Hudson, Millwood still on Braves’ radar |

First off, maybe the Braves are interested in Sammy Sosa, but why would they trade Andruw Jones to get him? Create a hole in center to fill the hole in right? You’d need Andruw to cover for Sosa’s defense anyway. I don’t buy it, and it sounds like wishful thinking in Chicago, where the Cubs can’t give Sosa away.

Second, it appears at least 50/50 that Kevin Millwood will return to Atlanta, probably on a one-year deal worth about $5 million. Given that he’d be returning so that Leo can fix him, if he’s still repairable, maybe Kevin should pay the Braves for service.

They might still try to get Hudson, but it seems that they aren’t going to trade Giles to do it. They might be trying to get into a three or four way deal using prospects sent to other teams to get him, but those are hard to do.

One possibility not to rule out is a problem-for-problem switch, with someone taking Mike Hampton off the Braves’ hands as part of a deal.