Braves 3, Nats 0

ESPN – Braves vs. Nationals – Box Score – April 11, 2008

For a while there, it was looking like the dread one run game, but the Braves got some insurance with two out in the ninth and it didn’t come up. Kind of a pity, because Moylan was really on in the ninth.

Tim Hudson was on all night, allowing just three hits, all of them singles, and walking two with five strikeouts. One of their five baserunners was erased on a double play, and another thrown out trying to steal second. Washington’s biggest “threat” was in the fourth, when they got a leadoff single and a sac bunt to get him to second. That was the only runner to reach second base, and after a two-out walk came the only time they had two runners on.

But the Braves weren’t doing any better, until Escobar hit a two-out homer in the sixth for a 1-0 lead. It stayed that way until the ninth, when Escobar, Chipper, and Teixeira loaded the bases with none out. The chance almost got away when Francoeur (in one of his periodic PAs where he looks like he’s never held a bat before) and McCann struck out, but Diaz, who was in a monster slump, singled up the middle to score two runs. Moylan closed it out, getting two strikeouts.

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  1. much needed win for confidence purposes. let’s sweep these bums and get on the right foot.

  2. Walked into the hotel room and turned on Moylan getting a K to end the game. Looks like from the recap all I missed was a great pitching performance from Mr. Hudson. He’s dealing this year!

  3. It could be a 2 game sweep considering the weather I’m hearing about tomorrow. But yeah, Smoltz and Glavine vs. Nats, c’mon, Braves…do your jobs and win all 3!

  4. wow just got home and I’m surprised to see this. great game all around and I love shutouts. Hudson last 2 seasons vs Gnats

    5-0 0.80ERA 45IP 34K 5BB – dominant

    Escobar will hit 15Hr’s this year

  5. Not the prettiest on the offensive side, but a win is a win.
    Hudson has looked stellar so far this season. Maybe we are getting that ace pitcher we wanted so badly when he came to ATL. Having Smoltz and Hudson at the top is dynamite.

  6. Watching the Dodger game tonight and Andruw is really getting booed. 0 for 3 again tonight, hitting seventh, and currently hitting .118. Its really uncomfortable to watch him hit, because you can tell he’s trying too hard to impress his new team. I really do hope that he gets it going.

  7. Nice to get such a stellar pitching performance, but we might need more offense when Hudson isn’t on the mound.

  8. Sad to hear that about Andruw. It does seem, however, that he has brought this upon himself. He shows up to camp out of shape so that he has to spend the spring getting in better shape rather than getting his timing back as a hitter.

    I am genuinely rooting for him though. He threw Boras out of the negotiations on his last contract with the Braves. That’s enough for me.

  9. I actually got to see a braves win in person for a change. Great outing by Huddy, he was just dominant. There were a lot of braves fans at the game. I was in the right center field bleachers and we had a whole tomahawk chop section.

    I love watching Escobar play, he’s one of those guys that capitalizes on everything the other team gives him. I watched him almost take off and steal home in the 9th when apparently the pitcher wasn’t paying attention after a pitch. Great upgrade over Renty in the field and possibly at the plate.

  10. Escobar was truly all over the field tonight. Perfect tag on a perfect throw to get Austin Kearns; a couple beautiful plays at short, displaying a real cannon arm; a homer for the game’s first and decisive run, which was a bomb to the off-field; and another hit as well.

    He’s really, really good.

  11. It says he felt pain in the top of the ninth yesterday (though he still played in the bottom half of the inning) and would see how it feels this morning before deciding if he’ll play today. Doesn’t sound serious.

  12. Just curious: why is this tagged as “400 Not Greatest Atlanta Braves” instead of “Recaps” like usual?

  13. In other news, Salty is hitting .360 .448 .680 in AAA. If you’re the Rangers, how do you trade away Mark Teixeira and not let the cornerstone of that deal start on your team?

  14. Rangers want to let Salty develop and showcase Laird, who they could trade to a contender this summer. Salty’s their C of the future. I think they’re playing it the right way.

  15. #23

    Could be — we called him up on May 2 last year, and he was on a ML roster from then on. Had he made the team out of spring training, he would probably be a “Super Two” after ’09. Very clever….

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