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  1. So let me get this straight, there was Orr, Langerhans, Fast Willie, Ponch, Bret Boone and Burger King, wow, that’s quite the team the Natspos have these days.

    I can’t wait for JS Jr, Tim Spooneybarger and you know eventually Kim Jong and Dank Lob will find their way to DC.

  2. Is there any way I can consolidate my “Rob Copenhaver” and “Rob Cope” posts… or is that just too ridiculous?

    Too ridiculous? Yeah, I know.

  3. Oh, wow. I had totally blocked him out of memory.

    It’s kind of sad that Ayala is one of their only good relievers, and he’s the one that gave up the game-tying runs.

  4. I just noticed that Peter Moylan made his first appearance and pitched well. Struck out 2 in an inning of work.

  5. so why play extras in spring training?? dont understand it….I just watched most of the game, DVR is great, and some kid named Rouwenhurst (sp?) has one of the ugliest deliveries I’ve ever seen. He kicks his leg back then forward, just awkward. Couple of thoughts after the game, Glavine pitched very well and hit most of his spots tonight, change up looked very sharp. Offense was very disappointing with all the K’s, its like a bad disease with this club. If we somehow keep Borchard, Thorman, and Tex were ready for any fight.

  6. “throwing out a Brave at the plate in the tenth. ”

    it was Schafer, but it really doesnt matter

  7. from mlb rumors…

    “The Rangers don’t plan on trading catcher Gerald Laird despite some interested parties. In fact, Laird could catch 100+ games this year despite last year’s Jarrod Saltalamacchia acquisition. Salty could take a smaller role with the big club or get some Triple A seasoning. It’s easy to forget that he skipped that level.

    The Rangers prefer Laird’s strong defense and spotty offense to Salty’s subpar defense and offensive potential. And it’s not fair to write Laird off offensively quite yet; he hit well in a half-season in ’06. ’07 was his first year catching full-time.”

    I dont remember anyone saying that his defense was subpar. I thought he was viewed as the better defensive guy between him and McCann.

  8. I’m all about more innings in Spring Training. More looks at more guys I’m sure will make for better personnel decisions.

  9. Rob, a few extra innings and at bats won’t tell us anything that seasons of minor league performance haven’t.

  10. It says “game” on the ticket and every fan who bought a ticket deserves to see a winner of the game.

  11. I’m with ya, urlhix. That’s why you keep score.

    Brian, I merely mean that it may give someone a couple more innings to prove himself. I know that there are seldom times when players are really battling out one spot, but a guy getting a couple extra innings to prove he’s better than another guy could be huge.

  12. Ok I am just catching up on my Braves reading and I don’t understand all the fuss over the Jordan Schafer article from DOB. So what if he drives a hummer and walks around with confidence. If he got out of line, then I can rattle off about six names that would be there to put him in his place. Plus, the Braves organization usually gets rid of problem guys, and they don’t seem worried about it at all.

    Therefore if the people who see him and interact with him everyday aren’t concerned about it, why should we. Ok so I ranted quite a bit, but I was due. I like the confidence, means he should be able to fight through slumps better than most young players. I personally can’t wait until he is the everyday CF.

  13. As long as he drives the baseball, he can drive his Hummer. The guy can play. Let him be.

  14. Not to be all new-fashioned, but when I would go to spring training games I honestly couldn’t care less who won, and I don’t recall many other people there caring either. The point of the exercise wasn’t lost on too many — and just being out in the first warm sunshine of the year can put you in a rather easygoing state of mind. I care more when watching it on TV.

  15. Speaking of ties, is anybody interested in the occasional account of a retard playing in a Japanese recreational baseball league?

    There are definitely ties.

    And rock, paper, scissors.

  16. Driving a Hummer is certainly not illegal, but it is obnoxious-on-wheels.

    When I used to go to West Palm to catch the Braves spring games, I don’t remember many results either. The only one I do remember is a 1-0 loss to the Yankees in 1987.

    And the only reason that sticks in my mind is because I first saw Glavine pitch. I remember thinking, “That guy looks like he’s 11-years old.” But he pitched well, looked composed & I liked him right away. Who woulda known?

