Off-day non-Collins open thread

Everybody rest up, you won’t get much of a chance from here on in, thanks to the schedule monkeys. Blaine Boyer, this goes double for you.

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  1. So from here it’s Hudson, JJ, Glav, JoJo, and Chuck? Does that sound like a division winning rotation to anyone?

    That sounds like a recipe for a lot of Jorge Campillo to me. Which is fine, I love watching him try to get by with his junkball routine.

  2. BlaineLog 05.05.08:

    On pace for 92 appearances; 100 2/3 IP; ginormous settlement payment from Atlanta National League Baseball Club.

  3. @1–What happened to Bennett as a starter? Or is he just being held as the inevitable long reliever for Chucky, Reyes, or Glavine?

  4. I don’t understand the Boyer over-use concern. I checked and he has only pitched 24.2 innings in the last 356 games.

  5. That sounds like the most amount of lefthanded starters at one time I’ve ever seen.

    I think Bennett should be in there over Chuck.

  6. Well, Alex, the Braves did have three lefthanded starters in a four-man rotation in 1991. And Mercker started four games that year, so at times they had four lefties in five slots.

  7. Yeah, but 4 tops that. I remember the 91 rotation.

    The problem is the majority of NL lineups are more righty heavy.

  8. The Braves are just looking at three lefty starters: Glavine, Reyes, and James. Hudson and Jurrjens (the two who have been there all along) are righthanded.

    The number of lefthanded starters has declined over the last fifteen years or so. There are probably two reasons for this. One is an ongoing concern, the overuse of the radar gun (most people who throw really hard are righthanded, because most people are righthanded). The other is that if a lefty struggles just a little, he will likely be LOOGYized.

  9. I think that, at this point, we should just put our most capable starters out there, no matter which arm they use.

  10. I second that. But I am curious as to why Bennet isn’t being considered.

    One observation from actually being able to watch baseball. Ken Griffey Jr. looks very old at the plate and in the field.

  11. I’ve heard plenty about the Braves record in one-run games, but very little about the fact that Braves now have, simultaneously, the best record in baseball at home and the worst record in baseball on the road. Since we not talking about the pre-humidor Coors, anyone got any feelings about the problem here? Has any team ever finished a season with the best home record and worst road record?

  12. I had seen that too Jonathan. I think part of it is that the Braves had played so many games on the road, and before we really had a “pitching staff” ready to go. I should have my head examined for thinking that Hampton was going to contribute anything. I expect that as the season goes on, we wont have the worst road record.

  13. Here is a stat that will blow your mind:

    Royce Ring is tied for the NL League, stranding all 16 inherited runners.

    Mac, is that because he is a LOOGY, or does this guy actually have some talent?

  14. If I understand the stat correctly, he doesn’t have to finish the inning to be credited. After a couple of early problems, he’s been used almost exclusively as a LOOGY and to pitch to one, or at most two, lefthanded hitters. Check his game log. In twelve appearances, he’s had nine in which he faced one batter and one in which he faced two.

  15. @1–What happened to Bennett as a starter? Or is he just being held as the inevitable long reliever for Chucky, Reyes, or Glavine?

    I guess Bennett could be the fifth, but yeah I figure that Bennett will need to mop up some innings in the pen since it seems to take us six pitchers to get through every game. Chuckie in the pen seems pretty far fetched.

    Someone would likely come along soon and say something like “well when Smoltz, Soriano, and Gonzo return to the pen that will free up Bennett to start”. That’s theoretically true I guess, but with injured pitchers I keep my expectations pretty low.

  16. So far, as long as Ring hasn’t faced more than 2 batters, he hasn’t been hit at all.

    Of course, the 2 times he did, he got smacked.

  17. Wow. Wowie-wow.

    Note that the example sentence under the third “definition” doesn’t even have the word in it.

  18. Anybody know off the top of their head how Mahay is doing?

    $4 million for quality relief doesn’t sound that bad right about now …

  19. Prado: Decent hitter, lousy fielder, dumb baserunner.

    Y’know, these injuries are just beyond ridiculous—and Chipper’s still playing most of the time.

  20. Braves acquire Greg Norton to take Prado’s spot as the primary utility infielder who can’t play shortstop. I have no idea what this team is doing. Post is up. I will write up Norton sooner or later.

  21. I understand Mac’s frustration about the LOB after so many one-run losses in which a lot of guys were LOB.

    I will defend the Braves on the 2nd time with bases loaded though. They were up by a comfortable margin and absolutely trying to tee off, along with umpires calling more borderline strikes to get the game over. Escobar almost came out of his shoes on the AB with 2 outs and bases loaded when he struck out (end of the 7th, I believe).

    The other side to the LOB is the poor play of the Reds that resulted in many more Braves on base than there should have been. Yeah, they only committed one error, but there were several misplays that resulted in additional baserunners.

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