Don’t forget that Jeff Francoeur is an enormous whiny baby game thread: July 11, Braves at Padres

In the non-whiny baby department, in honor of Greg Maddux, and I guess Gregor Blanco and Greg Norton, the All-Greg Team:

C Gregg Zaun
1B Gregg Colbrunn
2B Gregg Jefferies
3B Graig Nettles
SS Greg Gagne
LF Greg Luzinski
CF Gregor Blanco*
RF Greg Vaughn
SP Greg Maddux
SP Greg Swindell
RP Gregg Olson
RP Greg Minton

*Seriously, I can’t find another Greg who played center field.

72 thoughts on “Don’t forget that Jeff Francoeur is an enormous whiny baby game thread: July 11, Braves at Padres”

  1. What sucks with the (deserved) Francoeur bashing, is that now all the other players are left unscathed. Spread the bashing, Mac!

  2. The NL strikeout leader is going tonight. Over/Under on Braves batter strikeouts is 11. Which side are you taking?

  3. Over. Mark Frenchy down for 3, Blanco, YEsco, and KJ one apiece, pitchers’ spot gets 3, Tex has two, Chipper and Mac one each.

    Kotsay, oddly, goes 2-3 with a walk.

  4. Good thing the Padres offense is horrible outside of Gonzalez. We’ll probably lose 2-1 anyway

  5. Seriously Mac. I understand the Frenchy bashing but it’s all I see when I come to Braves Journal now. Frankly it’s just annoying, extremely negative and tedious.

    Move on, we know how you feel about Frenchy. Point taken. Let’s talk about something we can all be positive about.

  6. Hey guys,

    I may need to lay off the sauce. Peavy doesn’t lead the league in strikeouts, though he did least year. The MLB website lists him as the league ERA leader at 2.54 but that was also for last year. I’m sure that the last time I looked at that page it listed Peavy as the strikeouts leader so it’s showing me last year’s numbers for some reason. I am a moron but I was aided and abetted by the MLB website. None of that changes the fact that the Braves are probably going to strikeout alot tonight.

  7. Hairston is hitting .350 over the last 30 days, slugging over .700

    the Padres have lost 11 of their last 12 home games, leave to us to help them win a series at home

  8. from…

    By David O’Brien

    July 11, 2008 8:05 PM | Link to this

    Hampton will make one more start during All-Star break, then could join the Braves next week. Cox said he didn’t know who’d be displaced from rotation if/when Hampton gets here. “We’ll cross that when we get to it,” he said….

    Regular lineup tonight, with Mac hitting fifth and Francoeur sixth, ahead of KJ and Kotsay in the 7-8 holes….

    He also says that Giles is out of the lineup

  9. I have a lot of affection for Olson the catcher, but Zaun is a superior player. So, probably, was Greg Myers. As for McMichael, same deal, and he was a better pitcher than Olson was a player — but Olson the pitcher and Minton were All-Star closers.

  10. thx for the great video mac……..what a singer!………the following is a detailed account of how much i care about what Frenchy(or any other 24 yr. old)says.

  11. I’ll be at the game tonight so hopefully I’ll be a good luck charm and we’ll pull a victory

  12. Someone has to play right — and Vaughn would be a much better choice than Luzinski, and couldn’t really play center. If you had these three Gregs, this is how you’d align them.

    Blanco would be dead by August.

  13. I always found it amusing that the ’80 Phillies had 2 of the very worst defensive left-fielders you ever saw—Greg Luzinski & Lonnie Smith.

    They won a title, but it certainly was an adventure in LF.

    The Bull didn’t have a great year in ’80, but he was an absolute beast in the previous few years. Luzinski & Schmidt formed a devastating middle-of-the-order combo.

    I never really liked those Philly teams, but I always thought it was very appropriate that the Phils played the Royals in that ’80 WS. Both had knocked on the door so many times, only to be slapped down in heartbreaking fashion in the LCS.

    Was definitely rooting for Houston in 1980—loved those pitching-rich, speedy Astros teams—but in hindsight, it was a very fitting WS matchup.