    Springsteen? I’ll get to it a little later. Let’s just say it was a special show.

  17. Did anyone else hear Wren say that Kotsay was the best fundamental outfielder he’s ever seen? He must have studied under Tom Emanski.

    Ububba – I went to the Cleveland show in November and was 36th in the GA drawing so I got to be on the rail. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I’m going to the Columbus show on the 24th, but I wanted to let you know that I found an extremely high quality boot of the Nassau show through http://www.backstreets.com. Let me know if you are interested

  18. No one says you have to like the Braves off the field. Francournakova loves new country, the Boston Redsox, and King Charles Cavelier dogs. Those are three things I not only don’t like, but find solid grounds for disliking persons that hold them in good favor. BUT, he’s a good ballplayer and benefits the team.

    If Jordan Schafer wants to drive a hummer-ette (not real hummers) , strut around like Foghorn Leghorn, and bat .400, then go right ahead. So far it seems to be taken well by the others.

  19. i went to see the braves play the orioles at the old, wooden, miami stadium in about 1960. i got there early to watch batting practice and as i walked in, Bad Henry was taking his swings and Warren Spahn was throwing BP. Hank hit about 12 straight balls as hard as humanly possible but not one of them left the yard but i’ll never forget the sounds. first the bat meeting the ball and then the ball crunching into the tall plywood fence……………my best spring training experience by far.

  20. I don’t think DOB was trying to make fans dislike Schafer. In fact, I thought the article was saying he does these things, and they show he’s confident, but he’s not arrogant because his teammates love him and they wouldn’t stand for arrogance. I didn’t get the sense we were supposed to be worried about him driving a Hummer or anything. I felt like DOB was trying to say get ready for him to be something special.

  21. Rissa,

    I believe you are right about DOB’s intentions and that is the way I read it as well. But, the way other Braves fans have been reacting to the article seemed silly to me and I wanted to rant about it.

  22. Mac, stepping out of lurkerdom just to say that I’ve noticed that your commentary this spring is getting more and more like Bob Uecker’s in the Major League series of movies.

  23. should have gotten a live chicken. on second thought… better save the live chickens for the regular season.

  24. Re: #32
    C’mon, ububba!

    Was the Boss in good voice? Did Patty look fine? Did Clarence wail? or Little Steven?

    What’s teh use of seeing a living legend if you don’t brag a bit? I mean…I met Don Sutton once and my wife still calls that the day Kevin met God!

  25. Beware: Long Post About a 58-Year-Old Rocker

    Page Down may be your best option.

    Springsteen: It was his first show at the Nassau Coliseum in 20 years & there were a lotta longtime fans there. He opened with “Night” (from “Born to Run”), which really blasted. Kinda unexpected, but a real jolting beginning. He had large video screens to help the nosebleeders and, considering the $100 tickets, it’s the least he can do for the fans. A big help.

    The new material from “Magic” was potent & dead-on—nothing preachy, just a small jab in the intro to the title tune. “Girls in Their Summer Clothes” sounded gorgeous & wistful, “Radio Nowhere” was gritty with plenty of kick. And he made damn-sure you could understand the lyrics to “Gypsy Biker,” IMO, the best song on the new record.

    The pacing of the show between the old & new was pretty perfect. And unlike the Dylan gig I saw there last year, the audience of 50-year-olds (and 0ver) were really into it. Different kinda show, but this was an event & you could feel it.

    What really struck me was how the tunes from “The Rising” were received. If you know the subject matter from that record, you’d understand why some Long Islanders feel close to that material. People were singing their hearts out. Very redemptive, very cathartic. That record came out six years ago, but I had chills with the sudden realization of what was going on in the room.

    Another moment: I had this thought that The Big Man (saxophonist Clarence Clemons) didn’t have much prominence in the show. But just then, they broke into “Jungleland” and his famously measured solo tore the place down.

    A Sweet Nugget: He broke out “Incident on 57th Street” from his second album. I’m not sure he could’ve gotten away with that at many other tour stops. It’s a piano-driven, somewhat jazzy, 7-minute, story-song (no “Badlands” football chorus here), but people were loving it. I looked around my section & all I saw were broad smiles of recognition.

