  43. Chipper will be getting more than $10M/year. Look for $13-15MM average over the life of the contract.

  44. he plays 120-130 games max, declining ecomony, he’ll be 40 when the contract expires….you may be right, but I hope not

  45. I hope I’m wrong, but I can see it happening. Chipper knows from a public relations and fanbase standpoint that the Braves need to allow him to retire a Brave. Therefore, he holds most of the leverage in salary negotiations and the Braves are likely to cave to his demands. I hope it will be more in the $11-12MM range or if it is an average $13-15MM/year, at least front-load the contract.

  46. I hope Chipper gets paid. He’s been ‘underpaid’ for most of the years on his various contracts. He’s deferred money for the betterment of the team. Chipper, like Smoltz is somebody worth taking a risk on. I hope he gets something like 3/45-50.

  47. Will Ohman signed a MINOR league deal for about $1.5M (including next year’s buyout of a $2M option).

    That’s a ridiculously good deal. I sure hope O’Flarety is a capable LOOGY…..

    I should also add: nice deal for Anderson. I read Sickel’s writeup of Darrow, and I’m starting to think that between Marek, Darrow, and Medlen, we’ve got some quality relief pitching in the minors. I wouldn’t be surprised to see us deal a Blaine Boyer or something at some point this year if only to make room for one of these minor league guys.

  48. Yahoo sports is saying 3 years, $42 mil, which sounds about right to me. $36/3 would be really nice, but a lot of mediocre players are getting that now, and Chipper is still elite offensively those 130 games.

    And purely from the sentimental, fan PoV: Let one of Chipper and Smoltz end a career Brave, at least.


  49. mraver: a ridiculously good deal for who? I can guarantee you Ohman wasn’t jumping to sign that deal.

    I guess he was tired of waiting.

  50. Like I said earlier Chipper deserves it. This isn’t paying an over the hill icon (Glavine) when there are better, cheaper, younger players waiting in the wings.

    Year/Fangraphs value/Salary

    ’02 $17.2/$11.3
    ’03 $12.2/$13.3
    ’04 $10.5/$15.3
    ’05 $16.6/$16.1
    ’06 $16.2/$12.3
    ’07 $29.4/$12.3
    ’08 $34.0/$12.3

    Total $136.1/$93.1

    Bottom line is pay the man. You know what, there is not a doubt in my mind that if Chipper feels that he’s lost it in the third year of the deal, he’ll retire. He’s not going to stick around just to stick around. Chipper won’t go out like that.

    I hope the news is true, because after Smoltz leaving, the next worse thing would have been to see Chipper play in another uniform. There is also the fact that there isn’t a successor waiting in the wings either. Does anybody want the Eric Campbell era to start next year, or the Omar Infante starting 3B era to start ?

  51. @65 & 66: My guess, and it is just a guess, is instead of front-loading the contract will be heavy on deferred payments. Chipper wants to retire as a Brave, and he really wants to compete again, and he knows that if the club is paying $15 million for an aging third basemen they might not have the money around to keep the team as competitive. Look for something spread out over the next 10 years or so, though the initial reports likely won’t disclose much, or get that deep into the details.

    @67: I think Marek, Medlen and Darrow could all benefit from another full season in the minors. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Medlen, or maybe Marek up to fill in for an injured arm, and I’d bet both are up in September, but I don’t think the Braves will deal a guy like Boyer just because they feel they can.

  52. I like the trade–but I am with Gadfly in being cautious about having Schafer begin the season in Atlanta. I know he looks great this spring, but then Spring Training numbers don’t mean a lot.

    I don’ t think it would hurt to let Blanco keep the position open until Schafer gets a bit more experience under his belt….

  53. Very nice deal for the Braves. Darrow sounds like a nice reliever but I am even more happy about Schafer starting in CF which shows that the Braves want to win this year. I am convinced that Schafer will have a decent rookie-season. He looks ready.

  54. Parish #37–Point taken; however, Myrtle Beach has been a pitchers’s park not only because of the fences, but also the humid air and sea breezes (the latter blows in and not out) and the combination has been really tough on hitters.

    As I noted over at Chop N’ Change in my post on AA, I would not be surprised to see some of our hitters continue to improve. Between Owings, Mejia, Cabrera, and Rodriquez, I think that the Braves will find out that they have at least one strong prospect. Add Hernandez, Campbell, Jones and Hicks and it should be a interesting season in Pearl.

    I think Britton might be the catcher. If he can improve his hitting, he might become good enough to be a reserve at the big league level….

  55. Stephen, what’s the difference between Britton and Sammons?

    Kudos to Wren for signing Chipper to an extension.

  56. From the press release:

    “The hard-throwing side-arm pitcher posted an outstanding ground ball-to-fly ball ratio of 4.8 last season. As a point of reference, Arizona’s Brandon Webb led all Major League pitchers with 3.2 GB/FB ratio in 2008, while Derek Lowe ranked second at 2.6.”

