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  1. I say let Smoltz be the fith guy untill the All-Star break. It wouldn’t hurt him to miss a few starts here and there so we can have him in September.

  2. I’m not surprised that Jair got the spot over James, but if James was fully healthy it would be hard to justify it. Jair is young, but his overall stats from last year or ST dont really stand out. I really think if James and Jair both we in the rotation that James would have a better overall year. I like the potential that Jair has and could someday see him as a #2, where as James looks destined to be a #3 or 4 guy

  3. Also, i’m pretty sure I’ll be by myself on this one, but Bennett would probably be the best choice as a #5 guy right now. The guy has really put a lot of effort getting back in shape and is throwing as well as anyone. Let Jair and Chuck start in AAA and it’ll let us keep our extra reliever for a few extra weeks

  4. ugly stat for the day

    Braves pinch hitters hit only .213 last year, which ranked 13th in the National League, with a league-worst 20 RBIs. Their three homers tied them for worst in the NL.

  5. So I guess Jurjjens silenced his critics then?

    I say we only pitch Smoltz when we’re out of first place by more than 3 games in the first half of the season. Keep him loose by having him throw on the side all week and unleash him on the league in the second half. He’ll go 10 every game.

  6. csg,

    I think you hit the nail on the head. We need to make a move for a solid bat off the bench. Thorman ain’t going to cut it.

  7. I definitely look forward to see what Jurrjens has got in Atlanta. He’s been kind of hot and cold during preseason, but I think he has great potential to fill a rotation spot. Let’s see what he’s got.

  8. Jurrjens has won a job in the starting rotation. I guess he’s technically the fifth starter, but will actually begin in the third spot due to Smoltz’s DL stint and Bobby wanting to put a righthander between Glavine and Hampton.

    This just points out how silly the whole bit about a 2 starter, a 3 starter, etc. is when discussing the regular season.

  9. Agreed. It only matters in the playoffs. Hampton will be the Braves 3rd start in the playoffs this year.

    Count it.

  10. This is kind of ridiculous. Make Bonds any kind of offer. Low ball him. Offer him two million. Less, even.

    It looks like all you have to do is outbid Japan, if that. For a guy who could very well be a top ten hitter this season.

    I’m glad Jurrjens won a spot. Hopefully by the time Chuck is ready, we’ll know more what we have with Jurrjens, Hampton, and Glavine and better know which of those three need replacing (if any).

  11. I need a computer savy persons help. At work when I come to this page it automatically updates itself and I never have to refresh the page. At home, however, I always have to refresh the page. Even if I havent visited the site for a few days it always takes me to the last post that I could view. I then have to refresh the page. What do I need to do to change this?

  12. Don’t know if any of you caught this bit on DOB’s blog a few days ago:

    Chipper Jones was dressing this morning in the clubhouse and Tex was sitting at his stall across the way.

    “I just read a magazine where they predicted you’d be the National League MVP this year,” Chipper said.

    “Whoopidy-do,” Teixeira replied, and both of them laughed.

    “You should be flattered they think highly enough of you to predict you’ll be the MVP,” Chipper said, with his familiar smirk.

    “You want to hit fourth and I’ll hit third, then maybe it’ll happen,” Teixeira said, smiling.

    Chipper shook his head no, and smiled.

    Protection is pretty much a myth (see JC’s work) but Chipper and Tex seem to think it matters. But think about what their talk implies about how well they think Frenchy (projected to hit 5th) would protect them. Ouch!

  13. AAR–fair question. It may vary but Frenchy has been in the 5 hole lately. I think we’re likely to see Tex, Francoeur, McC, Diaz, Kotsay, and pitcher.

  14. is someone seriously suggesting the braves sign bonds??? i’ve put up with sheffield(although i was happy to see him go) and various other a-holes over the years but if they were to sign bonds i might be rooting for them to finish 2-160.

  15. Why were you happy to see Sheffield go? As far I remember, he wasn’t really a problem when he was here.

  16. Assuming that this is true (there is no confirmation from the Braves’ side of things)… Eh. Gotay’s a better hitter than Prado but a worse fielder. Like Prado, he can’t play short.

  17. I won’t write a post until there’s a formal announcement or DOB/Carroll/Peanut has a story, but it’s possible that the Braves would trade Gotay on to an AL team.