    Yes, there were some of the hits. “Because the Night” had a searing solo from Nils Lofgren, “Dancing in the Dark” was de-cheesed a little (a tad bit less ’80s synth) and “Promised Land”…um, I was on line for the restroom, but I got to hear this real L.I. guy bellow, “Now he plays ‘Promised Land’!” Only in New York…

    Someone told me that it was the longest show on the tour at 2:35. I wasn’t counting, but I floated outta that place. The familiar themes of love & faith & redemption were all there. It takes quite an artist to turn that into a party, and few can do it better than Bruce Springsteen.

  26. i’ll do my best to make a similar comment whenever soriano happens to deliver a gopher…

  27. Not sure of the validity of it, though…I found it on another board.

    Crisp is average enough to make me not mind this at all.

  28. What is up with teams giving the Mets good (Crisp) or great (Santana) players for fungible spare parts?

    The Kotsay deal looks worse and worse…

  29. Angel frigging Pagan?

    Ububba, that review was beautiful. Makes me wanna do more writing AND see more live shows. And I completely agree with you on “Gypsy Biker.”

  30. we should offer something better than Pagan and keep Crisp for ourselves. Him or Kotsay could possibly net something nice around the deadline

  31. The Kotsay deal looks worse and worse…

    This highlights the different respective playing fields for rich teams and not-rich teams.

    Rich teams can take other teams’ unwanted players/expenses for very little, whereas not-rich teams take other teams’ unwanted players but can’t afford the expenses attached thereto and thus have to give away something of real value. Sickening, really.

  32. From the linked (http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/spring2008/news/story?id=3289751) story:

    “In the second inning on Wednesday, Yankees first baseman Shelley Duncan slid hard, spikes high, into Rays second baseman Akinori Iwamura. Duncan was subsequently tackled by Rays right fielder Jonny Gomes, clearing the benches.

    I love the flow of that paragraph. Play at second…ho-hum…tackle made by someone from RF.

    Anyway, this post raises two questions I’ve been meaning to ask for quite a while:

    (1) How do I hide a URL under a word in the sentence, as AAR so cleverly and frequently does.

    (2) How do I do the giant block quote thing? bracketsquote text bracketsbackslashquote?

  33. I don’t think it’s fair to cry poverty on this one; after all, the Braves did elect to sign Glavine for $8MM, Kotsay is making at least $2MM and Hampton is cashing huge checks.

  34. Well, like it or not, the team apparently can’t—or, more probably, just won’t—spend unlimited amounts of money. They have a limited budget, even if that limit is $95 million or whatever. The Mets-like franchises don’t seem to have such limits; they are able/willing to take on extra salary like Crisp’s.

    To be clear, I’m not saying it’s unfair or anything; I’m saying it sucks, given such a system, to root for one of the teams that doesn’t have or won’t spend unlimited funds.

  35. Yeah, Stu, Stapler just gave you a good link.

    For block quotes, you’re almost right:

    bracket blockquote closebracket text goes here bracket forwardslash blockquote closebracket

  36. It was certainly better back in the 90s when the Braves were the ones able to spend the money. Maybe if attendence goes up another 200,000, Liberty will loosen the purse strings a little more. It is depressing to watch other teams make moves while the Braves can only make moves in which they save money. And then ownership expects fans to invest their emotions in the team.


    I’m not a huge music fan although I like Springsteen but that was a great review and I got your point about the Long Islanders and six years ago. When I read what you wrote, I got chills myself. Thanks.

  37. DOB has this in his column today. I thought it was pretty funny.

    (Oh, wait. Before we move on, did I ever tell you guys about Hampton’s all-time comeback line, when someone — maybe another player, maybe Bowman, I’m not sure — kidded Hampton about not being able to reach something in the shelf at the top of his locker stall? Hampton replied, “That’s alright, I’ll just stand on my wallet.” I was on the floor. Folks, if you know Hampton and his dry sense of humor and perfect timing, you’d know how funny this was. And you gotta keep in mind the context in which he was saying it, just in case some of you might think he was being arrogant or smug. He really wasn’t. The dude is flat-out funny. Now if he could just reinforce all soft tissue….)

