The whole outfield sucks game thread: Braves at Cubs, June 10

All Atlanta Braves outfielders have combined for fifteen homers. Six of these are by Kotsay and Diaz, who are on the DL and may never return at this rate. As of this writing (before Monday’s games) eight major leaguers have 16 or more homers and five more have 15 exactly. If you limit to the nine homers by active players (seven by Francoeur, who sucks, and one each by Blanco and Norton) fifty-three major leaguers have more homers than the entire Braves outfield, and another ten have the same number. One or both will certainly increase when Monday’s games are added in.

So what I’m saying is that the outfield sucks.

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  1. c. shorter (from the last thread),
    Reggie Sanders is still available. Despite his less-than-productive stay here earlier in his career, I think he could be a really nice, inexpensive addition.

  2. If Reggie Sanders is beginning to look attractive can Brian Jordan be far behind?

  3. One main thing that annoys me about Bobby too, is his mindset with platoons.
    Kelly Johnson
    vs. RHP .265 .362 .460 in 839 PA
    vs. LHP .280 .356 .402 in 342 PA

    Kelly has had to suffer for nearly two season platooning with the likes of Martin Prado, Omar Infante, etc.

    In the meantime, Jeff was piling onto a consecuitive games streak that finally came to an end a few short weeks ago. In case you were wondering, Jeff’s splits:

    vs. RHP 264 .301 .428 in 1358 PA
    vs. LHP .307 .353 .525 in 572 PA

    Granted the sample sizes aren’t extremly large, Jeff is a far more valuable player vs. LHP (OPS of .878. Kelly doesn’t have much power vs lefties and strikeouts out more (4.8 K/PA vs. LHP and 5.2 vs RHP), yet he is continually the victim of the platoon, whereas Jeff plays everyday…is the Marketing campaign centered around Jeff that significant?

  4. Mac,

    Am I the first to suggest…..

    Dare I say it?

    (Dare! Dare!)

    Francoeur delenda est!

  5. Although, to be honest, Frenchy is what he is, a serviceable (at this salary level) replacement level/quasi-replacement level outfielder.

    So destroying him might be a bit overboard. Can I withdraw my ….delenda est suggestion? I am intrigued by your position and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

  6. Since the silence was deafening when I posted this on last thread, I’m going to re-post my grammar nerd Corky Miller slam:

    At this point, I’d trade Corky Miller for a dangling participle and a split infinitive. Being such a terrible catcher, I’d do anything to immediately get rid of him.

  7. Great example of a dangling participle, though some would argue that you can’t split an infinitive. (As a French speaker, you would know that.)

  8. Of course you can split an infinitive. To not split infinitives is to let the grammarian weirdoes who thought that English should be more like Latin (which is kind of like wanting the Red Sox to be more like the 1891 Boston Braves) win.

  9. vs. LHP

    Brian McCann .365/.434/.554
    Kelly Johnson .328/.366/.391
    Omar Infante .293/.326/.439
    Jeff Francoeur .256/.312/.419
    Yunel Escobar .244/.303/.341
    Mark Teixiera .216/.317/.352
    Gregor Blanco .214/.361/.286
    Greg Norton .200/.333/.200

    Watch Infante, Francoeur, Escobar, and Norton be higher in the lineup than McCann and Johnson tonight.

  10. I’m talking about the deep grammar, Mac. Of course you can split an infinitive–it’s a very healthy thing to do–but the word to is actually considered to be part of the root word.

  11. Heyward’s missed a few games with a knee thingy. There was one inconclusive MRI, but he had further tests yesterday, and they came out clean. He should be back tonight (I think)

    In other prospect news, Morton had a semi-rough outing (breaking his 20 IN scoreless streak), and he was limited to 76 pitches (probably a good idea). Locke went 7 and wasn’t very hittable, striking out 4. Hanson was hittable but had a “quality start” for AA Mississippi.

  12. Watch Infante, Francoeur, Escobar, and Norton be higher in the lineup than McCann and Johnson tonight.

    If Johnson is even playing. Watch Cox start Gotay at second base or something…

    I like Cox, but his platoon-obsession is maddening.

