ESPN – Braves vs. Phillies Box Score, September 27 2007 – MLB

Well, the Braves have been officially eliminated. It doesn’t mean much to me, since I gave up about a month ago, but hope is officially dead. At least we helped the Mets in their quest for the biggest choke job in National League history.

Smoltz didn’t have it tonight, and gave up six runs in four innings. He did strike out eight, and he didn’t have a whole lot of help from his defense, but six runs (including two homers) is six runs.

All the Braves’ runs scored on homers. Chipper hit one with Renteria on in the sixth, and Teixeira followed with a solo shot to cut it to 6-3. But they didn’t get another run until Francoeur’s solo shot in the ninth. The Braves almost got the tying run on after Diaz singled with one out, but Escobar’s line drive was caught.

Chipper and Renteria each went 1-4. Utley was 0-4. Holliday hasn’t played yet. Right now it’s Chipper at .339, Holliday at .338, Hanley Ramirez at .333, Renteria at .332, Utley at .331.