Game Thread: August 21, Braves at Reds

One of the funniest things in baseball history must have been when the Reds, afraid of being labeled Communists, changed their name to the “Redlegs”. How goofy was that? Were they really concerned about being the Kremlin’s team? And what the heck is a “Redleg”? According to Wikipedia, which is always correct, it is an ethnic slur of sorts.

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  1. Reyes only start against Cin –

    5.1IP 3H 1ER 4BB 3K

    lets just hope that Livingston doesnt get 4 hits against us again

  2. Ah, a term used to describe poor whites in the British Caribbean Empire… I had no idea the Reds changed their name during the early Cold War era. That IS goofy.

    Hey, this is kind of off-topic – though it bears noting that I just wrote the words “British Caribbean Empire,” so I never really found the topic – but a friend of mine passed along a cool story of a Mariners blog about the importance of hitting streaks in determining future performance. If you have the time, it’s interesting… if a bit rehashed for the stat-heads out there:

  3. Mac,

    Thank you for shedding light on that. It is just another reason to hate those commies from Cincinnati.

  4. Occasionally an announcer — including, I think, Skip — will still call the Cincinnati National League Baseball Club the “Redlegs”, but you can hear the smirk.

  5. Is Kenny G joining Arroyo on tenor sax in that video?

    And apparently “Redlegs,” like Mr. Redleg, must have a killer mustache.

    But hey, whatever made McCarthy happy.

  6. Wow, I just watched that, it’s ridiculous. Hey, check out his ‘Last Dance with Mary Jane’ rendition; it’s perhaps even worse.

  7. Careful who you call a commie — the Braves began life as the Boston Red Caps. Then Beaneaters, Doves, Rustlers, and finally Braves in 1912.

  8. Love “The Outlaw Josey Wales.” Probably my fave Clint flick.

    Aside from its terrific story & grimey look, it’s loaded with all these great ’70s character actors, incl. Bill McKinney (Terrill, the Captain that Clint kills in the end), who also had a very notable role in “Deliverance.”

  9. Actually, they began, in the National Association (and even before) as the Red Stockings, but Harry Wright allowed the Cincinnati franchise to have the nickname when the NL started. Or something like that. I hear all sorts of things, it’s not clear.

  10. we need Chris Young to keep up his ridiculous stretch and shut down the Mets tonight, if that guy could get some run support he would be your CY Young

  11. yes.. I want the Padres to beat up on the Mets these three games but then I wouldn’t mind seeing them lose 8 in a row

  12. Yeah, I was about to ask, do we really want the Padres to win? They’re closer to us than the Mets. And if we lose on a given day, we definitely want the Mets to win on that day. I’m not sure I’ll really be rooting for either team (well, maybe the Padres a little, I do hate the Mets and am relatively ambivalent toward the Padres, in general).

  13. If the Mets could beat up on the Padres and Phillies I guess that would help us more than anything, I will just never say that I’m pulling for the Mets.

    If they could beat those two and lose to everyone else, that would be great. I have Chris Young on my fantasy team so 0-0 going to the ninth, would be okay

  14. If you want a sweep, then you should want the PADS to win because we could potentially be only 2 games behind Mets and 1 game behind Pads. If you are looking at a series split, then you want the Mets to win 2 (although I hate to say that). I’d much rather be in both races, so of course the first option is preferred.

  15. I don’t think it matters as long as we win. If we lose, then I’m cheering for the Padres.

  16. I also feel ambivalent. And I also have Chris Young on my fantasy team. That decides me for tonight. What comes tomorrow is uncertain, but in the end I think logic and reason, as estranged from me as they are, should win out… and I’ll have to pull for The Mets. Ugh.

  17. csg – thanks for that link. I’ve been wondering if that ever happens. I can’t imagine having a girlfriend who wouldn’t kill me for proposing at a ballpark, but then I also can’t imagine proposing without being too sure, let alone doing so in front of 40,000 folks.

  18. Sturtze released = awesome. I wish it had happened before the season.

    I think the problem with rooting against the Pads is that there are so many teams in the wild card mix that it makes little sense to scoreboard watch. For the Braves to win the wild card, they just need to keep winning games (series wins at a minimum); for the Braves to win the Division, they need to win and the Mets need to lose.

    i.e. Go Padres!

  19. This is off the subject, but do any of you guys have a “guilty pleasure” band or song that you love, but mainstream America likes to make fun of..or put down (like Journey or Barry Manilow). I just heard “Caught Up in You” by .38 Special, & damn that song is catchy as hell. Most of their songs are awesome to listen to.