  13. I’m deeply against split infinitives, the designated hitter, CB Bucknor’s strike zone, the New Yoston Red Sanxees, Jeff Francoeur’s strike zone judgment, using “less” and “fewer” interchangeably, the career of Greg Behrendt, the deterioration of Mike Meyers, the 7-month NBA playoffs, the lack of a Latin American draft, flopping, punishments for retaliation taking away the inside pitch, snooty French people, broken air conditioning, the lack of a functional Players’ Union in football, the stupidity of baseball Hall of Fame voting, and the Braves’ annual summer swoon.

    I’m in favor of Chipper continuing to hit .420, though.

  14. Man, I thought I had a pretty solid knowledge of grammar. But I have to admit, I have no idea what you guys are talking about.

  15. Oh crap, ended in a preposition. I guess that should be ‘about what you guys are talking’. Crap.

  16. Seat Painter,

    If you withdraw your “Francoeur delenda est” suggestion, I’ll put one right back out there myself. He sucks big time. I tried to find his replacement level comparison stats on Baseball Prospectus, considering your argument that he is replacement level/quasi-replacement level, and I found BRAR. I don’t know what the hell that is, really, but Francoeur’s BRAR is 4. I think that means he’s accounted for four more runs than a replacement-level hitter. His WARP-1 is .6. These stats surprised me, because I had imagined that all of these statistics would be negative numbers. But BP’s glossary definition of WARP-1 validates my feeling that even if Francoeur is a slightly better hitter than a replacement-level hitter, he’s still very, very bad: “It should be noted that a team which is at replacement level in all three of batting, pitching, and fielding will be an extraordinarily bad team, on the order of 20-25 wins in a 162-game season.” And perhaps a better measure of Francoeur’s supreme suckiness is his BRAA, which compares Francoeur’s hitting to an average hitter, rather than just a replacement-level hitter. Francoeur’s BRAA is -4, which means that he has accounted for four fewer runs than an average hitter.That sounds pretty damn bad, even if I’m still not sure what I’m talking about with these sabermetrics. I don’t think those replacement level player/average player stats are acceptable for any player, even if one considers his low salary.

    Part of his spectacular suckitude results from Bobby’s insistence on hitting him fifth and playing him every day, of course. So although I can say “Francoeur delenda est,” with a clean conscience, because he really does suck incredibly hard, I suppose it is more accurate to say “Francoeur, along with Cox’s insistence on hitting Francoeur fifth and playing him every day, delenda est.”

  17. The one good thing about Francoeur’s constant suck of late is that there hasn’t been even a single game where Lando could trumpet his “virtues.”

  18. true, but watch him hit a solo shot tonight for our only run in a 2-1 loss. that’ll top off everything, wont it?

  19. Yeah, I kind of miss lando and ryanc reminding us of how good we are. Weren’t we supposed to be turning some corner by now?

  20. heck at this point, I’ll be glad to see Lando back. That’ll at least mean Frenchy is being productive

  21. guess who has the lowest era and whip of all of our relievers??? Mac, I think you have a photo of this guy stored away somewhere

  22. I’m feeling a good game for Francoeur today – Lilly seems like the kind of guy he could hit – lefty w/o an overpowering fastball. Plus, a day off yesterday, maybe he’ll bust out one of his great days after getting some rest like after the doubleheader.

  23. ya – thats a good possibility too, but maybe he figures he’s done enough of that now and will try to do good instead. Plus with the hecklers in the bleachers at wrigley, he might start having a little more fun again. I’m feeling a good game tonite.

  24. I’m seeing a Frenchy line of 1-4 with a GIDP with the bases loaded and a solo shot once we are down by six.

  25. Oh, yes… one of the grounders will certainly be with the bases loaded and one out, and Joe Simpson will praise how he hustled up the line so hard that he was only out by six feet.

  26. I’m going to the game tonight. Thinking of going with a loaded shotgun and sitting in the right field bleachers. No, no…not for Francoeur…for me. To put me out of my misery for the next time he swings at a first pitch breaking ball to make the 3rd out in an inning.

  27. …and a solo shot once we are down by six.

    So now we’re at the Alex Rodriguez stuff with Francoeur; that he pads his stats when the game is out-of-reach one way or another.

    (Of course, how would Francoeur’s stats look if he never “padded” them?)

  28. Stu (from the last thread),

    I’m actually usually in a pretty good mood but I tend to be a bit cynical and I assume the worst when it comes to things I root for. If I had been around in 1942, I probably would have predicted the US would lose WW II.:)

    But Alex-like? Not that. :)

  29. Holy crap.

    What about all the “clutch” stuff the Braves’ announcers talk about with Francouer? Or the two-out RBIs that Chip Caray loves to drone on about?

