The Official Site of The Atlanta Braves: News: Chipper impressive in losing effort

It’s his groin, they say. He plans to make his next start. We’ll see. I think the man is made out of papier-mache.

The most important outcome might have been that Brandon Jones got a hit. With Josh Anderson hitting .389 and of course the horrifying doubles production of Joe Borchard (who didn’t get into the game today), he better get going if he wants to avoid Richmond.

Sammons backed up McCann today, but didn’t do anything. Backup Catcher Derby:

Pena 3-10, 0 BB 0 XBH
Javy 2-10 1 BB 1 HR
Miller 0-5 0 BB 1 RBI
Sammons 0-5 0 BB

It’s not exactly a rousing battle so far.