DBacks 9, Braves 3

ESPN – Diamondbacks vs. Braves – Box Score – May 25, 2008

Well, a couple more blowouts like this will certainly take care of that difference between run differential and actual record. The Braves actually led 3-2 with two out in the fifth, but Tom Glavine — who had been pitching in difficulty all game — loaded the bases on walks, then gave up a grand slam to the struggling Eric Byrnes. Glavine was at 104 pitches when he gave up the homer, and the obvious thing to say is that he should have been pulled, but he really didn’t look tired until two hitters before, and the bullpen didn’t start warming up until then; they weren’t ready to go when Byrnes came to the plate.

Glavine had given up two runs in the first, on a solo homer and a bases-loaded sac fly. The ball was carrying. The Braves tied it in the second on a bases-loaded single by Infante (playing third with Chipper taking the day off) and a walk by Escobar, but left the bases loaded. They took the lead in the third on a horrible misplay in the outfield by Justin Upton on a routine fly ball from Francoeur, allowing Johnson to score from first, but that was it for the Braves.

Phil Stockman pitched 2 1/3, keeping the DBacks from piling on. For this effort, he will probably be sent down tomorrow, as Rafael Soriano is expected to come off the DL. Ohman and Resop, however, allowed two runs in the eighth and one in the ninth to let Arizona put the game away. They are safe. Braves pitchers walked eleven Arizona batters, another good way to lose.

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  1. If Resop is still on the 25 man roster when the pitching trio of doom is back, I think this will be a good occasion to pay my first visit to the United States and get him out of the state myself.

  2. I’m guessing Phil doesn’t even have to wait until tomorrow. The Braves have probably told him its time to make use of the open ended ticket to Richmond ASAP. Meanwhile, Resop will live to light up another radar gun in the Bigs.

    And not that it makes any sense (least of all to me), but here’s my prediction, should Soriano, Smoltz, and Gonzalez all make it back shortly:

    Soriano for Stockman
    Smoltz for Bennett
    Gonzales for Campillo

    And yes, I know that leaves us without a 5th starter… but then, logic be damned, someone might pickup either Resop or Ring and we can’t have that.

  3. Nasa: make sure your visa is up to date…I am certain that he will be waiting for you to take him out… might just be your last trip here…not like Ohman did well… look up the stats of Resop and then Acosta… other than the era looks like Resop might be the better pitcher and 2 yrs younger ….

  4. Mac: Actually the game was put away when the ace of the staff gave up the grannie…and of course the offense did little to nothing again today…better days lie ahead… hopefully

  5. Nah. I don’t have a win probability chart, but I’d guess a team that trails 6-3 in the middle of the fifth at home still has a 15-20 percent chance of winning. A team that trails 8-3 in the middle of the eighth has essentially no chance. At 6-3, you just need two baserunners to bring the tying run to the plate.

  6. you’re right but the Braves don’t seem to be able to do that…granted Chipper was out and that did not help matters

  7. I’d say that the game was lost when KJ struck out with two on and two out in the seventh, followed by the DBacks’ two runs in the next inning.

  8. I certainly am frustrated with Cox’s use of Stockman. It smacks of the Devine. Do you think we will undervalue him in a trade too and he will be will be lights out for somebody else’s pen?

  9. The last three games are the exact reason why the team needs to acquire another SP. JoJo will be consistently inconsistent, Campillo will run out of luck, and Tommy will have game like this from time to time. Besides, Tommy isn’t brought back to be the ace. This starting rotation is not going to be good enough to ride out the season no matter how you look at it.

  10. I think we have a REAL chance at the postseason with our lineup. We need a #2 Starter. You could argue Jurjens is #2, but we need a true #2 guy. Or else, if you want to put Jurjens at #2 then a #3. Keep Tommy at 4, and Reyes at 5. And thats not bad. With that lineup, with a healthy Chipper we are ok. And if we can get anything out of Left Field, we will be better than ok

  11. from DOB’s blog:

    “By the way, Chipper’s .417 average is the highest in the last 50 years in the majors this late in a season. He also leads the majors in OBP (.488) and ranks third in slugging (.680).”

    i do think he has a chance to make this .400 run interesting. mickey mantle? please! move over ted.
    btw, if you have never checked out ted williams lifetime stats, please do so. they are ridiculous! the year he hit .406, his obp was .551.
    ted williams=bill brasky

    I once saw ted williams kiss a woman, eat a hot dog, and hit a walk off homerun all at once.


  12. I’d like to know what the record is for day games at home on Sunday. It seems like, more often than not, that the team gets in this “lazy Sunday” mood and has to battle for each and every run.

  13. So, when are the Marlins going to turn into a pumpkin? They’re doing it all with offense. Their best 2 starters have been Scott Olsen, who has as many walks as strikeouts (and is already beginning a regression to the mean), and Mark F. Hendrickson.

    They won’t win the division.

  14. Ryan C, I did check out those stats. I know it’s been talked about at length, but it’s interesting to ponder what he could have done had he not lost those years to military service. I think he would have had close to 700 homeruns, 3,200 hits, 2,400 rbi, and 2,300 runs scored. As it stands now, he’s still regarded as the best hitter in history by many, but with those stats EVERYONE would agree he that he was.

    Oddly enough, he’s probably the best hitter in history to never have a 200 hit season. I also didn’t know that he only hit 40 or more homeruns one time in his career.

  15. I am all for adding another SP, but can it please not be The Pauld Byrd Experiement the IV or whatever it is. I’d like to see either Maddux or a someone with some pop (i.e. Burnett, Sheets)

  16. The Marlins are amazing, but they are just going to be like the Natspos when they spent their first season at the DC.

  17. is it me or do we need another starter….

    Ok, so i’m captain obvious. But Maddux is, well, Maddux and i’m no so sold on him. Sheets would cost a TON and he’s a FA at the end of the season.

    How about:

    Braves Get:
    Joe Blanton
    Houston Street

    A’s Get:
    B. Jones
    K. Medlin
    S. Evarts

  18. Chris, if this deal is to happen, Lilli will need to rebound big time. On the other hand, I think Beane will easily get a better package from somewhere else…just for blanton and no inclusion of Street.

  19. It’s funny how Tex concentrates his damage just toward the Mets and how he “disappears” against the other teams…maybe that’s another reason why the Mets would be interested in getting Tex…

  20. .258/9/24/.568/.929


    hitters go there to die. i don’t dig that .258 but i think everyone in the Organization thought that Hicks would hit this way.

    yet, 6’2″ and 200 is a bit big for SS. Think he could handle a move to 3B?

    IF Tex leaves (which seems to look more and more likely) then move Chipper to 1B and invest all that money on 2, count ’em, 2 Top of the lIne Starters.

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