    “What if I’d been the one to say goodbye…goodbye…..”

  20. Phillip,

    Growing up in Columbus, Ga., I can tell you that I saw .38 Special way too many times.

    But I agree, when .38 Special decided to write poppy rock songs, as opposed to being just another Southern Rock band, they did pretty well.

    “Hold On Loosely” was one of ’em, but my favorite was “Rockin’ Into the Night,” a real Redneck anthem. If Bruce Springsteen had grown up in Jacksonville, he might’ve sounded like that.

  21. So Chuck’s been placed on the DL with a “dead arm.” Wonderful. Kid needs to work out with Smoltz this offseason and leave the window installation to someone else.

  22. Releasing Sturtze before the season would have been pretty odd since he was just signed this past offseason and the Braves knew at the time they signed him that he was recovering from an arm injury. Signing him in the first place–that was the mistake. Even healthy he wouldn’t have been an improvement over Yates, Paronto, et al.

    Speaking of Paronto, last night’s thread had a discussion of players likely to be recalled in September. I suppose he might also be coming back up. With all the relievers that might come up in Sept and the continued shaky starting pitching, we might see some of those bullpen games (8 pitchers over 9 innings or something similar).

  23. I say put chuckie on the DL and have jojo start a couple. then chuckie off the DL and jojo back to richmond

  24. James’ last start was August 16. He’s eligible to come off the DL August 31, or one day before roster expansion. Hence, there’s no need to send JoJo down.

  25. is it weird that Druw’s elbow only hurts when its a big situation and there are RISP? Looks fine on his solo hr’s

  26. Whatever happened to Julio Franco? There is no chance he’ll be back right?

  27. thats a little unlucky, two infield hits and we had no chance at either guy….

    Reyes needs to get Dunn here

  28. Where is he, Rome or Myrtle Beach? Why send him all the way to A ball? Is he going to be on the Arizona Fall League roster too? I think it would be better to option him to Japan or Korea or something.

  29. Is it just me, or are the Reds batting 4 triple A players and a pitcher? JoJo has shown the ability to get triple A guys out. ;>)

  30. I’d guess they put Franco in Rome because it’s the closest to Atlanta and they wanted to inconvenience him as little as possible.

    KJ probably should have been out there, but neither ump was in good position.

  31. The bunt was to avoid the double play.

    On the KJ play, I think the ruling was that the angle was such that KJ didn’t interfere with the throw — the ball rolled way foul on the third base side.

  32. Didn’t the throw hit KJ? It looked like it, but I’m on so I don’t have the clearest picture.

  33. I know that I should probably be rooting for the Mets tonight since we have to think Wild Card first…but I just can’t.

    I mean…it’s not possible.

  34. I hate that rule anyway, but it looked to me like he wasn’t in the runner’s lane. Either way, the Reds suck and they didn’t actually deserve the out.

  35. Screw the Worldwide Leader…

    I got Tigers-Indians on the tube, watching our local kid Jurrjens pitch..and I got my Braves on MLB.TV

    It don’t get better than that

  36. I mean…it’s not possible.

    It’s really challenging.

    One way to rationalize it is that the Braves own the Mets, they are in their heads. If the Braves were to get the Wild Card, owning one of the other three teams in the NL side of the draw would be a nice plus.

  37. I’m not ready to toss the kid to the Royals in another prospects-for-middle relievers deal, but Jo-Jo just ain’t ready for the big time. I’d rather have seen the Vulture get the start — although he’ll probably give up a 2-RBI single before getting out of this inning.

  38. I completely disagree with taking Jo-Jo out here. What ever happened to letting a pitcher work through his struggles? This is no way to develop a pitcher and it strains the bullpen. Way to go, Bobby.

  39. I don’t believe in the concept of illegal human beings, but that’s beside the point. I just hope clearly racist statements like yours aren’t put up with here.

  40. Justin, you are not adding anything of substance to the board except disharmony. You need to cease work or go find somewhere else to play, seriously.

  41. Justin, those are racist comments, and they’re going to be deleted. And if you don’t like it, too bad. I made it very clear that I wouldn’t allow that.

  42. Mac, please get rid of this guy. I’m all about freedom of speech, but this is a baseball forum, not a place the Birth of a Nation Admirers Club.

