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  1. Put it this way. I would sure rather have Brian Jordan than Eli Marrero, and damned if they aren’t making similar money.

    Then again, maybe this is the year Eli gets that career OBA up over 30%. Or maybe he will get 250-300 at-bats and keep getting out like it was his job.

  2. Look at it this way. Matthwes Jr. is making $800,000 and Jordan is making 1.3 million, a marginal difference. I’d rather have Jordan coming off my bench than Matthews Jr. He could fill in whe Drew inevitably gets injured with little offensive drop. He could stay healthy with the drop in playing time and as a pinch hitter, I’d rather have Jordan up at the plate than Matthews Jr. If you’re going to loose Sheff, at least go for a more offensive backup outfielder than Matthews Jr.

  3. Man, who knew that Eli Marrero could inspire such vitrol. Guy hasn’t even suited up yet and half the fan base already hates him. Who says the Braves don’t have passionate fans?

    Besides, how can you not like a guy who’s two most similar players through at his age are Benji Gil and Don Zimmer?

  4. Sure, if you think Jordan would settle for a backup role. And if you think his various supporters wouldn’t be calling for the Braves to bench that Drew bum and play him everyday.

  5. The same Brian Jordan that burnt bridges on his way out of Atlanta after being outraged about the Gary Sheffield trade?

  6. So lemme get this straight. Jordan will be making $3.75M this year (guaranteed!), Buck Showalter is still *alive*, and the Braves got the AA twins?

    I… I… I got nuthin’.

  7. Mac, speaking of right field, Mike Hessman is listed as a right-fielder. What are your thoughts on him as a utilityman, possibly a part-time third baseman?

  8. I’m not Mac, but the general consensus is that Mike Hessman is basically a taller Wes Helms. I don’t know if Hessman can play right field, but such versatility is likely the only way he’ll have a lengthy career in the majors.

  9. The Braves seemingly don’t think of him as part of the third base picture, so it’s utilityman that’s supposed to give him any career he’ll have. Personally, I think he’s slightly different than Helms — he’ll hit for a lower average but will take an occasional walk and has a little more raw power — but the results are pretty much the same. He’s good enough with the bat to play third for 4-6 years until his swing slows down — much like Helms — so the question is defense.

  10. You have to look at the competition Hessman will have for the utility spot. The Braves are loosing DeRosa, M. Franco, Bragg, and Blanco off the bench. DeRosa will likely get third. Marrero will get the spot DeRosa vacated, Matthews Jr. will get Bragg’s spot, and Perez will get Blanco’s spot. That leaves only Franco’s spot to fill. Barring a free agent or another trade, the last bench spot will be given to a rookie. Hessman will compete with Betemit, Marte, and possibly Kelly Johnson for the utility role. Barring an explosive preseason, Marte and Johnson will probably be sent back to the minors to develop more, as they should be. It will come down to Betemit and Hessman and will depend on which one has the better March. Hessman has more versatility than Betemit but unless I’m mistaken, Betemit is out of options. I’d put my money on Betemit to win the utility role because even in spite of his failure in the minors, the Braves won’t want to loose him. He still may be part of a trade this offseason but if not Hessman will probably be in Richmond and Betemit in Atlanta.

  11. I agree with Sam, Betemit will likely win the utility role in Atlanta. Matthews is the only left handed pinch hitter (actually switch). So Betemit would be valuable for that reason plus his speed and ability to play shortstop, second base, and third base. Also, he has an outside chance of winning the third base job. With all of that said, I wouldn’t be sad if we packaged him and one of our prospect pitchers and got someone like Tony Armas in return.

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