  30. Jesus christ monkey balls! How is that even possible??

    Anyone else going to the game tonight??

  31. Compare:


    It’s harder to hit in high-leverage situations, but Francoeur’s splits are especially dramatic. I expect this is true of most low-walk players, who are overaggressive at the best of times and prone to swing at anything to “get a ball in play and do something” with runners on in crucial situations.

  32. To be fair, according to that link his 2007 #s were better in higher leverage situations, so I still think he can turn it around.

  33. which also maybe explains the announcers assuming he’s still great w/ the game on the line, cause he was last year

  34. Well, he’s also hit .270 (with poor peripherals) with RISP and two out. Joe mentioned that stat in particular the other day (when he was in the .280s). But that’s all RISP/2 out situations — up by eight, down by six, McCann on second base — all of them.

  35. Coop, since you asked, I’m in favor of long wet kisses, women with long legs and brains, charitable giving to those less fortunate, dogs, steak, electric guitars, apple pie, winning streaks, and, again, Chipper hitting .420.

  36. Is it possible that sample size comes into play at all? I mean Frenchy wasn’t terrible last year in these situations…

  37. “Yeah, I kind of miss lando and ryanc reminding us of how good we are. Weren’t we supposed to be turning some corner by now?”

    never once did i blindly support francoeur. also, all my points were the season was, and still is, young and giving up on a team after a third of a season is premature. once again brad, you seem to not get the point and pick out part of people’s post, and plagiarize them (poorly, might i add b/c you missed the purpose entirely) to prove a point.

    i will say this. since smoltz has been completly down, my viewpoint of the team has changed. we desperately need someone to put up decent numbers to fill the #2 starter void. as of now, i dont know where that will come from.

    i cant help it to be optimistic. i live in fantasy land. see for yourself. this is my home land.

  38. Plagiarism? What is this, 6th grade?

    The season isn’t young anymore, dude. We’ll be at the all-star break in a few weeks. The Phillies are running away with the division. And Smoltz han’t been an effective starter in a month, so your recent coming around to what everyone else has been saying is a little late.

  39. After seeing the latest Indy Jones (did he ever play for the Braves?), I guess long brains have advantages also.

  40. The Mariners are reportedly going to shop Bedard at the deadline. Wonder what it would take. He’s a FA after the ’09 season, so it would be the Teixeira trade redux, minus Scott Boras.

  41. “And Smoltz han’t been an effective starter in a month, so your recent coming around to what everyone else has been saying is a little late.”

    so sorry not to conform to the blog jeremy, but i am most definitely not on the same page as everyone else. i’ve seen this braves team flop the past few years, but i’ve also seen them overachieve over a 162 game season. as of now, we have underachieved and are still at .500. why is it wrong to think we can bounce back?

    and yes, jeremy, it is sixth grade. my dad can beat up your dad, you’ve got cooties, etc…. my point about that statement was that you basically tried to say that i have talked about how “good” we are in my posts. my posts said that we are better than our record and that we are not a “bad” team. there’s a fine line between being realistic and being overly positive about the 2008 braves. i, for one, dont give up so easily. that doesnt make me more, or less, of a fan than anyone else. call me naive, call me stupid, but the season is still young. when nba is in its 30th game, would you say the season is still young? when nfl is in its 5th-6th game, would you say the season is still young? i would. it’s no different.

  42. guess what, the off day didnt help Bobby


  43. Okay, Let’s Get Nuts

    I’ve got it: Francouer for Erik Bedard.

    The Mariners are dead and they would want something shiny for Bedard. What’s more shiny than the golden boy?? He could be sold as reasonable replacement for Adam Jones. If we’re really good, we could scoop up something else useful.

    The question is who plays OF for us in this scenario. However, I think between Chipper, McCann, Teixeira, KJ and Escobar that we have enough offense if we could put Bedard at the front of the rotation. I’d be willing to deal some of the second-tier pitching talent in the system (anyone other than Tehran/Hanson/ Rohrbaugh) to pick up a Jose Guillen or a Milton Bradley (or both). You pay an OF mercenary or two for a couple months, rally around Chipper’s amazing season and inject new life into the ballclub.

    It’ll never happen, of course.

    On the one hand, it is a short-term move. On the other, it would save us from ourselves re: Frenchy. You know the long-term deal is coming.