    He’s also given up just one HR in 103.2 professional innings. Sounds like he could eventually fill the old Clontz/Gryboski role of reliever to bring in with runners on base.

  57. Is there a site that lists all the transaction Wren has made as a GM?

    The ones he executes seem to be decent overall.

  58. Oh, I think Wren has been a fine GM. The only people who talk about this business of him not being “respected” by other GMs/agents or whatever are Braves fans, and mostly those on this site. He has yet to do anything worse than, say, the Glavine deal, and in the scheme of things, that’s hardly franchise-crippling. He’s solidly in the upper half to upper third of GMs at this point, IMO.

  59. #55 – Nocahoma, I also cannot believe there are people on Bravesjournal upset we dealt Janderson. Wow, just wow is RIGHT.

    I’m on here to give my official KUDOS to Frank Wren on a fantastic trade. I am as critical of him as anyone, but Janderson was USELESS. A speed guy who can’t get on base. Schafer was kicking his butt in every facet of the game this Spring and I was fearing daily he’d be shoved back to the minors for the useless Janderson.

    And to get a kid with the numbers like Darrow? Wow…I would have been happy to trade Janderson for a fringe guy but Darrow si a great pick up. We are really loaded in our farm system right now…great to see and plenty of pitching trade bait.

    Will Ohman.

    I have never hated the Dodgers to the level that Mac hates them but the Ohman deal is pushing it over the top for me. However, I suppose we have Wren and Bobby to blame here who’ve been futzing around with two cruddy lefties in Logan and O’Flaherty as each keeps getting his arse handed to him in S.T.

    I am going to endorse AAR’s idea that we go ahead and move Jo Jo Reyes to that role – I think he could be a very effective LOOGY and we clearly need one now.

  60. The Anderson trade caught me by surprise. I guess being a skeptic led me to believe that the Braves FO would choose economics over on-the-field product and send down Schafer just to delay his arbitration clock. Kudos to Wren for letting the three CF options compete and then for making an unambiguous decision. Even better that Darrow may be worth something. Looks to me like getting Darrow also takes a little pressure off getting Ohman, although I wouldn’t be upset if we still sign him for $1.5M or so.

  61. Oh, darn, well I guess the fact that Ohman signed with the Dodgers will take all of the pressure off trying to sign him.

  62. #84

    Jeff K, is Darrow is a RIGHTY. He’s obviously a great pick up but Darrow doesn’t solve our LOOGY/Middle Lefty issue.

    The only “In-House” solution is the one brought forward by AAR – Jo Jo Reyes.

    O’Flaherty and Logan are NOT solutions.

  63. I’m thankful for the Anderson trade so that we won’t have any more of the Anderson mutations … Jandernson, Ganderson, etc. … mutations on the thread. I’m also thankful b/c I think he was the least valuable of the 3 candidates.

    67–instead of getting Darrow for this year and forcing a trade of Boyer, I think it is more of a forward looking move to next year when a few of the relievers are free agents (Soriano for example) and likely will not be retained.

  64. Why couldn’t Phil Stockman be healthy?

    Why?!? WHY?!?

    Stephen, with the departure of Flowers, seems like the next legit catching prospect may be Christian Bethancourt, who they were raving about at Baseball America.

    Do you think Kennelly has potential?

    I guess we will see how Myrtle Beach plays this year. Moving in the fences certainly would change the context of historical MB stats.

    I do hope the power is as good as it looks at AA, because we sure lack it above.

  65. #90

    Wow…really? I’d want him back but I suspect we won’t.

    Wow…and does this mean that JOSH FREAKING ANDERSON is now the reason the Tigers dumped Sheffield!??!?!?! Holy schnikeys.

  66. I am trying to think of how any team could make sense of acquiring Janderson (got it in again) to ditch Sheffield.

  67. I put together most of Frank’s more significant trades and signings:

    As you can see, some are duds but most are pretty nice moves.

  68. My only real problem with Wren has been minor. It’s the throw-ins he’s made on some deals that seemed a little lopsided to begin.

    Kotsay for Devine (plus Jamie Richmond)
    Aybar for Ridgway (plus Chase Fontaine)

    I readily admit that these are minor issues that will probably not impact us in the long run. Maybe Wren just thought we had too many pitchers or middle infield prospects.

  69. 67–instead of getting Darrow for this year and forcing a trade of Boyer, I think it is more of a forward looking move to next year when a few of the relievers are free agents (Soriano for example) and likely will not be retained.

    In addition to the free agents (Soriano and Gonzalez), most of the other guys become arbitration-eligible for the first time. Now is a very good time to build bullpen depth.

