Braves 7, Nats 1

ESPN – Nationals vs. Braves Box Score, September 7 2007 – MLB

John Smoltz took a no-hitter to the eighth, and struck out ten while walking two in seven innings of work. He was really sharp through ninety pitches or so — of course he was, he was throwing a no-hitter — but then lost some of the bite on his pitches. I really thought he had a chance there for a bit.

Chipper was the offensive hero, going 3-4 with three RBI and three runs. In the third inning, he hit a towering homer to right with Harris and KJ on that was all that Smoltz would need. The Braves took control in the fourth on two of those plays that defines the Natspo experience. Smoltz tried a one-out, two-on bunt but Andruw was thrown out at third. However, Zimmerman tried to throw Smoltz out and instead threw it away to make it second and third anyway. Then on a wild pitch, Escobar scored from third, Schneider threw the ball away, and Smoltz scored as well. Typical.

Chipper scored on singles in the fifth by Francoeur and the seventh by McCann… Smoltz’s no hitter was broken up leading off the eighth, and Bobby relieved him immediately since he was well over 100 pitches. Moylan, however, allowed a one-out double for the Nats’ only run. Soriano pitched the ninth (since it was only a six-run lead and all) with no problems.

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  1. Smoltz is now 13-7 with a 3.02 ERA, he has the most quality starts by any pitcher this year, has a lower walk total than Webb or Peavy. Better K ratio than Webb, but not Peavy. If Peavy struggles down the stretch, doesnt the CY Young race come down to these 3?

  2. If Smoltz can get 3 more wins, I think absolutely.

    It’s nice to see some signs of life, even if it is against the Natspos.

  3. face it, smoltz is not a cy young candidate this year. mlb cares too much about wins. it will be between peavy, penny, and webb. very deserving candidates imo.

  4. If he ends up 16-7 with a sub 3.00 era and over 200IP and 200K’s, he then becomes a candidate, doesnt he? His two weeks on the DL and no run support will hurt him though

  5. Shot in the Dark:

    If Liberty expands the payroll and Andruw walks, what are the chances the Braves can pick up Torii Hunter (5/70), as well as that Glavine guy and some Maddux fella from free agency?

    I’m not sure what they are making. I thought I heard Maddux was around 10 or 11 per, and Glavine makes his home still in Atlanta. With a 20 mil expansion, it’s possible. Right?

    Smoltz, Hudson, Glavine, Maddux, Hampton.

    The average age of the staff would only be…36 or so.

  6. Kyle, Andruw’s salary would cover Smoltz and Huddy’s increases and a few arb’s for some of the guys. Wickman’s 6.5 is free’d up, we could trade Renty and his $6 mil, which would be just enough to cover Teixiera’s contract at $11 mil. Doesnt seem right that we lose Andruw, Renteria, and Wickman and the only thing we gain is Teixiera and thats why I hate these backloading contracts. If Liberty was to increase us by $15 mil, we better not waste it on just Hunter. Lets offer Glavine a 1 yr deal of $8.5 or 9 to finish in Atl and offer Cameron a similar offer, if they dont accept then move on

  7. Boy, if I could have foreseen how terrible Chris Nickson would be, my prediction for this game would have been very different.

  8. Some good news in a season gone bad:

    It now appears the Yankees will not challenge the Braves record of 14 consecutive division titles.

    Thank God for that!

  9. Some good news in a season gone bad:

    It now appears the Yankees will not challenge the Braves record of 14 consecutive division titles.

    Thank God for that!

  10. C’mon, Chuckie; you can do it!
    I’m so thrilled that tonight’s game will be on TBS.
    But if I see Woodhead in the starting lineup, I’m switching it off.

  11. Yes he is. Much better. Nickson is consistently missing wide open receivers.

    I was right about how unimpressive Bama’s offense is, but, wow, did I overestimate Nickson and ours.

    The penalties and terrible punting aren’t helping, but if Nickson were hitting these open receivers, this would be a very good game.

    Too bad.

  12. This is EASILY JPW’s worst career game. He’s not even close on most throws. He’s better than this, just struggling.
    Not that Nickson’s not, just saying. JPW can light up a defense–he’s just bad today.

  13. And if your uncle were a woman he’d be your aunt, Mac. The goal of an offense is to put points on the board. They struggled with it last year and are again today, as I expected.

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