  44. ESPN is reporting 2 things

    1. Smoltz had a very successful shoulder surgery today

    2. Willis was sent all the way down to Class A ball

  45. You have got to be kidding me. Although Jeff does have a career line of:

    .362 .388 .426 when hitting in the 3-hole…Then again we’re talking about 11G/49 PA, can you say sample size?

    The same guy hitting .223 .279 .388 is batting the in the 3-hole…this just screams Royals to me.

  46. I still say Tex to the Redsox,
    A bunch of Red Sox talent, plus Jeff Francoeur to San Diego,
    Adrian Gonzalez and Brian Giles to us.

  47. Should read:
    The same guy hitting .223 .279 .388 in the past monthis batting the in the 3-hole…this just screams Royals to me.

    For the record:
    I want an All-Georgia-rooted team; make deals for the following players:

    Adam Wainwright, Nick Markakis, Dustin McGowan, Chone Figgins, Micah Owings, Matt Capps, Edwin Jackson, Jonathan Broxton, Matt Murton, and the Drew Brothers.

  48. #63, because our #1 starter is out for the year leaving our rotation consisting of Tim Hudson, the corpse of Tom Glavine, 2 rookies, and a journeyman who can’t pitch more than 5 innings or he develops blisters; our #1 closer has Reitsma’s disease; our #2 closer is rehabbing after missing a year with Tommy John’s surgery; our backup catcher makes us miss Todd Pratt; our backup infielders make us miss Chris Woodward and Keith Lockhart; our starting outfielders would have been released and replaced with Jordan and Mondesi; our first baseman who we traded half our farm system for is off to a slow start; and our best hitter is currently suffering from a small quad tear. Oh and did I mention our manager can’t figure out how to put together a lineup competently or use his bullpen effectively despite supposedly being a surefire future hall-of-famer? Aside from all that, you’re absolutely right: this team is still in great shape!

  49. Lineup Tonight

    Escobar SS
    Johnson 2B
    Francoeur RF
    Teixeira 1B
    Norton LF
    McCann C
    Infante 3B
    Blanco CF
    Glavine P

  50. Mr. Clutch as regurgitated by E!SPN, David Ortiz, check his career stats in innings 7-9 “when the game is on the line,” primarily the 9th inning.

    High leverage: .313/.409/.589
    Late&Close: .286/.384/.578

    I’ll take him. All ninth innings are not created equal.

    It would take a lot to pull me off of tonight’s basketball game, and that lineup ain’t anywhere close to enough.

  51. If this road trip is bad (4 wins or less), we really should cut our losses and look forward to next year and beyond.

    TRADE TEX and HUDDY for a slew of prospects.

  52. and yes, jeremy, it is sixth grade. my dad can beat up your dad, you’ve got cooties, etc

    Um, what the hell is this? I’m just going to assume you mean Brad because I haven’t responded to anything you’ve written in days.

  53. After giving up Adam Jones+? Even Bavasi isn’t that stupid.

    Probably not. I’d definitely check into Bedard. Trade for Bedard; offer Teixeira an extension, if he doesn’t sign it trade him. Get creative. Of course Wren is the boringest GM ever so we likely won’t do a damn thing.

  54. I don’t watch sports so that I can be miserable—I leave that for Phils & Mets fans—so I’m not giving up at all.

    But if we’re 5 games over by the all-star break, honestly, I’ll take it.

    Will be at The Big A on Friday for the titanic Jo Jo Reyes/Jon Garland matchup.

    Psst…Robert, I’m stalking you. ;)

  55. How does trading Hudson look forward to next year? The Braves have him for 2009 with an option 2010.

  56. I shudder to think how much people would bitch if this team wasn’t in the top half of the league.

  57. Cubs Announcer: You gotta think you’ve got the right guy up there (2 on, no outs)…In his last 4 Games, Francoeur has left 20 men on base.

    3 pitch strikeout.

    Make it 22 in his last 5.

  58. I’m predicting it right now — Frenchy averaging less than 2 pitches per plate appearance this game…….and 10+ LOB.

  59. Old friend Doug Eddings back there tonight, should be an eventful evening tonight.

  60. I mean, do pitchers honestly think along the lines of, “Damn, just gave up a home run…. Better nail some guy in the head!”

  61. is there usually a season carryover on something that occured last season. I figured the retaliations ended after the season.