  43. Something about this forum just attracts the racist bitchclits. Whatever happened to 4Seam? That was some insightful commentary!

  44. Wetback is offensive? No.

    Wetback was the name of an operation set in progress by President Dwight D. Eisenhower to rid the country of illegals in 1954. Illegals were called wetbacks because they were wet from swimming to this country.

  45. Marc, it is offensive, and thus those comments have been deleted. And I’m going to delete any comments I find racist, sexist, or homophobic, as I have stated before and (no doubt) will again.

  46. yeah, Marc, and Jo Jo Reyes and Oscar Villarreal are illegal immigrants, as if that somehow would make it acceptable.

  47. I also disagree with taking out Reyes there…Chipper’s error kept the inning going and he had Dunn struck out with two pitches that were called balls. He battled back against Encarnacion, but at least let him finish.

    If you’re going to pull him what happened to bringing in Moylan for extras?

  48. Exactly, and nigger is a perfectly reasonable corruption of “negro”. Go straight to hell. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

  49. FYI

    Reyes was born in West Corvina, California, which, the last I heard, was still in the United States.

  50. While we’re at it Marc, we who are not affected can go ahead and declare that Negro, Gook, Chink, Jap, and Beaner are not offensive, because they don’t offend us.

  51. This sucks. I think this is a perfect example of why I don’t like this style of forum. It’s too easy for the dialogue to be dominated by the loudest and stupidest rather than by those with anything interesting to say. I’m sorry I responded.

  52. Swings, all due respect, but I pretty much always feel that way about your posts. You tend to jump in with a derisive sarcastic reply to a genuine post and then disappear until the next time you find someone to snipe at.

  53. I’d really like to get this Keppinger guy out. I’m starting to intensely dislike him.

  54. hey everyone… I just stumbled onto this blog. I just turned the game off after Cox brought out the hook. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to watch these games when Smoltz and Huddy aren’t pitching.

    It’s too bad we’re wasting one of the best hitting teams we’ve ever had. Any idea who we can pick up in the off season to help the starting pitching? I don’t think Hampton will ever pitch effectively again.

  55. You are perfectly welcome to feel that way. I like to think that I don’t post until I have something worthwhile to say. I read nearly all the posts.

  56. I’ve seen people talk about it here, but just for the sake of conversation, what would be the harm in letting Oscar get a start, and having Chuck James ready to go in in the 4th or 5th (when he’s off the DL that is). I’m sure there are lots of reasons why that won’t work, but something like that would be an interesting approach.

  57. Oscar is the only guy we haven’t tried yet, but this late in the year it may do damage to his arm to have him start. At least that’s what I’ve been told.

  58. @#127

    Noble words from a person whose handle is an anagram for venom.

    What to go, Andruw! As Marty Brennaman says, Andruw’s hitting “a hard .214.”

  59. Andruw triples? On a ground ball? To LEFT field? I wish I could have seen that play, the text description leaves a lot to the imagination…

  60. The Vulture is in prime vulturing position in this one. Awesome job by Andruw and McCann coming through.

  61. yeah, i’ve heard the “venom” thing before. seems i’m stuck with this handle though. Looks like another slugfest tonight.

  62. good news San Diego is losing, bad news Mets and Phils are both winning.

    More bad news, a 2 run lead isnt safe in this park

    How did Chipper not get an error in the 3rd?

  63. can the vulture get the win? does a reliver have to be in the game through the 5th to get a win?

  64. Anyway, for the benefit of those following online, Andruw pulled the ball down the line. Dunn lumbered over, but the ball got past him to the line and he fell down. He was really never in danger of making the play. He did bobble the ball on picking it up, but that didn’t effect the play. Scorers generally hold that unless the ball goes through your legs, it’s not an error if you never touch it no matter how badly you misplay it.

  65. He would be in line for the W, if this score holds up.

    Can’t remember the last time I saw a pitcher get pinch hit for the second time through the order. That’s unique.

  66. I am surprised to see Oscar come out. I know offense is important in this park, but it is awful early to start cycling through the pen.

  67. Getting involved in a 7-5 game in the fifth inning must give Mahay some Rangers flashbacks.

  68. Mac, thanks for the description. I especially appreciated the use of the word “lumbered,” that seems quite fitting.

  69. I hate that the package makes me listen to the opposing team’s announcers on the road.

    In other news, our pitching change is reaping dividends.

  70. It’s someone different everynight.

    Every single night, win or lose, someone in that bullpen looks awful.

