24 thoughts on “I really wish this season would just end already game thread: Aug. 3, Brewers at Braves”

  1. Look at it this way, Mac, as they say, that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Next year (assuming this year doesn’t kill us) we will be stronger. :)

  2. I’ve always believed that what doesn’t kill you just makes you weaker, so that the next thing will come along and kill you. But whatever. Um…go Braves…

  3. Is it not crazy that the Braves still have a positive run differential for the season? What also blows my mind is that Washington, Cincinnati, San Diego, San Francisco, and potentially Pittsburgh are all almost as or equally bad as are the Braves–at least once McCann comes back. Of course, the Braves only have two starting pitchers who can get past the 5th. So there’s that.

  4. waiting for you to post the Atlantic City video, mac…

    “Now our luck may have died and our love may be cold
    But with you forever Ill stay
    We’re goin’ out where the sands turnin’ to gold
    Put on your stockings baby, `cause the nights getting cold
    And everything dies, baby, thats a fact
    But maybe everything that dies someday comes back”

  5. Think of this year as 1989 or ’90 (One must hope.).

    We need the rest of this year to christen the next wave of pitching. 20 years from now, we will be talking about whether Hanson, Jurrjens, and Morton will all retire at the same time and enter the Hall together.

  6. I think the problem with using run differential during the season to evaluate teams at any given time is that teams change as the season goes on. They get better or worse. The Braves are obviously worse now, in part because of the injuries, than they were earlier in teh season. Their overall run differential clearly doesn’t reflect the kind of team they are at this moment.

  7. Speaking of the HOF, I will be in Cooperstown on Tuesday. Any suggestions (besides the obvious)?

  8. Or for those of us that hate Springsteen and think he is the most overrated artist ever, fortunately. :)

  9. Parish–Book you motel ASAP–if you have not already done so. When I visited Cooperstown not so long ago there was a shortage of quality accommodations. Even though we stayed in a dump it was a great trip and one that I hope to soon repeat….

  10. Speaking of adding cheer to conversations, did I mention that Craig Counsel is an anti-christ (he’s not the only one, however). I loathe players like him; they hit .230 year after year, but save most of their hits for the Braves. Ugggh.

  11. @3 – Morton pitched very well yesterday and got through 7. I know it has been a rare occurence, but that would make 3 pitchers…

  12. And I can’t believe that Campillo has been one of the top pitchers in all of baseball this year – amazing the Mariners couldn’t find a roster spot for him. The Mariners!?!?

  13. In fairness to the Mariners, nobody that I have heard of predicted that Campillo would be any good, much less this good, at the beginning of the season.

  14. I gotta do my annual trek to Atlantic City next weekend—a convention—and my ritual is to go into the Irish Pub on the Boardwalk, punch up “Atlantic City” on the jukebox & order a Guinness. First thing I do after checking into the hotel.

    The place employs a leprechaun, who hands out flyers on the Boardwalk. But you can usually see him in the pub, hunched over the bar, cigarette in hand, shillelagh leaning on his barstool.

    Always a little surreal whenever I walk in there. The Boss is singing, “Well, they blew up the Chicken Man in Philly last night…,” and there’s a drunk leprechaun that everyone is ignoring. Weird.

  15. Anytime you’ve got a pitcher that can hit any spot he wants, especially with that kind of movement, you’ve got to give him a shot – whether he works out or not. Obviously someone from this team saw something in him.

  16. Let’s play the “guess how the Braves will lose this game” game. I predict Bobby leaves Campillo in an inning too long and he gives up 2 runs and leaves with the bases loaded in the top of the 7th. Then Bobby brings in Boyer who promptly gives up another 3 or 4 runs. Ballgame!

  17. Campillo shows that you can win a few games without throwing 90mph. MLB Gameday doesn’t even recognize his fastball. They have him throwing 50+ “changeups” today. So far he looks like the best #5 pitcher in MLB. Too bad he’s turning into the Braves’ #1.

  18. So far he looks like the best #5 pitcher in MLB. Too bad he’s turning into the Braves’ #1.

    Jeez man, what the heck are you looking for in a #1??? Not saying Campillo is going to be this good beyond this year, but his peripherals show he is one of the top pitchers in the majors this year. I’ll take a guy with a 2.58 ERA as my #1 any day.

    The guy has a WHIP of 1.05, a BAA of 2.32, and 6.14 K/9. Give him some credit.

    Not saying I want him as the #1 for next year – just saying.

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