  62. I remember that slide that the WGN announcers are talking about…who did Renteria take out? I don’t think it was Theriot.

  63. Hmm. But now Pete and the Lemmer think there’s some history between Lilly and the Braves dating back to Renteria getting hit last year or something.

    So maybe the ump knew what he was doing?

  64. I think it was Theroit. The look on Renteria’s face after that slide was priceless.

  65. Wow, i go onto to see we scored 3 runs in the first inning… Norton hit a 3-run HR? Amazing!

  66. It was indeed Fotenot.

    The night before Hudson had beaned Soriano…both dugouts were warned.

    Lilly beaned Renteria with the 10th pitch of the game and was ejected without warning. Renteria then stole second on the next pitch, clocking Fotenot in the face on the slide.

  67. Like i said, I have both the WGN and peachtree broadcasts, and am going with WGN. I’d rather listen to homers for the other team than Chip at this point after the past week of Peachtree games.

  68. That’s because SEC football is the most important thing in the world, ever. Let me know how it ends.

  69. didnt Soriano show up someone the night before on his 3rd Hr of the night. I remember him doing something at the plate or running towards 1st

    Infante with another triple!!

  70. Lilly who is a bigtime hot or cold pitcher…clearly doesn’t have it tonight…getting rocked by the likes of Norton and Infante.

  71. Why don’t we just get Javy to take Corky’s spot. He can’t be any worse and he’ll make some fans happy.

  72. #121 after his 3rd HR, he tried to stretch a single into a double. That’s what annoyed everyone, as it was a blowut game.

  73. I have to say, I’ve really really enjoyed watching Fukudome this year. Such an intelligent hitter. He’s like the anti-francoeur.

  74. Maybe keeping DeRosa and playing him at one of the corners instead of Mondesi/Jordan might have been a good idea, no ?

  75. The Braves will regret not scoring after a leadoff triple in the top of the second inning.

  76. You would think that by pure accident you could score a man who is at 3rd with no outs.

  77. just for shits and giggles…switching over to peachtree to see what ole chip is up too…

  78. According to DOB, Smoltz had a significant injury to his labrum. Reading between the lines, he’s probably done.

  79. There is the difference between the Braves and the Cubs. Down 3-0 after the top of the first, it’s not over for the Cubs.

  80. Jeff Francouer hitting is like the kid in the sandlot who holds his glove in one spot hoping the ball finds it. Jeff swings the same way every time no matter where the ball might be

  81. oldtimer, no game on Extra Innings because it’s on WGN, that should assume you have WGN.

  82. No WGN for me, screwed out of a game. Very strange, but it rarely happens that I dont have the Braves, few times a year(except for Saturday afternoons)

  83. yep he pulled up on it nicely. It would’ve been close, but he’s like Roger Dorn. Cant bruise the body

  84. I predict Bobby lets Glavine let the game get out of hand before going to the bullpen.

  85. Yeah I’m definitely thinking Chipper has stolen all of the luck the Braves have this year.

  86. so 0-6 when Chipper isnt playing and 0-20 in our last 1 run road games, I’m optimistic that this will change tonight

  87. I am sure this has been said:

    Chip Caray is normally annoying, but he is completely insufferable when we are playing the Cubs.

  88. Not to kick a guy when he’s down, but Carlyle sucks and has had no business being with on the Atlanta Braves’ 25-man roster for some time now.

  89. I think that pitch to Soto was a strike, moving further inside as it crossed the plate. Am I just being a homer?

  90. I’m not sure what is more predicable at this point, the Braves road performance, or the fact that the Lakers have already shot more free throws in eight minutes than they did all of Game 2. I’m shocked, SHOCKED.

  91. hah…i didn’t know that.

    what a dumbass.

    Diaz got ejected after friday nights game arguing the call…hes on the disabled list. gonna be a suspension.

  92. Wow, Sorriano makes a catch while moving his legs and Chip makes it sound like he did 5 back flips before getting there

  93. I know its been said 5 million times, but it really is nothing short of pathetic listening to Chip try to do his job.

  94. Wouldn’t have mattered if Kelly got on because Francoeur would’ve stranded them anyway.

  95. “Had a 3-run homer and stopped hitting since”

    What do we need to do for a different story?

