Kelly Johnson 2007 Batting Splits – Baseball-Reference PI

1. Most hitters hit better when they get ahead in the count, but it’s particularly dramatic in Johnson’s case. For instance, ahead in the count 2-0, he’s hitting .480 and slugging 1.160. Down 0-2, he’s hitting .150 and slugging .375. In all two-strike counts, he’s hitting .178/.287/.280.

2. Hitting .300/.388/.467 with nobody out, and a virtually identical .297/.397/.475 with two out, but .228/.335/.441 with one out. I doubt this means anything.

3. Hitting .272/.366/.405 against lefties. That’s nothing to worry about from your second baseman, but not within a mile of what Escobar is hitting. Biggest problem is a lack of power, with only two homers and seven doubles against lefthanders.

4. .852 OPS in the first half, .817 in the second half. This is all batting average — walks and power have stayed the same — and probably meaningless.

5. Has hit a lot better on the road (.301/.389/.506 ) than at home (.256/.363/.417). The one exception is for doubles; he’s hit 18 at home and only 8 on the road.

6. His best spot in the order has been, by far, sixth, where he’s hit .377/.457/.689, but he’s only started 15 games there. Otherwise, Johnson has been best hitting leadoff (.272/.374/.447), which he’s done about half the time.