ESPN – Braves vs. Phillies – Box Score – July 27, 2008

A lot happened in this one. The main thing is that Brian McCann left the game after being hurt on a collision at home plate with Satan Shane Victorino. My initial thought was that it was a concussion, but X-rays were taken of Brian’s neck. If he had a neck injury, it is yet again evidence of the incompetence of the Braves training staff, as they let him walk off the field. (UPDATE: Carroll at the AJC says that the X-rays are negative and that Brian has a mild concussion. If you’ve followed the doing in the NFL over the last couple of decades, or for that matter in Queens this year, you’ll know that (a) sports teams aren’t always the best judges of such things, and (b) there is no such thing as a “mild” concussion. They call it a “concussion” because it sounds nicer than BRUISED BRAIN. This season is over; there is no reason to rush him back.)

Victorino, when he wasn’t playing overly hard and getting our best players hurt, was doing his usual kill-the-Braves routine, including a three-run homer. The game was delayed for nearly two hours with two out in the bottom of the second. When play resumed, Jorge Campillo, one of the Braves’ better pitchers, had been replaced by Jo-Jo Reyes, who is not. The Braves went out to 5-0 lead with two runs in the first and back-to-back homers by KJ and Infante in the fourth, but Reyes gave up two homers in the bottom of the fourth to tie it. Tavarez (who got the loss) gave up a solo shot in the fifth, then Ring and Boyer did what they did yesterday and allowed a bunch of runs — five, this time — in the sixth. Carlyle gave up one in the seventh.

The Braves actually rallied, loading the bases in the eighth and then — amazingly — getting runs out of the situation. Infante doubled in a run, Blanco walked with the bases loaded, and then Prado (pinch-hitting for Carlyle, in Teixeira’s spot after he’d been double-switched out in an apparent lost cause) hit a flare that turned into a bases-clearing double thanks to a Prado by the right fielder. That was it, though. Francoeur, who sucks, did walk with one out in the ninth (one of two on the day, but I have decided that his walks are totally random events that occur when he decides not to swing, and not evidence of judgment) but that was it.

I hate this team.