  96. some good news, Fla is beating Phi 5-4 going to the 9th, Ariz came back on the Mets its now 5-5

    bad news: we still suck

  97. Maybe Frenchy’s got “the pictures”. He wasn’t hurting us enough in the 5 hole so Bobby moves him to the 3 hole.

  98. I miss Brian Jordan. At least he was good for the club house soe he actually had a purpose

  99. Aren’t you supposed to hit a pitcher better the second time through the lineup? How do you explain going 4 for the first 7 and then 0 for the next 13 (and counting…….)? Maybe we should ask TP about that one.

  100. We have a game plan for the first time around. Then never change it. Lilly can spell “cat” and figured out not to do the same thing twice. I think TP is just a lazy ass and doesn’t want to make a game plan for more than three innings.

  101. “Lilly has gotten away with a lot of pitches up.”

    You mean our guys can’t even hit mediocre cheese at the top of the strike zone? It is getting really hard to root for this offense.

  102. Well Lilly did strike out both Frenchy and Tex in the first with change-ups in the middle of the plate at the belt.

  103. To be fair, I do think the difference between the Braves, Mets, and Phillies is injuries. That does not excuse the performances of Francoeur, Teixeira, and Bobby Cox.

  104. Did anyone on this list NOT know after the first inning that we would lose X to 3?

  105. so Glavine left with an elbow injury and they are saying he will miss his next start. Whats next?

  106. Wow…if Maddux wants to retire after this year, I think everyone will get their Big Three HOF wish.

  107. Well, the Fishies win. Let’s rally and gain a game.

    We have to get healthy and less unlucky at some point.

  108. You all harp on Andruw so much, but tell me if any of you expect Francoeur to hit 370 career homers, win 10 Gold Gloves, make the All-Star team 5 times and even win a Hank Aaron Award..

    What a schmuck Andruw was

  109. Why is Lilly tired? He came into the inning with only 80 pitches and few of them were high leverage after the first…

  110. I think Bobby would rather run out of players than risk another starting pitcher getting hurt. You never know what may happen these days to these pitchers.

  111. Does anybody have a picture of Jeff Francoeur striking out or messing up in some way in an Atlanta Braves’ uniform?

  112. I wasn’t exactly expecting great news out of Smoltz’s surgery, but I was hoping the news wouldn’t be quite as bad as it is. At least he started the year on such a dominant note so he can go out on top, but this sure stinks.

  113. Im assuming he missed this pitch

    “>” alt=”” width=”560″ height=”” />” alt=”Jeff Francoeur” width=”480″ height=”270″ />

  114. Why can’t we do that?

    I have no confidence in our ability to score 3 and come back.

  115. Well, Ring is there because he’s awful against righties. No reason not to play Stockman, though.

  116. see what a good hitting team looks like, they’re good in clutch situations. These guys are willing to take walks, steal bases, and are able to make solid contact when they need too

  117. You know, if the Braves could win a one-run game on the road without Chipper in the lineup, they’d probably go on a 20 game winning streak, or something. Only problem is the sky will fall before that happens, in which case it won’t matter anymore.

  118. Braves are pretty useless in clutch situations.

    That’s how you are 3-17? in 1 run games

  119. Am I the only one thinking the veterans are quitting on this team and “checking out of school early”?

  120. It would be nice to have a backup catcher so you actually could have pinch ran there. I’m surprised Blanco didn’t get a hit to load up the bases and then Gotay would have gotten out.

  121. Joe, are you saying the Braves should try to add on the their leads? Like when we take a 3-0 lead in the 1st.

  122. So who will be the losing pitcher? Glavine, since he left the game behind and the team never caught up? Carlyle, because he gave up the fifth run? Or Acosta, because he gave up the winning run?

    I never could get straight how loses are assigned.

  123. if the starting pitcher leaves the game when behind and the team doesnt come back, they’ll get the loss.

    Get Acosta off this team

  124. that should be 3 outs, but Acosta wanted to make sure to give them an extra out and run in this game

  125. When was the last time the Braves had a catcher who could actually throw out baserunners?

  126. This is one of the things that infuriates me about Bobby this year. If you are not going to use all the pitchers on your roster, then give us a damn bench!

  127. So much for the “pitching well”.

    Hopefully this makes it clear that Manny needs a break.

  128. Well those should all be unearned runs, so Acosta’s ERA won’t go up…. so he’ll be sure to get more innings…

  129. Bobby Cox is the bomb when it comes to bullpen management — tell me again why he kept Acosta in there?

  130. Um…Ring or Stockman could have done that. I think a Acosta delenda est campaign needs to start immediately. Wren needs to get rid of him so Bobby can’t use him anymore.

