Hampton deal leaves room to re-sign Glavine or Maddux

The link from the AJC front page said they could “sign Glavine, Maddux”, and I was trying to figure out what they’d do with six starting pitchers. But it’s just one.

As noted in the comments, the finances of the Hampton deal are different from what was originally reported. The Braves will pay Mike nothing, or hardly anything, in the next three years, then will pick up the last three seasons of his contract starting in 2006. That gives them a lot of salary space to sign one of the two free agent pitchers, and maybe even a free agent hitter (Fred McGriff?) to go along with him.

It’s probably not a coincidence that the three years the Braves won’t be paying Hampton line up with the three-year deal that Glavine wants and has been offered by other teams. I’ve been saying the last few weeks that I didn’t think Glavine was in the Braves’ plans but that they were focusing on Maddux. Now it looks like they’re relatively close to Tom’s best offer — still a little behind, but reasonable, especially given the different tax and cost of living between Georgia and Pennsylvania and New York — but nobody seems to know what Scott Boras is up to as Greg’s agent. Maddux is a better fit for the Braves because he’s righthanded — and because he’s simply a better pitcher — but it might not be doable. The big difference between Glavine and the Braves right now seems to be if the third year will be an option year (based on the amount he pitches) or guaranteed.