Braves 6, Rockies 4

ESPN – Rockies vs. Braves Box Score, August 4 2007 – MLB

Relievers we have faith in: Moylan, Wickman (home only), possibly Villarreal.

Octavio Dotel fell off that list tonight when he issued a Devine (my new term for a reliever who is charged with all four runs when he gives up a grand slam, though in this case only three were earned) in the eighth. I know, it’s sudden, but turning 6-0 to 6-4 upsets me.

The Braves led from the get-go, Harris tripling and KJ bringing him home with a single. They got another run in the second on a Diaz homer; the Rockies hit Diaz in his next two plate appearances, but no retaliation. Frankly, you have to knock someone down after that, or they’ll just keep pitching you inside. On the other hand, Diaz scored both times after being hit, which is why you don’t throw at people willy-nilly.

Willie hit a bases-loaded grounder to deep first to score a run in the fourth, then Hudson delivered two runs with a two-out bases-loaded single in the fifth, which Harris followed with a single to make it 6-0. Hudson cruised through six, had a little trouble in the seventh, but got out of it with a double play, and finished with 100 pitches thrown exactly. He struck out seven, allowed six hits and walked but two.

After Dotel’s meltdown, Bobby went to Soriano, who is still having trouble finishing off hitters, but got a 3-2 popup to just stay fair for McCann and got the next man to ground out. Wickman came in and struck out the first man, then hit the next guy (I thought he could have done more to get out of the way). Wickman struck out the third batter, then got the last to ground out.

Andruw apparently can’t swing the bat very well right now due to shoulder elbow issues, but came on for defense in the ninth. Chipper decided to play tribute with a terrible night, 0-5 with three strikeouts. Teixeira was hitless too, but walked once. KJ had a big night, 2-3 with two walks.

27 thoughts on “Braves 6, Rockies 4”

  1. Who would have imagined during Spring Training that Moylan would be the only reliever we really trust right now? Hopefully Dotel will stop taking lessons from Soriano and everyone down there will get back on track.

  2. Is it just me, or is Kelly Johnson frickin awsome?

    Okay, okay, he’s just on another hot streak like in April and July (guess this is just a little carry-over), but man! Non-tendering Giles = Brilliant.

    Anyhow, I like the win, but common, bullpen. -_-;;

  3. The Braves’s contribution to baseball history: we sent Davies over to the AL so that everybody doesn’t have to hear ARod’s chase of 500 ever again.

    Thanks Kyle.

  4. I missed Bonds’ HR by about 15 seconds. I was channel surfing and I just missed it. Stupid HSN…

  5. well I hope that he beats the record tonight also so we’ll quit having to watch all of his ab’s and Selig can actually get back to doing something important

  6. i can’t stand barry. but selig’s been pretty silly about all of this… like it’s some ridiculous burden to go to the games and watch.

    erin andrews sighting.

  7. Since Mac called him out a few weeks ago, Willie Harris has played solid baseball. I’ve been looking for him to fall apart all year, but he continues to do well. Only 2 more months to go Willie – we’re pulling for you.

  8. I’ll have to say that I’m ready for the Bonds record chase to be over too. I’ve been hoping for a career ending injury, but that doesn’t look hopeful – oh well. Let’s get it over with so we don’t have to see every at bat Barry has.

  9. A good day. Braves win, Mets lose, Phillies lose.

    I graduate from Auburn.


    Dang you Barry.

  10. I did a search for the top 100 prospects in baseball and was surprised at a list of NL pitching prospects from Jan of 2005. It was from The Baseball Notebook and had Jose Capellan as #1 – we all know how that worked out. The big surprise was that Lance Cormier was ranked at #8, with a caveat that he would live up to this ranking only if he became a starter. It also stated that he was rushed too early by the D-backs. I had no idea that Cormier was that highly regarded at one time – by anyone.

  11. I don’t think there could be two more opposite towns than Auburn, Alabama and Davis, California. At least not in this country. That’s beautiful.

  12. Cormier always looks like a frightened weasel to me. If he’d get mad once in a while he might actually be good.

  13. As we well know, almost coming back against the opposing bullpen still counts as a loss. We’re 1 game closer to the Mets. I’ll take it.

  14. Still scared about the bullpen! Could have lost another one there? Thanks Hudson@

    The injurys are starting to pile up~

    Good thing we have an off day on Monday@

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