Braves 7, Astros 6 (17 innings!)

ESPN – Astros vs. Braves – Box Score – July 06, 2008

The Braves haven’t been the same since the 18-inning loss in game four of the Division Series in 2005. Is it too much to ask that this might change things back? Probably. But still…

After a nearly two-hour rain delay, the game got doing about 2 o’clock my time. It ended at just about eight o’clock. I was thinking that this was going to be the first day game I ever had to go to bed before the end of. Chipper hit a two-out solo homer in the first to make it 1-0. The Braves had a shot to take a big lead in the third, when Infante doubled leading off and Prado followed with a single. (Sunday lineup, plus they started a lefty. I think. It was a long time ago.) Infante might have scored, but had pulled his hamstring again and could only make it to third, and Perry wound up running for him. Norton couldn’t get Perry home, and of course the Hamster failed utterly, and Morton grounded out.

Morton then had an Episode, giving up a two-out run, and then walking the bases loaded with a lot of help from the umpire. (Again, time to fire some of them.) He then gave up a grand slam to Ty F-ing Wigginton, and it was 5-1 and I figure, “ballgame”.

The Braves got two runs in the bottom of the inning, thanks largely to a triple from Chipper. (He wound up 3-5, the double short of the cycle, and four walks.) But that was it. Bobby got ejected protecting Blanco in the fifth after a bad half-swing call. Morton gave up a run in the sixth to make it 6-3. The bullpen took over — did they ever, going eleven innings of seven hit, nine-strikeout ball, most spectacularly Gonzalez, who threw two perfect innings with four strikeouts.

Teixiera doubled in Chipper in the seventh. In the eighth, Prado singled and KJ had a pinch-walk. McCann entered the game (this “off day” turned into a full nine-inning game for him, because Corky sucks) and struck out. But Blanco walked to load the bases, and Escobar singled to tie it.

And then it just went on and on and we all started to have flashbacks. Some of the things that happened today, I think: Ausmus left the game, which certainly took a load off my mind. Acosta failed on a bunt in the fourteenth, and wound up failing again in the sixteenth, and then strained his hamstring running it out to avoid the double play. Chipper kept walking. Perry, Kotsay, and McCann, none of whom started, wound up going 1-15, with the one hit by Perry, who doesn’t seem to be the answer. Buddy Carlyle threw three innings and had a single. The Braves left 21 men on base. Escobar made a game-saving play in the fifteenth, catching a one-out lineout with runners second and third, one out, after Prado committed an error on an easy double-play ball; Escobar’s play presumably gave Astros fans Walt Weiss flashbacks. They deserve it.

Finally, in the seventeenth, Blanco singled to center leading off. Escobar bunted, about which… sigh… but the throw brought the first baseman off the bag. Chipper singled hard to right, too hard to send Blanco with nobody out. The Astros, because he hadn’t quite seen everything yet, brought in Lee from left field to give them five infielders. Teixeira took the first pitch (getting out of the way of a ball that might have hit him) and then swung at a terrible pitch to make it 1-1. The third pitch was a towering fly ball that hit off the wall in left field. By rule, that’s a single.

Ring got the win — he was the second-to-last man in the bullpen, or actually the last, since Bennett was in the dugout. The Braves had seventeen hits and eleven walks. I expect that at least one of, if not both, Acosta and Infante will be put on the DL tomorrow; after a long game like this, they’ll probably bring up two pitchers, one only for a couple of days until Diaz is activated..

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  1. A game like this COULD change the season. I doubt it, but remember the Baltimore game a few years ago that we came from 6 back to win?

    We still need to make a move for an outfielder if we want to contend. I am starting to think we are just going to try and get our guys healthy and see what we can do at full power and not trade any “prospects.”

  2. Another reason why we have a good manager, even in in-game decisions: even after 17 innings, we still had one pitcher left. The Mariners lost in the 15th today when they put in their backup catcher to pitch. Hey, that’s saying something…

  3. Escobar’s bunt looked to me like he was bunting for a hit, not a sacrifice. If that was the case, then I have no problem with it.

  4. “What are we going to do with Hampton if he is ever ready?”

    Put him in Charlie “6.86 ERA” Morton’s spot?

  5. Well, that would require two unlikely things to come to pass, Smitty. I’m assuming that Hampton, Glavine, and Smoltz will each throw the same number of pitches for the Braves in the remainder of the 2008 season.

  6. I thought Glavine was to come back around the break. Same with Hampton.

    Francoeur is 2-2 tonight. Maybe he is starting to find his stroke

  7. I’d say the odds are ever so slightly higher that Glavine pitches than either Hampton or Smoltz–but not enough to argue about. But, if young Charlie doesn’t pitch an effective game in the next couple of outings, I’m sure that someone else (Buddy? Chuckie, or the dessicated remains of Hampton/Glavine) will get a start.

  8. I wonder if the Yankees would take a flier on Hampton. Maybe give us A-Rod’s jock strap or an autographed Derek Jeter ball.

  9. it just went on and on

    This phrase turns up in all Mac’s recaps of long extra inning games. I enjoy it, sums up my feelings perfectly.

    I had to leave to run some errands in about the 13th and could not believe that the game was still going when I got back.

  10. “Another reason why we have a good manager, even in in-game decisions: even after 17 innings, we still had one pitcher left. The Mariners lost in the 15th today when they put in their backup catcher to pitch. Hey, that’s saying something…”

    bobby cox was ejected rather early. all the decision making was probably still cox, but worth noting.

  11. I was listening to this Fantasy Focus thing on ESPN Radio on XM tonight, and he said something I’m pretty sure no one here is going to agree with: Francoeur is going to find his stroke and have a monster second half. Anyone agree?