  38. ububba…………living in music-free north florida, its nice to get a first hand( and first rate) review of an event like that. Bruce did blow through here about 20 yrs(or so) ago when he was doing his four hour marathons. i guess i’ll have to settle for that one because hes not likely to be in the neighborhood again.

  39. Well, I haven’t seen confirmation of the rumored Crisp trade, but Baseball America’s Jim Callis had this to say about it:

    I think the odds of that being true are about .000000000001 percent, though several of you have sent in some version of this. Pagan has little major league value. Crisp has plenty, and his salary is reasonable, too.

    In other news, Baldelli’s price is dropping ;-)

  40. I love Callis—himself a lifelong Red Sox fan—but not everyone would find Crisp’s salary reasonable.

    The Mets, yes; about a dozen other teams, no.

  41. Dank Lob just got unceremoniously dumped to the minors by the BoSox.

    One of the highlights of my heckling career was when danny kolBB came in during a blowout of the Brewers on a Sunday game. I waited for the boo’s to die down, right as he stepped to the mound as it got quiet, and yelled out:

    “Hey Kolb! You SUCK!”

    Is it unimaginative? yes
    Did it bring down the house? you bet

  42. Reasonable for the Red Sox, too. They don’t have to dump Crisp, and you can get Pagan, or the equivalent, on the waiver wire. You know what Pagan is worth? Well, the Mets got him back this offseason for Corey Coles and Ryan Meyers. These are not top 20 prospects.

  43. Per DOB, the first round of cuts includes pitchers Morton, DeSalvo, Stockman, Schreiber, and Cuevas.

  44. Just received this notice. Looks like no-deal on Crisp and I can chill out..

    Red Sox and Mets officials are denying that the teams are close to or have even discussed the rumor Crisp (strained left groin) for Angel Pagan trade.

    Usually when there is smoke, there is fire, but this trade seemed somewhat far fetched to start with, so we will take both sides at their word. Even though Crisp still has not played yet this spring assume Boston will try and move him as soon as possible as he has expressed dissatisfaction at being the team’s fourth outfielder.

    So I’ll start a rumor too: The Braves added recently dumped LHP Horacio Ramirez this afternoon and traded him to Boston for CF Coco Crisp by Close of Business. All rejoiced.

  45. “PEORIA, Ariz. — The Seattle Mariners released deposed starting pitcher Horacio Ramirez on Wednesday after acquiring him in a disastrous trade 15 months ago.

    Seattle got Ramirez from Atlanta for prime setup reliever Rafael Soriano before last season. The 28-year-old left-hander then went 8-7 with a 7.16 ERA in 20 starts and spent nearly two months on the disabled list with a sore shoulder. ”

    I miss Schuerholz.

  46. any word on how Gonzo is doing? Is he still on track to be back in June? I havent seen anything on him throwing or even playing toss at this point.

  47. #59

    So when a Rays minor leaguer takes out a Yankee minor leaguer with a legal play, the Yankees:

    1) Cry about it.
    2) Plunk the Rays top prospect.
    3) Spike their starting second baseman.
    4) Strut around afterwards saying “this is how it is now.”

    Do I have that about right?

  48. Horacio to the Natspos, mark it down. There or the Royals. He should probably get out of the AL.

  49. sansho1,
    This Rays-Yanks thing began the other day with the Rays kid running over the Yanks’ backup catcher & breaking his wrist.

    It’s been a dum-dum-fest ever since.

  50. Carlyle’s getting knocked around tonight. I think everything hit has been to the outfield, including a double and a homer and a bunch of fly-outs.

  51. 81, 87
    I think Sansho1 has it about right. Shelley Duncan said they “stepped up their intensity.” Apparently that means sliding spikes up and throwing at their top kid (as sansho1 said).

    It’s probably not the best idea to plow the catcher in a practice game. But if he’s blocking the plate… then he should expect to get moved.

  52. Man, whenever someone from the East Cobb area comes into play, such as Boyer, its like a rule that they have to praise the East Cobb Baseball Program, which is quite possibly the most politically corrupt sports organization around. Sorry for the mini rant, I’m from that area and experienced the corruptness first hand.

