158 thoughts on “Yet another must-win game game thread: Braves at Mets, April 25”

  1. This week in Metdom, 4/25/08

    The Internal Randolph Hate is really rising. Every time one of their crappy relievers (Heilman, Sosa) gives up a bomb (several times in the past week), you can hear the conniptions throughout Queens & Nasssau Counties.

    A growing segment of the Met fan base wants him gone now. After the ’06 NLCS heartbreak & the embarrassment of Sept. ’07, they want someone to blame.

    And let me tell you, if the Braves ever swept this series—making the Mets 0-5 vs. Atlanta—the temperature goes from warm to boiling.

    I’m not saying it’s right or wrong—and I kinda don’t care. I just love the discontent and any shorter path to the kind of self-loathing we see in the 215 area code.

    I’ll be there tonight, rooting largely for Larry Wayne.

  2. somewhat surprising news – UNC players Ty Lawson enters draft but doesnt hire agent, Ty Hansborough will return for another collegiate season

  3. I posted this at CnC, but here’s something interesting. Everyone knows Chipper rakes at Shea, right? Well, sorta. Actually, his numbers at Shea are pretty much the same as his career averages: at Shea, he’s at .310/.399/.565, while his career numbers are .309/.404/.549.

    However, against the Mets overall he’s batted .328/.417/.571. A lot of the reason for the disparity may just be the natural home/away split. But my takeaway is that he’ll probably mash against them just as much when they move to their new digs.

    My predictions for Chipper Jones tonight: 3-3 with 3 homers, removed in the 6th for Martin Prado.

    Also, that’s interesting about the Mets and Schneider’s injury. If they had any pitchers or pitching prospects who were worth a damn, maybe we could trade them Brayan Pena. But they basically don’t.

  4. Cue chris talking about how, with Psycho T, Davis, Zeller, and Drew, the Heels are going to be UNSTOPPABLE next year in 5…4…3…2…1…

    (BTW, Ellington is testing the waters, too.)

  5. So, another (somewhat facetious) odds question. With as well as he does in Shea, and as well as he’s seeing the ball, does anybody think Chipper can make it through the whole 3 game series without getting an out (or at least getting on base every at bat)?

    Anybody know when the last time somebody did such a thing was? or what the longest period of time somebody has gone batting 1.000 over a stretch. I’m not even sure how to search for that stat.

  6. Ububba,

    What are my fellow Jet fans saying up in NY? Who do they like the best for their first round pick?

  7. Yea AAR, but park factors will say it is a better line than his career numbers.
    His ownage of them mainly stems from 99 ofcourse

  8. Godot, no doubt. The point is, he’s been such a monstrous beast throughout his career that he can hit his career average against a team and it qualifies as owning them by normal human standards.

  9. HK,
    Lotsa Jet draft talk on WFAN this past week. Jet Nation be lovin’ McFadden, but Gholston is another one.

    Some want Ryan, but I’m hearing that the Jets are going to give Chad another chance at QB.

    If they stick with their #6 pick, my guess is McF, then Gholston, if he’s gone. If both are gone, maybe the USC guy.

    But who the hell knows? They’ve made some crazy picks in the past. The Jets are kind of like the Falcons—similar histories & somewhat doomed by their very nature.

  10. Baxter Stockman, perfect.

    Didn’t Hansborough graduate in ’03? Let’s get some new folk heroes, please.

  11. Officially, can I say?


    Oh, and since I was unaware Mac had put up a new thread (Mac, please do let us know), landogarner asked that we come up with insults for Mets fans so I know (at least) ububba will approve:

    Mets fans wear jean shorts.

  12. Robert…I’m not sure why UNC even bothered to wait for his jersey to be hung during his Junior season? They should have hung his jersey to the rafters during recruiting!

    At least he turned out to be better than my prediction of Henrik Rodl.

  13. Alex,

    (1) Sign up for emails. I get one each time Mac posts a new thread. Click on “Site Admin” to the left, then on “Profile”.

    (2) UNC only retires the numbers of players who are named National POY by one of five recognized sources, so Hasnbrough didn’t qualify until this year.

  14. Oops. After you click on “Profie”, click on “Subscriptions” and then set it up how you like it.

  15. Also, for the record, I love Hansbrough. The media coverage is of course incredibly excessive, but the dude plays hard all the time, is almost perfect fundamentally, and gets everything he possibly can out of his skills.

  16. I have never been a UNC supporter, but I’m a big fan of Psycho T.

    I could care less how much coverage he gets. But whatever he gets, he deserves.

    I love to watch the guy play and I’d love to have anyone like him wearing my school’s uniform. I’m glad he’s coming back.

  17. For those who missed it here’s that horrible call against the Braves versus the Nats. This is one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen. It’s not even close.


  18. Hysterical and rare college-football conversation on WFAN today:

    Notre Dame backed out of a 6-game series with Rutgers because Rutgers wants to play their 3 home games in their 55,000-seat campus stadium; Notre Dame wants to play at 75,000-seat Giants Stadium.

    To hear fans of those schools argue which is a better program now…that’s entertainment.

  19. Yes, they DID indeed retire TH’s number at the Dean Dome this year. I thought that usually happens after you leave school.