    Continuing along the lines of baseball media, we are switching from Comcast to Dish Network at my house. I will now go from being able to watch one Braves game every two or three weeks to being able to watch a ton more since they give you a bunch of FSN channels, and apparently one of them carries a lot of the Braves game. If I only I could get Peachtree TV. I’m pretty excited. And, by doing that, we are going to save $40 a month. And get an additional DVR. This has to be too good to be true, but I think it’ll be good.

    Oh, uhh… go Braves.

  12. Chuck James hasn’t pitched well lately. He got hammered today and has walked 14 guys in his last 3 starts.

  13. I threw in the towel on Chuck James after his start in game 3 of that home series against the Giants last season.

  14. Stockman actually left a game with a strained left hammy himself, according to my Fantasy Baseball news thing.

    The commentary at the end is humorous: “Stockman has been impressive in the majors this season (7.1 scoreless innings) but inexplicably keeps getting sent to Triple-A.”

  15. Let’s see, who’s the useless infielder the Braves will call up because a team can’t have too many useless infielders (especially ones that don’t hit and can’t play SS).

  16. Oh, damn it. My cynicism toward this team robbed me of the chance to see what seems to have been a pretty good game. I got home from work and tuned in, only to watch the Braves fall behind 5-3. “Ballgame,” I figured — how wrong I was. I fell asleep midway through the fourth inning, and woke up a few hours ago. The game, of course, was long since over — we were losing by two! — and so I didn’t give another thought. Figures.

    Also, what are the odds on Julio and Lillibridge being the callups?

  17. Remember last year when Francoeur said that watching the movie *Gladiator* every day helped to get him in the right place mentally to go on a modest hit streak? Yeah…I’m sure no one remembers, but it’s true.

    Maybe we should bring back Marcus to reprise his 2005 role as the guy in the dugout who hits Francoeur in the head a lot to psych him up.

  18. “Who’s coming — yourguess is as good as mine right now,” Cox said. “It’ll be two pitchers and a position player.”

    I would think it would be Jones, Ridgway, and Stockman (if healthy). Ridgway has mid 5’s ERA at Richmond.

    The only other pitchers on the 40 man roster are Chuckie (who started tonight) and Jairo Cuevas. Resop thankfully is no longer on the 40 man. I would think the top candidates to be added are Vladimir Nunez and Zach Schreiber.

    EDIT: I forgot about Jorge Julio. He’s been good in 12 innings at Richmond, with 12 Ks but has 9 walks. But he’s a Closer(tm)!

  19. Francoeur’s now 4-5 with a triple. Diaz is 2-5.

    How far is Diaz from being ready?

  20. I think having Diaz and Francoeur play at their career levels would do more than any second-rate OF we could land. I think Francoeur and Diaz could put up numbers close to DeJesus or Nady, and wouldn’t cost us any prospects. If Teixera can get hot, then we can be in really good shape.

    Of course, I’m sure all of this optimism will be gone next time we lose, so I’m going enjoy all of these positive, non-suicidal posts because they’ll probably be gone soon.

  21. that win certainly was costly. but there were some flashes of greatness today. carlyle was outstanding. hell they all were. escobar was impressive. and chipper jones never ceases to amaze me. ill wait and see but if we somehow won 5-6 this week. it could be interesting. big if. who are we throwing tomorrow if they get into our pen early? corky gets my vote.

  22. I was listening to this Fantasy Focus thing on ESPN Radio on XM tonight, and he said something I’m pretty sure no one here is going to agree with: Francoeur is going to find his stroke and have a monster second half. Anyone agree?

    Certainly not. No doubt he’s a AA All-Star, but it’s not like he ever had good at-bats in the Majors. They only went from poor to terrible. He’s a hacker pure and simple.

    But it is illustrative that there are folks out there who can be duped into taking Suckenstein off our hands. A change of scenery might even lift him to league average.

    Personally, I’m trying to get the Jeff Francouer owner in my fantasy league (who’s now dumping, of course) to trade Frenchy to one of my competitors for the league title. An anchor like that could take out one of ’em with ease. ESPN fantasy guy probably also likes Adam freakin’ LaRoche. hehehe

  23. I think Francoeur and Diaz could put up numbers close to DeJesus or Nady, and wouldn’t cost us any prospects.

    I’ll have one of whatever Rob’s having.

  24. Ya know, Francouer has a higher isolated discipline than Matt Diaz without the luxury of only hitting against one pitcher’s handedness for much of his career. And yet, primarily because of Diaz’s higher BA, Francoeur is looked at as a hacker and Diaz doesn’t get the same rap. Oh, and Francouer also has a higher isolated power.

    Diaz = “GIVE HIM A FULL TIME SPOT!!!!”

    Francoeur = “SEND HIM TO AAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE DELTA!!!!!!!”

  25. Robert, if Diaz and Francoeur were hitting at their career levels, the upgrade from Diaz or Francoeur to DeJesus or Nady isn’t worth the price we will no doubt pay. And since I’m starting to share mraver’s fear of Nady having a perennial second half collapse, then I think I’d rather stick with what we got and save the prospects. It didn’t work particularly well last year…

  26. Rob, Matt Diaz is a career .310 hitter. If he were a .270 hitter, like Francoeur, he’d be worthless. Yes, he’s pretty much all batting average, but at least he has that — or, rather, did before the first two months of this season. Right now, Francoeur has no redeeming characteristic offensively.

  27. Well, something’s not working this year, either. And “hoping” 2 average players stop being…average and somehow “spark” this team is asking too much.
    We need a lot more than some better second halves.

