Braves 4, Mets 2

ESPN – Mets vs. Braves – Box Score – September 20, 2008

That’s more like it. The Braves took a 3-0 lead in the first, and actually held on. When the Mets cut it to 3-2, the Braves actually got out of Hibernation Mode long enough to get an insurance run. Weird.

With Chipper still sitting out, the Braves put together a first-inning rally. Anderson, who had the best day he’s had in awhile, Slugging Third Baseman Martin Prado, and KJ all scored and eight men came to the plate. Of course, it was Hibernation Mode from there, but Campillo looked to make it hold up. He made one mistake, a two-out two-run double from Pedro Martinez of all people in the sixth.

They got an insurance run in the seventh, Anderson driving in B-Jones, and the bullpen was solid. Ohman got one man but gave up a hit, but after that Bennett got through the rest of the seventh and all the eighth with no damage. Gonzalez pitched the ninth, and struck out two in getting the save.

Pujols was 0-3 with a walk. Chipper has an 11-point lead in BA and ten in OBP.

14 thoughts on “Braves 4, Mets 2”

  1. A) it was a good game to watch, especially with Glavine in the booth (they almost HAVE to bring Glavine and Smoltz into the booth together when they retire)
    B) only 7 posts on the game thread?!?!?!

    C) did it get mentioned from Smoltz on the mic the other night how he said “I know I wouldn’t be a good manager, but if I were everybody on MY team would be able to get down a bunt.” ???

  2. VU continues to win without a passing offense and with an increasing number of injuries. We’re about to be ranked for the first time since 1984, and we’ve got two weeks to (hopefully) get healthier before hosting Auburn at home. I will enjoy this while it lasts.

    PS: How about Ryan Hamilton’s game? 3 picks, 1 TD, 1 forced and recovered fumble, and one tackle on a pivotal 4th-and-goal from the 1. Wow.

  3. sweet win, was bartending with a Mets fan and i really enjoyed this win quite a bit.
    Josh Anderson has some wheels, he beat out that play to first by Delgado, he has a right to be pissed.
    He should be our CF next year, no doubt,
    RF and LF will be horrible though, Brandon Jones swings at breaking balls like Francouer.

  4. Stu–Don’t be too pessimistic: Vandy really does have a chance to get ranked and appear in a bowl. I watched the Ga. Tech-MSU game (the only one available here) and they are very beatable–as is Duke. Vandy really does have a chance….

    And How Bout Them Dawgs!

  5. oldtimer,
    Ja, I just got in from a night of clubbing.

    Went to an amazing place on the river that borders East and West Berlin. It was called the Watergate, which offered plenty of amusement.

  6. Re Anderson as the regular CF–no thanks. He has a .328 obp while Blanco has a .369 obp. Of course it’d be nice to have an upgrade over both of them.

  7. I don’t think I’m pessimistic, Stephen. As I said, we’ll be ranked for the next two weeks, and if we get some key guys healthy, we can keep this momentum going. But I’m realistic. We’re really banged up and we’re entering the tough part of our schedule. As we learned in 2005, you can’t count on a bowl game until you’ve got all the necessary wins in the bag.

    Florida’s the only game left that I just don’t see us having much of a chance in if we get healthy.

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