  18. I sure hope not (to the platoon w/ KJ).

    For what it’s worth, Gotay got in to 5 games at SS w/ the Mets last season.

  19. In which he showed that he isn’t a shortstop.

    At any event, if the Braves keep Gotay, they would need to clear a 40-man roster spot. I guess they could put Gonzalez on the 60-day DL, but more likely they would trade a reliever.

  20. mike………….i think sheffields the kind of guy who leaves a room and EVERYONE is happy to see him go. well, that and his expecting a big raise after a 3-30 playoff performance. he wasnt much better for the yankees and the tigers better not be counting on him in big games either.

  21. Gotay isn’t good, but he’s the sort of guy that teams always think they need, until, inevitably, they’re stuck with him (with a name like “Pete Orr” or “Nick Green” or “Marco Scutaro” or, best case scenario, “Tony Graffanino”) and they realize that he isn’t good.

  22. I write school reports using Wikipedia. Its accurate enough for me.

    No reputable institution or publication will allow you to use Wikipedia as a source.

  23. Has there been any word on the lettering that will be used for the players’ names on the backs of the jerseys this year? I am hoping they will switch back to the type of lettering they used before 2006.

  24. Well Stu,

    You can use Wikipedia as secondary source.

    I just thought it was funny that Gotay wa already listed as a Brave on there.

  25. Crazily enough, my English professor freshman year allowed us to use Wikipedia as a source. Of course, this was a first time professor at Georgia Tech, a place where they don’t take English classes very seriously.

  26. Hasn’t the whole Mets cast-offs thing gone pretty badly for us over the lst few years?

    Gotay? Are you SURE.

    Maybe Wren thought somebody said “goat cheese” and he thought a nice spread of feta in the clubhouse would be good.

  27. I must admit, Cliff, that it pains me to be picking up yet another Mets cast-off. It’s not like they’re casting of David Wrights.

    I really wasn’t meaning to address you with that. I’ll frequently go to Wikipedia to do a bit of research, see if what it says is sourced, and then track for a legitimate source from there. It’s a great research tool; it’s just not something you can rely on 100% without back-up.

  28. I dont see how Gotay could give us something that Prado couldnt. Hopefully it means a trade that will benefit us more, but its hard to see that at this time. With Infante, Lillibridge, and Prado already here I dont understand the move

  29. Yea wikipedia is a good source for sources. Let other people do the research for you, then plagarize their research.

  30. You don’t have to work out a trade. The Mets can call him back if they wish, but then would have to send down or waive someone else. I speculated that an AL team might want Gotay and we could claim him then deal him for a prospect.

  31. I was just giving you a hard time Stu.

    I say we trade him for Crisp and put Kotsay’s ass on the bench.

  32. Re: Wikipedia

    I am with you Stu…yes as a research tool, but completely unreliable in that any person off the street can post something on there. I could go right now and post that Mac and Stu are in a ‘Civil Union’ and plan to adopt Suri Cruise, and someone might think that was true.

    As I mention to Mac over email this morning, Baseball Tonight’s resident midget, Tom Kurkjian (their mascot?) PICKED the Braves to finish 3rd in the NL East, though added ‘we have a chance and are still dangerous’.

    WHATEVER, Tim.

    Yay, Ken Rosenthal.

    re: Jurrjens

    I for one am excited what I heard about this Spring and far more excited to have this kid in the rotation than “Mr. 5 Innings” Chuck James.

  33. I could go right now and post that Mac and Stu are in a ‘Civil Union’ and plan to adopt Suri Cruise, and someone might think that was true.

    Unfortunately, too few of Stu’s dreams have become reality.

  34. Mac, I was going to put you in a civil union with Mike Hampton, but then, that would have been TOO obvious ;-)

  35. So going back to the original post, I like Jair as the “5th” starter. We all knew he’d get it even though he had some less than exceptional last two starts he was still getting 4+ innings worth of work.

    Bennett will be in the bullpen but ready for starter duty and you’re right, he’s worked very hard, lost a lot of weight and if you’ll recall was very good in his September start in ’07.

    Smoltz should be back on April 6 is what I hear. Anyone confirm that?

    I’m wondering a little bit more though if Jair is MLB ready but I guess we’ll see when the third spot comes up against Pitt (a good team to debut against).

  36. Mac,

    Actually, the correct answer is, “Thorman swung wildly at waivers, missed by a mile, and made it down to Richmond, untouched.”

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