  28. Trading for Xavier Nady would be a bad idea, agreed.

    DeJesus is a slightly better idea, but not enough on his own. He’s not a difference maker. We’d still miss the playoffs.

    Looks like Phillies in the East, Cubs/Brewers in the Central/Wild Card in whichever order and crappy NL West team for the NL Playoffs.

  29. Are we done with the Brewers this year? I feel like we’ve already seen them twice.

  30. Also, could you say that Buddy Carlyle has been the Braves’ most valuable player over the last week plus?

    I know the Braves haven’t been playing that great, but Good Buddy has been nearly flawless.

  31. So we didn’t have the Brew Crew in the ATL yet.

    One more comment on Jorge Julio. I have followed a few of the Richmond games online and the guy has committed quite a few Grybos. He has not been effective in AAA.

  32. I’m telling ya, Frenchise will tear up AA and then start to stink again against real pitchers a few games after he gets called back up. Count it!

  33. I hope Francoeur comes back a better player. You can be successful with an expanded strike zone, and, shoot, if he could hit like he did in 2005, we’d be in business. I doubt he will, though.

    I just watched the recap to the game, and a part of me hates that Teixera hard hit in the 17th was “only” a single. He hit it really hard, and I think that means something for him from the right side.

  34. I’m sure I’m gonna sound arrogant here, but in my first year of fantasy baseball, I’m leading my league by more than a few games. Does this seal my fear that I have no life? Probably…

  35. If my aunt had wheels she’d be a wagon.

    After the call up I’m predicting a first AB HR and then 2-14 with 21 LOB. Maybe we should start a pool.

  36. I am glad that I didn’t try to stay up and watch the game….

    #29–I think I read that Schreiber is about to have surgery and will be out for the year. Its a pity because he pitched half decently in June…

  37. Robert, if Diaz and Francoeur were hitting at their career levels, the upgrade from Diaz or Francoeur to DeJesus or Nady isn’t worth the price we will no doubt pay. And since I’m starting to share mraver’s fear of Nady having a perennial second half collapse, then I think I’d rather stick with what we got and save the prospects. It didn’t work particularly well last year…

    I agree with the conclusion but for a different reason – I think we are out of it. Bringing in a real outfielder would be quite an upgrade considering the dreck we have run out there and will continue to run out there (Diaz is a part time player and Francouer…well you know). Still, one player isn’t going to make that much of a difference.

  38. Rob Cope, not to rain on your parade or anything, but you won’t get more Braves games if you live out of market just because you have all of those FSN channels. All of those channels will black out the games while they are in progress. You may be able to watch the replay of them, but you won’t be able to catch them live. That’s the case whether you have Dish, DirecTV or cable. Just FYI, they make you buy Extra Innings, not just the extra sports tier. It sucks, I know.

    Anyway, what a crazy game. I had a seven and a half hour drive today, and I literally got into my car just before first pitch. I was pissed at myself for not getting on the road earlier and missing the first part of the game, and I then I found out there was a rain delay. Little did I know that I almost would make it home before the game was over. A pleasure listening to Skip and Pete as always. What a great effort by the bullpen, six scoreless combined out of Acosta and Carlyle for crying out loud. 11 scoreless combined, I don’t think they’ve had 11 scoreless innings in a row the whole season, let alone one game.

    Who knew Manny Acosta was a switch hitter ??

    Well only the Braves could manage to put roughly 1/8 of the roster on the DL after one game, any bets on who’s coming up ? My money is on Ridgway, Stockman and Josh Anderson, even though Nunez, or hell probably even Julio, Proven Closer, TM or Resop could do just as well as Ridgway.

    2 out of 3 against anybody is something I’ll take at this point.

  39. I certainly hope that we get Stockman and I don’t want to see Ridgway. It might be nice to try Nunez….

  40. What was also surreal to me about today’s game was that fateful game in the ’05 playoffs was also on a Sunday that I had a seven and a half hour drive in front of me. The main difference being my old roommate didn’t have to drive the whole way this time because I was such a nervous wreck I starting taking a shot an inning in the ninth. He thought he was pretty funny today when he sent me a Brad Ausmus related text message.

  41. so corky miller is now 4-42? At point to we have enough data to decide that this move isn’t working out? He is kind of fat so he isn’t a great defensive catcher-what is the story here-does Corky have photos of Frank Wren with an intern or something?

  42. the long relief position that was occupied by bennett has been filled by carlyle. stockman will come in and hopefully get a chance to prove himself in acosta’s role. i expect lillibridge to be the 3r d callup although it would be nice to see a new face. btw, corky has passed uselessness and has now reached an all time low: dotard . he is batting below .100

  43. It would be nice to see Clint Sammons instead of Corky, but I wouldn’t count on it. I would rather see Lillibridge stay at Richmond and play everyday than come up to Atlanta and alternate between riding the bench and striking out….

  44. IF there is ever a time to call up Sammons its now. Three people going to the DL and McCann having to catch 8 innings on his off day. Call up Diory, Stockman, and Nunez I guess. Send Corky away and get Sammons up here for today or tomorrow’s game. Drop Gotay and call up either Anderson/Jones again.

    Its good to hear that Frenchy went 4-4 yesterday and I hope he can return confident and ready to go. We are going to need him and Diaz in the 2nd half.

  45. @62,

    I sincerely do not believe Francoeur’s problem is one of confidence nor one that can be fixed by the end of the All Star Break.

    I can’t believe the Braves even let a story like that circulate.

