Braves lose, doesn’t matter; tribute video!

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Matt DeSalvo, whom I meant to write up but didn’t, didn’t do himself any favors by giving up four runs in the eighth and ninth to lose the game. Loser. Good thing it doesn’t matter. Boyer allowed five baserunners in two innings, but no runs, which I guess means he pitched well if you squint a little.

And now… Mike Hampton, the Music Video!

53 thoughts on “Braves lose, doesn’t matter; tribute video!”

  1. “Get Happy” is my all-time fave.

    On that one, EC & The Attractions basically tried to make a Booker T & The MGs record. Short, punchy songs, but certainly not simple, including classics like “Clowntime Is Over” (still a showstopper).

    I’m still a fan, even through the jazz & chamber-music moments, but those first 4 albums really do stand the test of time.

  2. I agree with Sopranos producer David Chase when he says that he could just use the catalogs of Elvis Costello & Bob Dylan to help tell any story onscreen.

    Basically, between those 2, there’s a song for almost any situation—even Mike Hampton’s signing.

  3. schafer went 2-3, but it doesnt matter

    I’m just glad its becoming baseball season again, its a great day

  4. now i’m worried that hampton is going to blow out his knee………..while attempting to boot mac in the ass.

  5. My eyes thank you for the instructions on how to get the old look back again. I thought I was going to have to find another way of wasting a ridiculous amount of time…

  6. You might want to try out some of the others, which have a cleaner look than Connections. Or not. I figured I can more or less let everyone pick their own now.

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  10. josh, i’ve been using it for three years and the quality has improved every year. i can only recommend it. it’s good.

  11. I had the premium package for September last year and was very pleased with it – I have signed up for the year this go-round. There is a fair difference in the clarity of the two packages,making the premium package well worth the additional $30.

  12. Mac,

    You are going to have to eat your videos when Hampton wins 18 games, two more in the World Series, hits a pinch-hit home run to win Game 7 and is named Comeback Player of the Year! :)

    And Tony Gwynn better not walk down any hills because if he falls down and starts rolling, he could take out a couple of city blocks.

  13. I see that Tyler Flowers has the invitation I was hoping would go to Barbaro Canizares (assuming he’s still with the organization). Canizares succeeded in defecting from Cuba on his fourth try, and hit .344/.390/.491 for Richmond last year. That’s someone I’d like to see get a shot at some point. Plus nobody knows whether he’s 28 or 33 or somewhere in between, so he’d fill the “right handed backup 1B of undetermined age” slot that we like to keep around….

  14. @18,

    Barbaro is a lefty masher, but suspect against righthanders (something like AAA 750 OPS against righthanders and 950 OPS against lefites).

    Also, for some reason, Braves management is not big on him. DOB didn’t give a reason why, but was strongly saying tht the non invitation is probably based on a problem the Braves see.

  15. Cliff, I must have missed that DOB entry. Was it recent? I know he’s a converted catcher who had a bad defensive rep — maybe his glove is just too brutal.

    Just looked up his Richmond splits. Turns out it was 1240/757. The 1240 vs LHP is an obvious fluke (40 AB, .557 BABIP) — but the numbers you used are certainly numbers we would have accepted from Craig Wilson last year.

  16. @22,

    DOB was down in the run of a long blog 2 to 4 days ago and somebody asked why Canizares wasn’t in camp (particularly as compared to neither Brayan Pena nor Scott Thorman being highly thought of).

    DOB basically said, “well, he is down in the minor league camp, what does that tell you?” He did not have any specfics that he had seen or heard that he offered to his public.

    However, Sansho, you are correct that a reasonable projection from his numbers in Richmond last years has him as a far better platoon partner than Wilson.


    Jon Heyman story about how the Tigers may make Miguel Cabrera the next $20 Million man. He’s in shape, they believe he’s “settled down,” etc.

    Quote from Magglio Ordonez: “It’s not like he’s coming to a party town.”

    If you’ve ever been to South Beach & the emerging scene in downtown Miami, you know what he’s talking about.

    The Tigers’ lineup is nothing short of frightening. And, personally, I’m glad Cabrera’s out of the division. Now, if we can get Dan Uggla traded, maybe we’ll beat the Marlins every time.

  18. Anybody else notice Santana gave up a double and a HR in the first inning of his Mets spring training debut? I know it’s not indicative of anything, but it’s nice anyway.

  19. Sansho, I just took my lunch break at a local pub, ordered a steak and a Coke and some collard greens, and let me tell you, that Javy homer was one of the most satisfying damn things that’s happened all winter.

  20. Damn, I missed the classic Elvis Costello conversation. I actually quite liked the chamber music album (The Juliet Letters) but agree with Ububba about Get Happy! – the Stax tribute album being my personal favorite. I’m sure you all have them already, but the Rykodisc reissues are fantastic. I would also include Imperial Bedroom on the list of EC “classic” albums, but I am a fanboy.

  21. and peter gammons just said that chipper is a sure-fire first ballot hall of famer. thats good to hear.

  22. I heard we re-signed him. I bet that’s for a very, very, very, very, very, very rainy day, if you know what I mean.

  23. Spike,
    Fanboys both.

    The Attractions are in the R&RHoF, so I wouldn’t exactly call them underrated, but what a spectacular live band.

    Saw the “Imperial Bedroom” show at the Fox Theater in Atlanta and the audience would not let them leave the stage—17, count ’em, 17 encore tunes that night.

    I remember leaving the Fox that night, thrilled, then checking the Braves score (it was early September in that crazy 1982 season) to find out that they’d won at Philly. I’m sure I went to bed with a smile.

  24. Speaking of which, the Braves won 10-3. Damian Moss pitched a perfect inning and Javy Lopez went 1-1 with a walk, a sac fly, and a two-run homer.

    I know we’re not in the NL West any more, and haven’t been there since I was 10, but it sure was satisfying to wipe that smirk off Tommy Lasorda’s face and beat the living snot out of the Dodgers.

  25. Joe Borchard had another run scoring extra base hit today. Any chance at all he makes this team? I know he’s just an NRI and never been anything approaching useful in the majors. Still, he’s a switch hitter with a little pop. We’ve done a lot worse for bench players.

  26. I kind of wish we still had Kim Jong-Il around to pinch hit. He could swing the stick a little.

    The only problem is that Bobby would be tempted to use him in the 7th inning.

  27. With the wind chill, it feels like 19-degrees here, so it’s just great to read a box score today. I’m not going to sweat the Joe Borchards of the world.

    And funny thing, no talk outta Met people today.

  28. alex r…………..i still remember the nl west days too ( and i was way past 10) i hated the dodgers more than i thought possible. especially garvey, cey, lopes and sutton. funny thing is, i really got to like sutton on the braves broadcasts. i thought he gave excellent insights to the game. and even before he left the dodgers i kinda changed my mind about him. anybody who would punch steve garvey in the face cant be all bad.

  29. i cant believe i forgot to mention lasorda.the biggest phoney in history. and that old windbag is still hanging around. hes going to manage the “b” team when torre takes the team overseas this spring.

  30. @ 43, because Laird threw out about 40 percent of opposing basestealers (2nd in MLB), even though the bat is weak.

    Salty’s going to have to hit his way into the lineup. He’ll gradually take the job by the end of the year if he hits.

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