Mets 5, Braves Suck

ESPN – Mets vs. Braves Box Score, September 1 2007 – MLB

This is a bad baseball team. I don’t see it finishing above .500, much less making any sort of run. One-hit over six innings by Mike Freaking Pelfrey? The only run the Braves got was without a hit, coming on a HBP, two walks, and a sac fly with Bobby graciously gifting the Mets with a free out on a failed Woodhead bunt attempt in the middle of the inning, already trailing by three runs. Who the hell bunts down three runs? Gene Mauch wouldn’t bunt down three. Maybe it was Woodward’s idea. You would think that a player who is as bad as he is would at least be a smart player, but there’s a reason I call him Woodhead.

It was a fairly typical Chuck James start in his return to the rotation. He looked pretty good through four, allowing one run, but then allowed two solo homers in the fifth to allow the Mets to essentially put the game away. It’s ridiculous that three runs is enough to put the game away, but the Braves couldn’t hit their way out of a paper bag right now. A wet paper bag. That already has a hole in it. They struck out thirteen times, including three by KJ, who is in deep slump mode.

Acosta allowed a run in two innings of work, and Kali allowed a run in the ninth. It didn’t really matter a whole lot. .500 here we come! Monday, probably.

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  1. This team is depressing. So much for those favorable pitching matchups.

    From the previous thread:

    “The worst of the year, and I think there were some comments about it here at the time, was either the first or second game against the Dodgers in Los Angeles earlier this season just before the all-star break.

    With left-handed Juan Pierre batting, the Braves had the left fielder playing the line (yes, the left fielder), Andruw Jones standing pretty much in left field (extreme left-center) and Francoeur guarding the line in right. That left this huge gap in center and right field that Pierre almost perfectly split, leading to a triple.”

  2. Hi, I just got back from the game. Remember me? I’m the guy who flew all the way from Germany to Atlanta to see the Braves on this homestand. After a grand total of 6 hits (none for extra bases), 22 strikeouts, 1 RBI and 2 losses in 2 games, I’m already fed up to the back teeth! If it wasn’t for Smoltzie, I’d skip Sunday’s game!

    A couple of things that I noticed:

    – Onece the Mets took the lead, the body language of ALL of our players said “no way back!”. You could literally see them giving in (for no good reason, of course, with Pelfrey and his 5.60 ERA on the mound). This is a bunch of losers.

    – Andruw is an empty shell of a player. How he ever got a hit is a mystery to me.

    – Francoeur had a nice at-bat on Saturday: He actually TOOK the first 2 pitches, which were both right down the middle of course, and then struck out on a pitch in the dirt.

    – In the two games combined, the Braves managed to hit a grand total of 5 (!) balls out of the infield. All of them for outs, of course.

    – I am a better player than Chris Woodward.

  3. Since we’re obvioulsy not going to do it, who do we want to win the East? I really dislike both the Phillies and Mets, but I suppose the Phillies are the lesser of two evils.

    Remember how in April everyone had written them off for dead? I wish April had lasted a little longer…

  4. What I don’t get is: Milledge is showboating the whole game (even Skip said that he would hit him next time he came up to bat),Jeff gets hit by a pitch & gets pissed off…& we don’t do anything about it. It’s not like the extra baserunner was going to kill us….we were gonna lose the damn game anyways! Maybe Smoltz will break someone’s ribs with one tomorrow.

  5. What in the world happened to this team in the last 2 weeks? If they had just kept playing .500 ball like they had for 3 months, they’d still have a fighting chance. Instead they now can’t even beat a pitcher who is 0-9 with a 7 era.

  6. #6, I’d rather have the Mets win so they can then lose to some craptastic team like the Cubs in the playoffs. At least the Mets have some decent pitching, so it’s not completely ridiculous for them to win the division. The Phillies have nothing. If they were to win the division, I’d have to ask why the Braves couldn’t do it with their supposedly elite offense and 2 great starting pitchers.

  7. UT-Cal looks like a pretty good game so far. Ainge is on fire.

    (I’m deliberately avoiding discussing baseball.)

  8. I’d rather the Phillies win. If the Cardinals won it all last year, there is no assurance that some cruddy team will defeat the Mets this season.