    He needs a fundamental re-working of his swing mechanics. Now, his first motion is to cock the bat farther over his head, then he comes forward. He needs to get rid of the “cocking” motion.

    Then, he needs to work in the batting cage with a questec machine that will give him a slight electric shock whenever he swings at anything more than 3 inches or so out of the zone. Then maybe he will get the point.

    It is not that Francoeur does not see that the ball is a foot off the plate (remember how often he is already lunging well before the ball gets to the plate) it is just that he doesn’t have the muscle memory to remind hi that when he feels the need to lunge, don’t swing.

    He really doesn’t need to be exposed to full tiem MLB pitching until next year. And I have been a Francoeur supporter (and still am, but supporting him is getting through his thick skull that his approach is wrong, not reinforcing this “I still want him to be aggressive” stuff.

  46. you guys should go on the team’s official website and look at slide 2. the pic is hilarious. sexual innuendo anyone? what is greg norton showing to chipper and tex? i think it’s more than his pearly whites.

  47. Anybody like this idea?

    We offer Texeira the best offer we can muster and tell his agent (who will remain nameless) that we need an answer in two weeks. Otherwise, we make the best deal we can.

  48. If we can sign Tex in the next two weeks that would be fine, but not for all that we “can muster” because it might be more than he is worth. That said, even if we could offer a great deal, I doubt that his nameless agent would allow it before the offseason.

    I am not sure that it makes sense to deal Tex, because I doubt that we would get as much(for the reason mentioned above)value as the draft picks….

  49. BTW, did anyone notice that the Braves one-run record at home is now fairly respectable–5-6? Obviously, it’s the road that killing us in one-run games.

  50. Then, he needs to work in the batting cage with a questec machine that will give him a slight electric shock whenever he swings at anything more than 3 inches or so out of the zone. Then maybe he will get the point.

    I like where your head’s at.

  51. I agree with Keith Law on the Indians’ end of the Sabathia deal:

    I am surprised that Cleveland didn’t let the market play out into July and allow other teams to jump in and potentially drive up the price, because this offer, on its face, doesn’t strike me as such a slam-dunk that Cleveland couldn’t afford to pass it up.

    I know LaPorta’s a hitter, but the package seems kind of underwhelming overall. And what was Cleveland’s rush to deal him?

  52. Well, I never said that the two weeks were going to help. I just said that its good to see that he’s doing something productive and I hope (if he’s here) that he’ll contribute in the 2nd half.

  53. Stockman is on the DL at Richmond, so when it looks like he might finally have a chance to show what he has, he is unavailable. Sammons is clobbering AAA pitching at .228. Corky does appear to be a nice throwing catcher, and seldom bats; although he isn’t part of the solution, he certainly isn’t a big part of the problem. Sounds like Nunez and Lillibridge, plus one more pitcher are headed West.

  54. Corky is a huge part of the problem, because the Braves are always losing in his starts and McCann winds up having to hit for him. McCann has had six full days off this year. Yesterday, he played nine innings in a game he was supposed to have off. And he’s worn out.

  55. I just read Carrol Ross’s blog on the AJC, sounds like we have to be within 5 at the break or we are sellers. We are 6 back now and have a some what easy road trip.

    The Phillies have the Mets, St. Louis, and Arizona before the break.

    July 25-27 we are in Philly, if weare within 4-5 games and get swept, that gives us 4 days to move Ohman and Tex, is that enough time?

  56. I don’t understand why the news outlets are calling Matt LaPorta an OF. He was a 1B at Florida, and it seems like the only reason he was playing in the outfield was because Prince Fielder was at 1B in Milwaukee. I dunno…

  57. its my understanding that Sammons is suppose to be the best catch and throw person that we have. Corky has 3 passed balls in 18 games, McCann has 3 in 82 games. Corky is hitting under .100 also. He is now probably the biggest problem on our current roster. He has no value to this team at all

  58. I dont think this road trip will be easy at all. I really think, as bad as we are, that 3-3 in the next 6 games will probably be pretty difficult

    in regards to Tex, what does everyone think we could net for the guy. Could we get an MLB ready or close to ready 1b and SP?

  59. Rob,
    I think they’re calling him an OF just because that’s really all the Brewers have had him playing for the past year. I know Law expects the Indians to use him at 1B.

  60. If we go 3-3 we ahd better hope the Phillies go 2-5. The way this season has gone, it is possible.

    I think Boston might take a look at Tex and Ohman. Maybe we could get Lester or Elsberry from them.

  61. I think Cleveland was wary because of what happened with Minnesota and Santana this winter. They waited and waited and apparently ended up with a worse package than they could have. Of course, it’s a different context but it seems to me that Sabbathia becomes less valuable the longer you wait because, being a free agent, the acquiring team gets less time with him. Plus, you have to deal with another few weeks of distractions about where he is going. They probably weren’t going to get that much more if they waited. Any team interested would know Cleveland was going to trade him. This seems to me a case of Keith Law always thinking he knows better; if they had waited, he might have said, why didn’t they pull the trigger earlier?

    I agree with csg; there is no easy road trip for this team; 2-4 might be doing well.

  62. Boston wouldnt give up Lester for Santana this past offseason. I dont think they would do it for Tex. I would love to get Youkilis from them though, that wouldnt happen at all though

  63. Boston has a deep farm… I don’t think they’d be dealing MLB ready guys.

    I thought Laporta was plenty to give up for 1/2 year of C.C. I thought he was going to be a good fill in at 1B when Prince walks. But it eases the blow that they’ll get picks for C.C. I don’t know if Cleveland would have gotten a ton more because it was so apparent that they were going to move him. Who knows?

