128 thoughts on “Something even more depressing that the Braves game thread: Braves at Reds, June 1”

  1. double post:
    did anyone see where pena has already been dfa’d by kansas city? what’s the purpose? i really dont understand baseball transactions sometimes. it says they have “long term plans” with him and hope he passes through waivers without being grabbed by another team. i guess that is supposed to answer my question.

  2. You drew me out of the woodwork with this video Mac – waaay out of your wheelhouse! Sometimes the most depressing songs are uplifting, at least to me anyway. This is one of the greatest of all time.

  3. I’ll be at Great American today in Braves gear. Hope I get to see an Atlanta win.

  4. Huh, weird. I guess by claiming him with their advantageous waiver postition, they blocked other teams from claiming him — but because they claimed him, he remained out of options, so he’d have had to go to KC.

    But by DFAing him again, they expose him to the other teams anyway. I guess the advantage gained is in not seeing him go unclaimed in the first place, so that he’d have been free to negotiate a minor league contract with anyone.

    But that “anyone” would have included the Royals in the first place…hmmm…this seems like one of those gentlemen’s agreements among GMs where Dayton Moore puts up a flag saying the Royals want him, and everyone else just says okay. It’ll be interesting to see if he gets claimed again.

  5. KC Star

    Catcher Brayan Peña didn’t stick around long.

    The Royals designated Peña for assignment Saturday — one day after claiming him on waivers from Atlanta — in order to clear roster space for pitcher Kyle Davies, who started Saturday’s game against Cleveland.

    The move clears the way for the Royals to send Peña through waivers in the hopes that he will go unclaimed and can, therefore, be outrighted to the minors.

    “We’d like to hold onto him,” general manager Dayton Moore said. “It’s a chance to add depth to the catching position in our organization.”

  6. Sorry maybe the Braves will claim him off waivers and then they can rid of Corky. Yeah right.

  7. Are there any other theories about this chain of events? Because otherwise it strikes me as very minor but very real collusion (if he goes unclaimed).

  8. How is it collusion? They want him, just not on their ML roster. They had a ML roster spot to play around with, so they made the move. If someone else wants him on their ML roster, they can just claim him now.

  9. If someone else wants him on their ML roster, they can just claim him now.

    Right — as I said, it would only have a whiff of collusion if nobody claims him.

    They want him, just not on their ML roster. They had a ML roster spot to play around with, so they made the move.

    See, that’s just it. Limited options is based on the notion that a player has earned the right, after a particular amount of time, to force his employer to “fish or cut bait” — he can’t be jerked around interminably between the minors and the majors. The Braves, in DFAing him, cut bait.

    At this point, Pena had the opportunity to secure a major league job with any team that chose to claim him — in this case, the Kansas City Royals. The waiver claim is supposed to mean he has a major league job and salary. Claiming him and then waiving him a day later, while saying you still want him, seems to me a subversion of the intent of the rule.

    If the intent was to offer him a minor league position in the first place, then let him pass through waivers and sign him afterwards — Pena having lost the use of his option clock, but at least having been given a fair shot at the open market. By waiving him now, they are saying they’re willing to risk that he won’t be claimed.

    But they obviously weren’t willing to risk it the first time around. In the absence of any other variables, I’m left with the assumption that there’s less risk of the Royals losing him this time. That’s evidence of a manipulated market — hence, collusion.

  10. Goddammit, we’re screwing with the uniforms again. I am officially predicting that we are not gonna come out of this slump until we realize that the uniform makes ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE!!! Superstition is for no-talented losers. Real players make their own luck.

  11. reds helping us out…0 out 1 runner on, 2-1 count and timmy’s not throwing strikes, so what do you do? steal second.

  12. Driving home about 30 min ago Lemke starts blathering about Dusty Baker being a good manager for young players. His reputation is otherwise–just ask Kerry Wood’s and Mark Prior’s arms. Maybe the rep is unfair but what planet does Lemke inhabit?

