No formal announcement as yet, but it appears that Johnny Estrada is headed for the DL. McCann would presumably take over as the everyday catcher. There are two possibilities on the 40-man to take over as the backup. The choices are a guy who can’t throw and can’t hit, Eddie Perez, or a guy who can’t throw but might hit, Brayan Pena. I think it will be Pena, but I can’t be sure. Since Perez hits righty and Pena is a switchhitter, they could platoon, but more likely the replacement will be assigned one starter to work with. If it’s Perez, I think they’d team him with Sosa. If it’s Pena, maybe Ramirez, maybe Hudson. Since Hampton holds runners the best, I’d go with him with the bad thrower, but then we don’t know if his back is up to snuff.