  70. Thanks for the correction, AAR, I misread earlier posts and thought Darrow is a lefty. With this, I also correct my comment about Ohman. I say we pull a Furcal: kidnap Ohman and make him pitch for us.

  71. sdp – Thanks for the list. I feel you left some things out, like the Garrett Anderson signing.

    Based on your list with that one addition, I feel like Wren has made:

    11 good moves
    5 bad moves
    3 I’m neutral about
    3 non-moves, really.

    I know that most of those moves call for debate, but that’s the record of a good GM.

  72. #94 – Wren signed Campillo at some point last offseason didnt he? Didnt see his name listed

  73. #100 – it becomes a better question of what RH bat would you want to platoon with Ganderson, Diaz or Sheffield?

  74. RE: Chipper

    They’re saying 3 years at “around 40MM”

    Say 42MM. That’s about 14 MM per. Probably a little higher than I would’ve wanted, but it’s not crazy and it’s Chipper.

    I’m good

  75. Didn’t Sheff play 3rd for awhile?

    Did he wear out his welcome when he was here before?

  76. #97

    Actually, a correction. I am not AAR – JUST AR.

    I am his far less intelligent older (not related) brother :-) But I consider that a major compliment to be confused with him. I hope AAR isn’t too insulted!

    I hope Wren figures out something (Frank – Jo Jo Reyes!!!!) because otherwise, a team that’s pretty much sured itself up all over the roster will have an open, festering wound if we don’t have a 2nd, competent lefthander in the pen.

  77. Say what you want, but I think he’s made good deals. The Kotsay deal pretty much sucked, but I see why Aybar was dealt and I like all the other deals. Oh well…

  78. AR – I’m still worried about the team’s ability to hit the tough left-handers in the division. A LOOGY is a valuable piece, but if we can’t figure out the hitting, it will be a minor problem.

  79. Parish,

    I agree that we need a righty power bat. AHEM, Sheffield.

    I do think our starting pitching, 1-5, even without the amazing Tommy Hanson, has a chance to be REALLY good and far deeper than the Mets or Phils.

    While we need a big bopper in the middle to make our lineup better, I think our starting pitching can be good enough to offset the lineup being just OK and not studly.

    The lack of a second lefthander in the pen while on the surface appears to be a minor issue, can absolutely come back to haunt teams in late, close games. That’s why I felt bringing Will Ohman back was so critical.

  80. 106 – Rob, also among my bad deals for Wren are the signings of Glavine and Garrett Anderson. I gave him a “bad” on the Tex deal, too, though it’s hard to judge what was really available.

    AR – We need improvement from our lineup to make the pitching hold up, obviously in the outfield. Also, I think we have to have very healthy years for Chipper and McCann.

  81. As far as I’m concerned, the best deal Wren made is one he didn’t do–not overpaying (even more than he was apparently willing to) for Peavy.

    I’m reasonably optimistic about the season, but I think a big key is getting some RH productivity out of Diaz and Francoeur so the team isn’t exposed against lefties. I do find the bullpen a bit unsettling b/c of injury history and inconsistency.

  82. Parish,

    Yes and no. All those teams that won in the 90’s did mostly with GREAT starting pitching and mediocre hitting.

    Now in no way am I saying the Lowe/Kawakami/Vazquez/Jurrgjens group is as good as say the mid 90’s version of Maddux/Glavine/Smoltz/Millwood, however, it appears as though it will be very good, maybe a step below, and our two chief rivals each have a lefthanded ace with elbow issues, and very questionable starting pitching talent behind both Johann Santana and Cole Hamel.

    (admittedly, I’d rather have the Mets or the Phillies lineup than ours).

    But I maybe an optimist but I think Jordan Schafer is the real deal and possibly an x-Factor if he puts up big numbers and turns himself into a top flight ROY candidate. Also, I think Yunel Escobar will be even better and gasp, I suspect Frenchy won’t be great, but closer to 2006 and 2007 than last year.

    Assuming 130 games (I know, a big assumption) from Chipper and McCann each, we have a chance to take back our division from those friggin loudmouth rivals of ours. A chance. I like our chances even more that ESPN is not giving us one and is ONLY talking about the Mets and Phillies.

    I dunno, I’d be nervous if I had a superstar ace who was having “elbow issues” and not much starting depth behind them.

  83. I don’t think Sheffield wore out his welcome; the Braves were cutting payroll and they weren’t going to pay him what he wanted. Shef is one of the best right-handed bats of this generation and he was fantastic during the 2003 regular season but, at this point, I can’t see the point of bringing in a 40 year old who really is a DH and who is likely to be increasingly unhappy as his skills diminish and he doesn’t play as much.

    But, no doubt, this team is going to struggle to score runs unless a miracle happens with both Chipper and Frenchy, ie, one stays healthy, the other learns to hit.

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