  14. Here’s Frenchy’s walk-up music:”We’re no strangers to love….you know the rules, & so do I”….

  15. so from where I sit, I just spent 5 minutes watching corky lie around like he was at a picnic

  16. I know I’ve lost some faith in our ability to win when the first thought that came to mind was “Well, he already let in the winning run and it’s the first inning”.

  17. Same old Braves. They actually get their leadoff man on in the first, for like the first time and two weeks…and I guess the Braves just can’t stand success, Blanco gets himself caught stealing.

    And then the punchless Padres score in the first.

    Think I’ll go do something else now. I’ve seen this movie before.

  18. How many runs has Tex saved us the last 4 games by scooping balls out of the dirt at first? I swear our infielders have thrown 75% of the balls to first in the dirt during this road trip.

  19. I have to confess that I may be responsible for all the strikeouts…

    …I’ve got Peavy on the fantasy squad, and I figure since we’re gonna lose anyway, might as well pile on as many K’s as I can.

    Keep em coming!

  20. I really thought Reyes had turned a corner in Milwaukee. He appears to be regressing now.

  21. Who got demoted to make room for the batboy?

    As usual, morning recap assuming my neighbors behave themselves. It probably won’t be as early as today’s. My laptop is out of commission (DO NOT ASK) and I have to actually GET OUT OF BED to blog. It’s like the Stone Age.

  22. It’s really hard to put into words how badly this offense sucks. I mean these guys are 1982 Kentucky bad.

  23. You’ve gotta love this commercial:

    “…flair for the dramatic”

    I can’t think of a more inaccurate way to describe this team.

  24. I feel sorry for BMAC and Chipper…surrounded by such inferior ball players. KJ is at .270, but batting averages don’t matter with him, he’s that good.

  25. pulled for Norton to ph with runners at 2nd & 3rd and 2 out. Incidentally, that was just after Lillibridge nearly excecuted a perfect bunt for a hit, real close play.

  26. Hmmm … I’m guessing it’s time to consider this team to be sellers. Wonder what Tex and Ohman might fetch on the market.

    Re strikeouts–the mistake in picking 11 or more for Peavy is assuming this team has the plate discipline to see 3 or more pitches in an AB.

  27. Which one of these lines, going into tonight’s game, belongs to a starting pitcher in tonight’s game, and which belongs to a starting right fielder in tonight’s game?


  28. #49 — But Francoeur is still 4th on the team in RBI and plays “gold glove” defense.

  29. I know we have faced tough pitching lately, but it is a total joke that Terry Pendleton’s job appears so secure.

  30. The death knell has officially sounded. I don’t understand how that rag tag lineup we had for 2/3 of last season was so much more productive than this one. All we needed last season was respectable (not great) work from 3-5 in the rotation. This season is absolutely baffling.

  31. Lillibridge is one of the worst prospects ive ever seen. The guy should be playing high school ball. Your telling me that there isn’t another ss in the braves organization that is better than this guy?

  32. At least UGA starts fall practice in three weeks. I’m ready to start watching a team with a killer instinct that understands how to win games.

  33. “Hoffman v. Lillibridge = Georgia v. Hawaii”

    Classic. Remember last year when people were saying trade Escobar and let Lillibridge play?

    C’mon guys, it’s not like we weren’t expecting this.


    You are exactly right. Terry Pendleton needs to be “promoted” or fired. This almost Washington Nationals territory.

    Jeff Francouer…LOL. I mean that’s all you can do at this point.

    Hopefully Tex is gone by Sunday. His roadtrip has been awesome!!!

  34. It appears Wren’s plan to have a get on base and wait for a homer offense doesn’t work with an outfield that doesn’t hit homers. Who would have known….

  35. “This almost Washington Nationals territory.”

    Nats have scored 20 runs in their last three games, Braves have scored 10. The Braves must think this is 1968 instead of 2008 and they aren’t supposed to score runs.

  36. If this front office makes no moves(selling) at the break, I just may break something.

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