  71. Oh okay.

    Guys, it was all a plan to get the order around to Majewski’s spot. They didn’t want to have to face him next inning.


  72. Mark Bellhorn? Man, the Reds are just full of guys I didn’t know were still in the league. They must be holding Greg Colbrunn back for the late innings.

  73. this, Im afraid, is the inning that cost us the game…

    KJ needed to get the out at second not first

  74. I left for a few minutes to get my kid to be–what’s up with Justin? I didn’t see any comments from him so I’m not sure why everyone is so fired up about him. And what’s with the racist garbage in 107 and 109?

  75. Alex, KJ didnt get the guy out at 2nd he went to 1st instead. That left runners at 2nd and third. Guy on third scored, Frenchy got the other one

  76. Do we not have ONE decent reliever?

    Sometimes, but whenever we get a decent reliever Bobby uses him 10 times in 12 nights and he’s not decent anymore.

  77. well at least every pitcher we’ve brought in has given up a run, who’s next Yates or Acosta?

  78. I hate to rip our bullpen. They’ve pitched well all season. Our starters (other than 1 and 2) have been horrible. This has lead to an over used and tired bullpen.

  79. This is why you dont give Jo Jo the quick hook tonight when you’ve got Cormier and Carlyle the next two days

    bad bad decision Bobby

  80. Yeah, Bobby has overused our ‘pen when it wasn’t necessary (like last night) and then they are worn out on a night when they are needed…which is pretty much every 3 of 5 starts.

    I blame Cox and 3 crappy starters more than I blame our bullpen.

  81. csg, do you just forfeit tonight then? Jo Jo wasn’t going anywhere but to the showers. It’s getting too late in the season to just give up on games.

  82. thanks jj–looks like there are still a couple of slurs that need to be deleted–hope folks will leave that garbage at home

  83. nemov, no…look at the situation though, he would have been out of the inning if Chipper hadnt of booted the grounder, he had Dunn struck out but didnt get the call, and then Villareal came in immediately and didnt get the job done.

  84. Don’t blame the crappy starters. Reyes should be learning how to pitch in AA, not getting his brains beaten in during a pennant race.

  85. better inning there, last time we kept them from scoring we scored 4 in the next…

    cmon offense pick us up

    Our bench is scary bad, who hits now for Moylan? Miller, Thorman, or Woodward

  86. Mac, Charlie Leibrandt couldn’t be worse than what we’re running out there these days…

  87. I dont see why we wouldnt give Wells a shot, he says he wants to stay on the West Coast however. Maybe thats the problem

  88. I would guess that Kevin Barry would get the next shot, since he’s on the 40-man (unlike Hodges) and has pitched a little better than Hodges (not well).

    At what point do you consider pitching Hudson, at least, on three days’ rest the rest of the way?

  89. the big problem tonight is that we were suppose to have our #3 going and we got our #7 out there

  90. Despite what many people here say, if Chuck James doesn’t come back with a good shoulder, we’re sunk.

  91. It’s too bad that starting pitching is all about getting “wins”. I could go for a Villareal 3 inning start followed by 2 innings of Moylan every five days. I guarentee it would be better than anything else we’ve gotten out of our fifth man. I’d be all for going back to a 4 man rotation but I doubt Smoltz could handle it.

  92. Carlyle, Cormier, and Reyes all pitched far better at Richmond than the other choices. They’re the best shot we have right now.

  93. We’re about to lose to a team led by Norris Hopper, Jeff Keppinger, and David Weathers.

  94. Tonight is a perfect example of why this team isn’t making the playoffs. They can’t win more than 2 freaking games in a row.

  95. yep Reyes, Mahay, Villareal, Moylan were all bad tonight. All were given the lead or a tied game

  96. playoffs? we cant beat the Reds and we get Arroyo tomorrow who makes us look like a little league team

  97. Well, the way the playoffs are set up this year, there are going to be lots of off days.

    We’re only going to need one more starter other than Hudson and Smoltz if we make it.

  98. so how big of a setback does this become for Reyes? I wouldnt mind a combination of Mahay, Villareal, Moylan every 5th day right now

  99. Then all 3 are burned when Chuck James comes off the DL and goes 5. Or Buddy Carlyle continues to pitch like, well, Buddy Carlyle.

  100. I told Justin he could apply for reinstatement, but he then started lashing out at everyone and I put him on the blacklist with NYMETS. He’ll get another chance if he promises to behave himself.

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