100 thoughts on “Game thread: May 10, Braves at Phillies”

  1. I know we have a couple of ladies here. Not sure if you are moms, but nonetheless:

    Happy Mothers’ Day, all.

  2. Ha! Nice job Escobar! Probably the easiest HBP ever.

    This is the first Braves game I’ve watched since probably the opening week. It’s good to be back, and they’ll be on ESPN tomorrow too.

  3. does no one think that ball maybe should have been caught? i don’t know, it seemed to hang up in the air for a while by anderson as nowhere near it…

  4. Andrew, depending on the position, but I also think someone like Chucky T, Langy, or Willie would have catch that. Oh well…

  5. Except, you may have noticed, Campillo gets people out.

    “Gets”? He’s got a 5.40 ERA in 3 1/3 innings and is returning from shoulder fatigue.

    Last August and September, he had a 5.93 ERA in 11 starts, after a 2.76 ERA in 14 starts in May, June, and July.

    I’d say he certainly got people out. I’m not sure he still does.

  6. Parish, I hear you man. I SO wish the Braves would show the ability to manufacture runs… A leadoff walk almost always bites US on the ass. If Schafer had been able to use some of his speed on the bases, he might have had a chance to score… Oh well.

  7. i would be willing to bet chipper misses the next few games. he is grimacing on every swing. ugh…..

  8. We’re certainly in Hibernation Mode now.

    Also, by far, this is the best I’ve seen Kawakami pitch.

  9. Can any of you stat gurus tell me if there’s another team in baseball that can make three outs faster than the Braves? I’m just curious… it seems like our at-bats go by in a flash.

  10. Kotchman with an extra base hit! Maybe we can scrounge up a run in this inning. A leadoff double is a good start.

  11. Why not waste a leadoff double?

    Seriously, can anyone on this team play fundamental baseball?

  12. I hope the Phils don’t pitch around Kawakami to get to Johnson. Maybe HE can drive in a run…

    …or not.

  13. And, this is why Kotchman should be batting 2nd ahead of Chipper and McCann.

  14. Alright guys… how short a leash do you think they have on Kawakami? With the bats due up in this inning, he better have good stuff.

    Edit… I typed this as Ryan doubled. I’m starting to sweat a little.

  15. Not pretty, but getting 6 IP with only 2 runs allowed is something I’d take out of KK every time out.

  16. Apparently. In fairness to Kenshin, I suppose it wouldn’t have went much differently if Cox had turned it over to Bennett. KK had only given up one run to this point… I only thought about changing pitchers because it looks like we needed about ten more shutout innings to win this with our anemic offense.

    I absolutely hate feeling like getting behind by one run means the game is over. Maybe we can pull this one out though. I came in late and just saw how we got our first run… bases loaded, no one out, and all we muster is a sac fly by Geezer “the Glide” Anderson?

  17. I thought Anderson’s swing was supposed to look good. It looks like he steps “in the bucket” every time.

  18. Frank,
    Yunel is only allowed to make a Yunel with 2 outs and Chipper at the plate. That way, you maximize how frustrated the Braves fans are.

  19. Way to go Kotchmeister! He’s earning my respect. And what about the Glide scoring from second on that hit?

  20. So much for Francoeur being a changed guy. What happened to the the new open stance?

  21. Parish- Are you talking about Kotchman’s hit? True, it wasn’t impressive… but man, I’ll take it. Any kind of hit with runners in scoring position has been a rarity for these guys.

  22. Prado’s in for Chipper and O’Flaherty is on the mound. Let’s shut ’em down boys… This would be a big win.

  23. According to Joe, Mike Pelfrey is a “hot” pitcher. I didn’t realize having more than twice as many walks than Ks is classifed as being “hot.”

  24. With that, I am glad to see that Bobby made the double switch.

    We’ll see how O’Flaherty looks coming out of the dugout.

  25. I might’ve just left in O’Flaherty to face the lefties, but I like Gonzo here instead of Moylan or Soriano.

  26. im not, 3 lefties for the phils due. makes perfect sense to me. then lets bring soriano and the gas in the ninth.

  27. Third day in a row for O’Flaherty; Bobby probably didn’t want to press his luck.

    As for the double-switch, it’s because Chipper’s hurt, and Prado’s your best bench bat, so you put him up there as early as possible.

  28. I’m so used to Cox following his formula that I figured his head would explode if he didn’t go Moylan-Soriano-Gonzalez. I had a vision of Soriano giving up a long ball to Howard, so I was rather relieved to see Gonzo in there.

    Good call by Cox. Do you see him leaving Mike in to pitch the ninth or giving the ball to Soriano? Oops… nevermind, stupid question. I didn’t realize Gonzalez was due up in the 9th.

  29. WOO-HOO! I love insurance runs! Kotchman again! Great job by Norton fighting for the plate without killing their catcher… like Victorina would have done.

  30. Well, how about that Kotchman guy? He’s been heating up lately, especially in the power dept.

  31. That was hit with a little more authority than his last rbi hit.

    Kotchman is the player of the game, thus far.

  32. considering chipper probably asked to come out, this was some of the best in-game managing i have seen from cox in quite a while.

  33. *pukes*

    They’re saying Bobby is one of the few managers willing to use his “closer” when it’s not the 9th inning.

    I’d say that he’s one of the few managers who has two “closers” in his bullpen.

  34. Whew! Good game… and even nicer to see the Braves come out on top in a close one. Next up, New Yoik… tomorrow is Lowe against Santana, right?

  35. AAR – I think we were 1-for-14 with RISP.

    That makes this close win more amazing to me. We could have had a blow out, but we got just enough. Usually, we give up just enough, ya know.

  36. I think a lot of teams have been getting runs off Lidge. He has an ERA of 8.56.

  37. Rob – I did not know that.

    Fyi – Hanson has given up 3 homers today, but is still tied 3-3.

    Kody Johnson has hit 2 today.

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