    For the record, I like Carolina…my Uncle went there, I went to Carolina basketball campa when I was in 8th grade and met MJ, Daugherty, JR Reid, Worthy et all. I was just having some fun ;-)

    Stu, I have tried and tried and clicked everything to be signed up for the “new thread” emails, and for some reason (Mac and I have talked about this ad nauseum), they won’t take.

  20. I would really like to know what happened to Iassogna on that play. It’s really inexplicable that he would make that call, but there must be some reason for it. Maybe he was watching the feet and missed the ball and was caught guessing or something, I dunno. I know we’re never gonna hear a proper explanation, but I’m genuinely interested as to what happened that caused him to make such a horrible call.

  21. Can we please, for the love of Christ, mount a campaign to keep Mark Lemke off the airwaves during games? I can ignore the pregame (here-are-a-bunch-of-ads-nestled-between-a-tiny-bit-of-baseball-info) shows but don’t let him ruin the game on the radio!

  22. The Mets radio announcers said that the ball Escobar bunted came back and hit him in the finger. Any reports from the Atlanta dugout?

  23. Remy, he had his hand wrapped around the bat improperly, and the ball hit him in the finger.

    Let that be a lesson, kids. Unless you’re a human offensive sinkhole, don’t bunt.

  24. It’s fun listening to the Mets announcers commenting on Blanco like they have ever seen him before in their life.

  25. Thanks, sansho. Not quite the same, is it?

    Everyone talks about bringing Maddux back to be a pitching coach, but I’d settle for his giving a few bunting lessons–to everyone.

  26. Or maybe just never bunting with non pitchers ever again. I will be livid if this anything long term.

  27. I’m glad to see the tangible hatred of bunting again. I’m also happy to see one of my fantasy players – and favorite team’s starting SS – hurt on a plaoy that should never be attempted by right-thinking men.

  28. #51 – He bunted in the first inning a probably broke a finger on his throwing hand. Bad times.

  29. How is it possible that Pelfrey throw 30 pitches in the first and only 21 in the next two, being in trouble the whole time?

    If there’s a time to take a few pitches, it’s clearly against this guy…..

  30. Why does Pete even need a color man? Just let him do it Scully style if Skip isn’t available. I don’t need Lemke’s idiotic convential wisdom, blind Cox worship, and piss poor radio voice.

  31. MS@E-

    Lemke’s not Skip, but he’s fine. You’ve devoted like 3 or 4 posts this thread to bitching about him; that’s 5% of this thread. We get it. You don’t like listening to him.

  32. I wish the current set of umpires would have a mass resignation. Lots of bad calls the last several years.

  33. Of course, McClelland’s blindness is well-noted. As Matt Holliday proved during the Rockies-Padres one-game playoff last year, you don’t have to touch home plate in order for McClelland to give you a run.

  34. Strike zone is all over the place, no consistency. Might as well have Joe West back there.

  35. And he calls the same exact pitch to K Pagan that he didn’t call on Wright and cost us three runs. Well done Timmy, you put your stamp on this game.

  36. I agree, Lemke only states the blindingly obvious during games, plus often gives evidence that Bobby does him favors, if you get what I’m saying.

  37. I hope the Braves look at a few more pitches this inning. Pelfry’s been sitting for awhile.

  38. Why swing at anything? Ever? The chances of a pitcher hitting a 3 x 5 strike zone three times in seven are slim. Jackass umpire.

    At any event, Jurrjens should have been pulled. Pitchers should never, ever, throw 45 pitches in a single inning. The max is about 35. Let’s leave aside the question of effectiveness; tired pitchers too, too often become hurt pitchers.

  39. There’s Diaz’s first walk. Frenchy’s record is safe.

    None of the four pitches were anywhere close. This game is going to take four hours.

  40. Escobar has a contusion according to this.


    can someone explain what this is, how painful, and how long it takes to heal

  41. I just went in and edited. The best way to post long links (if you don’t want to use HTML code) is a service like TinyURL; I have a bookmark on my toolbar for that service.

  42. #113

    Actually, now that you bring it up, I now understand why his BBRef sponsor calls him The Inherent Contradiction. What a great name.

    Reminds me of a guy I went to high school with. He had a pretty generic sounding name that I didn’t think twice about for two years. Then one day Mrs. Schick was calling roll, and said “Rob Graves”? I suddenly got it, and couldn’t stop laughing….

  43. Let’s blow this one open. I’m sure Jurrjens would love to get a win out of this one.

  44. Always loved Pagan’s name. I’ve always seen my own name as having that same kind of contradiction.

  45. KJ gets an RBI single just as Chip announces that x-rays are negative on Yunel’s finger. Sweet.

  46. Okay, we need three volunteers: One to make sure Bobby stays in the clubhouse, one to stick McDowell in a closet, and one to sit on Resop so he can’t warm up.

  47. Stockman for the 8th and Boyer for the 9th unless Ohman screws the pooch? Or does Acosta come back tonight after 2 yesterday.

  48. The best part about Gonzalez coming back is that we won’t have to pitch Will Ohman anymore because we’ll have a real lefty rather than just a LOOGY.

  49. Bobby was just trying to earn some cheap XP for his relievers to try to level them up.

  50. Jurrjens showed us something tonight — a hostile crowd and a hitter’s umpire brought him to the brink of destruction, and he worked it out. I like this kid a lot.

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