ESPN – Reds vs. Braves – Box Score – May 02, 2008

That’s more like it. Tim Hudson was on, giving up just three singles, striking out ten (all in the first six innings) and not walking anyone, completing the game on 110 pitches. So, if we can get that sort of pitching performance, we’re in good shape! For most of the game, it was strikeouts and groundouts almost exclusively. Hudson got three fly ball outs in the ninth, probably meaning he was tiring, but he didn’t need anything else.

The offense, such as it was, came in the fourth. Chipper reached on a two-base error on a ball that nearly made it out, and after Teixeira struck out (he did that three times; maybe the Braves should juggle the batting order, as he’s really pressing with runners on, and Chipper was on all four times) McCann hit a bomb off the foul pole in right for all the runs.

Not much else to say. The Braves had just six hits, but that was twice what the Reds got. Escobar, Francoeur, and Kotsay had the other hits, all singles.