21 thoughts on “Game thread: Aug. 24, FAIL at Cardinals”

  1. I do object to calling the team the Atlanta FAIL, as un-baseball a name as could be and one better suited to a hockey or WNBA team. Couldn’t we at least call them the FAILs?

  2. AAR, I also perceive the problem with a singular name for a Major League Baseball team. It is inconsistent with the years of tradition in both Leagues.

    However, the near total drop in effort and the never ending search to make sure that some part of the team can perform sufficiently poorly to assure losses seem to be far beyond the traditions of Major League bseball as well.

    Mac’s inconsistent name is consistent with this teams’s consistent failure of inconsistent proportions.

  3. Don’t worry. At least we can look forward to a Falcon’s team that is dead last in the league. And then, there is the Hawks, who without Childress, will be worse than last year. Oh boy! Is it 1989 again?

  4. I just did a nice little graph of Chipper and Pujols’s BA this year and put it up at Chop-n-Change. Pujols hasn’t crept up on Chipper so much as consistently hit .350 all year — while Chipper has seen his average head south since mid-June.

  5. I giant LOL at the suggestion in the previous thread that Strasburg has better stuff than Price. Better than Andrew Miller maybe, but certainly not Price.

    Also, I’m personally hoping Tate lasts until the Braves pick in next year’s draft. Contrary to a suggestion in a previous thread, he’s a better prospect than Francoeur was.

  6. I think that the Hawks will be better than last year, not worse. Childress is a pretty ordinary player, and any loss will be more than made up for by the additions of Mo Evans and others and by experience gains from Horford, Law, and Williams.

  7. At this very early stage I am hoping for Tate as well…I just hope that he does not want to play football…

  8. Walk Francoeur to get to Reyes? Just because you play the Braves/Fail doesn’t mean you have to think like ’em.

  9. The Hawks will miss Childress very much, IMO. At best, they’ll still be a sub-.500 8-seed with the improvement you’re talking about, Mac, whereas Childress + that improvement might = a legitimately good team.

    Agree with you about the Falcons, who should also be looking for a good draft position to start getting some linemen on both sides of the ball.

  10. The Hawks do one thing really well: Run.

    More crucially, they don’t do another thing at all: Play defense.

    Unfortunately for the Hawks, the first part depends a lot on the second.

  11. Like I said before….King Albert will win the batting title bc he is the better hitter. Nothing against Chipper….

  12. I liked Childress, but he’s basically been the same player since he came into the league, and I don’t think he had a lot of “upside” — so maybe he’s the kind of player you should cut loose once he’s looking to get paid. The “Hawks got punked” meme fits like the oldest shoes in my closet, though, so it’s an easy one to go with.

  13. Well, Chipper isn’t helped by losing his “protection” for the last couple months of the season with Tex gone. I have to give it to Pujols though, he has been the more consistent hitter this season, with less up/down in his monthly splits, but I still hope Chipper can turn it back around (which I think is probably easier with McCann hitting clean-up instead of when Norton is).

  14. Chipper has been struggling since well before he lost his so-called “protection.” I suspect he has really not be healthy the second half with his leg problems and all. In any event, he has been very ordinary since June. I never thought he would hit .400 but at this rate he will end up at .330–not all that good considering where he was. It’s just consistent with everyone on this team just being awful. The lack of power on this team is extraordinary–it’s like the Braves are in a time warp.

  15. Pujols just walked, then struck up a conversation with our first sacker. What I wouldn’t pay to be in on that conversation between the first- and third-best hitters in the NL.

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