  64. I think and Ohman Tex package could net us something nice in return. I think we should look for first base and starting pitching. I know our outfield sucks, but if we are sellers we have youg outfielders, but no one to play first and out youg pitching is okay, but you can never have too many young starters.

  65. This seems to me a case of Keith Law always thinking he knows better; if they had waited, he might have said, why didn’t they pull the trigger earlier?

    While you (and c. shorter) may be right that the Indians couldn’t have done much better, I totally disagree with the above. First, there’s no way he would have said that. Second, while Law, like most ESPN writers, thinks he knows it all (or at least writes that way), I’ve seen him say a deal looks great for both parties on more than one occasion.

  66. We offer Texeira the best offer we can muster and tell his agent (who will remain nameless) that we need an answer in two weeks. Otherwise, we make the best deal we can.

    There’s no way Boras would bite at that, because he knows that the open market is the best chance Tex has of maxing out his contract. He’d laugh in the Braves’ faces and dare them to trade him. Tex will get paid either way this fall.

  67. The Angels are probably the only team that would be willing to give up something of value for 1/2 season of Teixeira.

  68. would Braves/Boras allow a 48hr window for negotiations? that could bring more clubs into the mix

  69. @76

    I don’t see anything in that article about selling. I think they’re just saying they’d like to be five games back at the All-Star break. I guess reading between the lines, it’s possible that if we’re not where we want to be at the All-Star break (which is apparently five games back) that we could become sellers, but I really don’t think this team is going to be a seller. It’s just not the mindset the team has.

    And if we decide to be sellers, I’m guessing shopping Tex is about the only thing we’ll do. Maybe we could trade Ohman. Those are pretty much the only two trades we could make involving competent veterans without ruining the team as currently constituted, and we’re just not gonna do that. Nor should we do that.

  70. mlb trade rumors update…

    Massarotti says the Red Sox are “closely monitoring” Braves first baseman Mark Teixeira. Their interest will be linked to David Ortiz’s health.
    The Sox are also in the market for a left-handed setup man. Names to consider: George Sherrill, Brian Fuentes, Damaso Marte, Ron Mahay, and Jeremy Affeldt.

    there you go, a suitor for Tex and Ohman

  71. The picture on the Braves website from the game last night (Picture 2 on the scroll bar currently) is HILARIOUS. Chipper and Tex look like they’re straight out of an 80s sitcom.

  72. Funny that one year we trade FOR Tex and a lefty reliever, and then the next we may trade Tex and a different LH reliever away. :-)

    Thing is, we’re set to get 3-4 top 40 or 50 draft picks for the pair in compensation if they both sign FA deals (which I would expect, given Tex’s agent and Ohman’s performance this year). That alone would be worth more than the two players Stu mentioned. (In particular, I’m skeptical about Anderson. I mean, he’s doing okay, and his power is nice, but you really need to be elite bat if you’re already limited to 1B defensively.)

    Unless they’re sure that a long-term deal cannot be made, I’d expect the Braves to hold on to him.

  73. NORTON: Who used the last of the toilet paper?? GUUUUUYS?!
    TEX and CHIP: Not MEEE!

  74. It will be interesting to see how much gas the guys have in the tank for tonights game. They didn’t leave atlanta until 11:45 est.

  75. That alone would be worth more than the two players Stu mentioned.

    Obviously, I disagree. What percentage of draft picks in the range we’d receive even achieve the prospect status those 2 currently have?

  76. If we trade Tex, shouldn’t it be for position player(s)? I know you can never have enough good pitching, but the bigger needs would be 1B and the OF.

  77. Given what is on the Braves roster now, I would sign Teix for a market deal at this point, and even over-pay slightly. Chipper can’t be the best hitter in baseball forever, can he? McCann is just going to wear out; catcher’s do. In 2 years, who is a top 5 position player on this roster? Yunel, maybe? McCann, if he doesn’t wear out? You look at our roster right now, and it sure looks like we are just not very good, other than a season for the ages by Chipper, and then McCann and Teix.

  78. Frenchie back in the bigs. Does anybody think that maybe Frank Wren, fresh from his wonderful success with the Orioles, is an idiot?

  79. I indeed think he is an idiot. What was the point in sending him down just for the weekend? That’s just ridiculous.

  80. Sounds like I missed a helluva game.

    Still no cable or Internet in the new place, so I’m reduced to listening to Yanks or Mets games on the radio as I open boxes & continue to move in.

    In an odd way, I’m glad I had no idea what was going on at The Ted. I wouldn’t have gotten enough work done yesterday, because I would’ve been standing in front of the TV for way too many innings. Glad they won, though.

    BTW, I started reading Mark Kriegel’s “Pistol,” the biography of Pete Maravich. Outstanding, so far. Recommended, for sure.

  81. Wow! What an awful, AWFUL, decision. Try to get a kid back on track, he behaves like a spoiled brat, and now you give him exactly what he wants. That’ll show ’em!

  82. Well the Stinson piece from Sunday showed that just about everyone involved in the situation is completely delusional (except for Chipper who said Frenchy’s mechanics were as screwed up as they could get)… so I guess bringing him back up isn’t that much of a surprise.

  83. This is a strange team with strange management. I long for the days when the Braves didn’t = drama.

  84. How about this question?

    What type of makeup does Jeff Francoeur have?

    The mental fortitude of a champion
    Mary Kay cosmetics
    Mortician’s wax
    Clown makeup

  85. Losing Acosta and bringing Frenchy back… stagnation by addition and subtraction?

  86. Stu-

    I mean, Masterson is a quality arm, but he’s not a top-of-the-rotation guy. Lars Anderson is a guy with a lot of question marks around him. And 1Bs who can hit .300/.400/.500 in High-A aren’t what you would call “rare”.

