ESPN – Reds vs. Braves – Box Score – May 04, 2008

So, Tom Glavine is never going to win another game. The Braves spotted him a 7-0 lead in the second, and then he fell apart and couldn’t get out of the fifth. Actually, he left the game with a chance to lose.

The Reds got baserunners on in each of the first two innings, but Glavine picked one off in the first and McCann threw one out in the second. Then the Braves exploded for seven runs in the second, capped by a three-run homer from Chipper. Remarkably, the big inning came without a sacrifice bunt. Funny how that works.

But Glavine couldn’t hold it. He gave up a homer to Paul Bako, of all people, in the third; the Braves pushed the lead back to seven with an RBI infield single from Kotsay in the bottom of the inning. Glavine gave up four runs in the fourth and really should have been pulled, but Bobby obviously was trying to get him the win. With two out in the fifth, it was 8-6 and the bases were loaded; Bobby brought in Ring, who got Dunn on one pitch. Pretty easy way to get a win; the scorer could have given it to someone else but they never do; the reliever who finishes the fifth almost always gets the win.

The Braves got four more in the bottom of the inning, the big blow one of KJ’s three doubles of the day. McCann almost hit a grand slam, but it turned into a ridiculously long single. The Braves could have gotten more, frankly; they still had the bases loaded and nobody out, but couldn’t get anything else in. The Reds got a run off of Campillo in the sixth, but the Braves answered with another RBI from KJ. Kotsay hit a solo homer in the eighth, though the Braves blew another bases-loaded nobody-out situation. In a close game, that would have been a problem.

Glavine did tie Bob Feller for 25th on the all-time strikeout list. That’s actually kind of weird. Feller must be apoplectic, but then he usually is… The Braves had 19 hits and 8 walks; they really should have gotten more than 14 runs. Call me greedy, or say that they still haven’t solved certain problems with runners on base. KJ had four hits in all, Kotsay (hitting second with Escobar not starting with “flulike symptoms”) and Chipper three. You’ll score a lot of runs that way… Prado started at shortstop, and made one egregious misplay that was for once called an error. He then hurt his hand sliding into first base (stupid) and Escobar had to shake off his “symptoms” and enter the game… Boyer pitched the eighth with a seven run lead, because he still has some shoulder ligaments that aren’t totally shredded yet.