  9. Phils or Mets? I’ll root for the Phils. Every time.

    And I gotta say, there’s nothing like starting out the football season with a big win. Hard to find too much wrong with Georgia’s performance tonight. Let’s hope they play like that next week vs. the Cocks.

  10. Hey Brad, are you still around? Finally people are starting to see why we never like Bobby so much. I know Alex is on our side on this issue.

    This whole season sucks. A promising year completely wasted thank to injuries, Andruw, and Wickman. JS did all he could, but he better find better starting pitching options to support Huddy and Smoltz.

  11. Boy am I glad I snagged Buchholz off waivers for my Fantasy team!! That takes the sting away from today, a little bit.

  12. I’d rather the Mets win it again. They’d just get diminishing returns on winning it two times in a row. I don’t want to hear any Phillies fans celebrating about how they won the division; it’s best they just never win it and continue to be losers.

  13. Remeber when Jimmy Rollins said that the Phillies were the team to beat? I think he was right, thats why I’m rooting for the Mets.

  14. If anything, Rollins is backing it all up. He’s having a great year & his team is playing with a lot of heart at the right time of the season.

    I just wanna see a Met gag-o-rama, even if our team doesn’t seem to want to participate.

  15. not a great performance for from AU tonight but in the end it was win. K-State’s QB, Freeman, is a stud, which is more than anyone could ever hope to say for the sad Brandon Cox ( to be fare, he didn’t get a whole lot of help tonight, but he still made plenty Woodmanesque choices.) Auburn would have never had a chance if the wildcats hadn’t had so many penalties, but they did win and that’s more than i can say for our poor braves…thank god for football.

  16. Just went to the Georgia game, and I’m going to the Braves game tomorrow. The Braves almost always lose when I see them, so I deserve better tomorrow. Go Braves…regardless of what funk they are in.

  17. sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.
    what do you think of atmosphere? i’ve got tickets to see him at the 40 watt. i dig his stuff, just never seen him live.

  18. beedee,
    I haven’t been a big underground hip-hop fan in a while. I liked their old DJ, Mr. Dibbs, but I’ve never seen Atmosphere live. Cool that the 40 Watt is booking a gig like that, though.

    I’m glad the SEC teams won (save UT, of course), but what I saw from Auburn’s offense tonight shouldn’t scare anyone.

    There was a moment in that game when I thought Tuberville blew it. Going for the 47-yard FG, instead of going for the 4th & 4 midway through the 4th quarter, struck me as a potentially huge mistake.

    Of course, Tuberville trusted his defense & good thing he did. They were pretty fierce tonight.

  19. So this team is done? I’m throwing in the optimist’s towel. They lost a series to the Mets at the worst possible time. Sigh. Next year is looking pretty promising though. . .

  20. ububba,
    Auburn’s top running back, Brad Lester, is currently suspended (academics). His presence alone would mean a ton on this team now.

    Defense wins championships. That Auburn defense looked impressive tonight (allowed 27 rushing yards), and with the really really high scoring we saw in week one, if Auburn can hold people under 20, we’re going to win a bunch of football games.

    Next week: South Florida – oh boy. Time to sweat another one out.

    But if we can get by the Bulls, Mississippi State and New Mexico State come to town in weeks three and four. I’m not sure who’s tougher.

    4-0 going to the Swamp (9/29 @ UF) sounds good.

  21. funny thing is, though…

    this team’s not going to be THAT much different next year…

    take out druw and put in cameron (at least his passion would be nice) and a big ? in Hampton and most likely renteria in chicago for garland…

    but we are still gonna have a bunch of hackers up there. it’s sad, really.

  22. Chris,

    I cant see us going through the offseason without trading for a starting pitcher. JS tried, but its often easier to deal in the offseason than in the heat of a pennant race. Too many teams feel like they are still in it, or overvalue thier own players.

    Next year is the last hurrah for JS and Bobby, I fully expect them to load up and go for it all next year. Thats one of the reasons the Texiera deal was so good, we have him for next year….

  23. This team is totally done this year. All I want now is to see them regain a measure of respect and finish above .500 and give us some reason to want to watch again next year. Signing Curt Shilling in the offseason would take care of most problems.

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