    I dunno. I mean, if you look at the (very similar) Sabathia deal, they got a bat that’s about ML-ready in LaPorta and like 3 other guys that are about on par with Anderson. I like Masterson just fine, but giving up two players for him and a decent 1B prospect? I just think we could do better.

    Maybe that deal for Tex straight up, though.

  87. This is out of control. It only takes three games and some Phillip Wellman rosin bag gernades to get this jobber back to his regular, terrible form.

  88. They recalled him already. Just, wow. Maybe ownership forced Wren’s hand. Even a stupid baseball man wouldn’t make such a boneheaded decision.

  89. Recalling Frenchy after 72 hours is really dumb! As if the Braves could not live without him! Well, going back to an earlier theme on this thread, we will be sellers sooon….

  90. Well, if it’s ownership overriding Wren, then they’ll change their tune once they get a few more home games where Francoeur is booed mercilessly.

  91. For us who can’t see Braves games…the fans were actually booing Francouer the big baby in Atlanta?? I could only imagine if he play here in NY.

  92. Well, maybe he has worked it out. he did hit well in Mississippi. We will soon find out.

  93. “It had everything to do with the four hits he had yesterday and seven hits he had in three days and starting to relax,” Braves general manager Frank Wren said Monday.

    Seriously, fuck Frank Wren.

  94. Yes, Tony some of them are. I for one never liked booing our own players for poor performance. I feel like I’m a Mets fan when I do that.

    But yes they are.

    I don’t know if that was long enough in Mississippi to learn any lessons but maybe just the humiliation of being sent away will help. Only speculation.

  95. Ok I think its stupid too to bring Francouer back so soon but just to be a devil’s advocate here which position player should they bring up?
    Lillibridge??? – sucks
    B. Jones ???? – sucks
    Just asking.

  96. I suppose it just confirms how deep is the Front Office’s faith in Francoeur. They could not believe their eyes and then a big game at Mississippi and it immediately restored their faith. They probably believe that he is now out of his ‘slump’. How utterly pathetic….

  97. And Francoeur is suddenly good after going 7 for 13? Bring Brandon Jones back up so that Francoeur can continue to work in the minors. And they did bring Lillibridge back up.

  98. Francunt, Lillibridge, and Nunez are the ones coming up.

    How many signs can there be to show that the Braves are not a good organization anymore?

  99. Johnny–I would certainly bring Brandon Jones back or even Thorman before Frenchy. At least with Thorman we might get the occasional HR…

  100. Wren continues,

    “It was not until we had our call with the coaches this morning we had made the decision. It was not predicated on injuries at all. When we felt like he was comfortable swinging the bat and looking like his old self, we wanted to bring him back.”

    How f’n stupid do you think we are? So, if no one gets hurt yesterday, and Frenchy still comes back tonight? BS!

  101. I don’t buy it either JC. They said all along it would be until the AS break. I would say Perry’s underperformance had as much to do with it.

  102. Wait… we played 17 innings and they’re going with one fewer pitcher? And the one reliever they’re bringing up is a 33 year old with a 4.83 career major league ERA?

  103. This just makes the Braves’ organization look worse than it did for waiting so long before doing something to address Francoeur’s issues. Way to roll over.

  104. maybe we could send corky down for a 3 day rejuvenation

    He’d require resuscitation not rejuvenation.

    Yeah the recall of Francoeur is a joke.

  105. braves14-good call; this just isn’t a very good organization any more. it looks like they are basing their decisions on day to day stuff that has little bearing on long-term good ideas. JF is no more fixed than he was 1 week ago and, if he is, what does that say about Terry Pendleton?

  106. I think the point of the demotion was to ruin Frenchy’s Forth of July holiday.

  107. Is Schuerholtz (sp?) ok with this?

    Wren and Sund in the same town (my town) is starting to worry me.

  108. I’m sitting here in stunned silence… This is one of the most ignorant moves I have ever heard of. It’s like watching a younger sibling cry and get their way… infuriating.

  109. Redman went 2-3 with a 7.84 ERA in six starts before he was sent down to the minors; the Rockies were 2-4 in those games. That is understandable. Redman’s top assets are that he is lefthanded and breathing.

    Are those even assets in his case?

  110. #97 – put those guys on the beach and it would appear that McCann is running in slow motion to come have a group hug

  111. that is, by far, the worst 3some that i would want to come to the big club. poor management. we have:
    1. francoeur, who has sucked all year
    2. lillibridge, who has sucked all year and cant even pinch hit worth shit
    3. nunez, who has sucked his whole career.

    i’ve backed wren on many decisions, but this is mind boggling.

  112. I have two theories on Jeff’s rapid recall from Pearl, Mississippi:

    1. Frank Wren is a moron who made a bad situation, worse, all the way around

    2. The Mississippi Braves were concerned about a bad turnout for their big fireworks displays over the weekend, and Wren was convinced lending them Frenchy would make it more all American and nab a better crowd.

    I am going with #1.

  113. Seriously, VLADIMIR NUNEZ? Did Wren lose a bet? Why not Schreiber? Hell, Julio would be a better choice.

    I’ll give them Lillibridge, I guess, since someone who can play shortstop should be on the bench, and they wouldn’t want to have to add Diory to the 40-man or start his clock yet. But sheesh.

  114. While I disagree with the word choice in 123, I totally agree with the sentiment. This only hurts Francoeur and the Braves.

    I miss being a model organization.

    PS: Mac, see 53 re: Schreiber.

