Game Thread: July 14, Pirates at Braves

If you missed it, we’re doing SEC Previews on a separate site this year. Alabama and Tennessee are up, Auburn, Georgia and Vandy spoken for, and I’m looking for writers for the other seven schools. We can do outside teams as well, I guess. There’s no fixed format, but you can use what I did if you so desire.

Anyway, back to baseball. Here’s a video.

101 thoughts on “Game Thread: July 14, Pirates at Braves”

  1. The previews being on a seperate site make them feel… strange… and not as exciting as they should be.

  2. Our 3rd/4th starter to be, Matt Morris, really had a nice outing today…5 innings, 6 earned runs and no strike-outs (at least through 5). Please, Matt, stay ib SF.

  3. You know, Mac, it’s more than a bit odd to see Nick Saban and discipline collide in the same sentence after watching him coach the Dolphins for the past two years. His tenure in Miami was the antithesis of discipline. . . on every level.

  4. Not at all (JS stupid?-he most certainly is not); I think giving more than spit for Morris in a trade is stupid, and I sincerely hope his 2nd half performance, at every start, just confirms that.

    There may be a workable 4th/5th starter out there for us; I just hope he costs us salary, and nothing else.

  5. no holes in the lineup tonight. not even the pitcher (i guess, i didnt know he was a stick pitcher, but he obviously is).

    on paper, this lineup looks f’n tough.

  6. Question: I am currently in the Pirates blackout area, and even though the game isn’t being played in Pittsburgh I’m blacked out on Is that how the stupid damn blackout system works? I dont know these things–I’m from southwestern VA.

  7. I wonder what date the tide will officially turn and people will backtrack off the ridiculous Andruw bashing that went on over the entire first half.

  8. Druw’s homerun was absurd. I thought it was foul and short of the wall, easily.

    Peter Gammons said the Braves think Escobar is a stud, but I think the Braves are just trying to do anything they can to improve his value. He has looked good thus far, though.

  9. No matter how many times I watch him pitch, no matter how well he’s pitching, watching Chuck James will always make me nervous. His stuff is so mediocre and he leaves it all over the plate. I understand he has a “deceptive delivery,” which has enabled him to have much of the success that he has…

    …but it still makes me nervous.

  10. I guess I should add that I like Chuck. He seems to have a nice way about him, and his effectiveness both suprises and pleases me.

  11. Unfortunately, I didn’t say that James was the only one that made me nervous. D’oh!

  12. How ironic, Chipper had an injury with Bautista’s help in Pittsburgh and now Bautista has an injury with Chipper’s help in Atlanta.

  13. yeah, Andruw was bad for two months, but he was also incredibly unlucky. He hit .145 on balls in play, in June, for instance, and that isn’t just because he popped out a lot. He didn’t and doesn’t deserve the kind of hate that is spewed at him seemingly every time he goes 0-4.

  14. Well, there’s a big difference between those rightfully pointing out what a drag Andruw was on this offense for 2+ months and those hurling personal insults.

    If you weren’t upset by Andruw’s offensive performance in the first half, you weren’t paying attention.

  15. I don’t have a problem with that, Stu. But there’s a difference between being upset and being disgusted with the guy personally. A great deal of the hate was just hysterical.

  16. Andruw Jones is one of a very few players who’s valuable even when he’s hitting below .200. He probably shouldn’t hit cleanup when he’s stinking the place up, but he sure is nice to have in centerfield.

  17. Does anyone else get kind of irritated by how much the announcers talk about batting average with RISP? It’s a luck based statistic.

  18. I get irritated by the fact that Chuck James can’t go more than 6 innings into a game.

  19. I have always wondered? What is the value of a player who is hot and cold? I think one year Andruw went from .290 to .260 and back about 3 times. I was happy on the way up and pissed on the way down. I am not a number cruncher please tell me the value of that??

  20. Sam,

    If you say so. Bobby has a very long history of going about an inning too long with his starters—I have a hard time believing that’s just been cured with respect to Chuck James.

  21. It may be that Bobby’s simply trying to protect a young pitcher’s arm. I don’t mind this move as much as Bobby not trusting anyone other than Yates in the 7th.

  22. I don’t mind this move by itself, braves14, but the fact that it happens every single time he starts irritates me.

    As does Ryan Doumit.

  23. Maybe the reason he’s doing it everytime out is so he doesn’t turn into Steve Avery. I dunno, I’m just giving a possibility. Young pitchers’ rotator cuffs are more fragile.

  24. I’ve been saying this often of late — we can’t trust Yates in the long run. All the chatter of him being tired in the previous stretch is soon going to be exposed starting tonight.

    That said, Soriano could have done a BIT of a better job in securing the lead.

  25. Well, Soriano really just throws it really hard right over the plate, so people are bound to hit a few long balls off of him…most of the time they swing through it, but that’s the bad side of power pitchers.

    Lack of control and (in Soriano’s case) occasional ease in hitting the long ball.

    It’s just a natural weakness I guess.

  26. so are they going to get this one in tonight or not? hypothetically then, if not and the game is called, do they go back to the last full inning?

  27. Who knows. But I would guess that would be to the Braves’ advantage if they continued tonight, because the Pirates may have to put in a new pitcher since Marte had thrown a couple pitches and now his arm is cold.

  28. Yep, I saw that. Only positive is that Glavine won. Not much of a positive, but he DID almost get beat while pitching a two-hitter.

  29. Wow I just turned the TV on to the first pitch without realizing there was a rain delay. Awesome.

  30. Shawn fucking Chacon makes mincemeat of McCann and Salty.

    Yeah, we’re not winning this game.

  31. All right, bottom of the 9th action, just one measely run is needed to bail Yates and Soriano’s asses out.

  32. Sam,
    When you are wrong like that it’s okay (or at least I never feel bad about expecting the worst and having something nicer turn out).

  33. I don’t think I have ever seen the Braves be so patient. Despite not being able to come through in the 8th, I would love to see more innings like the 8th and 9th.

  34. Similar to Boomer above, I turned on the tv just as the pitch to Frenchy was being thrown. Awesome.

  35. That would’ve been a heartbreaker to lose. . . blowing a 4 run lead in the seventh inning, esp. with the Mets and Phillies both winning. Oy.

    But we’ll take it.

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