  131. This team is ABYSMAL at almost everything. There is nothing it does well, stats be damned.

  132. Good night Braves fans–I have got to get to work and I look forward to looking at the antiFrenchy websites which have been posted on this thread.

    Free Zach Schreiber!

  133. Now we get Stockman, right on cue. We just need to be down by five runs before he can pitch. Maybe that’s what Bobby left Acosta in. He wanted to see Stockman pitch again, but couldn’t break the established roles of when guys get to pitch. So he told Acosta to give up a lot of runs (since we weren’t going to win anyway). That’s the only reasonable explanation I can think of.

    And Stockman gets the strike out. Nice.

  134. 354 — a bag of balls… which we’ll take in a trade for a number of players at this point

  135. 2 starters, a closer, a reliever that’s not Acosta, left fielder, centerfielder, pinch hitter(s) and backup catcher.

  136. what the hell frenchy you laid off two better pitches to get to 2-0 and then swing at that….

  137. tip of the cap to csg, although that wasnt much of a stretch.
    worst braves team i’ve ever seen.

  138. 366, brad, you must be young (I think you’ve stated before that you are, but I can’t remember)

  139. it’s been a while ago but….
    sorry jeremy, i didnt mean you……i did mean brad. how foolish of me.

  140. here’s a good recap

    The Good: Braves score 3 on a two out NortonHR in the 1st, Infante got a leadoff triple in the 2nd, got useful innings from Carlyle, and Stockman got a K.

    The Bad: This offense. Couldnt score Infante after his leadoff triple, Glavine sucked and left with an elbow injury, Frenchy sucked going 1-5 2K’s and a DP to end the game, Tex sucked, Blanco sucks, Bobby sucks at managing, and Acosta is satan.

    At least it wasnt a one run loss, I guess

  141. Yes, I’m sorry I didn’t suffer through the 70’s and 80’s. So this is literally the worst team I’ve seen. Except maybe last year. ’06 wasn’t very good either.

  142. Parish,

    While I think Bobby’s managing has been poor this year, Casey Stengel or Cornelius Macgillicuddy(Connie Mack) couldn’t win with this island of misfit toys.

    This team is terrible, is terribly injured and is therefore overall, terrible.

  143. Acosta threw 41 pitches, going 6 batters into his 2nd inning of work. Why not let any of the 6 other guys waiting out in the pen give him some relief?

  144. I know I asked this question a week or two ago, but give me Holliday over Tex anyday. If we are going to make a stupid offer, do it now. Offer something like 5/75 and if he turns it down, move him. We better not be buyers this year

  145. Trade every player of value for as many LEGIT prospects in multiples, as you can, and DO IT NOW. That means Tex, Hudson, anyone and everyone not named Escobar or McCann or Jurrjens. All 22 are fair game besides those three.

  146. This team is nowhere near as bad as those teams in the ’70s and ’80s.

    This team has some talent, but is frustrating & one game under .500. Those teams didn’t have any talent (so you had zero expectations) and didn’t sniff .500.

  147. DO IT NOW FRANK WREN or I’ll hoist you onto a pittard at the trading deadline…

  148. I love the Braves. But I loathe this particular Braves team. I am at the precipice of madness with this team and may not watch again until they prove they can play .333 baseball on the road. Which means I may be listening to the radio for a while …

  149. Chipper, Huddy, Esco, Bmac, KJ, Jurr, and Joseph should all be safe. No one else would be though

  150. Trade every player of value for as many LEGIT prospects in multiples, as you can, and DO IT NOW. That means Tex, Hudson, anyone and everyone not named Escobar or McCann or Jurrjens.


  151. Dan,

    So we can rinse and repeat and do the same friggin things next year. Why are so many of you wed to some of these guys? They are NOT difference makers and this team(maybe even franchise) is headed nowhere but down. Can you see?

    Why would you want to hold onto a 33 year old Tim Hudson if you could turn him into an above average MLB player under the age of 25 and get say 2 prospects that are legitimate.

    I just don’t get this fanbase’s love affair with individual players. Hell I’d trade Chipper if I was offered a blockbuster deal like Florida got for Miguel Cabrera.

    These guys are dispensable. We have exactly 1 legitimate game changing player and he’s 36 years old.

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