  115. Well, look at our outfield in the last game. I understand why they re-called him. We kind of have to gamble on the fact that he has worked his swing out. If he has then we need to fire TP and let Stockman be our hitting coach. He have to well in our next six games, the season depends on it.

  116. Mac–Schreiber is injured–I believe that I read that he is out for the season, facing TJ surgery….

    I would rather have given Wes Timmons his cup of coffee than Lillibridge who indeed sucks….

    Of course, this aptly demonstrates yet again that this organization has serious problems and to my mind is a huge reason (if not the biggst) why the Braves cannot win….

  117. Our AAA team needs to be stocked with guys like Norton, Thorman, and Gotay; not our big league club. That is been our mistake.

  118. Smitty,
    You are even more optimistic than me, my friend.

    Heard a funny call on WFAN yesterday.

    A Met fan called with several insane trade possibilities, all related to their corner-OF issues, then mentioned: “Y’know, the Braves just sent Jeff Francouer all the way down to Double A! What would it take to get him?”

    WFAN host: “The Braves won’t trade him now for 2 reasons—1) His value is at an all-time low, and 2) They’d never trade him to the Mets.

    And I’m thinking, “You over-estimate him & you under-estimate us.”

    I mean, they still call Glavine the “Manchurian Candidate” around here. What would they call Frenchy? The “Trojan Horse”?

  119. Well, look at our outfield in the last game. I understand why they re-called him. We kind of have to gamble on the fact that he has worked his swing out. If he has then we need to fire TP and let Stockman be our hitting coach. He have to well in our next six games, the season depends on it.

    Dude, they knew what our outfield would look like when they sent Francoeur down. If they weren’t prepared to ride this out, they never should have sent him down in the first place.

  120. well this at least shows us that Wren isnt a capable replacement for JS. Is there any way we can get Moore back from KC? This is the worse move by any GM in baseball this year. Hell, we should’ve just benched Frenchy for three games instead. This is equiv. to Detroit sending Willis down and pulling him after pitching one scoreless inning and saying that he’s found his old form.

    I really hope Francoeur can contribute and I’ll be pulling hard for him, but there is absolutely no way, NONE, that he could fix his swing in 3 games at AA ball. Frank my friend, your a moron.

    I really think a smart GM would notice that his all-star catcher needs a day off and his current replacement is crap. Seriously, out of Javy, Sammons, and Corky how did this guy get the job. I also think its time to get Anderson up here and on the team. He might only hit singles, but he’s had some success at this level. Perry and Brandon dont look very impressive, but I still have hope for Brandon. Frank has also taken one of our best trade pieces in Lillibridge and pretty much managed to show he’s no where near MLB ready. great job guys

  121. I like the way Ryan C thinks.

    This is an embarassment. The return of the Great Frenchy. I’m excited…Can you tell??

    TP should be “promoted”. And Bobby Cox needs to be arrested for killing Boyer, and Wren needs to join him for slowly but surely ruining Brian McCann’s career. CALL UP SAMMONS ALREADY.

  122. I agree with the point made above that this is no longer a top-flight organization but I wonder how much of it is because of Bobby Cox. It reminds me of what happened with the Dolphins and the Redskins when the big-name coaches got so much power within the organization (Don Shula/Joe Gibbs) that no one could really control them. I’m just wondering if this is what is happening with the Braves. I’m convinced that Bobby Cox has a key role in these ridiculous decisions. I find it hard to believe, for example, that Wren would insist on keeping Corky Miller if Bobby didn’t want him.

  123. I’m not sure Sammons is any bettter than Corky. But I agree, we need to find out.

  124. I’ll ask, since I know it’s on everyone’s mind:

    What does wun think of that?

  125. A classic case of bad parenting. They let Frenchy out of timeout despite the fact he’d been told 10 days. What a joke.

    I’ve never been sold on Francouernakova and his attitude following demotion was very telling of where his priorities are at these days. I can’t believe he thought a warning was necessary. What would he have done, watched film, played smarter, NOT swung at everything. Its not like most of us with an annual or quarterly review. An OBJECTIVE statistical assessment of his job performance is in the f-ing newspaper.

    He’s an entitled little prick and I hope he blows up for the second half and we trade him for someone reliable and self-aware.

  126. DOB reports that Resop has been sold to a Japanese team.

    Is this a last-ditch effort at industrial sabotage by General Motors?

    Chris Resop isn’t good at pitching, but he is good at making his new organization worse. Could he do the same thing to the Japanese auto industry?

  127. I’m actually using the old format myself, for similar reasons. If you want to change back, go up to “Theme Switcher” on the top of the lefthand sidebar, and choose “Cutline 3-column split”.

  128. he’s probably not any better, but really, could he be any worse? I find it real hard to understand why Pena was designated to keep him around.

  129. I love the new format. It blends right in with my screens at work.

    Great point Marc. Bobby probably has more power than any of us will ever know. That’s probably why TP is still the hitting coach.

  130. Im using the old theme also, kind of light green on the Braves journal header. Its the easiest to read in my opinion

  131. I suspect you’re right which is one more reason why it’s time for him to retire.

  132. I can’t wait to find out what Jeff Francoeur learned in 3 days in Mississippi that somehow eluded him for 3 years in Atlanta.

  133. Ugh, this is starting to feel like the late 80’s, when I would have to pick another team to pull for during the pennant race, since the Braves were so inept and out of it.

    I guess, I’ll be a Rays ‘quasi-fan’ once Atlanta shows they’re out of it.