  53. Aaron Fultz must have been lobbing the ball to the plate. The Braves scored nine runs off of him in one inning.

  54. I support the signing of Horacio Ramirez, and I am not kidding. Given the price of pitching, he’s not a bad deal even if he ends up relieving. And I’m surprised the Mariners gave up on him before trying to convert him to a LOOGY.

  55. Also, JC, I was a bit surprised that the Mariners didn’t try to do something with him. I believe it was the Diamondbacks organization that instituted a policy in their minor leagues for a while that if a pitching prospect just couldn’t hack it, they’d convert him to a submariner or sidearmer, some weird arm angle, and see if that did the trick. Hello, Chad Bradford.

    I’d like to think we have enough LOOGY candidates as it is, but I’m entirely willing to believe that Horacio Ramirez can outpitch Jeff Ridgway, Royce Ring, and Will Ohman.

  56. Agreed, AAR. I rarely finding myself agreeing with Mariner moves, so I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised.

  57. Just put up a post on Chop-n-Change quoting your suggestion we pick up Horacio, JC. Please feel free to weigh in.

    (I’ve also invented a new baseball acronym for the motivation behind the trades for Ohman and Ridgway, and what could possibly motivate taking a second look at Horacio. WHIL: Well, He IS a Lefty. I’m hoping this becomes the LOOGY of 2008!)

  58. HoRam on a minor league deal only. If they sign him, it better be to straighten himself out in AAA, but I really can’t see the Braves doing that. He really was absolutely terrible last year. He’s lefthanded and still relatively young, so you know somebody will sign him. My money is on the Giants the more I think about it.

  59. Yeah, I guess considering how many soft-tossing LOOGY are out there, I guess it is worth a try. However, the Braves had tried HoRam in relief before and the experience was a complete disaster. HoRam’s biggest problem has always been his control and a lack of an outpitch. I am not sure how he will be successful being a relief pitcher unless he becomes a left-handed submariner or sidearmer or something…

  60. maybe Horacio could work on becoming a submarine knuckleballer. At that point I might go with the WHIL mindset.

  61. The Blue Jays might give him a try, since they just lost Casey Janssen for the year, but the thought of Horacio in the AL East is too horrific for words. Really, he needs a spacious NL park. The Giants would be a good place. The Padres would be a great fit for him, a laid-back team that plays in a Texas-sized ballpark, though they may not have much room for him.

    I’m crossing my fingers for the Mets or Phillies. But I think JJ got it right. He’s going to the Nationals. There’s just no way that Jim Bowden lets an ex-Brave that illustrious out of his sights. Count it.

  62. The Gnats are a natch for Ho-Ram. And with Rocco out how long will it be until the Rays sign Bonds?

  63. Frankly, I think HoRam would have been better than most of the 4/5 starters the Braves had last year. (No, I’m not saying I’m sorry we got Soriano in one of the great steals of all time.) It wasn’t like he sucked every time out with the Braves; it was more like he would pitch a great game, then a couple of terrible ones and he pitched much better at home. Clearly, he has no business in the AL or in a small ball park. (I agree that the thought of him pitching in Fenway Park against the Red Sox sort of reminds you of a a traffic accident waiting to happen.) Hopefully, the alternatives this year are better than HoRam but I wouldn’t be averse to signing him.

    And, please, enough with the “Natspos.” That’s been four years. I mean, how long did people say the Atlanta formerly Milwaukee Braves?

  64. 106 — SD might be a great personal fit for Horacio, but it seems that Kevin Towers knows what he’s doing in putting together bullpens (from recent results) — doubt he’ll be calling on Horacio.

  65. Mike @ post 92:

    Wow, does that ever bring back memories about East Cobb. I played them in a pre-season fall league game when I was 13 and then later faced them in the Babe Ruth Southeast Regional tournament later that year. The next year I faced them in a Dixie Boys tournament in Knoxville, TN. They had so much money in that program it was silly. They traveled all around the country just looking for teams to play. It didn’t help them the first year as we beat them like a drum, but I was impressed with the talent they were able to get as well as their resources.

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