121 thoughts on “Prepare to meet Kali… in Pittsburgh! game thread: Braves at Pirates, May 9”

  1. Maybe I was a weird kid, maybe I had unresolved issues, but I always smiled whenever I heard, “Little ol’ lady got mutilated late last night…” on the radio.

  2. Man keep the Zevon coming! Actually, I have to wonder, was there ever a video for “Excitable Boy?” If so, I bet that was some disturbing shit…

  3. The s*it has hit the fan.

    Good thing we’re playing the Pirates this weekend, and not a real good team.

  4. Mr. Bad Example, however, being undoubtedly the finest example of “rock polka” (ububba can probably do a better job on the genre) ever, not to mention a Faulkner reference- Zevon was no dummy. Wish he was still with us.

  5. Ububba,

    You are the man for this. Just this very morning, I heard on a hard rock station (at about 5:50 a.m.) a song which featured a lyric about trying smoking and drinking to the sound of Sweet Home Alabama with a guitar riff replica.

    However, the rest of the song was the guitar line from “Werewolves of London.” Like, thesse guys should have been sued like the Beach Boys or whoever. It was exact, even to the rhythm.

  6. On Zevon:
    One of the best shows I ever saw on the UGA campus was Warren Zevon solo at Memorial Hall Ballroom (1982-83?) , just him, a guitar & a piano.

    The Highlight: A cover of Keith Richards’ “Before They Make Me Run.” Makes sense, right?

  7. The guy we got for Kali is doing about as expected. He still hopes to grow up to be Carlos Silva some day.

    I’m still ok with the deal. Bobby probably would have broken Yates by now. Of course there is no excuse for Resop continued presence on this team.

  8. Everyone grieves differently of course, but this guy seems to recover awfully quickly….

    Hornsby is accused of using the card starting Oct. 13, 2007, the day after the woman’s death, the newspaper said.

  9. Look at this article about how Reitsma is an “integral” part of the mariners bullpen…

    I hope html works on here.

  10. check this out…

    Hudson 1-12 no doubles, no triples, no hr’s, 2RBI, 1BB, 5K, .083 AVG .083SLG .154OBP

    Miller 1-12 no doubles, no triples, no hr’s, 1RBI, 1BB, 3K, .083AVG .083OBP .154 OBP

  11. Edmonds got released from the Pads today. End of an era, really – anyone care to embark on the Edmonds v. Jones debate?

  12. Chipper’s better, but Edmonds was a helluva player, esp. in his prime. Unfortunately, he’s another one with numbers that gave me some pause.

    I never liked him, actually. I always found him to be annoyingly prissy and, although he was a terrific CF, I always bristled at people who thought he was better than Andruw.

    He played deeper than Andruw, and I shared the suspicions that he made some of his catches look more difficult than they were. But I’ve heard old-timers say that Willie Mays did that, too.

    Very good player; never liked him.

  13. Willie definitely did make it look harder than it was — he used to wear his cap too loose so it would routinely fly off when he ran down a fly ball — but he could cover more ground than Edmonds could. They were both hot dogs, they both had 40 homers and played terrific defense, but I always suspected Edmonds fooled people into thinking he was better than he was.

  14. Braves hit the ball pretty hard that inning, so even though we didn’t score, it could be a sign of things to come later.

  15. Adam LaRoche is hitting just .209 with 12 walks and 3 homers. Hope he heats up after we leave town; he’s not that bad.

  16. It’s pretty hard to get guys out consistently working in the upper 70’s.

  17. True. Glavine has to have really good movement, keep hitters off balance, and have perfect location on his pitches to succeed.

  18. According to Gameday, the hardest pitch Glavine has thrown has been around 84, with 82 being the mode, by far. They’re not sure if that is a fastball or a changeup. Since he has another cluster at 75, I’m guessing that is tonight’s changeup.

  19. anybody watching on Extra Innings, really poor feed for the second time this week.

  20. Extra Innings is also fine on my TV, although the announcers leave a lot to be desired, as usual when the FSN Pittsburgh feed is on. WHOOO

  21. I was actually glad he struck out instead of hitting into another double play, because at least Kotsay would get a chance. It’s gotten that bad.

  22. Here comes the last guy to the plate you would want hitting in this situation…

  23. The guy cant throw a strike, and we swing at the first pitch.. ……………. sigh

  24. ok.. we have a 1 run lead.. this is easy. one more from glavine, then hammond, remlinger, and smoltz and we win!

  25. Ron Gant is the guy on TV, if that’s who you’re referring to. Lemke’s on radio, but he sucks too.

  26. The genius Pirates are bunting with the #7 hitter to set up the bottom of the order.

  27. Late in the game, at home down 1, yeah, I’d have bunted

  28. well, at least we’re into the pen with the good bats up.

  29. AYFKM? The is a serious problem in this great nation of ours. Baseball fans apparently enjoy piss poor commentators. Ron Gant and Mark Lemke on the same night?

  30. To be fair, both Skip and Joe are sick. So, they’re just fill-ins. That doesn’t change the fact that they are annoying.

  31. I was fearing another wasted opportunity there, but then again if Yates couldn’t bring Frenchy out of that funk, no one could.

  32. Ring is apparently contractually unable to pitch to more than one batter in a game.
    And here’s Boyer again. One thing we can say for Bobby: he’s consistent.

  33. If the Braves are going to try to steal, Blanco’s the guy to try it with.

  34. That blown call probably cost us the game. I guess it makes up for that bunt DP blown call the umpire made earlier in our favor, though.

  35. I wouldn’t swing if it were in the other batter’s box, either. It was shades of Eric Gregg. (RIP)

  36. Bobby simply doesn’t understand how to use a lefthanded reliever. It’s aggravating. I don’t like the strategy to begin with, but using them to pitch to one batter to start an inning — especially one struggling like LaRoche — makes zero sense.

  37. Bobby doesn’t look at stats. He’s said it himself. It makes it really hard to know how guys on other teams are performing.

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