  134. I got my picture taken with Resop in Pittsburgh for my own entertainment because I knew he wouldn’t be around long. But I never thought he would be sent to another continent. It’s like when Garfield used to send Nermal to Abu Daubi.

  135. In 3 days Francouer has tracked down Keith Lockhart and gotten a copy of the pictures.

    For Wren to say that the re call didn’t have anything to do with the recent DLs is ludicrous.

    I’ve never quite figured out how the roster building process works. Does Bobby say who he wants? Does Wren dicate who Bobby gets? Do they work together? I have to figure that the manager gets some say so about who is on the team.

  136. I suspect that, in most cases, the GM has the first and maybe the greatest, say in roster construction. But I would imagine that in the cases of established managers like Cox, LaRussa, and Torre, they pretty much call the shots unless you have a very strong GM. I doubt that Wren is in a position to really tell Bobby no. I’m sure they work together but I would bet that Wren defers to Bobby when there is a disagreement.

  137. The addition of Lillibridge was obvious, given that Infante went down and Escobar may have hurt his shoulder again last night on that crazy-awesome game-saving play in the 15th.

    I don’t like bringing Frenchy back, though, nor do I really understand the Nunez move (other than the fact that, like, everyone else is hurt).

  138. Seat Painter…

    I’m jumping on the Brewers bandwagon.

    A Brewers-Rays world series would be great!! It would be the lowest rated series of all time, but with many talented young players it would be fun to watch.

    The new nickname for the Braves…”The Family” with Bobby Cox as the Godfather and Jeff Francouer as his inept son. Frank Wren is the new consigliere, replacing the old consigliere, JS. Loyalty means everything to the family.

  139. So, how many innings do we need from Campillo tonight? 8?

    I, like Mac, do not understand why we only called up one pitcher after yesterday’s marathon.

  140. I would think Boyer, Ohman, and Ring would be the only guys available out of the pen tonight. But I doubt Bobby will use any discretion with Gonzalez and Carlyle.

  141. #171……………ever been to Mississippi? a lot of good lessons could be learned there in 3 days…….. i knew this would be an entertaining read today and it hasnt been disappointing.

  142. I’m just glad this harrowing long weekend is over for the nation, and Francoeur is coming back to the major leagues as a .538 hitter.

  143. If the Braves are ‘The Family’ then Francoeur absolutely has to be Fredo.

    I am so baffled by so many things right now that I’m just staring at my computer in silence, mouth slightly ajar, eyes clouded with the hint of a tear for the team I may not be able to support for much longer. I have some questions.

    (1) Why – this is the obvious one that everyone is and has been asking – is Francoeur back after a single weekend? How could they fix his mechanics? Has he taken a pitch in those three games? I’ve said this to death: if he ‘regains’ his form of 2006-7 then he still sucks. This would be a disaster because the Braves obviously think he doesn’t suck (they see this as a ‘slump’) and are willing to invest in him. If that happens, I might jump ship. He is going to be an albatross for this organization for a decade. Mark it down.

    (2) Why is Corky Miller still on the roster? If there is a better glove man in the high minors (Sammons), then this is just stupid. Nothing can justify it. Nothing. McCann is going to have a terrible second half and everyone will wonder why.

    (3) Why are Phil Stockman and Brandon Jones still down while Nunez (and Francoeur) are up? I truly don’t understand the roster construction. I mean, if they were winning, fine; but they’re terrible. Why does everyone see this but the Braves?

    I have maintained that it’s not the individual moves but the larger philosophy certain moves illuminate that concerns me. I think this has become a 2nd rate organization and that we are in for a long stretch of mediocrity. There are too many other smart organizations for a Braves team enamored with the likes of Jeff Francoeur to be successful. I’m sad.

  144. This whole Frenchy situation is the biggest clusterf of a PR disaster since the Rocker comments. Really, he went 4-5 off of a lefty starter who gave up 6 earned in 5 1/3 innings and everything’s solved !!!! It’s not like those four hits were all homers either. What happens if he comes back and struggles again and everything’s not fixed ?? How much of a leash is going to be given. Will he feel like he has to produce right away or he’s going back down ?? It sounds like he’s at least got some confidence left, which is good, but what happens if he gets sent back ??

    I guess after I read the comments that they told him basically regardless of performance he’d be back after the AS break, I didn’t really get my hopes up that this experience was going to be very fruitful, but this is just unbelievable.

    I know front offices lie to fans all the time, that’s just the way it is. You’re just flat out calling people stupid when you say injuries weren’t a factor. If anybody actually believes that, I have valuable oceanfront property here in New Mexico I would love to sell you. No money down !!!

  145. Tony,

    Does that mean that Francouer’s new nickname should be Fredo (I know that’s already taken around these parts, but…)? Or is there another inept brother in a Godfather-like film/show that I’m unaware of?

  146. I guess I’ll be the guy here to defend Vladimir Nunez. I saw him pitch quite a bit for Albuquerque. He was a pretty highly thought of prospect for the DBacks way back when. He always should have just been a reliever, but since he had some early success as a starter in the minors, teams always yo-yo’d him between starter and reliever instead of just leaving him alone. With the Marlins in ’01 he had an ERA+ of 154, and ’02 it was 118, when basically he was left alone as a reliever. He struggled in ’03 and they sent him down and gave him some starts, and hasn’t really been heard from in the bigs since.

    Anyway, this year they have basically left him alone in Richmond, and he’s done fairly well. He’s not a terrible guy to pitch in low leverage situations, that’s all I’m saying. I don’t really see any better options if Stockman and Schreiber are indeed hurt and Resop is now on his way to Japan. I really can’t and don’t want to stomach Julio in a Brave uniform.

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