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  1. Still, a decent move by the Rangers although they overpaid, which is something expected for any pitcher because of the conditions there.

  2. I heard Millwood got 5/60, which made me go, in the immortal words of Jon Stewart, “WHAAAAAAA?!!” Orioles and Red Sox fans are pissing and moaning, but come on, if those terms are true, that’s ridiculous. He’s solid, but he’s not worth that much. What a waste of money. Chan Ho Park, anyone?

  3. If Millwood’s arm immediately falls off, he’s Chan Ho Park. But money aside, I think it’s a good pickup for them. He’s immediately their best pitcher. Maybe they swing a deal for someone else. (We got a lefty if they want him–pretty scary idea, huh?) Lord knows that team can swing the stick.

    Still, I’m not sure why anyone would wanna pitch in that stadium.

  4. Gammons is saying 4/$48m with a team option for a 5th year at $12m. Texas can void it based upon an innings pitched clause, which makes me figure that it’s a “suck or hurt” type-of-clause designed to protect them if he’s really bad or simply can’t pitch. They overpaid, but they probably have to in order to get anyone to pitch there. We’ll see if Millwood can come anywhere close to what he did this year; at the least, his wins should increase some, leading Joe Morgan to exclaim that he’s a much better pitcher this year (ugh).

  5. I’m hiring Boras tomorrow. Maybe he can get an upgrade on my health insurance.

    We all dump on the guy, but he sure gets the job done and then some.

  6. Millwood is good pitcher and I am happy for him….but I thought that Texas has already had enough experience with Boras to know better.

  7. Well I hope everyone had a good Christmas (those of you who are into that)

    Glad to see the Mets add stupid players!

  8. Big Rummor!


    “Ryan Langerhans- the Indians are set to acquire him from ATL for David Riske…the move means CLE is preparing to send Coco Crisp to BOS possibly for Andy Marte or pitching”

    Riske is Dan Kolb part 2. He blew 7 saves at last season. He would be a great set-up guys though. Which could mean that Reitsma is going to close.

  9. Millwood did win the ERA title last year, and he wasn’t pitching in Chavez Ravine. But that’s a lot of years for a guy who’s had arm problems.

    Seen the Langerhans rumor. Riske’s a much better risk (sorry) than Kolb was. Before last year, he’d always been a strikeout-an-inning guy, and while his strikeouts were down last year his control was excellent.

    Riske did not blow a save last year. He had one save and no holds, which suggests some very odd usage for a guy with a 3.10 ERA.

  10. Looking at the reports, nobody’s actually got any information that Riske would be the player headed to Atlanta. This seems to have started just because Rotoworld wrote that they “wouldn’t be surprised” if it was Riske, and that probably because the Indians were considering nontendering him at one point. It could just as easily be Ben Broussard, another player they thought about cutting loose, if the Braves have tired of LaRoche.

  11. Thanks Jenny–it really puts things in perspective. Reardon now joins Rick Camp in the Hall of Shame for ex-Brave relievers. No telling what Rocker’s future holds…

  12. I see where the Indians are looking to get Langerhans so they can trade Coco Crisp to the Redsox for ” a package of players including Andy Marte”.

    Why don’t the Braves just trade Langerhans direct to the Bosox for Marte even up?

  13. And don’t forget that Pat Jarvis, Dekalb County’s former sheriff, went to jail for receiving kickbacks. But then he was a starter . . . .

  14. at least denny mclain was running doing the kingpin thing. This just sounds pathetic. Not to mention, I think the braves were going to bring him in next week for a look/see.

    If the Mclain-Reardon measure of baseball success corrolating to criminal syndicate hierarchy holds true, John Rocker is having heroin stuffed prophylactics crammed in to his pooper at this very moment.

  15. Too bad Kolb couldn’t have done something like that last season, we would have won 7 more games!

  16. naw, one game max.

    Kolb would have walked in and handed the clerk his gun and walked out emptyhanded. i say a few days psych evaluation, and he’s declared fit to blow 2-run leads by the weekend.

  17. Reardon now joins Rick Camp in the Hall of Shame

    He joined it Oct 18, 1992 and became president Oct 20.

  18. hey the one question everyone is forgetting to ask about the Reardon Arrest…
    Who set up the crime? Obviously he was capable of closing the deal, but someone had to get him to the scene of the crime.

  19. I have a buddy that swears Ryan Klesko had an affair with Wohlers wife, thus causing his career breakdown. If that’s true, then my guess is Wohlers isnt shooting anyone at this point.

  20. My guess, by looking at the mug shot is that Reardon has become a crackhead/homeless person…..pretty far fall if you ask me, but it is Florida, home of Sammy Smith, so go figure

  21. Not to make light of a tragic situation, but after looking at the mug shot, if the regular police didn’t get him, the fashion police would have.

    Last time I saw a picture like that, it was an age progression of Elvis Presley in the World Weekly News.

    But sorry to hear of the loss of his son. That would be tough on anyone.

  22. I have a buddy that swears Ryan Klesko had an affair with Wohlers wife, thus causing his career breakdown. If that’s true, then my guess is Wohlers isnt shooting anyone at this point.

    Why wouldn’t he shoot Klesko? :-)

  23. ???

    thats why i assumed wohlers homicidal instincts were missing. the way he was saving games, what jury would convict.

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