  13. Braves need to stop hitting the ball hard against this guy; it’s clearly not working.

  14. “Superstition is for no-talented losers.”

    So pretty much all baseball players are “losers.”

  15. I’m really starting to hate that kid. Couldn’t he have his Magical Start against someone else?


  16. Correct. The uniform absolutely makes no difference.

    And if Phillips had hustled out of the box instead of worshipping his fly ball that bounced on the warning track, he’d have made 3rd. Thanks, Brandon.

    Gotta get some balls to fall in. Gotta get Huddy to settle here or this is one’s going to become another downer. How many videos does Joy Division have?

  17. #30

    And it’s the last time the Braves will play the Reds this year, so why not?

  18. Cueto is a nice young arm who actually garnered more praise out of the box than did Volquez. The Reds are stacked with young hurlers… frankly, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, I’m jealous.

  19. If Cueto does end up perfect, it’ll be the worst perfect game ever thrown. Half the balls hit today have been drilled, and he’s only got one K thus far. (Though Frenchy is up now, so stay tuned on that issue…)

  20. He made a big mistake throwing that 3-2 pitch to Francoeur in the right handed batters’ box instead of the left handed one.

  21. It would probably be a fitting end to the road trip if we were to get no-hit here.


  23. why not move blanco to the leadoff, yunel to the 2 hole and kj to the 6 or 7 hole?

  24. Stockman or Carlyle absolutely needs to pitch some innings in this game. Everyone else is pretty tired at this point, and I think Acosta should be off-limits today.

  25. what happened? I am following the game on the internet and not sure what happened?

  26. Hudson had to leave the game after what looked like a tweak of his calf or hamstring.

  27. This is even worse than annyoing 1 run losses.


    Please don’t let this be longterm sigh

  28. For the record, I don’t think his overuse has much to do with his foot slipping.

  29. Am I the only one who’s getting really sick of Joe’s crusade against maple bats. OK, maybe something needs to be done, we get it. It isn’t gonna happen until the end of the season, so can we not mention it every single time a bat breaks?

  30. Simpson: they [the Reds] looked flat in Atlanta

    Yeah, sort of like the Braves look in Cincy.

  31. It was Boyer’s knee. They haven’t said specifically what it is yet, just that it’s an injured knee and that he’s being evaluated.

  32. Say what you want about Dusty…but Bruce came up and Dusty stuck him right in the two hole. He may not be good with pitchers, but young hitters love him.

  33. I don’t know how you can say this team is really bad or this team sucks. It’s pretty obvious that it doesn’t, that’s what’s so frustrating about it. If this team were actually bad, I’m pretty sure we all could have accepted it by now.

  34. Nick…accept it. They’ve been .500 for over 2 years. Ain’t going to change with this group os guys.

  35. According to MLB Gameday, Burton has thrown nothing but sliders… That can’t possibly be accurate can it?

  36. We follow an 8-3 homestand with a 1-5 road trip.

    Again, I’ll intone the late Ian Curtis, who once moaned, “Where will it end?”

  37. First of all, there’s a difference between mediocre and bad. Secondly, when pretty much every single meaningful statistic has us near the top of the league, I don’t think you can say that we’re bad. Ridiculously underperforming, but not bad. You can call it whatever you want, but there’s a difference.

  38. I can’t believe that this team is only 3 games out. They suck. Even Chipper is starting to get tired of carrying the team. How many more people are going to get hurt, banged up, twinged, etc.? We will be lucky to go 81-81.

  39. The worse record in the majors on the road and one-run games does not indicate a strong team to me. But with that being said McCann, KJ, Escobar and Francouer are still so young. I think we forget sometimes. Look at Philly, their core ages: Rollins is 30 y/o, Howard, 29, Utley is 30. Even the rookie catcher for the Cubs is older than Francouer.

  40. I’d rather lead the division than the stats. Yes, the pieces are there to be good, but for whatever reason, this particular group of guys has not shown the ability to sustain winning streaks long enough to win anything.

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