Way to give him a chance

Yahoo! Sports – MLB – Branyan back with Indians

Via No Pepper. I would guess that this is part of an agreement with Branyan that if there’s not a spot on the roster because of a bizarre infatuation with carrying an excess reliever and a sprinter, they’d look for another organization. On the other hand, the Indians are loaded with Branyan types already. On the other other hand, they appreciate Branyan types there.

The Braves get a PTBNL. In other words, probably nothing.

2 thoughts on “Way to give him a chance”

  1. He had his best season when he batted .232? He’s hitting .179 this spring? Who cares what we get for him.

  2. Indeed! Branyan had the opportunity win a job out of spring training but hit his shoe size. That lusty .179 average in AAA may not have been the motivation that the front office was looking for to try and promote him.

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